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July 3, 2008

Gyno Exam Movies

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Busty redhead strip tease dancer undergoes a gynecological exam
Gyno Examination Movies Free Gallery
Gyno Examination Movies Free Gallery 2

April 2, 2008


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I have neighbors that are renting the house next door,
and the curtains don’t cover their bedroom window very
well. I went outside around 10:15 and the the
light came on around 10:30. I went and looked
in and saw Shannon (the girl) undressing. She is in her
mid 20’s, blonde, tall, long legs, and very pretty. She
has a great body, and tonight she had on
a white button up shirt and jean shorts. She took off
her shirt and she had on a white lace bra,
then took off her bra and her breasts
fell out, the nipples were kinda flat but she started
scratching the marks that were left by the bra and
then the nipples got erect. She cupped them, pulled
them up and then let them drop as she watched herself
in the mirror, and pinched the nipples while she
looked in the mirror.. Then she unbuttoned her jeans
and I could see some baby blue panties and she stepped
out of the shorts, layed them on her dresser, and then
bent over and slid her panties down her legs. This was
in full light, in her bedroom, and then she crawled on
her bed, got a book from her nightstand, and started
reading. She was completely naked, and her blonde
pussy hair stood up above her crotch and belly as she laid back
and read. She occassionally stroked her stomach and
scratched her pussy as she read the book. the book
didn’t appear to be erotic, she just kinda stroked
her nipples and felt her body as she read. Then her
husband (Michael) came in the room and started
undressing and his cock was semi- hard and he sat on
the side of the bed and bent over and kissed her. (more…)

November 29, 2007

Mountain Of Flesh

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Time passed and I got fatter. Boy, did I get fatter. By our
second anniversary I was over 500 pounds and I was beginning to have
to revise my lifestyle. Stairs were becoming something that I
avoided like the plague. Also, it was becoming harder for me to
spend hours at the stove to continuously feed my gluttonous belly.

It was near our third Christmas that Bob brought home a slightly
chubby redhead. I remember thinking that it was over. I had
finally gotten too fat that that this redhead was his new lover. I
was laying in bed, just after eating three dozen chocolate covered
doughnut and drinking a gallon of chocolate milk. I was so stuffed
that I couldn’t sit up to slap her face. In fact, I was so stuffed
that I could hardly talk. I remember being so hurt and mad that I
almost missed his words.

“Linda, this is my gorgeous wife, Sherri. Sherri, this is
Linda, who is going to help out around here. Her biggest duty is to
keep you full.” The relief flooding over me was almost too much. I
felt like the Queen of the World.

Linda and I soon became very good friends. Every morning she
would wake me up to a mountainous breakfast. After breakfast I
would go for a short swim and then have a snack. By the time Bob
returned from the office I was usually so stuffed that dinner was a

But my lifestyle began to rub off on Linda. Soon her clothes
were too tight and then I noticed a second chin forming. By summer
she had become a glutton herself. We would lay around the pool and
gorge ourselves on sweets and other things. By Labor day Bob had to
hire another cook. Linda had reached the 350 pound mark and was
getting to like laying around and gorging herself. In 18 months
Linda gained over 250 pounds and found herself a feeder for her
own. She made a lovely 500 pound bride and the last time I saw her
she was over 700 and becoming too big to move.

About the time that Linda waddled down the aisle I was rapidly
becoming to large to move. or the last few months I was able to get
out of bed only with help. Once on my feet I could walk just about
the length of the house. This exertion would leave me breathless
and exhausted. Unlike, around 550 pounds, when I met the milestone
of having my belly touch the floor while seated, the thought of
immobility scared me. I didn’t like the idea of becoming totally
dependent on others. But on the other hand the thought of being
totally incompasitated by my appetite was a erotic turn on.

I soon found that I had little choice in the matter. Around our
fourth Christmas I slowly became an immobile mountain of flesh. Not
only was I still gaining the fact that my exercise was severely
reduced caused an acceleration in my growth. Soon, Bob had designed
a whole group of special appliances that were designed to help me
get around.

July 16, 2007

escort spanking story

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The worst was that Jill knew she was pretty and took advantage of that

fact to torment me further. She would unexpectedly brush against me, or

casually sit with her legs wide apart so I couldn’t help but see her

naked sex, so close but so forbidden.

At one point she so distracted me that I dropped a dish and one of the

cooks angrily beat me with a wooden paddle, urging me to be more

careful. Jill stood nearby and looked innocent, winking at me with her

wide eyes and casually kneeling and caressing my cock as she told the

cook to punish me harder. I was weeping helplessly when it was over. But

then the cook took a large carrot with a leafy stalk and thrust it deep

into my buttocks.

“Keep that in place,” he ordered, “or you’ll really be asking for

punishment.” So in misery I crept back to my duties and tried to ignore

Jill’s smart comments about how pretty I looked with a green stalk

sticking out between my legs.

“It’s almost as though you have two cocks,” she said with a giggle.

“One green and large behind and one tiny and red in front!”

Because of the feast that evening there was no lunch so there was no

respite to my misery. As the day wore on Jill seemed to become more and

more bored with her duties, pushing more of it upon me. I hoped the

cooks would notice it and report it to the mistress but they were too

busy. Jill seemed determined to take out her frustrations upon me, and

several times she warned that I was in for dire punishments as soon as

we were finished with our duties. This terrified me. So though I was

tired I didn’t want our work to end. What terrible cruelties did Jill

have in mind for me?

Our duties were finally over early in the evening, and I had the

unwelcome opportunity to find out. We weren’t permitted to go to the

banquet, of course, so our time was our own until the master or mistress

called for us at bedtime.

First Jill and I took another bath. The cool water felt delicious

against my punished skin, and again I was aroused as I washed Jill’s

body. I was finally permitted to remove the carrot from my anus, but she

made me eat it, which was a miserable task, but I was hungry and I

didn’t want it put back.

