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November 12, 2008

Black nurse speculum exam

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nurse exam gyno exam speculum porn
Sexy Jessica undergoes her annual gyno exam at a gyno clinic. The black nurse Adams takes care to check out her blood pressure before getting down to boob exam and
gyno exam itself. After carefully viewing Jessicas pussy she takes a lubed
speculum and inserts it into her pussy.
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July 9, 2008

Babe hospital exam

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Chick Hospital Exam

Chick Hospital Exam Free Gallery
Chick Hospital Exam Free Gallery 2
A beautiful chick comes to hospital to check her boobs, vagina and ass

April 9, 2008

Sexy Hardcore Story

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It started out as a lark. Tim, my boyfriend, was hanging around
in my workroom while I was trying to finish up some sculpture that
had been ordered. Specifically, I was making stoneware copies of
an original that I had made several months ago, so it wasn’t as
if I was doing anything really creative. Tim would tease me a
little just to keep me interested in him then he would go off
around the room looking and asking all sorts of questions. At one
point he came back to me saying that he was surprised that none
of the men I had sculpted were built anything like him and, to
make sure I didn’t misunderstand him, he cupped the bulge in the
front of his pants. Now, mind you, Tim isn’t one to brag but he
certainly would have reason to if he wanted. His cock is a good
9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter most of the way. The
first time we made love I was sore for two days afterward and not
because I had been a virgin. Or maybe I was in the sense that I
had never before been fucked by such a prodigious weapon. I
wouldn’t have even let him near me if I hadn’t been so horny that
time. (more…)

April 2, 2008


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I have neighbors that are renting the house next door,
and the curtains don’t cover their bedroom window very
well. I went outside around 10:15 and the the
light came on around 10:30. I went and looked
in and saw Shannon (the girl) undressing. She is in her
mid 20’s, blonde, tall, long legs, and very pretty. She
has a great body, and tonight she had on
a white button up shirt and jean shorts. She took off
her shirt and she had on a white lace bra,
then took off her bra and her breasts
fell out, the nipples were kinda flat but she started
scratching the marks that were left by the bra and
then the nipples got erect. She cupped them, pulled
them up and then let them drop as she watched herself
in the mirror, and pinched the nipples while she
looked in the mirror.. Then she unbuttoned her jeans
and I could see some baby blue panties and she stepped
out of the shorts, layed them on her dresser, and then
bent over and slid her panties down her legs. This was
in full light, in her bedroom, and then she crawled on
her bed, got a book from her nightstand, and started
reading. She was completely naked, and her blonde
pussy hair stood up above her crotch and belly as she laid back
and read. She occassionally stroked her stomach and
scratched her pussy as she read the book. the book
didn’t appear to be erotic, she just kinda stroked
her nipples and felt her body as she read. Then her
husband (Michael) came in the room and started
undressing and his cock was semi- hard and he sat on
the side of the bed and bent over and kissed her. (more…)

February 26, 2008

Tan Lines Erotica

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My father wanted to give me a helping hand toward my goal of owning a
fashion design company. Buying me a boutique at whatever location
(within reason) was certainly a generous graduation gift. Owning and
operating a bikini and lingerie store overlooking a beautiful beach on
the Pacific had too much promise not to accept the offer. Having just
received a degree in fashion merchandising, the decision of what to sell
was left entirely to me. I’m sure father was pleased with my choice.

The very first day of business assured me I was heading in the right
direction. Beautiful women walking by the store front clad in all
manner of swimsuits was reason enough, but the most important feature of
my new store which was a recommendation of the architect, made me
certain. A wall of one way mirrors allowing store personnel to observe
customers in the dressing rooms for security reasons. Who was I to
question her wisdom? After all she had designed many clothing stores in
her career. Of course I didn’t mention that I wasn’t planning on hiring
until I was sure business would support it. (more…)

November 4, 2007

Dating and eating

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He took me out to an Italian place. I was starving, due to my
dieting. Normally I could resist most foods in public. It was in
private that my insatiable appetite would get me into trouble. I
had been struggling for the last three years to maintain my weight.
As a result I had only put on around 20 pounds in the last four
years. But that night I couldn’t help myself. I ordered Lasanga,
one of my favorites. When the meal came my eyes bugged out over the
size of the portion, it was huge! But after two hours I managed to
finish it. I felt like such a pig! I thought at that moment that
Bob would be revolted and never want to see me again.

Strangely, he drove me around and then parked in the shadows of
my dorm. Dredging up the courage I leaned over and kissed him,
hoping not to be rejected. His response surprised me. I about came
as his tongue probed my mouth. His right hand caressed my
overstuffed belly. Instinctively, I reached out to remove it. But
he move my hand away and continued to stroke by bulging belly. I
found it to be very erotic.

October 30, 2007

Waiting for breakfast

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As I lay there waiting for one of the kitchen staff to bring me
my breakfast I think back to how I got here. It was seven years a
go that I met Bob, my husband. I was a senior in college studying
Nursing. I met him at a party and immediately fell hard. It took
three weeks for me to get a date with him. I thought it was because
of my weight. At the time I carried 135 pounds on my 5′1″ frame.
While most people called me chubby, I thought of myself a fat. A
fatso in a thin world. I went on a crash diet while waiting for our
date. Finally, I asked him out. He then told me that he was
waiting for the right time to ask me out, I flipped.

