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November 23, 2007

I Am Fat

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By Christmas I was over 200 pounds and still climbing. I was
distressed to see my new figure in the mirror and the one one the
scale. I had been brainwashed by 22 years of “thin thinking”. But
I was also deliriously happy. I loved Bob, and he loved me. With
every pound I put on it seemed that he was more in love with me.
Around our first Christmas it began to dawn on me that I liked being
fat. I love to eat and the added fat did not detract from our
lovemaking. On the contrary, it added to it.

I began to fantasize about enormous meals with me being so fat
that I need help eating. And I did my best to make these dreams
come true. By our first anniversary I weighed just under 300 pounds
and was loving it. I would eat just to gain “a few more pounds”.
In doing so I would force myself to devour that last bite of
cheesecake, or that last spoon of custard. Most nights I would lay
in bed stuffed beyond all reason, eyes glazed over and breathing
heavy due to the pressure in my round tummy. It was then that Bob
would make love to me for hours.

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