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August 29, 2007

Fucked Nurse

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I lay there passively, as his
suction drove pleasure throughout my body, radiating from my nipples, my
breath deepening. He lay on his side at my side, now, and I could feel the
heat of his cock throbbing against the cool, smooth skin of my thigh. It felt
bigger than its seven inches (I’ve measured it for him!), hot and blunt; I
couldn’t stop my bottom shifting in the bed of its own accord to turn and
press my thighs against it, my breasts against his lightly-haried chest. Now
I felt my usual urgent need to be taken by him, to be overwhelmed; my open
mouth found his and our tongues talked and chattered. His large hands ranged
down over my bottom, first pressing it down to push my delta gainst his stiff
tool, then to part the globes with his palms while running his forefinger
lightly over my anus, then down, gently, to make small, gentle circles at the
now sticky bottom of my vagina while his other hand tweaked a nipple sharply.

August 16, 2007

A Nurse Fucking

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I moved to Guildford two years ago; John was transferred and I had to leave my
job as a secretary for Colson’s, a wine importer back in Warminster. I had no
real qualifications, but we needed the money from both of us working - and I
was getting bored fixing up the new house and window-shopping in the town
centre. Eventually John bought up my old nursing qualification - It’d already
occurred to me, but I wasn’t sure that it was what I wanted now. I’d drifted
into the classes at 16, with nothing else to do, and passed the qualifiying
exams, then after half-heartedly applying for a couple of local posts thrown
it all up and worked for Colson’s for four stagnant years.

John thought it was a great idea. “Give them a call tomorrow, love”, he said,
nestled under my arm as we lay in bed that night. His hands were wandering
about in their familiar and welcome pre-sex rounds; I lay back, relaxed as he
gently turned me on, stroking the outline of my thighs, the curve of my
bottom, my stomach. I saw him looking at my nipples under my T shirt - he
knows how sensitive they are, what they do to me - and I felt the melting
begin in my tummy as he pulled the T shirt up to my shoulders and sucked the
nearest erect nipple between his warm lips, tweaking the other between the
outside of his index and middle fingers.

August 13, 2007

Sleeping Fetish Sex Part 4

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Archive-title: Somno-Heroine Sex (part 4)

The Heroines Who Became Willing Somno-Villianesses (part 4)

“Experiment 272, supplemental. My two slaves, FX and I are ow
flying in Jennifer’s car to the X-Base. Jennifer and FX will handle
security while Dana and I take over the sleeping bodies of Psylocke,
Jean Grey and Rogue.” Chris finished speaking and deactivated the
cassette recorder.

“How come you get all the fun?”

“Because, FX, you are a much better battler than I am. If the
male mutants attack, you will have to stop them.”

“Wait! Me vs Wolverine, Cyclops and Colossus, to name a few.
Shulkie and I are good, but not that good.”

“Chill, FX.”

“Chill, my ass! Why don’t you just admit you are over-reaching,
and we’ll take Shulkie and Scent back the penthouse so we can screw
them all night long.”

“Don’t you relish the challenge of…?”


“Too late to back out now. We’re there.”

Jennifer’s flying car made a landing on the X-Roof. A mind
entered Chris’.

“Who are you?” it thought.

“I am Lord Somno.”

“You are invading my base, Lord Somno.”

“No shit.”

“I shall signal my team to stop you.”

“Wrong answer, thank you for playing.” Chris activated the
telepathic disruptor and immediately got a splitting headache.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” he exclaimed.

“Would you like me to strip now, Master, so you can have sex with
me?” Dana asked.

“No, Dana, I wasn’t talking to you.”

“Then it is me you want to screw.” suggested Jennifer.

“No.” He liked the total control of the gorgeous heroines but
they sure were acting STUPID. Maybe FX was rubbing off on them.

“NOT!” said FX.

“Let’s go.” said Chris.

Using Chris’ lightsaber, (you thought I forgot he had one ,
didn’t you?) the party got into the X-base. Chris used Dana’s
knowledge of the passcodes to make it to the bedrooms.

“OK, FX,” Chris said as he handed the controller to FX, “take
Jennifer to the control room and deal with the person on duty.”

“What if it is Wolverine?”

“Give him a beer.”

After flipping Chris off, FX and Jennifer headed to the control
room. The two went through several passdoors which Jennifer punched
in the codes for. Chris must be using the Rings and his power to move
data from Bimbo 2 to Bimbo 1. Soon, they were at THE control room.

Ororo, also known as Storm, was manning the monitor at that
moment. Though she was leader in Professor X’s absence, she longed to
be free of the responsibility. This was not her place, watching
sensors that never changed. Never changed? Why hadn’t the sensors
changed? It’s almost like…

“Hello, Storm.” said She-Hulk. Storm turned to Jen.

“She-Hulk! What are you doing here?”

“Relax, Storm. I need to talk to you.”

“But the sensors didn’t detect you.” Something was REALLY wrong!

“I need to talk to another female super-heroine. One on one.”
Storm dedcided to play it cagey. Jennifer was under mind control for
sure. Why else would she walk in clad in a baby doll?

“All right, Jennifer. What do you want?”

“Did you know that you are gorgeous?” Uh-oh, a real pervert has
control of Jennifer. If only Jean or Elizabeth were here…That’s it!

“Really, Jennifer. Do you think that Psylocke is beautiful,

Uh-oh, thought FX. The plan had Chris working on Psylocke right
now! I can’t have her being summoned.

“Oh…not really. Not like you.” Jennifer seemed to be talking
like a man. She is also trying to corner me, he thought.