October 16, 2007

Enema Loving Chick

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Dear Jim

Thank you for sending the wonderful letter last week. It made me
very wet and want to give myself a big enema, which I did.

I waited until my husband had gone to bed; he is not into enemas.
Then I went into the other bathroom and got ready. I planed on
giving myself three enemas. The first was to be a plain warm
water one to really clean me out, but I went ahead and got the
other two ready, because I like to give them fast. (more…)

October 7, 2007

Sex With a Nurse

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“OK.” She ferreted out a clean sheet of paper and put the form to one side.
“When was your first sexual experience?” Well, this took me by surprise a
little. ” Do you mean masturbation, or real intercourse%3

October 3, 2007

Nurse sexual pleasures

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When I turned up - a little early - I was shown into her little office, and
took a seat nervously. Angela wasn’t there yet, so I sat quietly with my
hands in my lap and tried to think of something else. Muted chatter and the
clink and rumble of trolleys outside the open door lulled me, and I relaxed a
little. After a few minutes a nurse in her early thirties with her blond hair
tied severely back stepped through the door with a sheaf of folders. “Are you
Wendy Stanton?” I nodded and rose, “Hello, ” she said, with a smile, “I’m
Angela Leighton - Anglea, alright?” I smiled back. She sat down and leafed
through a pile of folders already on her desk. “Right - If I can just get
this form…OK. ” She pulled a pen from her breast pocket. “OK.
Wendy…Stanton… - what’s your address, Wendy?” I told her and she copied
it down. “Right - Erm, Female, no, no, yes, erm… twenty-fifth.”. She went
on with questions about my qualifications and school history. We covered
previous employers, then she rose and shut the door, and sat down again. “OK,
Wendy, that’s, erm, so far, so good. Now I have to ask you some personal
questions, do you mind?” I said whatever was necessary was fine by me.

September 12, 2007

Cunt Fuckers

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“Cocksucker!” John said to me distractedly, his breath ragged, “Fuck-Bitch”.
I could see he was approaching his orgasm, and I needed mine - I pushed
against him with my thighs, now, and his enraged cock thrust in a little
deeper, he slapped against me, and again - my pleasure neared its peak as his
thrusts became deeper, longer, His frantic fingers pinched my nipple hard and
pulled up on it with a sharp pain - I surrendered to the body-filling waves of
ecstacy. “Cunt, Cunt!”, his breath gasped from him now, and finally he
pressed into me with all his body, and even in my daze of sensations I felt
his spunk jet out from his iron cock, into me, filling me, his cock still
filling my channel, so full! I held him to me, savouring the completeness, my
vacant cunt filled.

Finally he shrunk, panting, and his heated body cleaved off from our mingled
sweat and clumped down beside me. Tendrils of pleasure sang me to sleep.

August 29, 2007

Fucked Nurse

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I lay there passively, as his
suction drove pleasure throughout my body, radiating from my nipples, my
breath deepening. He lay on his side at my side, now, and I could feel the
heat of his cock throbbing against the cool, smooth skin of my thigh. It felt
bigger than its seven inches (I’ve measured it for him!), hot and blunt; I
couldn’t stop my bottom shifting in the bed of its own accord to turn and
press my thighs against it, my breasts against his lightly-haried chest. Now
I felt my usual urgent need to be taken by him, to be overwhelmed; my open
mouth found his and our tongues talked and chattered. His large hands ranged
down over my bottom, first pressing it down to push my delta gainst his stiff
tool, then to part the globes with his palms while running his forefinger
lightly over my anus, then down, gently, to make small, gentle circles at the
now sticky bottom of my vagina while his other hand tweaked a nipple sharply.

June 11, 2007

phycho sex clinic part one

Ann was stunned as she hung up the phone. She’d known John had been going
to the Centre’s clinic about his headaches and stomach problems, but didn’t
know he’d been seeing a lady shrink.

He’d mentioned he’d seen the psychologist who’d given him some relaxation
and meditation exercises to follow, and they had seemed to help. But he’d
never mentioned seeing another doctor, and a young woman at that, from her

Now, the doctor wanted to see her next week at 4:30 during John’s “session”
whatever that was all about, and talk with her about helping John with his

Dr. Whetmore had said not to say anything to John about their conversation
or next week’s visit, which had seemed strange, but then she didn’t want
John upset. She had assured Ann there was nothing to worry about, but she
felt Ann could really help John with his problems and help him on the road
to recovery. She’d said she’d seen this in lots of young executives who
were under terrible strain to produce as they moved up in their careers.

John was the Director of Public Relations for the Centre and had just taken
over this position from his predecessor about a year ago. It was just about
6 months ago that John had started getting these headaches and stomach
aches that had sent him to the Centre’s clinic.

About that time he’d come home and told Ann that he thought there was some
“funny business” going on with the way the clinic was run, but that he
needed more evidence before he told her more.

He was always such a straight arrow, and with the amount of government work
the Centre did, he felt it his duty to find out if there was something
going on that wasn’t right. He’d occasionally tell her things about some of
the research the clinic did, but since much of it was ‘hush hush’ he
couldn’t tell much except it involved some high tech “brainwashing” and
“mind control” stuff.

June 6, 2007

Pussy Fist Fucking

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