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April 28, 2008

jessica and boobydoctor tushy

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- Visiting The Doc. Jessica needs a checkup before cheerleading starts. Watch
has the touches her breasts, and gives her a full gynecologist and rectal exam.
He must make sure she is healthy before cheerleading begins.

- Bobbi needs to have her yearly physical so she goes and meets with her doctor.
Her regular doctor is on vacation so she meets with his temp replacement.
Unknown to her, the temp doctor is not even a certified doctor. He is just
filling in to get to take advantage of the hot girls. Watch how he gives her an
entire physical and not even know what he’s doing!

April 25, 2008

Female Medical Movies Sample

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<br />
Female Medical Examination Mo
Female Medical Examination Movies Gyno Exams
Sara will
be playing softball for her college tteam this year so she needs
to get a compelte physical before she can play.
Watch as she gets her breasts examined, followed by a gyno exam.
Then she turns over and gets an anal checkup followed by a rectal
thermometer checkup!
Here For The Best Medical Fetish Site On The Net!

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April 23, 2008

sandra gyno exam pics

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- Beauty Queen. Sandra is an exotic beauty from Italy. She is taking part in the
Miss International Beauty Contest. Before she can compete she needs to undergo
an entire physical exam. For legal reasons the entire medical fetish exam is
video taped. Watch as she strips down exposing her beautiful natural body, then
has a complete vaginal and rectal exam. The Doctor is a little concerned about
her ass, and decides to use his fingers for an “inner” examination.

April 20, 2008

dr tushy Katie

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Katie - Foreign Exchange Dr. Katie is taking classes over seas for the semester. When she gets to school she has to undergo a physical before she is allowed to attend classes to make sure she is not carrying any foreign diseases. Unknown to her, the doctor is not a “certified”. But he still has lots of fun touching and fondling her naked nude body. Watch has he touches her breasts, and gives her a full gynecologist and rectal exam.

November 4, 2007

Dating and eating

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He took me out to an Italian place. I was starving, due to my
dieting. Normally I could resist most foods in public. It was in
private that my insatiable appetite would get me into trouble. I
had been struggling for the last three years to maintain my weight.
As a result I had only put on around 20 pounds in the last four
years. But that night I couldn’t help myself. I ordered Lasanga,
one of my favorites. When the meal came my eyes bugged out over the
size of the portion, it was huge! But after two hours I managed to
finish it. I felt like such a pig! I thought at that moment that
Bob would be revolted and never want to see me again.

Strangely, he drove me around and then parked in the shadows of
my dorm. Dredging up the courage I leaned over and kissed him,
hoping not to be rejected. His response surprised me. I about came
as his tongue probed my mouth. His right hand caressed my
overstuffed belly. Instinctively, I reached out to remove it. But
he move my hand away and continued to stroke by bulging belly. I
found it to be very erotic.

October 3, 2007

Nurse sexual pleasures

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When I turned up - a little early - I was shown into her little office, and
took a seat nervously. Angela wasn’t there yet, so I sat quietly with my
hands in my lap and tried to think of something else. Muted chatter and the
clink and rumble of trolleys outside the open door lulled me, and I relaxed a
little. After a few minutes a nurse in her early thirties with her blond hair
tied severely back stepped through the door with a sheaf of folders. “Are you
Wendy Stanton?” I nodded and rose, “Hello, ” she said, with a smile, “I’m
Angela Leighton - Anglea, alright?” I smiled back. She sat down and leafed
through a pile of folders already on her desk. “Right - If I can just get
this form…OK. ” She pulled a pen from her breast pocket. “OK.
Wendy…Stanton… - what’s your address, Wendy?” I told her and she copied
it down. “Right - Erm, Female, no, no, yes, erm… twenty-fifth.”. She went
on with questions about my qualifications and school history. We covered
previous employers, then she rose and shut the door, and sat down again. “OK,
Wendy, that’s, erm, so far, so good. Now I have to ask you some personal
questions, do you mind?” I said whatever was necessary was fine by me.

September 14, 2007

Raunchy Nurse Fucking

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Guildford General did have a vacancy for a qualified Staff Nurse, in fact for
two of them. An interview was arranged for the following friday with the ward
sister, Angela Leighton, just after lunch. The receptionist told me they’d
had dozens of enquiries from an advert in a local paper, so my hopes were
pretty grim.

I wasted half an hour trying on various outfits - I settled on a medium-length
wollen skirt with a businesslike creme silk chemise, without the bra - I
didn’t want them to think I was some old fogey, or whatever.