FX had Jennifer stop. He needed a clear shot. If he missed,
Storm would see him, because an attack cancelled his S. E. P. field.

“I am done with this banter. Who are you really?”

“I’m your worst nightmare.”

The dart struck Storm right in the tit. The chemicals dissolved
in her soft flesh quickly.

Storm could see her attacker as the dart stung her in the breast.
A rush of euphoria passed over her. She had to resist. She couldn’t
move but maybe she use wind to fly to the console and push the alert

Storm took to the air. A green hand reached up and clamped onto
her. She was still flying but now was carrying Jen’s great weight.
She pushed her power a little farther while she could still reason.

The front of her outfit ripped away and the now-topless mutant
neared the alert button. She had to push it. She was almost there

She made it! She pushed the button and nothing happened. All
the controls were dead. What the…?

“Sorry, Storm.” said FX. “It seems my sonic suppression
field has negated electron flow in the area. Too bad.”

“I’ll destroy your armor now!” Storm tried to fire lightning
at FX. She then realized the chemical was seriously affecting her
ability to think. Electron flow is negated! I can’t fire
lightning! I’ll just…just…Storm’s mind went into neutral. The
man she was facing must be her Master. As his slave, her body was
his to command.

Meanwhile, Jennifer, without the Ring to order her and without
Chris’ mind to guide her (that was currently being disrupted), fell
back to sleep on the floor. She looked quiet and content.

Ororo walked up to FX and fell to her knees before him. She
looked up to him and spoke.

“Ororo, your slave, is ready to obey.”

FX switched off the field. This was gonna be fun.

Elizabeth Braddock, better known as Psylocke, slept
comfortably in her bed. For this warm summer night, she wore a
simple white t-shirt and panties. She lay on her back, and was
dreaming of her rescue from the clutches of the Mandarin by
Wolverine. She had some so close to becoming his assassin-slave.
It bothered her.

Dana carefully pulled off the covers on Psylocke and crawled
into bed next to her. Chris had used the emergency chemistry kit
to temporarily make himself immune to Scent’s power. Now, he placed
his hands on Psylocke’s head. Scent’s power of love flowed through
the sleeping woman’s nostrils. Her dream changed.

“Who are you?” she asked. “Where is the Mandarin, so I can
pay him back for what he did to me?”

“Elizabeth Braddock, I am Lord Somno.”

“What do you want?”

“I offer you an escape.”

“From what?”

“Your dreams.”

“All right, I understand. You have some sort of sleep-control
power and you can alter dreams.” Damn, thought Chris, she’s good!

“Essentially correct, Elizabeth. You now no longer need
concern yourself with your nightmares.”

“I don’t sense that you are lying, I feel I can trust you.”
Scent’s power was working.

“Are you ready to proceed?”


“You are currently in the clothing the Mandarin has clothed
you in. If you remove it, you will symbolically remove his
influence in your dreams.”

“All right.” Psylocke began to disrobe in the dream.

Elizabeth sat up in bed, eyes closed, expression blank. She
pulled the t-shirt over her head, revealing her large
comic-book-heroine tits. She then reached down and slid off her
panties, leaving her nude in bed.

The dream setting changed to match the real-life setting. In
both, nude Elizabeth Braddock got up and walked to her underwear
drawer. Dana followed her. The blouse-clad redhead pulled both
pieces of underwear out of the real Psylocke’s hands, so as the
busty heroine headed to the closet, she remained naked.

In the same way, Dana moved all the attire just before Psylocke
could grab it, so her nudity was maintained. Elizabeth now spoke.

“You’re right, Jean would benefit from this.” A pause. “I
understand she must be asleep.” Another pause. “No problem, follow

The black-haired mutant led Dana and Chris to the room of Jean
Grey. As they walked there, Chris wondered how FX was doing.

Storm, now nude, continued her oral stimulation of Jennifer.
Ororo’s tongue probed deep into the green woman’s pussy. Her Master
had told her she was bisexual so she had accepted it, without question.

FX, who had disrobed Storm, tasted the black woman’s cunt. PDG,
pretty damn good, he thought, but far too dry. He manuevered around
her pussy. He wondered how long it had been since she had had this.

“Slave Ororo, how long has it been since a guy ate you out?”

“Over a year, Master.” came the reply.

Fuck, thought FX. This bitch needs serious sex. He considered
pushing the emergency armor removal button again, but knew that he
would need his armor’s power should another X-man enter. He instead
activated the Uther Pendragon flap and spoke to Jennifer.

“Jennifer, my dear, take over on Ororo’s pussy. I’m going to fuck

“I hear and I obey, Master.” came her entranced reply. She moved
away from Storm and bent at the waist, so she could eat out the sitting
on a stool mutant. FX whipped it out and put it in. His metal front
slapped against Jen’s green ass. Awesome, he thought.

Dana, who was keeping to the plan, pulled the awto-breast
injector out from Chris’ belt. She, Elizabeth and Chris were standing
at Jean Grey’s door. The black-haired mutant was being fingered by
Chris and she showed no reaction. This was, of course, expected. Dana
mounted the device on Elizabeth’s left tit and activated it. The tiny
motors whirred and the needle delivered it’s chemical into the nude
woman’s large breast.

Chris immediately relaxed. With Psylocke’s will dampened, he
did not have to touch her to control her sleeping body. He put a
Hypno-Ring on her right index finger while Dana reloaded and replaced
the injector. The naked girl then touched the pad and opened the door.

