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May 20, 2006

Doctor Hardcore

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Just when a climax seemed imminent Dr. Wellhung removed his fingers from his patient’s vagina. Using both hands, he closed her legs and slipped her panties down and off. He got up and placed them unfolded across the arm of the chair so that the damp crotch area could dry. Then he went to retrieve more items from his case of medical equipment. This time the items he selected were for patient control. Among other things, Michelle had told Dr. Wellhung that it was her fantasy to be examined while restrained and blindfolded, helpless and vulnerable and with the Doctor fully in control of what would be done to her.

It was Dr. Wellhung’s responsibility to learn what would be the most exciting for his patient, what specific procedures she really desired to have done, and in what manner. Then he would do his best to be the Doctor she desired and conduct her examination in accordance with her turn-ons and fantasies. A woman might prefer a Doctor with a stern and commanding nature, quick to administer discipline for any infraction. She might find excitement in the embarrassment of being made to disrobe and the Doctor noticing (and of course pointing out) the fact that her nipples were hard or she seemed to be experiencing an unusual amount of vaginal secretions. A woman may wish to be blindfolded like Michelle, or she may find arousal in watching the Doctor at work. She may want to experience something rather different such as being catheterized or she may want an examination during which she must bear uncomfortable procedures. She may want extensive breast stimulation and induced lactation. She may crave being treated as a submissive and naughty little slut and a plaything for the Doctor’s enjoyment. Dr. Wellhung was very astute and he took the time necessary to understand his patients’ mind before scheduling any examination of her body.

Michelle did want a full range of procedures, but nothing painful. She did not want to be treated like a naughty girl or slut. She wanted to be teased, she wanted to be controlled, and she wanted to be sexually gratified. She also wanted her examination to be conducted with a focus on tenderness and sensuality. Michelle thought that so far Dr. Wellhung was doing a very, very good job at making her fantasies all come true.

She was lying on the bed on her back and still breathing somewhat quickly. She had kept her legs closed after the Doctor had removed her panties. That position limited what the Doctor could see but that would not be the case for much longer. He sat on the bed next to her and lifted her left wrist and fastened a cuff around it. Michelle’s heart rate jumped when she felt that.

Dr. Wellhung demonstrated the function to his patient.

“Now dear” he explained, “these cuffs are held closed with Velcro. There is a tab here that you pull to release them.”

He unwrapped the Velcro with its characteristic ripping sound and then reattached it. “Now you try it” he told her. Michelle used her other hand and unwrapped it herself. The Doctor wrapped it again. He continued, “The cuffs are attached with these little spring loaded snap hooks. You could unlatch them yourself. If the restraints get uncomfortable then you need to tell me and I will readjust them or take them off. Now remember this Michelle, if you feel panicky just say so and I will take these off immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes Doctor.” she replied.

“Alright then, I will finish getting you in position.” he said and then he leaned down and lifting each of her feet slightly and fastened another set of Velcro cuffs around Michelle’s ankles. Next Dr. Wellhung assembled the spreader bar. It was another of his creations, made of chrome tubing with stainless steel eyelets on the ends. He made it in two pieces so it would fit discretely in his case. The two halves joined rigidly in the center and once together the spreader bar would hold the patient’s ankles fully 30″ apart. The Doctor moved down to the foot of the bed and attached the snap hook of one ankle cuff to one of the eyelets of the spreader bar. Then he took hold of the snap hook on Michelle’s other ankle and spread her legs enough to fasten it to the other eyelet.

This was the first time that Dr. Wellhung had a clear view of Michelle’s vulva. Her pubic hair was nicely full and a medium brown color. As her legs had opened it revealed that Michelle had very well developed genitals. Her outer labia were large and full. Her clitoral hood was apparent and the tip of her clitoral bud was clearly visible. Her inner labia were also prominent and had parted slightly. They were glistening wet with her vaginal secretions.

Dr. Wellhung now grasped Michelle’s ankles and moved them further up the bed, thus raising her knees. He reached and took hold of the snap hook around her left wrist and pulled it down until he could snap it to the ring on the cuff of her left ankle. He did the same with her right wrist and ankle. This left Michelle very effectively immobilized and her crotch area completely accessible.

Dr. Wellhung got up off the bed and then leaned over his bound patient and again kissed her. She had the urge to put her arms around him but she could not do so. In fact, she could not do anything. The feeling of helplessness and vulnerability was incredible! The Doctor ended their kiss and the last thing that he did was to use a hand to slightly lift her head from the pillow. He put a black satin blindfold over her eyes. Michelle’s world went dark.

Michelle was restrained in a position that was reasonably close to that of a woman on a real gynecological examination table. Her knees were raised and her legs were held apart as effectively as if she were in stirrups. Her pubic area was fully accessible. There was one last matter to attend to. With her wrists and ankles attached together it had pulled the spreader bar up tight against Michelle’s bottom. Dr. Wellhung took a pillow and folded a towel over double on top of it and told Michelle to lift up while he slipped them under her buttocks. This raised her pelvis enough so that the chrome tube was no longer in the way. Now her anus was as accessible as her vagina. The Doctor stood for a moment and admired his work, and was extremely pleased. The black satin blindfold contrasted nicely with Michelle’s shoulder-length dark blonde and highlighted hair and the black blindfold, black cuffs and chrome spreader bar had a distinctly SM-like appearance. On the whole, Michelle looked very beautiful and exceptionally erotic. Geeze, he loved his work!

With the blindfold covering her eyes, now the Doctor was free to get some light on the subject. He turned on the overhead light, turned on the two lamps beside the bed and he turned on a lamp in the corner as well. Then he went to the table where his case was and unfolded a towel there and began removing and preparing his medical equipment. On the towel he laid out four different speculums, a digital thermometer, several vaginal and anal plugs, a black inflatable plug with squeeze bulb, a pocket rocket and an insertable vibrator, a sealed bag with sterile catheters, a penlight, the rectal probe, an enema kit, a douche kit, several different types of lubricant, a pack of moist wipes, and various attachments. The Doctor checked to be sure that all the battery-powered implements were working, and he was pleased that as usual everything worked perfectly. Finally the Doctor took the breast pump he had been using earlier and he assembled a clear vinyl tube into the neck of the nipple cup. A soft silicon rubber cap was fit over the end of the tube. Then he went into the bathroom and washed his hands thoroughly. When he returned the Doctor was ready to begin his examination of Michelle’s pelvic area.

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