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November 19, 2007

Chubby eats a lot

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On our next date he took me to a French place. Good food, with
lots of cream sauces and the like. This time he ordered for me.
Again the portion was very large. After dinner he took me to a pie
house not far from the college. I had a double helping of apple pie
ala mode. As he took me back to the dorms I was so stuffed that I
was almost in pain. This time I took him to my room, my roommate
was out of town. We spent the rest of the night making slow
passionate love. I began to figure out that Bob liked me to eat.
And was beginning to see that he liked me fat.

We were married two weeks after graduation. I had put on
another twenty pounds and my mother was telling me how chubby I had
gotten. She told me that 150 pounds was too much to weigh for
somebody as short as I was. Well I didn’t tell her the promise that
I had made to Bob. I promised that as long as we were married I
would never diet and that I would eat everything put in front of me.

Our honeymoon was a constant feast for me. We spent it in San
Francisco. I think we hit every restaurant in the town. I ate so
much that by the end of the two weeks I couldn’t fit into most of my
clothes. But that was only the beginning. We set up housekeeping
in this house and I have never regretted it. I spent most of the
early months getting used to my new routine. I would wake up in the
morning to a huge breakfast left by Bob as he went to work. After
breakfast I would get up shower, and move to the front room. There
I would constantly snack until Bob returned from work around 5:00
PM. Bob would then treat me to a huge dinner and late night
snacking. Needless to say I began to gain at an alarming rate.

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