Jean and Scott lay in bed together, with Jean on Scott’s right and
half on him. Both were naked as far as the covers showed, as far as
Chris could see. They probably had been fucking, he thought. He had
to make sure Mr. Sommers did not awaken with Miss Grey’s movements.

“Elizabeth, keep the man asleep while I help Jean.” he said
quietly to her.

“Of course, Lord Somno. I’ve often fantasized about a apecial
method I could use.”

“Then do so.”

“With pleasure. And with my mouth.”

Elizabeth walked around the bed to Scott. She slowly pulled back
the covers. Jean’s and Scott’s hips were on the same level, so access
to his cock was partially blocked. In spite of this, Elizabeth knelt
down on the floor, bent over Scott and began to stroke and lick his

“Scott, you will not awaken. Even if you come, you will stay
asleep.” she said to him.

“Sure.” was Scott’s sleep-blurred reply.

Now, with that taken care of, Chris began to enter Jean’s mind.
Dana stood at bed’s end, masturbating as the scent of lust filled the

Jean’s dreamless sleep was interupted by Chris. Both were nude
in, of all places, a busy bank. Naked people moved about, transacting
business and serving customers.

“What are you doing to me?” the redhead asked.

“Moi?” answered Chris.

“Yes, you. You’re controlling my dream.”

“It’s a good dream, isn’t it?”

“It’s damn perverted!”

“But fun!”

“If you’re in my dreams, you must be close, maybe even in my room.
Aren’t you?”

“You’re right on the money.”

“I’ll simply mentally call…”

“Professor X. I’ve already blocked his mind out for the moment.
I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I hadn’t.”

“Then I’ll call Storm. She should be on duty.”

“Already nullified. I’m not stupid, you know.”

“You’re quite smug, aren’t you?”

“Damn straight!”

“No problem then I’ll call…What are you two doing here?”

Per Chris’ plan, Psylocke and Scent approached the pair. They
were, of course, naked.

“Jean, you might defeat me. But the three of us, I think not.”

“Betsy, fight it! He has you under his power. Fight!”

“Jean, I’m a lover, not a fighter. And I love your huge breasts.
I’ve always loved the way you look.”

“Wait a minute! This can’t be. You can’t force Elizabeth or Dana
to do this, a hypnotized person can’t be forced to do anything they
normally wouldn’t do.”

“Miss Grey,” began Dana, “we’re sleep-walking. Chris controls our
luscious bodies and commands us to have sex wth you.” With that, Dana
kissed Jean on the lips. Elizabeth, standing next to Jean, felt her
teammate’s big tit.

Jean could feel a wave of incredible passion come over her. She
was surrounded by big, firm tits and wet pussies. Her defenses dropped
and she spoke in a zombie-like way.

“I am Jean, your willing slave. What is your will of me?”

“Fuck your friends.”

“I hear and I obey.”

With that, the scene changed to a huge air-mattress and Jean lied
down on it. Her two friends lied down on top of her. Each woman on
top rubbed her tits against Jean’s. Chris walked over to the lezzie

“You girls are far too dry. Play with each other.”

Without response, Jean’s right hand moved up by Dana’s cunt. Her
fingers delved into Dana’s pussy. Dana reached over to Elizabeth’s
black mane, which actually was already a bit wet. Elizabeth’s left
hand probed Jean, and she licked her fingers to help lubricate the
prone redhead.

Outside the dream, Psylocke’s body was in a sort-of auto-fellate
mode, barely aware of her surroundings. She was tounging Scott’s cock
slowly. Without the slightest warning, Jean’s sleeping body shifted
up and right. She swung her right leg over Scott and lowered herself
onto his cock.

“Fuck me, Master.” she said softly.

“Fuck me, Master.” she yelled to Chris in the dream. “I want a
cock in my pussy!”

“Whatever you say.” Chris moved to on top of Jean, as Elizabeth
and Dana moved out of the way. Chris wondered if FX was having this
much fun.

FX was pounding away on Jen’s tight pussy. He had moved the green
woman so she was sitting in the chair. She also was engaged in sucking
Storm’s tits while Storm french-kissed FX. He could feel the cum

“Ororo, sit on Jen’s lap and prepare for cum in your mouth.”

“At once, my Master.”

Ororo did as she was ordered. FX moved his cock into Ororo’s
mouth and just then…

The light stream of cum passed from penis to throat quickly.
Ororo swallowed every drop while Jen licked FX’s cock and balls. FX
had finally come in a woman and he was in happy mode.

“You girls lez out, I’m gonna check out the computer.” FX was
seriously drained. After all, it was his third cumming of the story.
Storm and Jen both looked at FX.

“We hear and we obey.” they said together.

Both women now placed their hands in each nether regions. They
french-kissed and their huge tits collided. The nude females showed no
sign of being anything but complete lesbians.

Chris, in Jean’s dream, was really giving it to her, high and hard.
Dana and Elizabeth lied on either side of Jean. Each had a tit in hand.
Elizabeth leaned forward and sucked her teammate’s nipple. She was
rewarded with warm lactation. She squeezed the tit and squirted it into
her mouth. Dana looked at Chris.

With only a glance exchange, Dana left the dream and returned fully
to reality. She saw Jean again, this time on top of her bedmate, slowly
fucking him. She walked over to Chris’ body, which lay on the bed now.

Per the plan, she used the auto-breast injector on Jean. She also
put a Hypno-Ring on her finger. Once this was done, she moved back to
Chris. She undid his pants and pulled them to his knees. His JCPenny
underwear followed suit. She lied next to him, facing the foot of the
bed. She took his cock in her mouth and fellated him.