After the bath she took my cock in her left hand and proceeded to whip

my thighs until I could barely stand still. This gave her an idea, it

seemed, so she had me run in place as she whipped me, enjoying the sight

of my body as I jogged. When this was finished she put her face close to

mine and ordered me to crawl on my hands and knees to her room, where

she could “really” punish me.

In misery I crawled before her, the stone floor of the courtyard hard

on my knees, her belt never idle. “Keep your head lower,” she shouted.

“Arch your back, let me see those buttocks in the air!” I couldn’t move

fast enough for her, and she whipped me constantly.

By the time we were in her room I was completely exhausted. I felt I

couldn’t endure any more. “Flat on your back,” she ordered, and I

obeyed, though the stone floor was like ice against my burning bottom.

“Lift up your legs and grab them with your hands and pull them to your

chest,” she commanded, and I obeyed the best I could. She made me spread

my legs wider, which meant I could pull them closer to my chest and also

that my cock and scrotum were more visible. My buttocks felt split and I

knew my anus was painfully vulnerable. I felt horribly exposed and

humiliated. My face was flushed and I knew that there was nothing I

wouldn’t do for this pretty little dark-hair beauty that knew how to

torment me so well.

As I lay in this undignified position she knelt beside me and licked my

face. “Do you like this?” she asked. “Isn’t this the proper position for

a naughty slave like yourself?”

I moaned in misery but she just giggled and leaned so close I felt her

nipple touch my shoulder. “Look at your cock,” she whispered. “It knows

what you like. Look at it grow.” I watched in astonishment as my cock

grew larger even as she spoke. I had never seen it so enlarged. It

swelled to such proportions it was almost frightening, but I was past

caring. All I could do was whimper and wiggle it in the air and hope

that she would have mercy upon me.

But this was Jill, not an angel, and she didn’t know the meaning of the

word mercy. Her hand reached out and touched my cock and I saw a tiny

droplet of moisture ooze out the tip. “Naughty, naughty,” she hissed at

me, her eyes bright with excitement. My heart beat wildly as I watched

her pick up her leather belt. She smacked the back of my legs again and

again. The blows were hard and fast and stung without remorse. I wanted

to scream.

“There now,” she said when she had finished, “we must keep your passion

in check, boy!” As she said this she caressed my cock lightly, teasing

me, daring me to defy her again. I desperately tried to think unsexy

thoughts, to think of the punishment I would surely receive if I

disobeyed her. Somehow my cock obeyed.

Almost disappointed, she resorted to other tricks. I saw her game now.

She meant to make me come and then punish me severely for it. This

frightened me greatly, because I could think of nothing I wanted more

than to come, right there.

Her first trick was to stand before me and show me her body. This was

tempting, to be sure. She stood and caressed her breasts, squeezing them

in her palms and showing me the stiff nipples. Next she ran her hands

over her body, along her waist and hips and down to her sex. There she

spread her legs and I could see the moisture that extruded there she was

so aroused. “Don’t you want to lick me?” she whispered.

July 9, 2007

Private Pissing Story

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Mary went downstairs to her private library. It was 11:30 at night.
Nobody was awake, except for the ever-present security guards. She wore a
white nighty, long enough to hang just past her creamy white thighs.

“Good evening, Bob” she said to one agent at the door.

“Good evening, Mrs. Clinton,” Bob said in his most serious voice. He knew
a couple of important facts, and she knew he knew. So Bob was treated
nicely. (more…)

June 17, 2007

Lesbian Nurse Sex Story

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Chapter 1

I moved to Guildford two years ago; John was transferred and I had to leave my
job as a secretary for Colson’s, a wine importer back in Warminster. I had no
real qualifications, but we needed the money from both of us working - and I
was getting bored fixing up the new house and window-shopping in the town
centre. Eventually John bought up my old nursing qualification - It’d already
occurred to me, but I wasn’t sure that it was what I wanted now. I’d drifted
into the classes at 16, with nothing else to do, and passed the qualifiying
exams, then after half-heartedly applying for a couple of local posts thrown
it all up and worked for Colson’s for four stagnant years.

John thought it was a great idea. “Give them a call tomorrow, love”, he said,
nestled under my arm as we lay in bed that night. His hands were wandering
about in their familiar and welcome pre-sex rounds; I lay back, relaxed as he
gently turned me on, stroking the outline of my thighs, the curve of my
bottom, my stomach. I saw him looking at my nipples under my T shirt - he
knows how sensitive they are, what they do to me - and I felt the melting
begin in my tummy as he pulled the T shirt up to my shoulders and sucked the
nearest erect nipple between his warm lips, tweaking the other between the
outside of his index and middle fingers. I lay there passively, as his
suction drove pleasure throughout my body, radiating from my nipples, my
breath deepening. He lay on his side at my side, now, and I could feel the
heat of his cock throbbing against the cool, smooth skin of my thigh. It felt
bigger than its seven inches (I’ve measured it for him!), hot and blunt; I
couldn’t stop my bottom shifting in the bed of its own accord to turn and
press my thighs against it, my breasts against his lightly-haried chest. Now
I felt my usual urgent need to be taken by him, to be overwhelmed; my open
mouth found his and our tongues talked and chattered. His large hands ranged
down over my bottom, first pressing it down to push my delta gainst his stiff
tool, then to part the globes with his palms while running his forefinger
lightly over my anus, then down, gently, to make small, gentle circles at the
now sticky bottom of my vagina while his other hand tweaked a nipple sharply.

He shifted, pushing me on my back and rising - I opened my legs to him, held
out my arms for him as he positioned himself above me - in the half-light I
could see the outlines of his cock as it rose past his navel. I would have it
- in me - now! At the thought I felt an unbearable sticky itch within me that
only his cock could scratch, I murmured, “Fuck your cock in me, Fuck me!”
With one hand he forced it down, pushed the plump head up and down in my slick
entrance, pressed on the hood over my clitoris, then, as if tiring of teasing
me, he manouvered his stiff, vein-ribbed dong, it was stiff, stiff, to the
inner channel, then quickly, smoothly, pushed it all, all of the stiff, in my
hot, oily tunnel.

