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August 12, 2007

Sleeping Fetish Part 3

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Archive-name: Control/somno-3.txt
Archive-title: Somno-Aussie Sex (part 3)

The Heroines Who Became Willing Somno-Villianesses (part 3)

“Experiment 272, supplemental. With the somno-animation of the
She-Hulk’s body, we are proceeding in her flying car to the home of Dana
Curtis, also known as Scent. Her powers of pherenome influence will be
utilized to aid in the control of Rogue, Psylocke and Jean Grey.”

“Wait a minute, dude. You said in part 1 that Scent was at the
X-Base. What in the hell is she doing at home?”

“New information during your dalliance with Jennifer here indicated
she was at her house, that is the house of her parents. So we go there
to get Dana Curtis.”

“How do you know where she lives?”

“Hey…Oh, shit, I’m still recording!” Chris deactivated the
cassette recorder. “Now, then as I was saying when you’re good, you’re

“Another fucking cop-out.”

“Damn straight!” Chris noted that they were approaching the house.
“Jennifer, land at the house.”

“I will obey my Mater’s command.” Jennifer smoothly landed the car
in front of the Curtis home, though her eyes were closed.

“How does she drive with her eyes closed?”

“I’ve explained to you a dozen times.”

“But the readers weren’t here then, you gotta explain it, so they
know too.”

“Very well. She isn’t driving, I am. I merely give her
subconcious ‘general’ instructions, along with the verbal input.”

“Why even bother with verbal input?”

“Because, I like to hear the fucking slaves talk!” Chris was
annoyed. The readers weren’t that stupid. “Come on, let’s go.”

At that time, Dana Curtis lay sleeping with two of her girlfriends
in her bed in her first-floor room. Dana had organized an impromptu
sleep-over and had gotten Lori and Monica to attend.

Dana was a redhead, about five and a half feet tall. Like most
comic book superheroines, she was well endowded with a firm pair of C
cups. Her current attire consisted of a white blouse and white panties.
She looked innocent and delectable, sleeping there.

Dana’s power, the power that had Professor X try to recruit her as
Scent, was simple. Her body could give off chemical vapors, which
caused emotional reactions. She could make somebody happy or sad,
excited or bored, frigid or hornier than Wilt Chamberlain. Professor X
had tried to bring this power to a concious (sic) level of control but
was attacked and crippled in the middle of her training. So she quit
his school and returned to her own, unable to bring out her own
incredible power (Marvel RPG talk).

As usual, the girls had been discussing boys at school during the
sleep-over and Dana’s desires for them filled her mind. Her mutant
glands went to work and the vapors were inhaled by her school friends.
Their libidos went into overdrive and they stirred.

Lori, sleeping on Dana’s left side, rolled over to dana. She was a
short-haired blonde in a thin cotton nightgown. Just over five feet
tall, her height made her D cup breasts more eye-popping than on her
friend Monica, who was almost a foot taller yet wore than exact same
size bra. Her hand reached over to Dana’s chest and began to unbutton
the redhead’s blouse.

“Oh, do I want to fuck!” Lori exclaimed in a sleep-vioce. She
moved next to Dana and began to rub against her.

Now Monica, on the other hand, was not nearly as aggresive as Lori.
She wore a knee-length sleep-shirt with buttons from her waist to her
neck. She was a baseball and basketball player at school but sexually
was very shy. Everyone at school knew she had never had had sex with a
boy and they were right. Her hands now reached down to her waist, to
pull up her shirt. As the shirt passed her waist, she latched onto her
panties. She promptly removed them. Her moans of pleasure were clearly

After her panties were off, she buried two fingers into her pussy,
which was rapidly moistening. Her other hand went to her button, which
she rapidly undid. Her free hand was now occupied with squeezing one of
her D cups and pinching her hard nipple.

“What the hell? Are you doing that?”

“No, FX, it seems we are witnessing Scent’s power in action. Keep
your eye on the remote monitor, I’m going to ‘take a load off my mind’.”

With that, Chris opened the ring box in front of Jennifer. She
reached in and took out the left-most ring. She put it on her right
index finger. Chris readied for another command.

“Jennifer, untie your top.”

“Here are my tits for your pleasure, Master.” Jen did as she was
commanded. Both double D cups were clearly visible. Chris took the
auto breast injector out and mounted it on Jennifer’s right breast. He
then hit the ‘inject’ button.

The injector first began to manipulate Jennifer’s large tit,
especially up at her nipple. The tiny servo motors moved the needle
into position. The injector per se put fluid at the very tip of the
needle, so as not to inject air. Then the coup de grace, the needle
moved into Jen’s nipple and injected its drug.

Chris felt instant relief. Controlling Jen now was as easy as
pushing a key on a keyboard. He made her face appear awake and alert
and her body as well.

Jen removed the injector from her tit and handed it to Chris.
While she re-tied the top, she spoke. Her voice was animated.

“Lord Somno, I’m ready to obey. Do you have any orders for me?”

“Not right now, Jennifer.”

“You don’t have to call me Jennifer. I’ll still respond to

“I prefer Jennifer. You’re much more than a mere slave.”

“As you wish, Master. My body is a tool for your use.”

