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April 29, 2008

Harold Testimonial of doctor tushy site

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“After viewing your website, I was amazed. The
videos and pictures are all quality produced, and the girls are absolutely
stunning. I have watched many of your videos and am extremely happy with them
all. You are the only website I have seen that has full examinations. Starting
with blood pressure and ending with rectal thermometers and covering everything
in between. Your site is a work of art!”

April 28, 2008

jessica and boobydoctor tushy

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- Visiting The Doc. Jessica needs a checkup before cheerleading starts. Watch
has the touches her breasts, and gives her a full gynecologist and rectal exam.
He must make sure she is healthy before cheerleading begins.

- Bobbi needs to have her yearly physical so she goes and meets with her doctor.
Her regular doctor is on vacation so she meets with his temp replacement.
Unknown to her, the temp doctor is not even a certified doctor. He is just
filling in to get to take advantage of the hot girls. Watch how he gives her an
entire physical and not even know what he’s doing!

April 25, 2008

Female Medical Movies Sample

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<br />
Female Medical Examination Mo
Female Medical Examination Movies Gyno Exams
Sara will
be playing softball for her college tteam this year so she needs
to get a compelte physical before she can play.
Watch as she gets her breasts examined, followed by a gyno exam.
Then she turns over and gets an anal checkup followed by a rectal
thermometer checkup!
Here For The Best Medical Fetish Site On The Net!

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April 23, 2008

sandra gyno exam pics

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- Beauty Queen. Sandra is an exotic beauty from Italy. She is taking part in the
Miss International Beauty Contest. Before she can compete she needs to undergo
an entire physical exam. For legal reasons the entire medical fetish exam is
video taped. Watch as she strips down exposing her beautiful natural body, then
has a complete vaginal and rectal exam. The Doctor is a little concerned about
her ass, and decides to use his fingers for an “inner” examination.

April 22, 2008

Doctor tushy girls Raquel and Kristen

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- Raquel has to visit her Gynecologist for her yearly exam. She hates going to
the doctor and feeling violated, but realizes the exam is to maintain her
health. Raquel changes into her gown, and is then completely examined. Watch
this virgin undergo a very thorough vaginal exam and rectal exam.

- Checkup. Kristen has to visit her Gynecologist for her yearly exam. She meets
with the doctor, changes into her gown, and is then completely examined. Watch
Kristen undergo a very thorough vaginal exam and rectal exam as well as get her
temperature checked with an old fashion rectal thermometer.

April 21, 2008

2 tushy gyno girls pages

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- Cavity Search. Airport securty is very strict. If a drug dog happens to pull
you out of line you are in for a very strict body search. That’s exactally what
happens to Karen. She was going back to school after her Spring Break, and
decided to bring back some of the local drugs. After she is pulled out of line,
she is taken into the security room and stripped. She was not cooperating with
security so she was handcuffed. Watch as she receives a vaginal and rectal exam
until the illegal drugs are found!

- Doctor Exam. Lauri is going away to college, and needs to have a physical exam
before she goes. She has not had a complete exam in many years so the Doctor
must be thorough to check her entire body. She has all of her vitals checked,
including a complete gynecology exam. He even lubricates his fingers and checks
her ass.

April 20, 2008

doctor tushy girls lisa

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Lisa - First Gyno Exam. Today Lisa is visiting the gynecologist for the first time. She went to meet with the doctor but had her mother go with her because she was a little nervous. Watch as she receives her first gynecological exam. She has her entire body checked out and also has her temperature checked rectally.

dr tushy Katie

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Katie - Foreign Exchange Dr. Katie is taking classes over seas for the semester. When she gets to school she has to undergo a physical before she is allowed to attend classes to make sure she is not carrying any foreign diseases. Unknown to her, the doctor is not a “certified”. But he still has lots of fun touching and fondling her naked nude body. Watch has he touches her breasts, and gives her a full gynecologist and rectal exam.

April 14, 2008

Teen Girl Gyno Exam

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Gyno Sex

teen gyno examGyno Sex Free Gallery
Gyno Sex Free Gallery 2
Teen babe is surprised to get her ass fingered at gyno exam

April 9, 2008

Sexy Hardcore Story

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It started out as a lark. Tim, my boyfriend, was hanging around
in my workroom while I was trying to finish up some sculpture that
had been ordered. Specifically, I was making stoneware copies of
an original that I had made several months ago, so it wasn’t as
if I was doing anything really creative. Tim would tease me a
little just to keep me interested in him then he would go off
around the room looking and asking all sorts of questions. At one
point he came back to me saying that he was surprised that none
of the men I had sculpted were built anything like him and, to
make sure I didn’t misunderstand him, he cupped the bulge in the
front of his pants. Now, mind you, Tim isn’t one to brag but he
certainly would have reason to if he wanted. His cock is a good
9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter most of the way. The
first time we made love I was sore for two days afterward and not
because I had been a virgin. Or maybe I was in the sense that I
had never before been fucked by such a prodigious weapon. I
wouldn’t have even let him near me if I hadn’t been so horny that
time. (more…)

April 2, 2008


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I have neighbors that are renting the house next door,
and the curtains don’t cover their bedroom window very
well. I went outside around 10:15 and the the
light came on around 10:30. I went and looked
in and saw Shannon (the girl) undressing. She is in her
mid 20’s, blonde, tall, long legs, and very pretty. She
has a great body, and tonight she had on
a white button up shirt and jean shorts. She took off
her shirt and she had on a white lace bra,
then took off her bra and her breasts
fell out, the nipples were kinda flat but she started
scratching the marks that were left by the bra and
then the nipples got erect. She cupped them, pulled
them up and then let them drop as she watched herself
in the mirror, and pinched the nipples while she
looked in the mirror.. Then she unbuttoned her jeans
and I could see some baby blue panties and she stepped
out of the shorts, layed them on her dresser, and then
bent over and slid her panties down her legs. This was
in full light, in her bedroom, and then she crawled on
her bed, got a book from her nightstand, and started
reading. She was completely naked, and her blonde
pussy hair stood up above her crotch and belly as she laid back
and read. She occassionally stroked her stomach and
scratched her pussy as she read the book. the book
didn’t appear to be erotic, she just kinda stroked
her nipples and felt her body as she read. Then her
husband (Michael) came in the room and started
undressing and his cock was semi- hard and he sat on
the side of the bed and bent over and kissed her. (more…)

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