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May 19, 2006

Gyno Exam Hardcore

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The Doctor rubbed the lotion over Michelle’s tummy, right to the very edge of the elastic band at the waist of her panties. He moved upward to do the skin just below her bra, then higher yet again to the soft swells of her breasts.

Her lips were slightly parted and he leaned over again and lightly brushed his own across hers.

“Michelle, its time for you to decide if you want me to give you your examination. Would you like to stay longer?” Dr. Wellhung asked her.

“Yes Doctor, I will stay” she answered without hesitation. It was only a small sentence but it had a great meaning. It meant that Michelle had given herself over to the Doctor’s care. She had committed herself and now all those secret fantasies were about to be realized. The butterflies returned but not nearly as bad as earlier. When she felt the Doctor’s hand slip into the cup of her bra and touch her nipple it signified that he was beginning.

Dr. Wellhung slid an arm under Michelle’s back and lifted her upright to a seated position. She felt his fingers behind her back, felt him undo the clasps of her bra, felt the release of tension as he opened the back strap. He removed her bra completely and then surprised her by squeezing lotion onto his hand once again and finishing massaging her back as she still sat upright. Then he got up and put her bra on the chair with the other articles of clothing he had placed there earlier.

Michelle sat there, topless now; awaiting what would come next. Doctor smiled at her as he again applied more lotion to his hands. He rubbed them together to warm them and then he sat on the bed slightly behind her and reached around and cupped her breasts, and gently rubbed the lotion into the skin that had been hidden inside the cups of her bra. As he did so the doctor felt Michelle’s nipples hardening against his palms.

“Now lay back dear and I will be examining your breasts.” he instructed.

Michelle did as he told her, again with her hands on the pillow behind her head. The Doctor ran his fingertips across the skin of first one breast and then the other, feeling every bit of the tissue for form and firmness, encircling the edge of her areolas to observe how her nipples responded, feeling the little bumps as they stiffened under his touch. He lightly squeezed her nipples to check for any discharge, first one and then the other. While manual expression did not reveal any discharge, Dr. Wellhung did have another procedure to perform. He got up and went to the table where the case containing his medical instruments was. He returned to his patient with the first of many instruments that he would be using.

Michelle had her eyes closed as she lay there and was not sure what to expect next. She felt the doctor applying lotion around her nipple and then something hard being placed over it. Then she heard a click and a soft humming sound. Almost immediately she felt a tugging sensation there. Dr Wellhung was using a breast pump, and the sensation as it sucked at her nipple was most noticeable. He held the pump in place let it run and slowly cause her nipple to swell. At the same time he used his other hand to stimulate her other nipple. Michelle was becoming even more aroused. She was not aware of it but the Doctor did notice that as he was checking for nipple discharge his patient had gradually opened her legs and her hips were moving ever so slightly.

The breast pump the Doctor was using was adjusted at the minimum setting when he started, and gradually he turned the power higher. Michelle’s nipple was becoming quite swollen and enlarged enough that it now filled the apex of the clear plastic cup and was being drawn into the neck. The tip of her nipple was fully erect and nearly twice the size of her other nipple (which was also erect but not under suction). The doctor cycled the vacuum release button and observed how her nipple was being suckled in and out of the neck. For a moment Michelle raised her head and looked down at her nipples. She had felt the way the Doctor had been manually expressing one breast and the pump was milking the other. She could feel a tingling there in both nipples but was unable to see if there was any lactation. Dr. Wellhung was also watching for the same and he did not see it. A different approach was clearly necessary.

The Doctor used the vacuum release button again and removed the pump from Michelle’s left breast and switched it to the right side. Her left nipple was still greatly engorged and pointing straight up. He leaned over and licked around the bumpy edge of her areola and his patient gasped at the sensation. He sucked her nipple in between his lips and began nursing from that stiff little bud. She gasped again. While sucking and pumping her nipples the Doctor felt it would be a good time to see if Michelle was showing additional signs of arousal. He slipped his free hand down the soft skin of her quivering tummy and then over the waistband of her panties and down the mound of her vulva.

Michelle opened her legs and slightly raised her hips to meet his touch. The Doctor fingers found the indentation in the crotch of her panties that marked the opening of her vagina. The fabric was very damp, nearly soaking. He rubbed his finger there and she responded by opening her legs fully and slightly gyrating her hips in time with his strokes. The doctor slipped his finger back up the slick fabric, following the crease between her labia. He found her clitoris, hard under the soft cotton. He rubbed his finger up and down the sides of it, palpitating the root and she moaned in pleasure. As Dr. Wellhung rhythmically stroked Michelle’s clitoral shaft, he sucked even harder with his lips on her nipple and cycled the vacuum release button, thus causing the suction to milk her other nipple at the same time. Michelle’s breathing became faster and her hips moved sensually against his fingers.

The Doctor momentarily stopped sucking her throbbing nipple and moved to kiss her again. This was no light touch of the lips, it was a deep and lustful kiss, and his tongue probing into her most willingly opened mouth. At the same time Dr. Wellhung did other probing. He slipped his hand under the waistband of Michelle’s panties, slid is fingers down between her silken inner labia and inserted one fingertip into her vagina. She kissed him back even more passionately. He felt how completely wet and accommodating her vagina was, and he pushed his finger deeper inside. It was as if Michelle opened up down there, and as soon as the Doctor’s finger was well inside, she squeezed. He could feel that Michelle’s g-spot was extremely swollen and rough, and she was very obviously bearing down to make it easier for him to rub that bulging bit of tissue there inside her vagina. The Doctor slipped a second finger inside Michelle’s vagina and with both together he reached them just beyond her g-spot and, applying a slight pressure up and out, he stroked it. The technique caused intense stimulation of her g-spot and urethra at the same time. Michelle involuntarily bucked her hips and her vagina clenched in spasms. The Doctor could tell that Michelle was in the proper state of arousal to get the most out her examination.

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