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March 26, 2006

She Got Pissed On

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Janine loved her job and her roommates. She loved her job because she worked at nights and slept during the day, she loved her roommates because they were both gothic like she was and also worked nights. They liked to joke around that their apartment was a den of vampires even though none of them drank blood. Her roommates were a married couple that took her in a few years ago, she had been extremely unhappy with her life with her parents who didn’t take well to her gothic lifestyle or ideas. She ran away from home only to find out that she would have been much better off staying but when she went crawling back begging for forgiveness she found a locked door and empty house. She hadn’t heard from her parents since. Her job was as a janitor in an office building that housed several large companies, at least she assumed they were large judging by the money they had spent decorating the offices. She arrived at nine at night and worked steady until five or six in the morning when the first of the executives showed up for their jobs. Most of the time she could hear at least one or two meetings still raging on until the wee hours of the night, millionaires struggling to earn that extra few hundred thousand or close that one deal that would make or break their company.

The one time she was able to be completely alone in the building was after two in the morning. Sometimes she would get the building to herself earlier but always once two o’clock rolled around the last of the executives had gone home and she had the floor completely to herself. She enjoyed this time of her job the most because the security guard would only patrol the floors once between then and five and always at the same time so she knew when to duck and hide but once two in the morning hit, she shed her clothes and basked in the freedom that made her job truly enjoyable.

Tonight Janine was walking into the front office wearing only a sports bra, backwards ball cap and a pair of denim overalls sans underwear, socks and shoes. Her long straight red hair brushed against her ass as she walked slowly swaying her hips to the janitor’s office. As usual there were a few meetings still going here and there and her boss, Richard was writing all of them down when she showed up to clock in. She was early as always so she sat down in the only other chair the small office had to offer propping her feet up on Richard’s desk and waited for him to acknowledge her presence. It took several minutes as always.

“Okay, here’s the list of offices that will be busy tonight and as usual I’ve instructed them to be vacated no later than two, no one’s complained tonight so you should be able to get those offices spotless no problem. Also Hutchinson, Barry and Sin left some pizza in the office fridge and said you could have it if you get hungry.”

“Mm hmm.” Janine muttered waving her bare feet back and forth.

“The ladies restroom on the advertising side has a stopped up toilet so don’t bother even trying to clean it up, the plumbers will be in tomorrow to fix it. Last but certainly not least no visitors tonight, security is doing some tests on the computer systems and can’t log anyone in or out. Any questions?”

“Mm hmm.” Janine muttered again.


“Huh? Oh I’m sorry did you say something?” she joked. Richard smiled humorlessly.

“Well then I’ll leave you to your duties do a good job as always.” He packed up his briefcase and Janine re-stocked her dolly with fresh bottles and cleaning supplies. She clocked in and went to the men’s bathroom first, her routine was to start with the bathrooms because they were the hardest to keep clean and leaving them for after everyone left meant she would be forced to spend her alone time cleaning them instead of doing wicked things that made her nipples hard and her pussy wet. It wasn’t a good night at work unless she had at least one orgasm. She propped open the doors and got right to work re-stocking the toilet paper and paper towels, next came a good scrubbing of the toilets and wipe down of the sinks and finally cleaning the mirrors before mopping the floor and leaving her “wet floor” sign standing in the middle of the entryway. The ladies bathroom followed the same routine only without urinals and additions of air fresheners in the vents that the women of the building hated. She never figured out why she had to install them in the ladies head when the men were the ones that actually wanted them and ladies would have been happy to do without.

The floor was separated into two sides, one being the lawyer’s side and the other being the advertising side the names denoting which side of the floor held more of that kind of company and with one bathroom on the far side out of order it made her night go a little quicker. Once inside the men’s room on the advertising side though she found herself held up by two men using the urinals. She waited outside trying to listen to the sounds of their golden piss splashing into the water in the pissers, a sound that got her juices flowing almost as much as watching them pee. A couple of minutes later they finished, washed their hands and began to leave one of them stopping when he saw Janine.

“Oh hi Janet, early as always huh?” he greeted her warmly and shook her hand, she returned the smile and giggled softly when he had forgotten her name again.

“Janine Mike, and yes I pretty much have to the way you men keep missing the toilets when you pee.”

“Janine, I’m sorry I forgot again didn’t I? This is Mark he’s one of the new hires we took on today fresh from law school.” Janine took Mark’s hand and shook it smiling at his gorgeous face. Mark only smiled.

“Its good to meet you. How’s your wife Sean?” Janine asked Mike purposefully using a wrong name, he didn’t notice.

“She’s doing good loved that makeup kit you loaned her now I have to buy you a new one because she doesn’t want to give it back.”

“Why not just buy her one and give me the one she borrowed back?”

“Because she’s almost totally used it up so I actually have to buy you both new kits. Sorry.”

