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December 23, 2008

Ebony chick exam

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Ghetto chick Andrea wants to become a cheerleader badly. She comes to a hospital for her physical before she can get into the team. The cheerful blonde that welcomes her, asks her to undress and reveal her small perky tits with nice dark nipples. Watch this teen black cutie spreading her legs for
tushy vaginal exam and then turning around to recieve her rectal thermometer
A ebony babe comes to tushy gyno clinic and a cute nurse examines and licks her ass

November 23, 2008

Pre employment physical exam

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I had never had a pre-employment physical before being hired for my present job, but this one time was a doozy. I’m 26, female, brunette and a professional secretary. During my last job interview my prospective boss, a handsome middle aged man, said he’d hire me (at a terrific salary) as soon as I passed the company physical. I was on cloud nine as I left and mentioned the good news to the fifth floor receptionist. I asked her about my medical exam and she smiled saying it was just a routine physical and not to worry. She suggested that I get it over with immediately and I said, O.K. Then the girl phoned downstairs to the medical office to see if I could be taken right away without a prior appointment. She hung up and said that they weren’t too busy. So the young receptionist took me personally down to the nurse’s office. (more…)

November 13, 2008

Gyno fetish porn

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gyno sexgyno exam
Teen brunette Naty just entered college and she needs her health to be checked. She comes to a gyno hospital and gets appointment for a gyno exam at a medical cabinet.

August 28, 2008

Gynaecology exam pictures

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two nurses examine one pussy

Nurses Woman Check

Nurses Woman Check Free Gallery
Nurses Woman Check Free Gallery 2
Two nurses examine a hairy wet pussy of beautiful woman at gyno chair

August 2, 2008

Tempting Gyn Speculum Exam

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A nurse in gallery 80 video gallery
A nurse in pink uniform examines a girl, looking at her vagina, getting finger up her ass
Check yourself you wound be surprised ;)

Beautiful female showing her pretty nipples

doctor tushy gallery 80

June 3, 2008

Medical Sex Free Site

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medical sex sitemedical sex
A funny ebony nurse enjoys her work at a clinic as she can lick patients asses

October 30, 2007

Waiting for breakfast

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As I lay there waiting for one of the kitchen staff to bring me
my breakfast I think back to how I got here. It was seven years a
go that I met Bob, my husband. I was a senior in college studying
Nursing. I met him at a party and immediately fell hard. It took
three weeks for me to get a date with him. I thought it was because
of my weight. At the time I carried 135 pounds on my 5′1″ frame.
While most people called me chubby, I thought of myself a fat. A
fatso in a thin world. I went on a crash diet while waiting for our
date. Finally, I asked him out. He then told me that he was
waiting for the right time to ask me out, I flipped.

October 3, 2007

Nurse sexual pleasures

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When I turned up - a little early - I was shown into her little office, and
took a seat nervously. Angela wasn’t there yet, so I sat quietly with my
hands in my lap and tried to think of something else. Muted chatter and the
clink and rumble of trolleys outside the open door lulled me, and I relaxed a
little. After a few minutes a nurse in her early thirties with her blond hair
tied severely back stepped through the door with a sheaf of folders. “Are you
Wendy Stanton?” I nodded and rose, “Hello, ” she said, with a smile, “I’m
Angela Leighton - Anglea, alright?” I smiled back. She sat down and leafed
through a pile of folders already on her desk. “Right - If I can just get
this form…OK. ” She pulled a pen from her breast pocket. “OK.
Wendy…Stanton… - what’s your address, Wendy?” I told her and she copied
it down. “Right - Erm, Female, no, no, yes, erm… twenty-fifth.”. She went
on with questions about my qualifications and school history. We covered
previous employers, then she rose and shut the door, and sat down again. “OK,
Wendy, that’s, erm, so far, so good. Now I have to ask you some personal
questions, do you mind?” I said whatever was necessary was fine by me.

September 6, 2007

Ball Deep Fuck

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Breath whooshed from me as he entered; the feel of the full length of John’s
cock stretching me comfortably and juicily made me woozy with pleasure: before
I recovered I felt the brief intimate slap of his balls against my smooth
bottom-cheeks and his hand pulling at my left nipple again. The sensations
overwhelmed me, rode me up my pleasure, too many to keep track of. I could
feel all his veins in his cock as it pressed in, the pleasure-pain in my soft
breasts, his weight forcing me, taking me, the butterball heat-itch in my
middle being scratched with his slick, blunt fuck-tool. I gasped out, my hair
dischevelled, my hands at his chest, my legs wrapped around his bottom,
looking in his eyes as he pounded me now, a thin sweat on his muscular body -
bigger than me, taking me - his thickness stove in and out, moving my pleasure
on, closer to blotting me.