Breath whooshed from me as he entered; the feel of the full length of John’s
cock stretching me comfortably and juicily made me woozy with pleasure: before
I recovered I felt the brief intimate slap of his balls against my smooth
bottom-cheeks and his hand pulling at my left nipple again. The sensations
overwhelmed me, rode me up my pleasure, too many to keep track of. I could
feel all his veins in his cock as it pressed in, the pleasure-pain in my soft
breasts, his weight forcing me, taking me, the butterball heat-itch in my
middle being scratched with his slick, blunt fuck-tool. I gasped out, my hair
dischevelled, my hands at his chest, my legs wrapped around his bottom,
looking in his eyes as he pounded me now, a thin sweat on his muscular body -
bigger than me, taking me - his thickness stove in and out, moving my pleasure
on, closer to blotting me.

“Cocksucker!” John said to me distractedly, his breath ragged, “Fuck-Bitch”.
I could see he was approaching his orgasm, and I needed mine - I pushed
against him with my thighs, now, and his enraged cock thrust in a little
deeper, he slapped against me, and again - my pleasure neared its peak as his
thrusts became deeper, longer, His frantic fingers pinched my nipple hard and
pulled up on it with a sharp pain - I surrendered to the body-filling waves of
ecstacy. “Cunt, Cunt!”, his breath gasped from him now, and finally he
pressed into me with all his body, and even in my daze of sensations I felt
his spunk jet out from his iron cock, into me, filling me, his cock still
filling my channel, so full! I held him to me, savouring the completeness, my
vacant cunt filled.

Finally he shrunk, panting, and his heated body cleaved off from our mingled
sweat and clumped down beside me. Tendrils of pleasure sang me to sleep.

Chapter 2

Guildford General did have a vacancy for a qualified Staff Nurse, in fact for
two of them. An interview was arranged for the following friday with the ward
sister, Angela Leighton, just after lunch. The receptionist told me they’d
had dozens of enquiries from an advert in a local paper, so my hopes were
pretty grim.

I wasted half an hour trying on various outfits - I settled on a medium-length
wollen skirt with a businesslike creme silk chemise, without the bra - I
didn’t want them to think I was some old fogey, or whatever.

When I turned up - a little early - I was shown into her little office, and
took a seat nervously. Angela wasn’t there yet, so I sat quietly with my
hands in my lap and tried to think of something else. Muted chatter and the
clink and rumble of trolleys outside the open door lulled me, and I relaxed a
little. After a few minutes a nurse in her early thirties with her blond hair
tied severely back stepped through the door with a sheaf of folders. “Are you
Wendy Stanton?” I nodded and rose, “Hello, ” she said, with a smile, “I’m
Angela Leighton - Anglea, alright?” I smiled back. She sat down and leafed
through a pile of folders already on her desk. “Right - If I can just get
this form…OK. ” She pulled a pen from her breast pocket. “OK.
Wendy…Stanton… - what’s your address, Wendy?” I told her and she copied
it down. “Right - Erm, Female, no, no, yes, erm… twenty-fifth.”. She went
on with questions about my qualifications and school history. We covered
previous employers, then she rose and shut the door, and sat down again. “OK,
Wendy, that’s, erm, so far, so good. Now I have to ask you some personal
questions, do you mind?” I said whatever was necessary was fine by me.

“OK.” She ferreted out a clean sheet of paper and put the form to one side.
“When was your first sexual experience?” Well, this took me by surprise a
little. ” Do you mean masturbation, or real intercourse?” I asked. “Well,
masturbation counts, I guess,” she said, with a gleam in her eyes. “When I
was fourteen, then,” I said. She made notes on the paper. “Was that when you
were alone, or .. mutual masturbation?” At this a brief flash of memory of
Claire flashed by, dislodging more feelings with it than it ought to.

“Actually, it was with my best friend at the time.”, I said in a sort of
impulsive confidence.

“A Girl, then?”

“Yes, ” I said, reddening and wishing I hadn’t been so honest. Anglea gave no
signs and made more notes.

“What is your sexual preference at the present time?”, Angela looked me
straight in the eyes across the desk as she asked. “I can’t believe this is
relevant, ” I began.

“I know it seems that way, ” said Anglea in a warm tone, “but trust me, Wendy,
it’s very relevant to this job. But if you don’t want to say…” she let it
hang. “Heterosexual.”, I said. “Exclusively Heterosexual.” I added. Angela
nodded sagely and gave me an appraising look that covered most of my body. I
looked down in confusion to see my nipples erect through the silk chemise. I
blushed and looked in the corner. Angela coughed and the questions turned to
my history of diseases and allergies.

Finally, she finished and we both rose. She gave me a warm smile. “I think
you’ve done very well, Wendy; we’ll be in touch.” I felt her eyes on my body
as I left. Were those questions for real, or was she some kind of lesbian?

Chapter Three

The ‘phone rang on Tuesday morning - it was Angela herself. “Hello Wendy!
I’m very pleased to say that we’ve selected you for one of the positions!”

“That’s great,” I said, pleased. “When do I start?”

“Sooner the better, I think, ” said Anglea. “Why don’t you come to my house
this evening and I’ll take you through an idea of your duties?”

She gave me directions and her number in case I got lost, and I said I’d be
there for nine. I had a long bath that afternoon, and in the middle of it
remembered that John was working late tonight. I wrapped a towel around me
and called Angela at the Hospital to ask if she’d mind picking me up, although
John’d probably be back by the time we’d finished and could drive me back.
She was only the other side of town, anyhow. “No problem, Wendy, No problem”,
she replied, “See you at nine. I’m really looking forward to it.”.