Janine laughed. “Don’t worry about it, well I’ve got to get back to work don’t work too late you two.”

“Don’t worry we will.” Mark laughed. Janine waved to the two men and went back to her cleaning duty. Janine was surprised to find a note with her name on it that had a phone number written on the other side. She planned on just throwing it away since the arrangement she had with her married roommates made her very happy so she didn’t really want a boyfriend. Tonight, however, curiosity got the better of her and she opened the note all the way.

Your body is a work of art.

Your hair finer than the finest silk.

Your eyes are…

Aw to hell with it want to fuck?

Janine burst into laughter, it wasn’t someone she knew, she couldn’t recognize the handwriting but she was sure it sounded like something Mike’s wife would write to him only why did it have her name on it? She stuffed the note into the front pocket of her overalls and went back to work giggling like a schoolgirl. Two other men entered and left the bathroom looking at her like she had just escaped an asylum somewhere. She finished the bathroom as quickly as she could and started to clean the first office next door. The room was completely empty, something she was grateful for and the office itself was remarkably meticulous. There was little to do here besides empty the trash and clean off the one or two computer monitors in the place that had a couple of fingerprints on them. Within a few minutes that office was done and she moved on to the next of the eleven offices that dotted the floor.

The company she worked for didn’t supply uniforms and the only dress code that she had to deal with was “Anything you don’t mind getting dirty or worn.” Naturally, the exhibitionist that Janine was used that as an opportunity to have fun. The overalls took to stains well and cleaned easily, the sports bra was the same and the lack of any other clothing meant that there was nothing else to wash except her skin. And once the floor was empty she could do away with what little she was wearing and truly enjoy the night walking about perfectly nude.

The remaining meetings began to shuffle out and Janine noticed that it was after midnight already, in fact it almost one and only one meeting was left but she could hear through the door that were packing up and getting ready to bail out. She grew excited knowing that soon she would have the place to herself and she could spend her lunch hour relaxing. Keeping her fingers crossed that they would head home early she started mopping the hallways, about fifteen minutes after the last meeting let out the security guard walked around the floor to make sure that only the building employees were still left behind.

“Any visitors?” he asked Janine. Both of her roommates were at work and what few friends she had were at an all night rave so she simply shook her head. For the next hour or so she didn’t want anyone to visit her anyway, she wanted total privacy. Once the guard left she walked into the janitor’s office and clocked off for lunch then entered the office that had left behind some pizza for her. She sat in the break area and warmed up the pizza before stripping out of her clothes, her nipples immediately grew hard once feeling the chill air brush her bare flesh. The microwave dinged letting her know that her leftovers were ready and she casually lounged in a soft rolling chair she dragged from one of the cubicles. Bracing the chair against the counter in the break room to keep it from rolling she propped her feet on the small table in the center and ate her pizza till she was full. Only a couple of slices were left so she closed the box lid and placed it back in the refrigerator.

“Can I have a slice?” a male voice asked from behind Janine. Startled, Janine spun around to see Mark standing at the door holding two bottles of beer in one hand and smiling sheepishly. “Mike told me that this building had a sexy hot cleaning lady but he never mentioned this.”

“He doesn’t know.” Janine said harshly. “No one is allowed in here after two a.m.” she crossed her arms over her chest hiding her nipples from view and crossed her thighs to hide her bare pussy.

“I’m sorry Janine, I’ll leave you alone.” Mark turned to leave.

“Wait, hang on.” Janine laughed shaking her head. “You took the trouble of coming here to see me we may as well share a brewsky.” Admittedly she was more interested in the beer than she was in Mark at the moment but he was very attractive so why not? Mark gave her one of the beers he was holding and they both opened the bottles and took a drink at virtually the same time.

“I only wanted to talk honestly.” Mark told her sitting down. Janine remained standing and leaned with her back up to the wall. She kept one arm over her breasts and her legs crossed so that all Mark could see was bare skin and tattoos.

“Mike didn’t tell you very much about me then. I’m not very popular with the men’s wives on this floor.” She drank some of the beer he had given her. “Which leads me to wonder why you were so eager to meet me that you snuck back in here at two in the morning.”

“Let’s just say I don’t want you to be very popular with my wife either. We’re getting a divorce.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Janine frowned, the beer brought about a sudden need to pee. Normally she would be happy that she had to piss since she liked to let loose on the linoleum floor and mop up her mess afterwards. With Mark in here she was just going to have to hold it and eventually excuse herself to the bathroom.

“It happens. I decided to get a transfer out here and she’s staying at the house back home and I’m just going to let her have it. She’s being nice and not asking for spousal support.”

“Do you two have any kids?” Janine asked genuinely curious.