In the dream, Chris felt Dana’s signal. He knew it was time to move
on. Jean looked and felt so good. He was nearly ready to come. That
would…have to wait. He pulled out of Jean and got up. He beckoned to
the girls as he walked away.

“Come, slaves.” The girls smiled at him and answered together.

“Yes, Master.”

Soon the party of Chris, Dana, and the nude somnabulistic bodies of
Elizabeth and Jean headed to Rogue’s room. Scott, of course, still
slumbered in the bed, unaware of any problems. Normally, of course,
with Ring and chemicals, Jean and Betsy would be animated and cheerfully
obedient, like Dana was. But their psi abilities as well as the mental
duller hampered Chris, so the girls were ordinary somno-robots. With
big tits, thought Chris.

Jennifer and Ororo were getting very excited now. They adjourned to
the fllor for some 69ing. Jennifer was on top because her body was so
much longer. The two now-dyke heroines tongued each other pussies as if
they had been born to it. Their pleasure levels increased.

Entering Rogue’s room silently, the party found the power-draining
heroine asleep, of course. She had retired in a knee-length
baseball-style shirt. She lay on her right side, calm and peaceful.
Now the party would find out if THE device worked. Chris signalled Jean
and Elizabeth.

Jean telekinetically pulled down the covers and pulled up Rogue’s
night attire. Her muscular body, not like Jen’s, but quite nice, was
clearly exposed. Her panties were lacy and black. Chris smiled, his
plans were going to CUM to fruition.

Jean mentally took THE device off Chris’ belt and put it on Rogue.
Automatic units delved through Rogue’s belly button and the device was
soon attached. It looked like a boxing championship belt without the
belt. On Chris’ order, Jean hit the ‘ON’ switch.

Elizabeth walked to Rogue. She put her hands on Rogue racing-stripe
hair. There was NO change in either of them! THE device was a complete
success. Chris signalled Jean for Phase #2.

Within moments, Jean had removed Rogue’s skimpy night-attire,
leaving her like her teammates, in the buff. Jean moved to the sleeping
heroine’s pussy and began to eat her out. Elizabeth kissed the now nude
girl and felt her big tit, just like her own. Dana filled the room with
the odor of raw sex and Rogue moaned.

Moving to Rogue’s other tit, Chris used the injector on her as well
as supplying her with a Ring. Her mental defense was really strong. He
had to take it down before he could hope to have a chance at her
untouched pussy.

In the control room, Storm was lying on the floor while Jennifer
exclusively ate her out. FX was behind Jen, fucking her as he had
before. Storm’s breathing became faster and faster. She moaned with
pleasure. She had a MASSIVE orgasm.

All over the place, electrical devices of all shapes and
descriptions blew up, overloaded and were generally nuked at the EMP.
Chris, who was about to touch Rogue and ‘persuade’ her to join him, lost
all but the injector and his lightsaber. Betsy, Jean and Dana fell off
the bed and fell on the floor, asleep. Rogue continued sleeping,

In the control room, tons of warning bells went off. FX’s armor was
a pile of dog doo on the floor. Jen fell on top of Storm, who regained
her faculties.

“You! What is going on here?”

“Ororo, he is an intruder. I am summoning your slumbering
teammates.” thought Professor X to her.

FX was totally screwed. He had to get out of here. He ran away as
all his armor came off. Storm summoned wind and pursued him.

Chris, in the bedroom, knew the jig was up. He and FX were no match
for the full power of the X-men. He was at max range but if he could
send one more message…


“All right, bub. What the hell is going on here?” It was Logan.

“Would you believe, panty raid?”

“No. In fact, I would believe that you are going to be spilling
some blood real soon.”

“I think not.” Chris pulled the lightsaber.

Logan’s heightened senses were hit with the lingering effects of
Scent’s power. His libido went into overdrive. There was Jean, on the
floor, nude. Here he was, and this guy, well, fuck him.

Jean rolled over on her back. She moaned as she spread her legs

“I’m horny as hell. Someone fuck me.”

Forgetting about Chris, Logan pulled down his boxers and gave Jean
the Hot Beef Injection. He had wanted for years to fuck her. This was
a GREAT dream, he thought.

The other three girls were all masturbating in their sleep.
Elizabeth was even sucking her own tit. She really has a breast
fixation, Chris thought. This scenario might just work out OK. He
moved to Dana and…


Chris and FX were nearly naked in the snow. Both had underwear on
and Chris had his belt with injector and lightsaber on.

“What the fuck!?” yelled FX.

“I was wondering the same thing.”

“Welcome to Antartica.” It was Stan.

“Stan!” exclaimed Chris. “What the !@#$?”

“You two have taken this far enough. Logan and Jean was too much
even for me. I’m taking away all your equipment and banishing you to
the cave below us!”

“Get off your moral high-horse, Stan. You frist drew Jean as having
a large chest. And since her you have Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Sue
Storm Richards and so on. All have one thing in common. Big, firm
bazooms. Even Kitty Pryde is big-breasted these days. Don’t give me
your crap.”

“I suppose you’re right. I’m sorry. How can I make it up to you?”

“Well how about all the girls from before plus…” said FX.

“Chill, FX.”

“It’s too cold out to ‘chill’ out here. I’m freezing my %^&s off!”

“How about home, home, home?”



Just like that, Chris and FX were home in their warm beds. Dawn was
just breaking as a night ended. On Chris’ dresser was a Lotto ticket
with a card and bow attached. The card read:

To two guys who showed me the true purpose of comics.



