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December 14, 2007

BBW Fetish

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I continued to grow. Bob redesigned the house for me. Extra
large doors, special design bed and a 20 foot is diameter jaccuzi.
I continued to do aqua-robics and tried to maintain my heart in good
condition. I continued to grow.

Just last week Bob’s latest invention allowed me to get
upright. Most of my massive weight was supported by a hoist-like
device. Once on my feet, for the first time in almost two years, I
was amazed at the fact that not only did my belly reach the floor,
it flowed over it for a few feet in front of me. Bob had taped four
36″ tape measures together to measure me, but it was too small.
While he could measure my thighs by reaching under the expanse of my
flowing belly. I was overjoyed to know that they measured over 93″
around each.

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