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February 26, 2008

Tan Lines Erotica

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My father wanted to give me a helping hand toward my goal of owning a
fashion design company. Buying me a boutique at whatever location
(within reason) was certainly a generous graduation gift. Owning and
operating a bikini and lingerie store overlooking a beautiful beach on
the Pacific had too much promise not to accept the offer. Having just
received a degree in fashion merchandising, the decision of what to sell
was left entirely to me. I’m sure father was pleased with my choice.

The very first day of business assured me I was heading in the right
direction. Beautiful women walking by the store front clad in all
manner of swimsuits was reason enough, but the most important feature of
my new store which was a recommendation of the architect, made me
certain. A wall of one way mirrors allowing store personnel to observe
customers in the dressing rooms for security reasons. Who was I to
question her wisdom? After all she had designed many clothing stores in
her career. Of course I didn’t mention that I wasn’t planning on hiring
until I was sure business would support it. (more…)

February 24, 2008

I love Eating

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I see the door opening and one of the newer kitchen girls
pushing two large carts in. My mouth beings to water at the thought
of her feeding me this portion of my breakfast. Of course, I will
help but my 73″ upper arms makes it almost too hard to do. A
shudder passes through my 3/4 of a ton body. I wonder what the next
few years will bring.

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