September 12, 2007

Cunt Fuckers

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“Cocksucker!” John said to me distractedly, his breath ragged, “Fuck-Bitch”.
I could see he was approaching his orgasm, and I needed mine - I pushed
against him with my thighs, now, and his enraged cock thrust in a little
deeper, he slapped against me, and again - my pleasure neared its peak as his
thrusts became deeper, longer, His frantic fingers pinched my nipple hard and
pulled up on it with a sharp pain - I surrendered to the body-filling waves of
ecstacy. “Cunt, Cunt!”, his breath gasped from him now, and finally he
pressed into me with all his body, and even in my daze of sensations I felt
his spunk jet out from his iron cock, into me, filling me, his cock still
filling my channel, so full! I held him to me, savouring the completeness, my
vacant cunt filled.

Finally he shrunk, panting, and his heated body cleaved off from our mingled
sweat and clumped down beside me. Tendrils of pleasure sang me to sleep.

September 6, 2007

Ball Deep Fuck

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Breath whooshed from me as he entered; the feel of the full length of John’s
cock stretching me comfortably and juicily made me woozy with pleasure: before
I recovered I felt the brief intimate slap of his balls against my smooth
bottom-cheeks and his hand pulling at my left nipple again. The sensations
overwhelmed me, rode me up my pleasure, too many to keep track of. I could
feel all his veins in his cock as it pressed in, the pleasure-pain in my soft
breasts, his weight forcing me, taking me, the butterball heat-itch in my
middle being scratched with his slick, blunt fuck-tool. I gasped out, my hair
dischevelled, my hands at his chest, my legs wrapped around his bottom,
looking in his eyes as he pounded me now, a thin sweat on his muscular body -
bigger than me, taking me - his thickness stove in and out, moving my pleasure
on, closer to blotting me.

June 11, 2007

phycho sex clinic part one

Ann was stunned as she hung up the phone. She’d known John had been going
to the Centre’s clinic about his headaches and stomach problems, but didn’t
know he’d been seeing a lady shrink.

He’d mentioned he’d seen the psychologist who’d given him some relaxation
and meditation exercises to follow, and they had seemed to help. But he’d
never mentioned seeing another doctor, and a young woman at that, from her

Now, the doctor wanted to see her next week at 4:30 during John’s “session”
whatever that was all about, and talk with her about helping John with his

Dr. Whetmore had said not to say anything to John about their conversation
or next week’s visit, which had seemed strange, but then she didn’t want
John upset. She had assured Ann there was nothing to worry about, but she
felt Ann could really help John with his problems and help him on the road
to recovery. She’d said she’d seen this in lots of young executives who
were under terrible strain to produce as they moved up in their careers.

John was the Director of Public Relations for the Centre and had just taken
over this position from his predecessor about a year ago. It was just about
6 months ago that John had started getting these headaches and stomach
aches that had sent him to the Centre’s clinic.

About that time he’d come home and told Ann that he thought there was some
“funny business” going on with the way the clinic was run, but that he
needed more evidence before he told her more.

He was always such a straight arrow, and with the amount of government work
the Centre did, he felt it his duty to find out if there was something
going on that wasn’t right. He’d occasionally tell her things about some of
the research the clinic did, but since much of it was ‘hush hush’ he
couldn’t tell much except it involved some high tech “brainwashing” and
“mind control” stuff.

June 7, 2007

Medical Fetish Pics Sites

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Tushy Clinic Exam A nurse in white uniform examines a cute chick with tattoo

Hospital Fetish Pics A cute nurse examines a chick with fat ass using a speculum

Busty Gyno Exam A beautiful busty blonde babe comes to gyno clinic to check her vagina at gyno chair

Gyno Speculum Xxx Exam A nurse examines vagina with a speculum and ass by finger of a pretty babe

June 5, 2007

Gynecology Examination Free Sites

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Doctor Tushy Gyno A gyn examines a babe and her vagina using a speculum.

Gynecology Movies Movies of chicks having their asses and pussies examined.

Gynecology Examination A babe comes to the gyn not knowing only the nurse is in.

Rectal Thermometer Doc examines a babe inserting a termometer into her ass.

Licking Nurse A babe comes to clinic and nurse licks her huge tits and ass

June 4, 2007

Tushy Gyno Porn

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Tushy Gyno Porn A petite blonde babe has her boobs, pussy and ass examined at a gyno cabinet

Tushy Hospital Fetish A cute nurse examines a beautiful chick with fat ass with a speculum

Redhead Gyno Porn A beautiful redhead chick comes for medical exam including boobs, ass exam

Brunette Gyno Exam A pretty brunette comes to check her boobs and measure her anal temperature

Blonde Gyno Porn A pretty blonde babe comes to tushy gyno clinic to check her vagina at gyno chair

May 18, 2007

Medical Exam Fetish and other free sites

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Medical Sex Fetish Doctor hasn had sex long time thats why he fucks this babe

Vaginal Exam Pics Babe wants to extract tampax which may be stuck in her

Medical Exam Fetish A chick comes to a clinic to pass through full medical exam

Medical Exam Fetish A chick comes to a clinic to pass through full medical exam

Gyno Chair Fuck Chick fucks with gynecologist and gives him blowjob

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