August 12, 2007

Sleeping Fetish Part 3

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Archive-name: Control/somno-3.txt
Archive-title: Somno-Aussie Sex (part 3)

The Heroines Who Became Willing Somno-Villianesses (part 3)

“Experiment 272, supplemental. With the somno-animation of the
She-Hulk’s body, we are proceeding in her flying car to the home of Dana
Curtis, also known as Scent. Her powers of pherenome influence will be
utilized to aid in the control of Rogue, Psylocke and Jean Grey.”

“Wait a minute, dude. You said in part 1 that Scent was at the
X-Base. What in the hell is she doing at home?”

“New information during your dalliance with Jennifer here indicated
she was at her house, that is the house of her parents. So we go there
to get Dana Curtis.”

“How do you know where she lives?”

“Hey…Oh, shit, I’m still recording!” Chris deactivated the
cassette recorder. “Now, then as I was saying when you’re good, you’re

“Another fucking cop-out.”

“Damn straight!” Chris noted that they were approaching the house.
“Jennifer, land at the house.”

“I will obey my Mater’s command.” Jennifer smoothly landed the car
in front of the Curtis home, though her eyes were closed.

“How does she drive with her eyes closed?”

“I’ve explained to you a dozen times.”

“But the readers weren’t here then, you gotta explain it, so they
know too.”

“Very well. She isn’t driving, I am. I merely give her
subconcious ‘general’ instructions, along with the verbal input.”

“Why even bother with verbal input?”

“Because, I like to hear the fucking slaves talk!” Chris was
annoyed. The readers weren’t that stupid. “Come on, let’s go.”

At that time, Dana Curtis lay sleeping with two of her girlfriends
in her bed in her first-floor room. Dana had organized an impromptu
sleep-over and had gotten Lori and Monica to attend.

Dana was a redhead, about five and a half feet tall. Like most
comic book superheroines, she was well endowded with a firm pair of C
cups. Her current attire consisted of a white blouse and white panties.
She looked innocent and delectable, sleeping there.

Dana’s power, the power that had Professor X try to recruit her as
Scent, was simple. Her body could give off chemical vapors, which
caused emotional reactions. She could make somebody happy or sad,
excited or bored, frigid or hornier than Wilt Chamberlain. Professor X
had tried to bring this power to a concious (sic) level of control but
was attacked and crippled in the middle of her training. So she quit
his school and returned to her own, unable to bring out her own
incredible power (Marvel RPG talk).

As usual, the girls had been discussing boys at school during the
sleep-over and Dana’s desires for them filled her mind. Her mutant
glands went to work and the vapors were inhaled by her school friends.
Their libidos went into overdrive and they stirred.

Lori, sleeping on Dana’s left side, rolled over to dana. She was a
short-haired blonde in a thin cotton nightgown. Just over five feet
tall, her height made her D cup breasts more eye-popping than on her
friend Monica, who was almost a foot taller yet wore than exact same
size bra. Her hand reached over to Dana’s chest and began to unbutton
the redhead’s blouse.

“Oh, do I want to fuck!” Lori exclaimed in a sleep-vioce. She
moved next to Dana and began to rub against her.

Now Monica, on the other hand, was not nearly as aggresive as Lori.
She wore a knee-length sleep-shirt with buttons from her waist to her
neck. She was a baseball and basketball player at school but sexually
was very shy. Everyone at school knew she had never had had sex with a
boy and they were right. Her hands now reached down to her waist, to
pull up her shirt. As the shirt passed her waist, she latched onto her
panties. She promptly removed them. Her moans of pleasure were clearly

After her panties were off, she buried two fingers into her pussy,
which was rapidly moistening. Her other hand went to her button, which
she rapidly undid. Her free hand was now occupied with squeezing one of
her D cups and pinching her hard nipple.

“What the hell? Are you doing that?”

“No, FX, it seems we are witnessing Scent’s power in action. Keep
your eye on the remote monitor, I’m going to ‘take a load off my mind’.”

With that, Chris opened the ring box in front of Jennifer. She
reached in and took out the left-most ring. She put it on her right
index finger. Chris readied for another command.

“Jennifer, untie your top.”

“Here are my tits for your pleasure, Master.” Jen did as she was
commanded. Both double D cups were clearly visible. Chris took the
auto breast injector out and mounted it on Jennifer’s right breast. He
then hit the ‘inject’ button.

The injector first began to manipulate Jennifer’s large tit,
especially up at her nipple. The tiny servo motors moved the needle
into position. The injector per se put fluid at the very tip of the
needle, so as not to inject air. Then the coup de grace, the needle
moved into Jen’s nipple and injected its drug.

Chris felt instant relief. Controlling Jen now was as easy as
pushing a key on a keyboard. He made her face appear awake and alert
and her body as well.

Jen removed the injector from her tit and handed it to Chris.
While she re-tied the top, she spoke. Her voice was animated.

“Lord Somno, I’m ready to obey. Do you have any orders for me?”

“Not right now, Jennifer.”

“You don’t have to call me Jennifer. I’ll still respond to

“I prefer Jennifer. You’re much more than a mere slave.”

“As you wish, Master. My body is a tool for your use.”

FX continued to watch the somno-dykes. The short one was on top of
Dana. Her nightgown was over her waist…no, make that completely
removed, and she was rubbing her pussy on the readhead’s thigh. The
other girl, the tall blonde, was licking her own nipple and continued to
finger herself. Even though he had come in Tanya less than an hour ago,
his cock was stiff and ready to fuck.