August 29, 2007

Fucked Nurse

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I lay there passively, as his
suction drove pleasure throughout my body, radiating from my nipples, my
breath deepening. He lay on his side at my side, now, and I could feel the
heat of his cock throbbing against the cool, smooth skin of my thigh. It felt
bigger than its seven inches (I’ve measured it for him!), hot and blunt; I
couldn’t stop my bottom shifting in the bed of its own accord to turn and
press my thighs against it, my breasts against his lightly-haried chest. Now
I felt my usual urgent need to be taken by him, to be overwhelmed; my open
mouth found his and our tongues talked and chattered. His large hands ranged
down over my bottom, first pressing it down to push my delta gainst his stiff
tool, then to part the globes with his palms while running his forefinger
lightly over my anus, then down, gently, to make small, gentle circles at the
now sticky bottom of my vagina while his other hand tweaked a nipple sharply.

August 16, 2007

A Nurse Fucking

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I moved to Guildford two years ago; John was transferred and I had to leave my
job as a secretary for Colson’s, a wine importer back in Warminster. I had no
real qualifications, but we needed the money from both of us working - and I
was getting bored fixing up the new house and window-shopping in the town
centre. Eventually John bought up my old nursing qualification - It’d already
occurred to me, but I wasn’t sure that it was what I wanted now. I’d drifted
into the classes at 16, with nothing else to do, and passed the qualifiying
exams, then after half-heartedly applying for a couple of local posts thrown
it all up and worked for Colson’s for four stagnant years.

John thought it was a great idea. “Give them a call tomorrow, love”, he said,
nestled under my arm as we lay in bed that night. His hands were wandering
about in their familiar and welcome pre-sex rounds; I lay back, relaxed as he
gently turned me on, stroking the outline of my thighs, the curve of my
bottom, my stomach. I saw him looking at my nipples under my T shirt - he
knows how sensitive they are, what they do to me - and I felt the melting
begin in my tummy as he pulled the T shirt up to my shoulders and sucked the
nearest erect nipple between his warm lips, tweaking the other between the
outside of his index and middle fingers.

May 22, 2007

Exam Gyno Pics

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Gyno Checkup Nice blonde passes medical exam to get accepted to a new job

Anal Gyno Checkup Nurse examines a girl’s ass and checks her anal temperature

Gyno Clinic Pic Chick comes to a gyno clinic to get a termometer in her ass

Gyno Exam Pic Chick comes to nurse to pass through full medical exam

December 31, 2006

NewYear Gyno Sites

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Gyno Exam Porn Petite chick comes to a hospital to be examined to the full.

Gyno Sex Site Tall girl with real problems comes to a fake hospital.

Ebony Vagina Exam An ebony babe getting her ebony cunt examined to the full.

Rectal Thermometer Exam A chick comes for a gynecology exam and gets it to the full.

Lesbian Nurses Babe comes to hospital and Is examined by two lesbian nurses

Gyno Clinic Sex Pics Nurse examines girl getting finger and termometer up her ass

Medical Fetish Pics Girl thinks she s pregnant and goes thru medical examination

Male Medical Examination Man is at medical exam and nurses get thermometer up his ass

Speculum Exam The horny doctor examines this girls vagina with a speculum

Lesbian Gyno Exam Lesbian babe comes to clinic to find out the nurse is lesbo

Free Gyno Blonde comes for gyno exam and gets examined with a speculum

Gyno Exam Porn Blonde comes for a medical examination and gets ass fingered

Gyno Exam Fetish girl has suspicion that she is pregnant and comes to clinic

Gyno Sex Teen babe is surprised to get her ass fingered at gyno exam

Medical Fetish Site Nurse takes advantage of blonde patient and examines her ass

Medical Exam Porn An ebony chick passes through a full medical examination

December 14, 2006

Gyno Exam Free Site

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Gyno Clinic XXX - A hot babe comes to gyno clinic to check her female organs at gyno chair

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