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July 16, 2007

escort spanking story

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The worst was that Jill knew she was pretty and took advantage of that

fact to torment me further. She would unexpectedly brush against me, or

casually sit with her legs wide apart so I couldn’t help but see her

naked sex, so close but so forbidden.

At one point she so distracted me that I dropped a dish and one of the

cooks angrily beat me with a wooden paddle, urging me to be more

careful. Jill stood nearby and looked innocent, winking at me with her

wide eyes and casually kneeling and caressing my cock as she told the

cook to punish me harder. I was weeping helplessly when it was over. But

then the cook took a large carrot with a leafy stalk and thrust it deep

into my buttocks.

“Keep that in place,” he ordered, “or you’ll really be asking for

punishment.” So in misery I crept back to my duties and tried to ignore

Jill’s smart comments about how pretty I looked with a green stalk

sticking out between my legs.

“It’s almost as though you have two cocks,” she said with a giggle.

“One green and large behind and one tiny and red in front!”

Because of the feast that evening there was no lunch so there was no

respite to my misery. As the day wore on Jill seemed to become more and

more bored with her duties, pushing more of it upon me. I hoped the

cooks would notice it and report it to the mistress but they were too

busy. Jill seemed determined to take out her frustrations upon me, and

several times she warned that I was in for dire punishments as soon as

we were finished with our duties. This terrified me. So though I was

tired I didn’t want our work to end. What terrible cruelties did Jill

have in mind for me?

Our duties were finally over early in the evening, and I had the

unwelcome opportunity to find out. We weren’t permitted to go to the

banquet, of course, so our time was our own until the master or mistress

called for us at bedtime.

First Jill and I took another bath. The cool water felt delicious

against my punished skin, and again I was aroused as I washed Jill’s

body. I was finally permitted to remove the carrot from my anus, but she

made me eat it, which was a miserable task, but I was hungry and I

didn’t want it put back.

After the bath she took my cock in her left hand and proceeded to whip

my thighs until I could barely stand still. This gave her an idea, it

seemed, so she had me run in place as she whipped me, enjoying the sight

of my body as I jogged. When this was finished she put her face close to

mine and ordered me to crawl on my hands and knees to her room, where

she could “really” punish me.

In misery I crawled before her, the stone floor of the courtyard hard

on my knees, her belt never idle. “Keep your head lower,” she shouted.

“Arch your back, let me see those buttocks in the air!” I couldn’t move

fast enough for her, and she whipped me constantly.

By the time we were in her room I was completely exhausted. I felt I

couldn’t endure any more. “Flat on your back,” she ordered, and I

obeyed, though the stone floor was like ice against my burning bottom.

“Lift up your legs and grab them with your hands and pull them to your

chest,” she commanded, and I obeyed the best I could. She made me spread

my legs wider, which meant I could pull them closer to my chest and also

that my cock and scrotum were more visible. My buttocks felt split and I

knew my anus was painfully vulnerable. I felt horribly exposed and

humiliated. My face was flushed and I knew that there was nothing I

wouldn’t do for this pretty little dark-hair beauty that knew how to

torment me so well.

As I lay in this undignified position she knelt beside me and licked my

face. “Do you like this?” she asked. “Isn’t this the proper position for

a naughty slave like yourself?”

I moaned in misery but she just giggled and leaned so close I felt her

nipple touch my shoulder. “Look at your cock,” she whispered. “It knows

what you like. Look at it grow.” I watched in astonishment as my cock

grew larger even as she spoke. I had never seen it so enlarged. It

swelled to such proportions it was almost frightening, but I was past

caring. All I could do was whimper and wiggle it in the air and hope

that she would have mercy upon me.

But this was Jill, not an angel, and she didn’t know the meaning of the

word mercy. Her hand reached out and touched my cock and I saw a tiny

droplet of moisture ooze out the tip. “Naughty, naughty,” she hissed at

me, her eyes bright with excitement. My heart beat wildly as I watched

her pick up her leather belt. She smacked the back of my legs again and

again. The blows were hard and fast and stung without remorse. I wanted

to scream.

“There now,” she said when she had finished, “we must keep your passion

in check, boy!” As she said this she caressed my cock lightly, teasing

me, daring me to defy her again. I desperately tried to think unsexy

thoughts, to think of the punishment I would surely receive if I

disobeyed her. Somehow my cock obeyed.

Almost disappointed, she resorted to other tricks. I saw her game now.

She meant to make me come and then punish me severely for it. This

frightened me greatly, because I could think of nothing I wanted more

than to come, right there.

Her first trick was to stand before me and show me her body. This was

tempting, to be sure. She stood and caressed her breasts, squeezing them

in her palms and showing me the stiff nipples. Next she ran her hands

over her body, along her waist and hips and down to her sex. There she

spread her legs and I could see the moisture that extruded there she was

so aroused. “Don’t you want to lick me?” she whispered.

July 9, 2007

Private Pissing Story

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Mary went downstairs to her private library. It was 11:30 at night.
Nobody was awake, except for the ever-present security guards. She wore a
white nighty, long enough to hang just past her creamy white thighs.

“Good evening, Bob” she said to one agent at the door.

“Good evening, Mrs. Clinton,” Bob said in his most serious voice. He knew
a couple of important facts, and she knew he knew. So Bob was treated
nicely. (more…)

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