“Hey, FX, I’m going to send Jennifer in to get Dana.”

“Fuck no! These chicks are really going at it!”

“Keep your voice down.”

“OK, but they’re still going at it.”

“Well, I’ll have to stop them.”

“Why? Scent’s power can’t affect me with my life support systems.
And Jennifer is totally under your control.”

“And I love it too.” added Jennifer, who kissed Chris on the

“Well, bonehead, it would affect me. Besides, we have a schedule
to keep. Anyway, those two blondes pale in comparison to Rogue, Psylocke
and Jean Grey.”

“I guess you’re right, you useless penishead.”

“Damn straight, Particle Man with his Particle Penis.”

Chris reached out with his power to Dana’s sleeping mind. He
turned off her power. He said to Jennifer,

“Jen, bring her out.”

“No problem, m’lord.”

Jennifer walked to the house. She could’ve jumped but her Master
wanted as little attention as possible. Arriving at the window, she
could smell the scent power. Her libido and Chris’, her Master, began
to power up. She calmly opened the window.

Climbing into the room, she spotted Dana Curtis, still sleeping.
Another girl was sucking Dana’s tit while a third girl masturbated
nearby. Jennifer reached over and took Dana off the bed. The
short-haired blonde crawled after Dana but ran into the long-haired
blonde. Monica reached up and kissed her nude friend. The two began to
‘enjoy’ each other’s lesbian attentions.

Jennifer carried Dana out of the room and set her down so she was
standing there. Chris and FX were walking over. Chris was beginning to
not give a ship about the other X-women. FX was too caught up with
Jen’s breasts to care either.

“We got time?” asked FX.

“Oh, fuck, sure, why not?” answered Chris.

FX arrived in front of Jennifer. He activated the emergency armor
removal button. Once again, his armor fell off, leaving him in his
jock. Chris spoke to Jen.

“Jen, do what FX says until I tell you otherwise.”

“No problem. Your slave awaits her new Master’s commands.”

“Great. Strip.”

“It’s a pleasure to obey that order.” Jennifer smiled as her
attire, the baby-doll top and matching G-string, were removed by her own
hands. “And what position would you like me in?”

“On all fours…slave.”

“Doggie-style, it is.” Jennifer went to her hands and knees in the
grass. FX pulled off his jock and went into her.

Chris, on the other hand, was inspecting Dana’s body. Her power
was damn strong! It was taking most of his sizable will and psionic
power to resist the urge to slam her high and hard, like FX and Jen.
She looked too innocent to just FUCK like that, and he wanted something
before sex. She was nude now, so he massaged her body, lying in the

FX was having a grand old time. Scent’s power had him fully in its
grip and his sizable libido didn’t aid him here. He slapped She-Hulk on
her ass. Ride ‘em cowboy! he thought.

“Master, may I play with myself?”

“Go right ahead, I don’t care.”

“Many thanks, Master.” Jen reached back with her hand and felt her
pussy, which was being fucked by FX. She could still stimulate

A police car pulled up and a light shone on the four lovebirds.
Chris acted fast.

“Jennifer, deal with the police.”

“At once, Master.”

Jennifer pulled out and stood up. Before FX could say, “What the
fuck…?”, she was at the police car.

“She-Hulk?! What is the meaning of this?”

“You will now leave here and not return.”

“But you’re naked!”

“Under our clothes, we are all naked. You have three seconds to
move on. 1.”

“Wait a minute.”


“You’re indecently exposed, She-Hulk. As an officer of the law…”

“3.” She-Hulk ripped the door off of the police car. She pulled
the driver out. Applying pressure, she forced him into unconciousness.
Over the objections of the other, she did the same to him. Once
through, she rejoined the party.

“Damn! I just came!”

“Keep it down, FX.”

“I could’ve come on She-Hulk. But noooo! You gotta send her away.
Thanks a lot, asshole.”

“Chill, FX. Plenty of time for coming later. We gotta get going.”
Scent’s power had faded by now.

“Ain’t fucking fair.” He began to reassamble his armor.

As the girls dressed, Chris reloaded the flying car. He also
re-readied the auto breast injector for use on Dana. Eventually, the
other three party members approached.

“Jen, set your car’s autopilot for the X-base.”

“At once, Master.” She left for the car.

“Hey, did that thing work?” FX gestured to the injector.

“Of course. Why do you think Jennifer is so awake-seeming?”

“I thought it was all you.”

“Technically yes. But flowing in Jen’s blood now is a will
suppresant. I’m going to inject Dana now. Controlling her now is like
doing a sit-up. Afterwards, it will be like taking a step.”

“Why does She-Hulk wear a Hypno-Ring?”

“In case you need to take over.”

“The car is ready, Master.”

“Excellent, Jennifer. Wait for us.”

“I hear and I obey.” Jennifer’s response was matter-of-fact.

Using the auto breast injector, and a Hypno-Ring, Dana was soon the
same as Jennifer. The car, now loaded, Jen and Fx in front, Dana and
Chris in back, took off for the X-base. Its goal: the complete
domination of the three big-titted mutants all comicdom had been waiting

August 7, 2007

Sleeping Sex fetish

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Archive-name: Control/somno-1.txt
Archive-title: Somno-Aussie Sex (part 1)

“Captain’s Log, stardate 9302.08. After cashing in the winning
Lotto ticket, entitling me to three million dollars a year for the next
thirty years, I am travelling to Australia to fulfill a fantasy of mine.
I gave one million of the first three to FX so he can live in style. My
current plans include finding a wealthy heiress and making her my Sugar
Mama as well as slave.

