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December 31, 2006

NewYear Gyno Sites

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Gyno Exam Porn Petite chick comes to a hospital to be examined to the full.

Gyno Sex Site Tall girl with real problems comes to a fake hospital.

Ebony Vagina Exam An ebony babe getting her ebony cunt examined to the full.

Rectal Thermometer Exam A chick comes for a gynecology exam and gets it to the full.

Lesbian Nurses Babe comes to hospital and Is examined by two lesbian nurses

Gyno Clinic Sex Pics Nurse examines girl getting finger and termometer up her ass

Medical Fetish Pics Girl thinks she s pregnant and goes thru medical examination

Male Medical Examination Man is at medical exam and nurses get thermometer up his ass

Speculum Exam The horny doctor examines this girls vagina with a speculum

Lesbian Gyno Exam Lesbian babe comes to clinic to find out the nurse is lesbo

Free Gyno Blonde comes for gyno exam and gets examined with a speculum

Gyno Exam Porn Blonde comes for a medical examination and gets ass fingered

Gyno Exam Fetish girl has suspicion that she is pregnant and comes to clinic

Gyno Sex Teen babe is surprised to get her ass fingered at gyno exam

Medical Fetish Site Nurse takes advantage of blonde patient and examines her ass

Medical Exam Porn An ebony chick passes through a full medical examination

December 29, 2006

Clinic Sex Story

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As Ann and John drove home, she kept fingering the small package Dr.
Whetmore had given her. She really liked Dr. Whetmore, and hoped she could
help John with his problems.

It seemed a little “silly” to have her grown husband in diapers, but if
this was what he needed to get better, then so be it. Besides she’d always
like playing dolls and dressup when she was a little girl, and when she was
babysitting she had always liked looking at the little boys when she
changed their diapers.

She even remembered one boy who was 12 years old when she was just starting
to give up babysitting. She was 17 then, and had learned quite a bit about
boys and girls, and had even felt some of her boyfriends getting hard in
their pants when she rubbed them the right way. They seemed… (more…)

December 28, 2006

Gyno Pics

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Gyno Nurse Exam A tall adult babe comes to a gyno exam and nurse inspects her.

Ebony Gyno Exam Female doctor checking black chicks tits and pussy.

Gyno Exam Xxx Beauty comes for gyno exam but it turns into xxx action with doctor

Black & White Medical Fetish An ebony goddes and a latina cat are having their gyno examination.

Black Medical Fetish Bizarre medical pictures of ebony chicks gynecology exams.

Medical Exam An unpretty babe comes to the hospital to pass a gyno exam.

Busty Nurse Exam Babe with real problems comes to a fake doctor.

December 23, 2006

Oriental Girl Story

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Kei’s Story, part One

This story is about a young oriental girl from a small country in
southeast Asia. Her name is Kei, and she is 24 years old. I
have known Kei for 2 years.

First, I will tell you about Kei. Kei is a very shy and modest
girl, probably the most modest I know. In the 2 years I have
known her, she has never worn anything that would reveal more
than her hands and face. She is also devestatingly beautful.
She is small, around 5″4, slight build, and has beautiful dark
brown skin, similar to a white girl who has gotten a verrrry deep

Since Kei is so pretty, I have always thought that it was unfair
that her beauty was always hidden beneath so much cloth! I
decided one day that it was time for her to experience some new
things (new to her, anyway). I had a plan for her.

A friend of mine (Rick) is a medical student at a local
university, so this gave me an idea. One day, Kei was feeling
ill, and I insisted that she make an apointment at the doctors.
Now, since kei had only spent a short time in USA (having just
moved here from Asia), she had no idea what hospitals were like.
She reluctantly made the apointment for the next day. Of course,
she felt better by then, but I told her to go anyway.

The next day, I drove Kei to the hospital where we met my student
friend Rick. Rick and I were both very attracted to oriental
women, and Kei was no exception. I sat in the waiting room, and
Geroge motioned for Kei to follow him. He took her into a small
room, told her to put on a hospital gown, and left. A few
minutes later he came for her, and brought her back to the
waiting room. Boy, was I surprised when she sat down next to me.
The gown he had given her was very short - it came down only to
mid-thigh, and pulled up even higher when she sat down. It was
the first view I, and probably any guy, had ever had of her legs.
God, where they beautiful. Her dark legs were firm and
well-toned - her skin clung tightly to the muscles of her thighs
and calves. The two guys sitting across the room were staring
rather obiously at this sight, enjoying the view. Kei was
obviously very embarrassed by this, since she never before been
this exposed to a stranger. If only she knew what would happen
in a few minutes!!

Rick finally came back and took her to a room down the hall. This
room had 3 beds in it, two of which were occupied by male
patients. He motioned for Kei to sit down on the other. This she
did, but glanced nervously at the other two men. After she sat
down, Rick reached around to back of her neck, and to her horror,
untied the gown and let it slide down until it was resting on her
lap. This had the direct result of making her shapely chest
visible to 3 men she had never even met. Her face registed her
embarrasment as her smooth dark breasts were exposed. Rick then
proceeded to hold his stethescope to her chest, listening to her
heartbeat. After a few moments of this, he put it down and
started to push on her stomach. After a few more routine
examination kinds of things, he moved one had to her left breast
and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger, causing her to
gasp. He squeezed harder, then moved to the other breast and
repeated the proceedure. He ran his finger in little circles
around her nipples, making them erect. All the while, Kei
lowered her eyes and did not look at the other men in the room.