FX continued to watch the somno-dykes. The short one was on top of
Dana. Her nightgown was over her waist…no, make that completely
removed, and she was rubbing her pussy on the readhead’s thigh. The
other girl, the tall blonde, was licking her own nipple and continued to
finger herself. Even though he had come in Tanya less than an hour ago,
his cock was stiff and ready to fuck.

“Hey, FX, I’m going to send Jennifer in to get Dana.”

“Fuck no! These chicks are really going at it!”

“Keep your voice down.”

“OK, but they’re still going at it.”

“Well, I’ll have to stop them.”

“Why? Scent’s power can’t affect me with my life support systems.
And Jennifer is totally under your control.”

“And I love it too.” added Jennifer, who kissed Chris on the

“Well, bonehead, it would affect me. Besides, we have a schedule
to keep. Anyway, those two blondes pale in comparison to Rogue, Psylocke
and Jean Grey.”

“I guess you’re right, you useless penishead.”

“Damn straight, Particle Man with his Particle Penis.”

Chris reached out with his power to Dana’s sleeping mind. He
turned off her power. He said to Jennifer,

“Jen, bring her out.”

“No problem, m’lord.”

Jennifer walked to the house. She could’ve jumped but her Master
wanted as little attention as possible. Arriving at the window, she
could smell the scent power. Her libido and Chris’, her Master, began
to power up. She calmly opened the window.

Climbing into the room, she spotted Dana Curtis, still sleeping.
Another girl was sucking Dana’s tit while a third girl masturbated
nearby. Jennifer reached over and took Dana off the bed. The
short-haired blonde crawled after Dana but ran into the long-haired
blonde. Monica reached up and kissed her nude friend. The two began to
‘enjoy’ each other’s lesbian attentions.

Jennifer carried Dana out of the room and set her down so she was
standing there. Chris and FX were walking over. Chris was beginning to
not give a ship about the other X-women. FX was too caught up with
Jen’s breasts to care either.

“We got time?” asked FX.

“Oh, fuck, sure, why not?” answered Chris.

FX arrived in front of Jennifer. He activated the emergency armor
removal button. Once again, his armor fell off, leaving him in his
jock. Chris spoke to Jen.

“Jen, do what FX says until I tell you otherwise.”

“No problem. Your slave awaits her new Master’s commands.”

“Great. Strip.”

“It’s a pleasure to obey that order.” Jennifer smiled as her
attire, the baby-doll top and matching G-string, were removed by her own
hands. “And what position would you like me in?”

“On all fours…slave.”

“Doggie-style, it is.” Jennifer went to her hands and knees in the
grass. FX pulled off his jock and went into her.

Chris, on the other hand, was inspecting Dana’s body. Her power
was damn strong! It was taking most of his sizable will and psionic
power to resist the urge to slam her high and hard, like FX and Jen.
She looked too innocent to just FUCK like that, and he wanted something
before sex. She was nude now, so he massaged her body, lying in the

FX was having a grand old time. Scent’s power had him fully in its
grip and his sizable libido didn’t aid him here. He slapped She-Hulk on
her ass. Ride ‘em cowboy! he thought.

“Master, may I play with myself?”

“Go right ahead, I don’t care.”

“Many thanks, Master.” Jen reached back with her hand and felt her
pussy, which was being fucked by FX. She could still stimulate

A police car pulled up and a light shone on the four lovebirds.
Chris acted fast.

“Jennifer, deal with the police.”

“At once, Master.”

Jennifer pulled out and stood up. Before FX could say, “What the
fuck…?”, she was at the police car.

“She-Hulk?! What is the meaning of this?”

“You will now leave here and not return.”

“But you’re naked!”

“Under our clothes, we are all naked. You have three seconds to
move on. 1.”

“Wait a minute.”


“You’re indecently exposed, She-Hulk. As an officer of the law…”

“3.” She-Hulk ripped the door off of the police car. She pulled
the driver out. Applying pressure, she forced him into unconciousness.
Over the objections of the other, she did the same to him. Once
through, she rejoined the party.

“Damn! I just came!”

“Keep it down, FX.”

“I could’ve come on She-Hulk. But noooo! You gotta send her away.
Thanks a lot, asshole.”

“Chill, FX. Plenty of time for coming later. We gotta get going.”
Scent’s power had faded by now.

“Ain’t fucking fair.” He began to reassamble his armor.

As the girls dressed, Chris reloaded the flying car. He also
re-readied the auto breast injector for use on Dana. Eventually, the
other three party members approached.

“Jen, set your car’s autopilot for the X-base.”

“At once, Master.” She left for the car.

“Hey, did that thing work?” FX gestured to the injector.

“Of course. Why do you think Jennifer is so awake-seeming?”

“I thought it was all you.”

“Technically yes. But flowing in Jen’s blood now is a will
suppresant. I’m going to inject Dana now. Controlling her now is like
doing a sit-up. Afterwards, it will be like taking a step.”

“Why does She-Hulk wear a Hypno-Ring?”

“In case you need to take over.”

“The car is ready, Master.”

“Excellent, Jennifer. Wait for us.”

“I hear and I obey.” Jennifer’s response was matter-of-fact.

Using the auto breast injector, and a Hypno-Ring, Dana was soon the
same as Jennifer. The car, now loaded, Jen and Fx in front, Dana and
Chris in back, took off for the X-base. Its goal: the complete
domination of the three big-titted mutants all comicdom had been waiting

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