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tushy caged strip search porn jail fetish Brittany was caught breaking and entering and was brought down to the police station by the officer on duty. Brittany is an honor student with a clean record, but she's about to get a rude awakening. She is stripped naked by the cop in a strip search, then both of her tight holes are searched!

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cavity search Hillary was arrested for the third time this month and brought down to the prison once again for booking. The prison guard was getting sick and tired of having to deal with her so she thought that a humiliating experience would teach her a lesson. The guard forced Hillary to remove all her clothing. Once she was nude she made her undergo a complete cavity search including vaginal and rectal search!

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arrested anal cavity search Leanne was arrested on prostitution charges and was brought down to the local precinct for booking. The arresting police officer was fed up with having to arrest Leanne every week so she decided to teach her a very painful lesson! She forced her to strip off her clothing then proceeded to give her a very uncomfortable anal cavity search!