Jeez, what did that mean? I was beginning to wonder if Angela was a Lesbian,
and she fancied me. All those questions! What did I feel about that? It
reminded me of Claire; but that was a long time ago, now. Somehow in my
mind’s eye my image of Claire seemed to be wearing starch, white linen, now.
I gave a little shiver and finished my bath.

I spent the next couple of hours lounging around, getting dinner and watching
TV, surprising myself a little with my growing restlessness. I settled on
jeans and a T-shirt, and after some indecision, decided on a bra. As nine
O’Clock approached, I grew steadily more nervous, and had a glass of wine from
out of the fridge to calm myself down.

The doorbell rang at five to nine - Angela stood there in her uniform.
“You’re Ready?” she asked, with her warm smile. I told her I was, shut the
door and we both walked to her car.

“I hope it’s not too late for you, tonight - it’s just it’s the end of my
shift at 8:30″ she said, once we were underway. I told her it was fine, and
that anyway, I needed the job badly. We made small talk, and eventually we
pulled up at her block of flats. She parked the car, and we got out into an
awkward silence. She led the way to her flat, unlocked the door. It was a
cosy flat, with rugs on the floor and hung on the walls, ornaments and
nick-nacks everywhere. “Make yourself at home,” said Angela, and went off to
make some tea. I made for the sofa and looked around while Anglea made
tea-making noises in the kitchen. She had some photographs framed sitting on
a dresser - there was a couple of a little boy, as a young baby, then at two
or so, then one of Angela with a younger black-haired girl, standing in front
of a tree sheilding their eyes from the sun, and - my eyes must have bugged
out - one of Angela and the black haired girl kissing. I looked away, just in
time to collect my tea from Angela - she must have seen me looking, but said

“OK, ” said Angela, and she began to take me through the shift times, and a
quick idea of who I would be working with. I was half listening to her.
Running through my mind like a stuck record was “Angela licks cunts”. I
stared at her lips as she spoke, unable to not imagine them pushed against a
moist cunt, her nose buried in the pubes. “Are you free tomorrow afternoon?
I’ll show you around the ward, and introduce you.” I said I was.

“Angela,” I said, hesitantly. She gave me her full attention with her green
eyes. “Can I ask you a question?”

She said nothing in a way that was an assent. “Are you… erm, do you
prefer… other women?” I croaked out, redenning.

“You mean, ‘Am I a Lesbian’? What made you ask that,” she said in an even
tone, giving nothing away.

“Well, the questions you asked at the interview, and, the… picture over
there…”, I indicated, and ground into an embarassed silence. “I’m sorry, ”
I began, “I shouldn’t…”

“Yes, ” she said, cutting me short. “I am a Lesbian. Women turn me on, I
love women. I don’t hate men, just prefer women. By a good margin.” She
looked me steadily in the eyes, I guess I gaped back at her. There was a
silence built of cast iron.

Chapter 4

“I’m not going to jump on you,” she said finally, with her calm smile; I
laughed nervously. “Look, do you want to go? ” she asked, in a way indicating
she would understand, wouldn’t be offended. “No, No,” I insisted, “I just
wanted to know.” The silence grew out again, my hand fidgeted in my lap.

“Wow, you look stressed out!” she exclaimed with a laugh. I smiled nervously
up at her. “Since you’re staying, would you like something a bit stronger
than tea to calm you down? Bacardi, Martini…?” I was aware we were heading
into dangerous territory here, but an ambivilence urged me on. “Yes, please!”
I said. She smiled at me and made me a Martini and lemonade - I accepted it
and gulped half of it down. “Who is your friend in the photgraph?” I asked.

“That’s Melanie - I guess you’d have to call her my ‘Lover’. We’ve being
going steady for three years, now. We don’t live together, though.”

“Oh.” I said. Angela eased herself beside me, at the oppsite end of the
three-seat sofa. She had been sitting in the Armchair across from me. “Can I
ask _you_ a question, now you’ve satisfied your curiosity,” she said, looking
mischevious. I said OK, and took another gulp of Martini.

“How did you and your friend get together that time when you were fourteen?”
She certainly hadn’t forgotten anything about our interview! She must fancy
me, that’s why she invited me over here, she wants to.. she wants to fuck me,
I thought, and my eyes glanced over her breasts. She noticed my attention,
and now her eyes were bright.

“Her name was Claire - she was a year older than me, much more confident than
I was. She - she made me do things.” She had mastered me; I had been her
slave. She had teased me with her too-perfect blonde body until I begged to
lick her perfect little sixteen-year-old cunt for her, tears in my eyes. She
never cared for me, and finished with me in two weeks, before moving on to
greater victories; I was like some kind of warm up for her. The last I heard
of her, she was high up in a famous woman’s magazine in London.

“She made you just masturbate her? Did she make you do anything else?”
Angela had edged closer on the sofa. I felt a familiar warmth between my
legs; I shivered. I couldn’t look Angela in the eyes, somehow, “She made me,
you know, do cunnilingus on her,” I stammered out. I glanced in her eyes, she
was beside me now. She looked magnificent, strong and confident, with me the
object of her attention, her prey; it was almost too much to smell her warm
perfume. Her breasts jutted up at me, crowded me. My nipples ached against
my bra cup, my insides began to melt. “Did you… enjoy it? Enjoy what she
made you do? Did you like being made to lick her cunt?” I stammered out some
nonsense as I felt her cool hand cup the back of my neck. “You like to be
made to do things, don’t you?” I glanced about like a frightened rabbit, but
her gaze transfixed me, and I stared my lostness into her green eyes as she
leant closer and brushed my parted lips with hers. “Poor Darling,” she
breathed, and stroked my hair. “You want to lick my cunt, don’t you? Do I
make you wet? Hmm?” I couldn’t have replied even if I knew what to say. I
felt so turned on by her attentions, by not knowing what she would do to me,
by her being in control, I was half out of my mind with desire.

