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November 23, 2007

I Am Fat

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By Christmas I was over 200 pounds and still climbing. I was
distressed to see my new figure in the mirror and the one one the
scale. I had been brainwashed by 22 years of “thin thinking”. But
I was also deliriously happy. I loved Bob, and he loved me. With
every pound I put on it seemed that he was more in love with me.
Around our first Christmas it began to dawn on me that I liked being
fat. I love to eat and the added fat did not detract from our
lovemaking. On the contrary, it added to it.

I began to fantasize about enormous meals with me being so fat
that I need help eating. And I did my best to make these dreams
come true. By our first anniversary I weighed just under 300 pounds
and was loving it. I would eat just to gain “a few more pounds”.
In doing so I would force myself to devour that last bite of
cheesecake, or that last spoon of custard. Most nights I would lay
in bed stuffed beyond all reason, eyes glazed over and breathing
heavy due to the pressure in my round tummy. It was then that Bob
would make love to me for hours.

July 9, 2007

Private Pissing Story

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Mary went downstairs to her private library. It was 11:30 at night.
Nobody was awake, except for the ever-present security guards. She wore a
white nighty, long enough to hang just past her creamy white thighs.

“Good evening, Bob” she said to one agent at the door.

“Good evening, Mrs. Clinton,” Bob said in his most serious voice. He knew
a couple of important facts, and she knew he knew. So Bob was treated
nicely. (more…)

June 3, 2007

Pissing Peeing Porn Free Sites

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May 27, 2007

Pee Bukkake

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Pissing Orgy Girls in bizarre hardcore videos featuring pissing on face and body and drinking pee

Bukkake Pee Uniforms Movies of a girl in xmas uniform and a girl in nurse uniform getting pissed and cummed

Girls Getting Pissed Two chicks think they are in for a tv audition but they literally get pissed and fucked

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June 28, 2006

Doctor Tushy Review

Doctor Tushy Reviews

Doctor Tushy

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Once I drove my wife to a clinic, and waited for her in the corridor, right near the door and all the time I had an itch to stand up and open the door and watch what the doc did with my wife. And all the time I had my dick up. After that I bought a speculum and exmin my wife myself from time to time - its exciting.


June 20, 2006

Tushy Female Gynecologsit Exams

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March 26, 2006

She Got Pissed On

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Janine loved her job and her roommates. She loved her job because she worked at nights and slept during the day, she loved her roommates because they were both gothic like she was and also worked nights. They liked to joke around that their apartment was a den of vampires even though none of them drank blood. Her roommates were a married couple that took her in a few years ago, she had been extremely unhappy with her life with her parents who didn’t take well to her gothic lifestyle or ideas. She ran away from home only to find out that she would have been much better off staying but when she went crawling back begging for forgiveness she found a locked door and empty house. She hadn’t heard from her parents since. Her job was as a janitor in an office building that housed several large companies, at least she assumed they were large judging by the money they had spent decorating the offices. She arrived at nine at night and worked steady until five or six in the morning when the first of the executives showed up for their jobs. Most of the time she could hear at least one or two meetings still raging on until the wee hours of the night, millionaires struggling to earn that extra few hundred thousand or close that one deal that would make or break their company. (more…)

November 23, 2005

Peeing Outdoors

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“I’ll let you see me pee,” said Marcy with a twinkle in her grey-green eyes, “under one condition.” The old guy had told her his fantasy, but she wasn’t about to make it too easy for him.

“Harrumph!” snorted Gerald, who didn’t like conditions. “What do you propose?”

“I hereby challenge you to a pissing contest.”

“You’re on!” said Gerald with a grin. He was relieved that that was all she was asking. Too many women got demanding, and it grated on his nerves; that was the reason he had never married. Marcy seemed different, though. That was why, out of his vast assortment of female friends and occasional lovers, he had chosen Marcy to bring to this place. That was why he and Marcy were sharing a cabin in this sylvan paradise. (more…)

November 22, 2005

Ebony Pissing

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Where had this fetish started? I am unsure, but perhaps it was at University when I went out with a young Indian woman who was 21 and dating me, a mere nineteen-year-old who was as virginal about sex as she was. Ok, I’d fondled women’s breasts as I grew from teenager to full adult male but ‘down there’ was a mystery until I fell in love with Indra. She had set boundaries on our sex-play, happy to pet above but because of her religious convictions refused to go further, or so she said. Then she admitted one day that she was in love with me - and I reciprocated as I’d been smitten from the start - and once that happened all hell broke loose!

We had been caressing, struggling to stay within our usual bounds of decency and chastity, when she suddenly pulled my hand under her light cotton skirt and straight on to her pussy lips that were completely uncovered; no panties and no hair. (more…)

November 9, 2005

Pissing Babe

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Janet was meeting Brian for her second date. They met the night before in a crowded nightclub in the holiday resort on the Algarve. Once their eyes had met they were both smitten and they then spent the rest of the night chatting and drinking to each other in a quiet corner of the club. Janet had wanted to give herself to Brian but she didn’t want to break her unwritten rule of sleeping with a man on the first date. So they agreed to meet the following night in a quieter bar and have a meal followed by drinks.

Janet spent a couple of hours getting ready. A 45 minute soak in the bath had relaxed her and after spending another 30 minutes applying her makeup she dressed herself in a matching black bra and thong with a black mini dress that showed off her svelte 34-24-34 figure. (more…)

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