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November 29, 2007

Mountain Of Flesh

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Time passed and I got fatter. Boy, did I get fatter. By our
second anniversary I was over 500 pounds and I was beginning to have
to revise my lifestyle. Stairs were becoming something that I
avoided like the plague. Also, it was becoming harder for me to
spend hours at the stove to continuously feed my gluttonous belly.

It was near our third Christmas that Bob brought home a slightly
chubby redhead. I remember thinking that it was over. I had
finally gotten too fat that that this redhead was his new lover. I
was laying in bed, just after eating three dozen chocolate covered
doughnut and drinking a gallon of chocolate milk. I was so stuffed
that I couldn’t sit up to slap her face. In fact, I was so stuffed
that I could hardly talk. I remember being so hurt and mad that I
almost missed his words.

“Linda, this is my gorgeous wife, Sherri. Sherri, this is
Linda, who is going to help out around here. Her biggest duty is to
keep you full.” The relief flooding over me was almost too much. I
felt like the Queen of the World.

Linda and I soon became very good friends. Every morning she
would wake me up to a mountainous breakfast. After breakfast I
would go for a short swim and then have a snack. By the time Bob
returned from the office I was usually so stuffed that dinner was a

But my lifestyle began to rub off on Linda. Soon her clothes
were too tight and then I noticed a second chin forming. By summer
she had become a glutton herself. We would lay around the pool and
gorge ourselves on sweets and other things. By Labor day Bob had to
hire another cook. Linda had reached the 350 pound mark and was
getting to like laying around and gorging herself. In 18 months
Linda gained over 250 pounds and found herself a feeder for her
own. She made a lovely 500 pound bride and the last time I saw her
she was over 700 and becoming too big to move.

About the time that Linda waddled down the aisle I was rapidly
becoming to large to move. or the last few months I was able to get
out of bed only with help. Once on my feet I could walk just about
the length of the house. This exertion would leave me breathless
and exhausted. Unlike, around 550 pounds, when I met the milestone
of having my belly touch the floor while seated, the thought of
immobility scared me. I didn’t like the idea of becoming totally
dependent on others. But on the other hand the thought of being
totally incompasitated by my appetite was a erotic turn on.

I soon found that I had little choice in the matter. Around our
fourth Christmas I slowly became an immobile mountain of flesh. Not
only was I still gaining the fact that my exercise was severely
reduced caused an acceleration in my growth. Soon, Bob had designed
a whole group of special appliances that were designed to help me
get around.

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