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May 18, 2006

Speculum First Time Exam

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As soon as the Doctor had removed her shoes and socks and began to massage her feet Michelle knew that would not happen. He was using a very nice warmed lotion, and he was taking his time, gently yet firmly rubbing her feet as she lay there enjoying the sensations. There was no rush, just pleasure. The Doctor thoroughly massaged the lotion into her feet, ankles, and even her calves to the extent possible with her jeans still on. Several times he came up and kissed her passionately.

“Michelle, I am going to massage your legs now,” the Doctor said while undoing the button of her pants. Her response was to raise her hips to help him slip them down. The doctor unzipped her jeans and worked them over the curves of Michelle’s hips. He was careful not to slip her panties off at the same time. Her jeans were tight but once he got them down past her hips the rest was easy. Michelle was amused that he took the time to fold them neatly and place them on a chair in the corner of the room.

When the Doctor returned to sit on the bed next to his patient he took the tube of lotion and squirted a generous amount into his hand and rubbed his hands together to warm them. As he was doing so he took a moment to look at her now that she was no longer wearing pants. Michelle was right, she did have very nice legs. He also noticed that despite the fact that her legs were closed demurely, the fullness of her white cotton panties revealed that Michelle’s vulva was well developed. He could also see a slightly dark shadow showing through the fabric and he was pleased that she had followed Doctor’s Orders and not shaved her pubic hair.

Dr. Wellhung devoted a very enjoyable and long time massaging Michelle’s shapely legs. He started with her ankles, and then moved upward to her calves, and then her thighs. He would add more of the warmed lotion frequently and while warming it in his hands he noticed that his luscious patient had a much more serene and relaxed look on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was even smiling slightly. The Doctor continued his massage to her upper thighs moving tantalizingly close to the edge of her panties. He slipped his fingers in between her legs there to coax her to open them a bit. He heard a slight gasp as Michelle felt his fingers there in the warmth of her inner thighs, and when he looked she had parted her lips slightly. She had also parted her legs a little more, not fully spread but certainly open enough so the Doctor had full access to massage all the way up.

Once Michelle had opened her legs a little the Doctor had a much nicer view of her crotch area. The form of her outer labia, and even the cleft between them was quite apparent. Had it not been for his promise to begin with a non-sexual massage only, the doctor most certainly would have touched her there. As it was he remained true to his word and he limited his caresses to those areas not covered by her lingerie. He rubbed the lotion into that exceptionally soft skin between her legs and he could feel the heat emanating from Michelle’s crotch. He wondered if when he touched the white cotton there he would find it damp.

“Michelle, I want you to roll over now so I can massage the back of your legs” the Doctor instructed.

Michelle dutifully did as told and turned over so she was lying on her stomach. This time she left her legs slightly apart, not wantonly, but enough that the Doctor did not need to coax her to open them again. Again, he applied lotion to his hands, warmed it, and then began low on her legs, working up. While he massaged her he admired her body. Michelle was in very good shape for a woman in her late forties. She obviously exercised and took care of herself. She had a most womanly form. The Doctor could see that her buttocks looked firm under the thin white cloth of her panties. She had chosen her lingerie just as instructed. He had told her to dress as if she was going to her usual bi-annual exam and she had done so.

Doctor Wellhung massaged the warmed lotion into the skin of the back of her legs as thoroughly as he had done the front. He noted that this time when doing the insides of her thighs that Michelle slightly opened her legs even further. It was so tempting to touch that taught fabric there. It looked even tighter now, as if her vulva had become swollen. The heat from her sex seemed even more distinct. As the Doctor massaged the back of her hips just beyond her pantyline he did so with both hands in a manner that slightly pulled her cheeks open with his kneading. Michelle responded to that with an almost imperceptible undulation of her hips.

The bedroom was rather dark due to the fact that the only light was from the two candles and what came in from the adjacent room, but Dr. Wellhung also noticed what seemed to be a damp spot beginning there in the crotch of Michelle’s panties. It was hard to be positive, but it sure seemed as if the white cotton was a bit darker there right at the point where Michelle’s vaginal opening would be.

The Doctor hands moved further up now, above the elastic waistband of his patient’s panties and slightly underneath her sweater, rubbing the warmed lotion into the muscles of her lower back. It was time to give her a back massage now so he told her that he would be removing her sweater. She did not at all resist when he began to pull it upward and she raised herself up off the bed enough that he could pull it beyond the mounds of her amply filled bra. Once he had it off he excused himself briefly and took that sweater, folded it, and placed it on the chair with Michelle’s jeans and socks.

He returned, squeezed more lotion onto his hands, warmed them and then proceeded to massage his patient’s back. There was no rush and he took his time, doing his best to help her to relax. He brushed her silky blonde hair aside and massaged her neck and shoulders. He also massaged her arms. He could feel tension in the muscles of her shoulders when he started, but as he continued those muscles loosened. Then he went lower, lightly lifting the straps of her bra and rubbing the skin below.

When Doctor Wellhung had finished with her backrub he told Michelle that she had to roll over again so he could do her front. She hesitated just a moment and then turned over on to her back again. Their eyes met. The anxiousness that he had seen in them now was nearly gone. She smiled shyly and the Doctor leaned over and kissed her again, a long, deep, and passionate kiss.

“Are you doing alright dear?” the Doctor asked her.

“Yes” Michelle said and smiled softly, “much better now”.

“Good, now put your hands behind your head and I will finish your massage” the Doctor replied and squeezed lotion into the palm of his hand.

Michelle complied with his instructions and again laid her head back and closed her eyes. Dr. Wellhung again admired his patient’s most attractive form. Her tummy was softly rounded and had great tone. That was amazing considering that she had two pregnancies and both were large babies. He knew from her Medical History Form that she wore a 33B brassiere. The Doctor was not a man who was greatly turned on by the women one typically sees in men’s magazines such as Penthouse. Instead, he appreciated a woman’s more natural appearance, no breast implants, no collagen injections, and although he did appreciate how shaving could reveal the form of a woman’s vulva, he just as much found full pubic hair appealing. The Doctor could tell that Michelle’s body was all-natural and she looked appealing indeed lying there in nothing but her panties and bra.

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