“My power continues to grow. I can put women to sleep and give them
suggestions which are obeyed without question when they awake. I plan

“Would you like another drink, sir?” asked Lori, the first class
stewardess. She was a long-haired blonde with huge tits and a pretty
face, very pretty as a matter of fact. Chris stopped the mini-cassette

“Uh, no thank you, Miss.”

“Well, just try to get some sleep then. It is four hours before we
land in Sydney.”

“I will, Miss. You try to too.” Lori smiled at Chris’ remark as
she had been taught in Smile School, when all other expressions had been
brainwashed out of her. She walked back to her seat. Her job this
flight was easy. Chris and another women were the only first class

The other woman was obviously well off. She wore an expensive
‘power suit’ and her fingers were ringed, heavily. She was in her
mid-30s and was attractive, though not gorgeous like Lori. She had long
brown hair, currently pinned up. Her position was read mode.

Lori sat back in her stewardess seat. Her passengers were happy and
now she could get a little reading of her own done. She buried herself
in Danielle Steel’s latest. She dimmed the first class lights, leaving
only her reading lamp on.

After only a few seconds, Lori yawned. She was incredibly tired for
some odd reason. No, she thought, I really…shouldn’t…fall…

Within moments, Lori and the executive snoozed. Their
expressions were calm, they were at peace. Their minds were in neutral.
Several suggestions flowed into their minds. They nodded in approval.

Lori opened her eyes and looked at herself. She had the wrong
uniform on! And she had no idea how to get it off! It was tight and
confining. Her real uniform was under it. All she had to do was find
someone who could figure out how this wrong uniform came off.

Lori stood up. She could hardly breathe. The wrong uniform was
definitely going to have to go now! She walked up to Chris.

“Excuse me, sir.”


“Could you help me? I have the wrong uniform on and I was hoping
you could help me get it off.”

“No problem.”


The executive, who was named Catherine, walked over to Chris and


“Yes, ma’am?”

“It says on my ticket I am in that seat there and this is the ‘Loose
Clothing Row’. Could you explain that?”

“Uh, yes, ma’am.” Lori’s sense of duty to her passengers outweighed
her discomfort at the moment. “You can’t have any clothing fastened
except underwear in this row.”

“Thank you.”

Catherine reached down to her jacket. She unbuttoned the single
button and reached up to the top of her blouse.

“Now, could you help me, sir?”
“Sure, your jacket unfastens by these two buttons here.”

“OK.” Lori unbuttoned her uniform jacket and laid it on the seat
behind Chris.

“Next, your skirt had a snap there and a zipper there.”

“I hope you’re right.” Lori did as she was told and was rewarded
by her skirt becoming loose and able to be removed. She wore nude
stockings and a black garter belt with matching panties. She set the
skirt on the jacket.

Catherine had finished with her blouse, revealing her D cups
confined in a red teddy. She moved to her sleeves.

“Now the blouse, Lori. You start at the top and keep unbuttoning
until the two sides are unconnected in the front.”

Without comment, Lori began de-buttoning her blouse, believing her
real work uniform lied beneath. Instead, she showed Chris a lacy black
bra and her lovely body.

Catherine’s skirt was now undone and it fell to the floor. She
left it in the aisle and sat next to Chris.

“Do you think the fasteners on my teddy to my stockings count?
And how about my heels?” she asked him.

“Well, from what I heard, people on the outside can’t even have
underwear fastened.” countered Chris.

“Oh well.” She moved to untie her teddy.

“Well, thank you. I feel much better.” said Lori.

“No problem.”

“You know that woman sitting next to you is gorgeous! Pretty,
great body, big firm tits. Is she with you?”

“Yes, she is my slave.” Chris kept his voice low, as did Lori.


“Yes, the only way anyone gets a crack at her is to also be my

“What do I have to do to be your slave also?”

By this time, Catherine had undone her teddy’s top and crotch,
her garters on her stockings and her shoes, which came right off. She
lied back to sleep.

“Well,” Chris took a second to knock Catherine out, “you have to
make your face blank, do the ‘I hear and I obey, Master.’. Stuff like

“OK, I’m a good actress. I can act like a zombie.” Lori’s face
suddenly went blank. Her arms went limp at her sides. She stood, eyes
rolled up.

“Yes, Master. I await your orders.” Lori said, in a blank tone.

“To have the privilege of my slave Catherine, you must prove
yourself worthy. You must fellate me to the best of your ability.”

“At once, Master.” Her voice still had the slow, flat zombie

Moving to in front of Chris, who was in the front row, Lori knelt
before him. Without looking, she reached up to his pants. Her undoin
gof his belt was slow and mechanical.

“Do you think she’s buying it?” Lori whispered normally, leaning

“Shhh. She’ll react when she’s ready and she believes you.”

“OK, no more out of character.”

Lori, who had been a snotty stewardess five minutes before,
finished undoing Chris’ belt and then his pants. She leaned forward
again and imitated the zipper. She restrained her ability to give head
enough to continue to act zombie-like. She did, however, close her

Catherine opened her eyes and returned the seat back to the
infamous ’straight’ position. She stood, a true zombie, ready to obey.

“What is your name?”

“Catherine Vizcaino.”

“Catherine, what do you do for a living?”

“I am a financial manager.”

“Do you have any Australian clients?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Of these, are any rich, female, single and beautiful?”

“Only one who fits your criteria, Master.”

“Write down her name, address and phone number on a piece of paper
and give the paper to me.”