Her hand at the back of my neck gathered my hair and pulled down on it hard
enough to make me turn my face up. “Put your tongue out,” she commanded,
keeping up the tension on my hair. I gazed at her, and peeped the tip out; it
felt so secret between us, we both imagined it buried in her cunt. She
laughed, and bent to kiss it, sucking hard on it. “Lick my cunt, Hmm? Lick
it?” her warm breath spoke into my mouth, as I gasped back into hers. She
released my hair, her hands were on my breasts now; she jerked the T shirt out
of my jeans, reached inside and unhooked my bra. My full breasts spilt
forward, to her hands, at first with my nipples burning into her palms, then
intense sensations swept me as she twisted my nipples roughly between her
thumb and forefingers.

Abruptly she let me go, and held out her hands to help me up from the sofa. I
was in a state, my bra half-on, and half off, my T shirt rumpled. She led me
by the hand into her bedroom, and sat me on her double bed. The sheets were
cool under me. “I… I…” I stuttered, but Angela was unzipping her nurse’s
uniform. She unhooked her bra, kicked off her shoes and her small breasts
bobbed free. She quickly slid her skirt down, then her panties, revealing her
carefully tended mound. It was cut very short, and shaved at the sides. She
was evidently a natural blonde.

She stood in front of me, her hands in my hair again, pushing my face into her
warm pubes. “Lick my cunt, Wendy, put your tongue in. I’m wet for you. Lick
me!” She parted her thighs, and ground my willing face into her moist slit.
The dark, heady perfume of her juices filled my lungs, intoxicated me. She
hunched forward, and I craned my head forward, then squeezed my tongue between
her cuntlips, tasting her heat and moisture. How sweet her moisture was!
With one hand she pressed my face into her mound, the other was busy at her
nipples, pulling them out and letting them snap back painfully. “Oh, you
tongue me, you slut,” she hissed, “you tongue-fuck my cunt.” She rocked her
thighs into my face. My tongue pressed into her moist creases, tasting her
sweet fresh juices.

Suddenly she pulled back, and tugged at my T shirt, pulling it up and over my
head. I held out my arms meekly, staring at her breasts with their stiff
nipple-turrets, and she pulled it off, my breasts jiggling, my nipples taut.
As she leaned over me to undo my jeans, I craned up and caught a nipple
between my lips briefly, then lay back as she took off my jeans and jerked my
panties down. She pushed me roughly over on my tummy, grabbed my hair with
one hand, and pulled it tight enough to hurt a little. “Slut! ” she said
loudly, and her open hand came down hard on my bottom with a loud smack. It
stung and I cried out, muffled by the bedcovers. “You want to tongue me,
Slut! Say it!” She smacked me again, harder. “Say it to me!” The burning
in my bottom joined with the warmth in my tingling slit.

“I…” She pulled back harder on my hair, bringing my head off the bedcovers,
smacked me again. Tendrils of pleasure-pain felt around by body. “I want to
tongue your cunt,” I whispered. And I did. I adored her strength, the way
she dominated me. I wanted to worship between her legs. I felt her thumb
force its way between my exposed bottom-cheeks, and press in and out against
my anus. I was hot, hot. I wanted to be taken.

She roughly turned me over again, on my back, and straddled herself on top of
me. She moved up until her breasts we above my face. “Suck my titties,
Slave-Slut,” she commanded from above me. I reached up and caressed them,
then craned up and captured each nipple in turn, sucking the nipples hard, how
I like it. “Ooooh, feels good!” Angela gasped. After a moment one of her
hands reached down to roll and tweak my left nipple painfully hard. I raised
a knee and ground it into her behind, above me. It felt hot and sticky. We
continued this way for minute, then she raised herself, and bought her sweet
cunt over my face. We stared into each other’s eyes with lust and love.
“Tongue me, Slut?” she teased, her perfect blonde quim inches above my hungry
lips. “Yes, yes,” I husked. Finally, she pressed her open thighs down on my
mouth. Her hot, sticky moistness enveloped me, and I was glad. I opened my
mouth so my top lip worked on her clitoris as I moved my head, while my tongue
pressed into her as far as it could go.

She rocked on her kees above me, her hands reaching back to squeeze my breasts
and brush my nipples. My own cunt ached for her, now. After a time her
movements became spasmodic on me, and she deserted my breasts. I looked up to
see her hands clamped on her own, her eyes closed, mouth parted. My tongue
tasted sweeter juices deep inside her. She was close. I nibbled on her
clitoris, my hands wanton on her bottom-cheeks, moulding them, pressing her
into my face. I wormed a finger between them, as she had done to me, and
pressed at her anus. She gasped, above me, and her thighs jerked frantcally
on my face. I moved to remove my finger, but a quick hand darted down and
pushed it back into place. Her anus relaxed rythmically on my finger, but I
kept up a gentle probing pressure with my fingertip.

After a few moments, she collapsed on top of me, panting. Her nipples burnt
into my breasts, and mine into hers. Her mouth sought mine, and our tongues
entwined. I knew she could taste her own juices from me. Her leg slipped
between mine and at last her thigh squashed my pulpy slit, to my pleasure.
Her caressing hand trailed down my body, reached between my thighs. She ran
her forefinger smoothly up and down my oily channel, slipping over my raised
clitoris and lightly into my vagina. “Oooh, like that, Slut?” she breathed.
I ached to feel her within me. “Fuck me, make me come!” I gasped. Her smooth
finger slicked up and down. She leaned down and covered my mouth with hers.
My thighs parted wider and I quivered. Her hand twisted - now her thumb
stroked horizontally across my clitoris, and her slick, oily finger wormed
confidently into my bottom. I bucked as she pressed her fingetip into my
anus, but her weight held me down, and her tongue licked mine soothingly. Her
experienced finger slipped in, lubricated by my juices - it’s itchy-burning in
me connected with her thumb toying with my clitoris and I caught fire in my
bottom and in my cunt. My hips jerked, my breath rushed in and out - her
finger slid in my anus all the way to its knuckle. My back arched, and I
came, came in my cunt and in my bottom, like never before - my whole body was
alight, my tensed muscles sang.