“Nope which makes it easy. All I want is my car and my clothes everything else is negotiable. What’s your story?” Mark took a swig on his beer while Janine put hers on the table. Her urge to pee was growing faster than she thought and she was starting to wonder if she shouldn’t just cut loose anyway, she might get lucky and find out he was into that kind of thing.

“Not much to tell, showed up here about two years ago and have been a janitor ever since, go to school during the day and occasionally do something to earn a little lunch money.” She kept her arms over her chest until she turned around facing her back towards Mark. “Sorry but you’ll have to excuse me for a few seconds.”

“What for?” Mark asked enjoying the sight of Janine’s bare ass.

“Don’t worry about it.” Janine told him looking over her shoulder. Placing her hands on her hips she slowly spread her legs and relaxed the muscles holding her piss in her bladder. Gradually, the hot urine leaked out of her body and rippled down her legs before turning into a raging stream onto the linoleum floor.

“One of the great things about being a janitor is that you can a make a mess and immediately clean it up so that no one is the wiser.” Janine told Mark while she peed on the floor. Mark was dumbstruck she could tell and while she pissed the only sound in the room was her urine splashing onto the floor. Janine looked down to watch the growing pool of her fluids directly below her and watched some of it trickle down her thighs before falling into the large puddle spreading around her feet. All too soon she felt her bladder empty out and she stopped pissing holding what little was left in reserve so she could pee again later when the last of the beer made its way through her system.

Janine turned around to see the look on Mark’s face after her display and had to suppress a laugh, his jaw looked like it was about to hit the floor and his eyes were popping out of their sockets. Quickly, she took the mop and soaked up her piss then wrung it out and mopped up any remnants before sitting back down and taking a long gulp of the beer Mark had given her.

“That was…different.” Mark said after a while.

“Mike didn’t tell you about that did he?” Janine chided.

“Uh, no he didn’t. I’m not sure if I’m turned on by that or not but I definitely liked seeing it.” Mike admitted.

“Really?” Janine asked intrigued. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all.” She thought out loud.

“Hey I’m just an average guy looking for a good lay that’s all.”

“Really? What a surprise.” Janine chuckled sarcastically. They talked for a few more minutes and Janine stopped trying to hide her nakedness from Mark. He was actually being a gentleman and speaking to her like she wasn’t naked at all. It was comforting to have an intelligent conversation with a man that didn’t care about trying to get into her pants right then and there. By the end of her beer Janine was so comfortable with him that she completely forgot about being nude.

“So beautiful are you working late tonight?” Mark asked flirting for the first time.

“Yeah till six in the morning why?”

“Just curious mostly, I’ve never met anyone like you before. Actually enjoying the graveyard shift.” He tossed both of their bottles and stretched looking like he was about to leave. Janine didn’t want him to go but her lunch was almost over and she had a fair amount of work left to do.

“It’s the side benefits that make it worthwhile, like lounging around naked when no one’s around.”

“Ok, well I’ve got to piss and go home to get some sleep so can I see you tomorrow too?” he asked hopeful.

“Under one condition.” She commanded kneeling in front of him.

“What?” he looked at her curious.

“Piss on me.” The look on Mark’s face made her laugh but with very little hesitation he pulled out his dick and held it in front of her. “I love it when a guy sprays his hot pee all over my tits, it feels great.” She told him while playing with her pert nipples.

“I’m not sure about this but if you like it here comes.” He started peeing on her and Janine was surprised at how easily he pissed despite the situation. His hot urine was clear and felt wonderful splashing all over her chest. She arched her back and leaned her head back so that the over spray wouldn’t hit her in the face as much not that she really minded that either but one thing at a time. Smiling, Mark moved his stream across her chest to cover one tit then the other and even sprayed hot piss onto her nipples making them rock hard. Unable to help herself, Janine began rubbing her clit while he pissed on her moaning softly at the stimulation.

“Damn this really turns you on?” he asked his stream starting to slow down a bit.

“Hell yeah it does. Its best when someone pisses on my pussy just right and the stream hits my clit. I came come just from that.” All too soon Mark ran out of pee and put himself back in his pants. Janine had just gotten warmed up even she decided to hold off on fucking till another night. They had plenty of time to get to know each other.

“Too bad. We’ll need to get some more beer in you so you can piss longer.” She told kissing him on the cheek. She rolled out some paper towels and used them to soak up the piss that was all over her.

“Wow, that was actually…wow.” Mark said laughing. Janine laughed with him and kissed him deeply when she had dried herself off. His dick was now as hard as her nipples had been and she was tempted to do something with it.

“So you enjoyed it?” Janine smiled devilishly.

“Oh yeah, that was really nice.” He zipped up his pants and kissed her again on the lips. “I’d love to finish up but I’ve really got to go. See you tomorrow?”

“Same bat time, same bat channel.” She responded. “Make sure you bring a full bladder.”

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