Catherine stepped over the fellating Lori to goto her original
seat. She reached upto the overhead compartment for her briefcase.
Pulling it down, she balanced it on her seat back and opened it. She
found the electronic rolodex and began going through it. After a few
moments, she stopped. She then wrote on a piece of paper.

Turning back to Chris, she walked to him with the paper.
Catherine’s briefcase fell off the seat back and stuff scattered
everywhere. She handed the piece of paper to Chris, who filed it in his
top pocket.

Lori had not stopped going down on Chris, in hopes of impressing
the two passengers. She wanted Catherine’s huge tits and her own
sizable chest to collide, to rub together. Her pussy moistened at the
thought of eating Catherine’s pussy. It did not matter that she had had
only a minor lesbian episode in Smile School. She would not be
satisfied without this woman!

“Lori, how often do you have sex?” Lori’s answer took a moment or

“Master, I fuck my boyfriend about once a week, but if I am busy
working, I cannot do it that often.”

“And you, Catherine?” Her answer was instant.

“I’ve been fucking my way to the top, Master. I sleep with my
bosses and file fake sexual harrassment charges on anyone who gets in my

“Then fuck me, Catherine.”

“My body lives to serve your will, Master.” Without hesitation,
Catherine swung her leg over Chris and reached down to his cock, to put
it in herself. She began to slowly fuck him.

“May I fondle my fellow slave, Master?” Lori’s eyes showed a bit
of excitement.

“Do as you wish, Lori.”

She smiled. Lori reached back and undid her bra. She had believed
her uniform was on but now lust filled her mind. She thought only of
sex. She reached to her shoulder straps and slid her bra off. Her
double D cup breasts were quite firm and would’ve easily landed her a
job in ‘Bazooka County’.

Lori reached over to the zombied Catherine. She slid off her
blouse and slid down her teddy, revealing another pair of great tits.
She slid Catherine’s arms out of the shoulder straps before she began to
kiss the passengerette.

Catherine’s fucking remained slow and steady. Of course, her pussy
was very wet from Chris’ control and her nipples were terribly erect as
they made contact with another pair of boobs. She only could pucker,
she could not actually ‘kiss’ Lori.

Chris, as usual, got off on the control of the two snotty women.
It was justifiable that he did this to these women. After all…


“What do you have to say for yourself?” the power-filled female
voice intoned.

“What do you mean?” Chris was nude, so he covered himself as best
he could in the smoke-filled chamber.

“You have been violating women.”


“It offends me.”

“Who asked you?”

“I run this MUD. You have been violating women. That is sexual

“Wrong answer, thank you for playing. This is not a MUD,


Chris was in a jail cell. It seemed he was in solitary

“Until you learn respect for women, I will confine you here.”

“And how am I supposed to show respect confined here?”

“You will mail me a series of letters of apology at my email
address. I will forward them to all the women you have offended. When
this is finished, I will let you out of jail.”

“Listen, this is NOT a MUD. This is a short story on”

“It’s not a MUD?”




Lori’s tits pressed against Catherine’s sizable knockers as the two
women shared a kiss. Lori reached up and felt the brunette’s other
breast. She squeezed the big tit and fondled the hard nipple between
her fingers.

Catherine reached over with her left hand and clumsily moved into
Lori’s panties. She pushed against them and rubbed them, as if they
were not there.

Lori reached down with her right hand. She took Catherine’s left
hand, the one trying to access her cunt and moved it under the black
undies. She was immediately probed with three ringed fingers delving
into her. She brought up her right leg and put it on Chris’ thigh, so
Catherine could better…stimulate…her. Oh, this is good, she

Chris began to move in response to Catherine’s wet pussy on his
cock. He was sooo(!) glad that his powers caused a woman’s pussy to
automatically moisten. He had saved a lot on Vaseline because of this.
He watched Catherine’s tits bounce ever so slightly as she fucked him.

Lori put her right hand on Catherine’s shoulder for balance and
moved her left hand down. She reached the unsnapped crotch of the
teddy. She found her lover’s clit and she stimulated it while the fuck

This series of events continued for some time.

About five minutes later, Chris felt like cumming. He knew it
would be damn irresponsible to come in Catherine, so he decided Lori was
the answer.

Without a word, Catherine dismounted him and stood next to him.
Her right hand moved to her pussy and she continued to stimulate it.
Her breathing grew in speed and shallowness.

“Lori, eat my cum.”

“At once, Master.” Lori let a smile cross her face. She kept her
eyes on the masturbating Catherine as she knelt next to Chris.

She began to fellate, but this time with all her sizable skill. It
wasn’t long before…

Chris came in Lori’s mouth. She, of course, tried to swallow all
of it, but some of it came out of her mouth. She prepared to wipe it
off with her hand.

“No, Catherine must lick it off.” Lori smiled.

“A great idea, Master.”

Lori approached the financial manager, who had 3 to 4 inches of
height on her. Catherine bent down a tad and licked her face, removing
all traces of cum.

“Now, return to where and how you were when I put you to sleep.
Remember only a sexy dream involving me.”

“Yes, Master.” the girls answered together.

The girls gathered their clothing together. They re-put on and
re-fastened. They re-tied and re-snapped. Soon, they had re-turned to
their seats, and they began to re-ad their books, re-viving as they did

Chris lied back, exhausted. Control still took a lot out of him.
He hoped FX had finished the new rings by the time he got to the Sydney
Marriott. He checked into his pocket and noted the name on the piece of
paper. OK, rich Mary, meet your Master.

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