If Kei thought that she could never feel more open and exposed
than this, she was wrong. Rick told her to lie down on the bed,
and he removed her gown from her lap leaving her completely
naked. He told her to spread her legs, which she refused to do.
After he told her she had to do it, she very slowly opened her
legs. Joe lubricated his fingers with some Vasiline, and with one
had spread her flesh while inserting his first two fingers into
her. She gasped as he worked his fingers in and out, massaging
her clit in the process. When his fingers first entered her, she
gasped and clutched the side of the bed, her face contorted with
embarrasement, humiliation, and hornyness. Rick gave her a few
seconds to get herself under control. Then, he continued his
stimulation. After a while the physical sensations began to have
an effect on her; her clit and nipples got erect, and she began
to breath in slower, deep breaths. She was trying very hard to
ignore the sensations Rick was producing. A few more minutes of
this and she could no longer control herself. She began to moan
lightly, and her pelvis rose rhythmically off the bed. As Rick
stroked her clit, her orgasm overtook her; she opened her eyes
wide, looked directly into Rick’s eyes, and made little sounds
betraying the extacy she was trying to hide. After her orgasm
had subsided, she saw that the other guys in the room were
watching her lustily. Rick, however, acted as if what had just
happened was a normal procedure. He told her he would have to do
some tests on her. He took a clit vibrator from a tray beside
him, and strapped it to her. He told her to stand up and put her
gown on. When she had done this, (much releaved to hide her body
from prying eyes), he reached between her legs with one had and
turned on the vibrator, causing her to gasp and cry out. He told
her to follow him, and he left the room and walked down the hall.
She had trouble walking, but, consiously placing one foot in
front of the other, slowly followed. When he had come to the
waiting room, he told her to sit down and wait until he came back
for her.

As she sat down across from three male patients, her gown again
pulled up her legs, revealing the inside of her thighs, but not
the vibrator. She sat down quietly, and placed her hands on her
knees. She was determined not to show what she was feeling.
After a minute to let her calm down, I started to talk to her.
I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner tonight, but she
found it difficult to respond. Her words came haltingly, with
pauses for breath every few seconds. As the conversation
progressed, the vibrator began to have the desired effect. She
resorted to nodding her head for yes and no questions. As it
became obvious that she was close to orgasm, I asked her a
question requiring a long reply. She was cuming while talking,
trying so hard to concentrate on the her speech.

After a few minutes, Rick came back and took her to another room.
In this room was an examination table equipped with stirrups,
which she eyed fearfully. He told her to lie down on the bed and
removed her gown and vibrator. He told her to slide toward the
end of the table, and put her legs in the sturrups. He left, and
a few short minutes came back with 3 other medical students and a
dick shaped piece of ice 8 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. As
she lay there, one of the other students began to ask her about
herself and her country. At the same time, Rick gently spread
her dark flesh with one hand. She tried to concentrate on what
she was saying. Rick waited until she started a long sentence,
and then, slowly inserted the tip of the ice dildo. She stopped
in mid-sentence, gasping and inhaling sharply as the cold ice
penetrated her. He continued to slide the ice inside her,
watching as her silky smooth flesh parted to accept it. After it
was inside her, he quickly fastened a cloth under her crotch so
that it kept the ice in place. He took her legs from the
stirrups, and put her gown back on. He then told her to follow
him, and he walked out of the room. She could barely walk, and
had to concentrate on each and every step, going very slowly.
He turned to go up a set of stairs, motioning for her to go
first. She did, slowly. After walking around for 2 or 3
minutes, he took her back to the examining room, removed her
gown, and removed what was left of the ice.


December 22, 2006

Doctor Tushy Free Sites

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here are even more free sites related to gyno exam of my favorite doctor tushy:
Gyno Nurse Exam A tall adult babe comes to a gyno exam and nurse inspects her.

Ebony Gyno Exam Female doctor checking black chicks tits and pussy.

Gyno Exam Xxx Beauty comes for gyno
exam but it turns into xxx action with doctor

Black & White Medical Fetish An ebony goddes and a latina cat are having their gyno examination.

Black Medical Fetish Bizarre medical pictures of ebony chicks gynecology exams.

Medical Exam An unpretty babe comes to the hospital to pass a gyno exam.

Busty Nurse Exam Babe with real problems comes to a fake doctor.

December 21, 2006

Medical Free Sites

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Strip Search A suspiciously looking babe has to go thru a strip search.

Gyno Exams Pictures of teen babes being examined by a gyn.

Gyno Porn A girl with some gynecological problems comes to the doc.

Dr Tushy Exam Nurse examines a blonde babe getting a thermometer up her ass.

Nurse Exam A blonde nurse examines a babe, looking at her vagina.

Vagina Exam A babe is at a gyno exam for something is wrong with her vagina.

December 18, 2006

Gyno Free Sites

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Doctor Tushy Gyno A gyn examines a babe and her vagina using a speculum.

Gynecology Movies Movies of chicks having their asses and pussies examined.

Gynecology Examination A babe comes to the gyn not knowing only the nurse is in.

Rectal Thermometer Doc examines a babe inserting a termometer into her ass.

Licking Nurse A babe comes to clinic and nurse licks her huge tits and ass

Gyno Sex The doc is away and so the nurse examines a babe.

December 14, 2006

Gyno Exam Free Site

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Gyno Clinic XXX - A hot babe comes to gyno clinic to check her female organs at gyno chair

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