Sensing I was coming, Angela slid down my body, and replaced her thumb with
her tongue. She splurged her hot tongue into my wet slit, and shifted her
head up and down so the whole surface of her broad, muscular tongue pressed up
and down the inside of my cunt-lips. Her finger in my bottom vibrated,
tickling deep in my anal canal. I came again, and again.

Eventually she slipped her finger out of my bottom, and moved up the bed to
me. As I lay there panting, she embraced me, kissed me tenderly and stroked
my hair. We lay there, our legs entangled, each feeling the other’s smooth
thigh against their soaked cunt. I felt that she owned me, and I was proud.

Chapter 5

By the time I got back home that evening John was fast asleep in bed. I had
cuddled up with Angela for a while after our experience, and she had reassured
me about what we had done. I was tired, but my mind was in a turmoil. I
sneaked into bed and dozed off, my mind blurred.

I woke to feel a stiff cock pressed up between my bottom cheeks, it’s hot head
butting against my spine. In my dreamy half-asleep state, last night merged
with now and I thought it was somehow Angela’s prick, by some miracle. John’s
familiar hairy legs put me right; I said nothing. I lay on my side, with my
legs drawn up slightly, John behind me. I ground my bottom against him,
feeling the dimensions of his cock as I moved against it, caught in my
bottom-groove. I felt an itch in my bottom from last night with Angela. I
reached out, swivelling on my bum so it pressed harder against him, and took
the bottle of hand cream from the bedside table. John’s big hands caressed my
breasts as I relaxed back on the bed. I splurted a gob of handcream out on to
my hand, and reached around to take hold of his cock. Still with my back to
him, I spread the hand-cream over his dick and ran my hand tightly up and down
it, giving him a smooth, slow hand-job. His breathing became ragged as I
worked. Afetr a few moments I said, “Give me your hand.” He held out his
hand, and I pressed the handcream out on it. “Put your finger in my bottom,”
I said. He hesitated, but I resumed my slow up-and-down motion on his stiff
cock and his hand reached down between my cheeks.

First he ran the side of his hand up and down between by bottom-cheeks,
spreading the hand cream in the groove, teasing my cunt at the end of every
stroke. When it was all slick, his forefinger pressed against my anus, at
first softtly, then harder. He wiggled his finger, and entered about
half-an-inch. I shifted my bottom towards his hand, and continued to jerk him
off slowly. He took the hint and pressed in more. Once he was partially in,
his whole finger slipped up there. I had to let go of his cock - my other
hand was busy flicking and pressing at my clitoris, and I needed to squeeze my
nipples real bad. “I need your cock.” I said to him. “In there?” he asked,
wiggling his finger in my bottom. “I want to be buggered” - the word spilled
out, how dirty it sounded! - buggered in my arsehole by his thick stiffpole.
I let out a small noise, my nipples tingled. I wanted taking, the taking of
me. He gently slipped his finger out, and reached over for more hand cream.
He pushed at my thigh to indicate I should take the doggy position, but it was
not right; instead I turned on my back and stuffed a pillow under my back. I
raised my legs in the air and gathered them in an arm. My cunt and
bottom-hole were presented to him. “No - like this -” I said ” - I want to

He knelt in front of me, and presented his purple-headed tool against my tiny
button-hole. He squeezed hand cream on it. “Stop me if I hurt you, ” he
said, looking at me. I stared up at him, a magnificent sight, with that thick
pole about to bugger me. “Put it in me!” I groaned. Heat and itchy burning
in my bottom was driving me wild. He pushed the blunt weapon at my anus, it
felt good, huge, about to enter, but it wouldn’t go in. He reached down and
wiped the thick head up and down, up and down in my wet cunt - oh, so nice,
but I needed it - I needed - in my little hole, tickling there - Angela

He slipped his dick down between my cunt lips until he was at my anus again,
and pressed once more. I concentrated on what Angela has done last night, in
my mind, and wiggled my bottom slightly as he pushed, and
it began to enter. He eased it slowly in, until an inch or so was inside. I
was stretched; it hurt a little. He paused. I used my muscles down there to
squeeze his hard thing. “I want all your cock in me,” I said. Our eyes
locked. I rested my upright legs against his shoulders and gripped his arms
with my hands. I stared into his eyes. “Bugger me, John, all of your cock,
oh you, big, big…” As I gazed up at him, clutching his arms, he pressed
forward slowly but surely, until half his cock disappeared within my bottom.
I moaned out, impaled. One of my hands left his arm and fingered my cunt
urgently - I was coming, coming on his stiff fuck. “Fuck me!” I husked. The
walls of my rectum must have been giving his cock a powerful massage - I could
feel his shifting length in me, taking me. He drew it back, pressed it
forward, further this time, I felt. Again and again he drew it out and
pressed it in. A pulsing pleasure started in my rectum in time with his
thrusts. It grew - grew - I gripped his arm, it must have hurt him. Its fire
suddenly spread over my whole bottom and tummy - I came like never before, his
cock in my bottom thrusting. My jerkings and inner spasms were too much for
him, his stroke grew slower and stiffer, through my pleasure I saw his face
wild, sweat on his brow, as he thrust his cock in all the way. He was
muttering, but I heard him, woozy though I was with pleasure, “Take that cock
- cock up your ass, boy, ass suck my cock” His cock slammed in, his thighs
hard against mine, soft; this his last, a pause with a hoarse sniffle and I
could feel it pulse powerfully as he spurted, and the hot, wet slap of his
come coating my insides. His tense body crouched panting over me as he came,
his body covering me. His hands reached to my shoulders and his weight
pressed down on me, holding me trapped to him, an insolence of power to keep
me for his come, to make me, but I wanted to. As I looked up at his body, my
fingers worked at my clitoris and pressed painfully at my nipples, tweaking
them hard until they slipped out from thumb and forefinger on the slippery
hand-cream - I took more pleasure from him.

Finally I was finished; the pleasure drained, his softening tool was
uncomfortable in my stretched anal canal. I eased forward, away from him, and
felt it slip back, and finally flop out with a warm wet drip of his come on my
thigh. His big hands reached around and cupped my breasts. His juice leaked
slowly from my still-stretched bottom, wetting my back. I felt detached,
completed, pleased but silent. I had not forgotten the unguessed-at
perversity of what he had said.

June 11, 2007

phycho sex clinic part one

Ann was stunned as she hung up the phone. She’d known John had been going
to the Centre’s clinic about his headaches and stomach problems, but didn’t
know he’d been seeing a lady shrink.

He’d mentioned he’d seen the psychologist who’d given him some relaxation
and meditation exercises to follow, and they had seemed to help. But he’d
never mentioned seeing another doctor, and a young woman at that, from her

Now, the doctor wanted to see her next week at 4:30 during John’s “session”
whatever that was all about, and talk with her about helping John with his

Dr. Whetmore had said not to say anything to John about their conversation
or next week’s visit, which had seemed strange, but then she didn’t want
John upset. She had assured Ann there was nothing to worry about, but she
felt Ann could really help John with his problems and help him on the road
to recovery. She’d said she’d seen this in lots of young executives who
were under terrible strain to produce as they moved up in their careers.

John was the Director of Public Relations for the Centre and had just taken
over this position from his predecessor about a year ago. It was just about
6 months ago that John had started getting these headaches and stomach
aches that had sent him to the Centre’s clinic.

About that time he’d come home and told Ann that he thought there was some
“funny business” going on with the way the clinic was run, but that he
needed more evidence before he told her more.

He was always such a straight arrow, and with the amount of government work
the Centre did, he felt it his duty to find out if there was something
going on that wasn’t right. He’d occasionally tell her things about some of
the research the clinic did, but since much of it was ‘hush hush’ he
couldn’t tell much except it involved some high tech “brainwashing” and
“mind control” stuff.

May 22, 2007

Exam Gyno Pics

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Gyno Checkup Nice blonde passes medical exam to get accepted to a new job

Anal Gyno Checkup Nurse examines a girl’s ass and checks her anal temperature

Gyno Clinic Pic Chick comes to a gyno clinic to get a termometer in her ass

Gyno Exam Pic Chick comes to nurse to pass through full medical exam

December 29, 2006

Clinic Sex Story

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As Ann and John drove home, she kept fingering the small package Dr.
Whetmore had given her. She really liked Dr. Whetmore, and hoped she could
help John with his problems.

It seemed a little “silly” to have her grown husband in diapers, but if
this was what he needed to get better, then so be it. Besides she’d always
like playing dolls and dressup when she was a little girl, and when she was
babysitting she had always liked looking at the little boys when she
changed their diapers.

She even remembered one boy who was 12 years old when she was just starting
to give up babysitting. She was 17 then, and had learned quite a bit about
boys and girls, and had even felt some of her boyfriends getting hard in
their pants when she rubbed them the right way. They seemed… (more…)

December 23, 2006

Oriental Girl Story

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Kei’s Story, part One

This story is about a young oriental girl from a small country in
southeast Asia. Her name is Kei, and she is 24 years old. I
have known Kei for 2 years.

First, I will tell you about Kei. Kei is a very shy and modest
girl, probably the most modest I know. In the 2 years I have
known her, she has never worn anything that would reveal more
than her hands and face. She is also devestatingly beautful.
She is small, around 5″4, slight build, and has beautiful dark
brown skin, similar to a white girl who has gotten a verrrry deep

Since Kei is so pretty, I have always thought that it was unfair
that her beauty was always hidden beneath so much cloth! I
decided one day that it was time for her to experience some new
things (new to her, anyway). I had a plan for her.

A friend of mine (Rick) is a medical student at a local
university, so this gave me an idea. One day, Kei was feeling
ill, and I insisted that she make an apointment at the doctors.
Now, since kei had only spent a short time in USA (having just
moved here from Asia), she had no idea what hospitals were like.
She reluctantly made the apointment for the next day. Of course,
she felt better by then, but I told her to go anyway.

The next day, I drove Kei to the hospital where we met my student
friend Rick. Rick and I were both very attracted to oriental
women, and Kei was no exception. I sat in the waiting room, and
Geroge motioned for Kei to follow him. He took her into a small
room, told her to put on a hospital gown, and left. A few
minutes later he came for her, and brought her back to the
waiting room. Boy, was I surprised when she sat down next to me.
The gown he had given her was very short - it came down only to
mid-thigh, and pulled up even higher when she sat down. It was
the first view I, and probably any guy, had ever had of her legs.
God, where they beautiful. Her dark legs were firm and
well-toned - her skin clung tightly to the muscles of her thighs
and calves. The two guys sitting across the room were staring
rather obiously at this sight, enjoying the view. Kei was
obviously very embarrassed by this, since she never before been
this exposed to a stranger. If only she knew what would happen
in a few minutes!!

Rick finally came back and took her to a room down the hall. This
room had 3 beds in it, two of which were occupied by male
patients. He motioned for Kei to sit down on the other. This she
did, but glanced nervously at the other two men. After she sat
down, Rick reached around to back of her neck, and to her horror,
untied the gown and let it slide down until it was resting on her
lap. This had the direct result of making her shapely chest
visible to 3 men she had never even met. Her face registed her
embarrasment as her smooth dark breasts were exposed. Rick then
proceeded to hold his stethescope to her chest, listening to her
heartbeat. After a few moments of this, he put it down and
started to push on her stomach. After a few more routine
examination kinds of things, he moved one had to her left breast
and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger, causing her to
gasp. He squeezed harder, then moved to the other breast and
repeated the proceedure. He ran his finger in little circles
around her nipples, making them erect. All the while, Kei
lowered her eyes and did not look at the other men in the room.

If Kei thought that she could never feel more open and exposed
than this, she was wrong. Rick told her to lie down on the bed,
and he removed her gown from her lap leaving her completely
naked. He told her to spread her legs, which she refused to do.
After he told her she had to do it, she very slowly opened her
legs. Joe lubricated his fingers with some Vasiline, and with one
had spread her flesh while inserting his first two fingers into
her. She gasped as he worked his fingers in and out, massaging
her clit in the process. When his fingers first entered her, she
gasped and clutched the side of the bed, her face contorted with
embarrasement, humiliation, and hornyness. Rick gave her a few
seconds to get herself under control. Then, he continued his
stimulation. After a while the physical sensations began to have
an effect on her; her clit and nipples got erect, and she began
to breath in slower, deep breaths. She was trying very hard to
ignore the sensations Rick was producing. A few more minutes of
this and she could no longer control herself. She began to moan
lightly, and her pelvis rose rhythmically off the bed. As Rick
stroked her clit, her orgasm overtook her; she opened her eyes
wide, looked directly into Rick’s eyes, and made little sounds
betraying the extacy she was trying to hide. After her orgasm
had subsided, she saw that the other guys in the room were
watching her lustily. Rick, however, acted as if what had just
happened was a normal procedure. He told her he would have to do
some tests on her. He took a clit vibrator from a tray beside
him, and strapped it to her. He told her to stand up and put her
gown on. When she had done this, (much releaved to hide her body
from prying eyes), he reached between her legs with one had and
turned on the vibrator, causing her to gasp and cry out. He told
her to follow him, and he left the room and walked down the hall.
She had trouble walking, but, consiously placing one foot in
front of the other, slowly followed. When he had come to the
waiting room, he told her to sit down and wait until he came back
for her.

As she sat down across from three male patients, her gown again
pulled up her legs, revealing the inside of her thighs, but not
the vibrator. She sat down quietly, and placed her hands on her
knees. She was determined not to show what she was feeling.
After a minute to let her calm down, I started to talk to her.
I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner tonight, but she
found it difficult to respond. Her words came haltingly, with
pauses for breath every few seconds. As the conversation
progressed, the vibrator began to have the desired effect. She
resorted to nodding her head for yes and no questions. As it
became obvious that she was close to orgasm, I asked her a
question requiring a long reply. She was cuming while talking,
trying so hard to concentrate on the her speech.

After a few minutes, Rick came back and took her to another room.
In this room was an examination table equipped with stirrups,
which she eyed fearfully. He told her to lie down on the bed and
removed her gown and vibrator. He told her to slide toward the
end of the table, and put her legs in the sturrups. He left, and
a few short minutes came back with 3 other medical students and a
dick shaped piece of ice 8 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. As
she lay there, one of the other students began to ask her about
herself and her country. At the same time, Rick gently spread
her dark flesh with one hand. She tried to concentrate on what
she was saying. Rick waited until she started a long sentence,
and then, slowly inserted the tip of the ice dildo. She stopped
in mid-sentence, gasping and inhaling sharply as the cold ice
penetrated her. He continued to slide the ice inside her,
watching as her silky smooth flesh parted to accept it. After it
was inside her, he quickly fastened a cloth under her crotch so
that it kept the ice in place. He took her legs from the
stirrups, and put her gown back on. He then told her to follow
him, and he walked out of the room. She could barely walk, and
had to concentrate on each and every step, going very slowly.
He turned to go up a set of stairs, motioning for her to go
first. She did, slowly. After walking around for 2 or 3
minutes, he took her back to the examining room, removed her
gown, and removed what was left of the ice.


June 28, 2006

Doctor Tushy Review

Doctor Tushy Reviews

Doctor Tushy

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Girls get their physical examinations. They strip down and put on a medical robe and are then brought into the exam room where they receive a complete checkup

This is a real exclusive content. I ve not found anything like that on the net. Men, ever seen girls examined by gynecology doctors? I guess not, judging from my experience…
Once I drove my wife to a clinic, and waited for her in the corridor, right near the door and all the time I had an itch to stand up and open the door and watch what the doc did with my wife. And all the time I had my dick up. After that I bought a speculum and exmin my wife myself from time to time - its exciting.


June 14, 2006

Medical fetish free sites

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Wanna some links to free gyno and medical fetish porn site?
1. Gyno Chair Checkup Gyno Chair Checkup A hot nurse checks pussy of this chick by the speculum -one of the most recent free sites ;
2. -some old hospital fetish gallery

here some fresh free sites with gyno exams injections and anal thermometers and other medical stuff
we willl post em regulary after we finish updating our link lists
there are lot of gyno stuff there
medical fetish galleries and free links to clinic fetish free sites

May 30, 2006

Gyno SEx Stories

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are you interedted in gyno porn stories? Will be there soon ;)

May 20, 2006

Doctor Hardcore

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Just when a climax seemed imminent Dr. Wellhung removed his fingers from his patient’s vagina. Using both hands, he closed her legs and slipped her panties down and off. He got up and placed them unfolded across the arm of the chair so that the damp crotch area could dry. Then he went to retrieve more items from his case of medical equipment. This time the items he selected were for patient control. Among other things, Michelle had told Dr. Wellhung that it was her fantasy to be examined while restrained and blindfolded, helpless and vulnerable and with the Doctor fully in control of what would be done to her. (more…)

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