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February 23, 2006

Enema Hardcore

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“That was a lovely enema, Louise. I never knew they could be so enjoyable. Stay with me while I release. I’d like you to watch me expel.”

She sat and relaxed, no longer minding that that such a normally hidden body function was being witnessed. The first release was immediate and rapid, and there followed many smaller squirts and dribbles. She held Louise’s hands in her own all the time. Finally she felt completely emptied, and cleansed.

“Before we continue with the next part of the exam I need you to be completely relaxed. I have a small Jacuzzi installed in the next room where you will spend the next 20 minutes, so put your swimsuit back on and follow me.”

The room was warm and humid, and the air was suffused with soft fragrance from the oils - jojoba, jasmine and lavender - added to the water. Louise removed her apron, noting the damp patch where Sue’s juice has spilled - and her tunic dress, revealing herself in her green lycra bikini swimsuit, brief and close fitting. Her transformation from staid nurse to beach girl was dramatic and provocative, and Sue blushed, open mouthed, trying not to stare at the dark damp patch at the crotch.

“I hope my change of attire does not disturb you I have to get in the water with you and I cannot get into the water in my uniform.”

She led Sue down the steps into the water, kept just at body temperature, and told her to lean back and allow her feet come to the surface, keeping a light touch on the side rail to keep stability. The water bubbled, jetted and churned around her. After a few minutes Louise took a flexible tube and nozzle and switched on an air jet, which she put in the water to and directed at various areas of Sue’s body. Turning her over and supporting the slight weight she used the underwater jet at her breasts, belly and finally between her legs, aiming the jet directly onto Sue’s crotch. The time in the Jacuzzi passed quickly.

They showered and dried off. They were both naked in the exam room. Louise told her to lie on her back on the exam table with her legs parted, along the separated legs of the table. There was a plastic recess right under where her legs split. She very softly massaged Sue’s face and neck, her shoulders, arms, and legs, then gave her attention to Sue’s breasts, her abdomen and hips. She use the lightest touch, just her finger tips to sensitise the nerve ending all over her body and prime the receptors. She then touched her very lightly all around her mound, high up between her legs and even more softly the triangle of pubic hair. By now Sue’s labia were highly sensitise, the blood flow making them swell and splayed out, revealing the glistening entrance to Sue’s vagina. Louise could see the lovely folds of the delicate membranes with their subtle, beautiful shades of pink, shiny with womanly dew. Moisture was already seeping out. Sue hips were twitching and squirming all the time now, involuntarily.

“I don’t need to wear uniform now but I’ll put my back on to complete the exam.”

She put the loop of the white bib apron over her head and attached it by tying the ends of the ribbons round her back. By now Sue’s secretion had all but dried, leaving a sticky residue and a very obvious stain.

“I will take a sample of your vaginal fluid, and to do that I have to masturbate you to orgasm. It doesn’t embarrass you, does it, for me to bring you to climax? Or if you are shy you can masturbate yourself I private?”

“Please masturbate me, Louise. I’d like that, I want you to feel and touch me inside, and I want you to see me climax. I wont be embarrassed.”

“That’s good. I like to work with someone who isn’t ashamed of her body or her body’s response. Just relax and react however you feel like. I will not hurry this and I hope you will enjoy it. You can touch me if you want, anywhere, I don’t mind. And I hope you will articulate your feelings and tell me if you want to me to touch you in a certain way. I don’t mind if you talk dirty to me, or want me to talk dirty to you. Do you want me to talk dirty to you, Sue?”

“Yes, Louise. Please talk dirty to me. Whisper it in my ear, real filthy talk.”

Sue was putting herself completely at Louise’s mercy, to treat how she liked. She felt a momentary urge to attach her strap-on, with the largest gauge, nobbly instrument she had, and rape the submissive, helpless middle aged woman. She took a breath and the urge passed. Sue was soft and gentle and Louise wanted to give her pleasure, even while exploiting her open submissiveness. And she was determined to maintain the pretence that this was a legitimate medical exam. She slowly circled a finger all around the outer lips, and again on the inner surface, and then along the slippery furrow, halting right on the sensitive pee-hole. She took the digit away and used it to paint a thin film of juice on Sue’s nipple. She placed her lips close, and blew lightly on the film, chilling the area and making her shudder.

Very gently she teased the hidden treasure of Sue’s clitoris from its hood. It was not very big but was now amazingly hard and engorged, hot and throbbing with pulsating blood. With a fingertip she circled it then lightly dabbed the centre. Sue’s started to writhed and squirmed. Louise decided she would be safer with her legs restrained.

“Just lie still and keep relaxed. You are becoming very excited and I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself.”

She took a set of velvet straps, attached them to the table and buckled them round her ankles and just above the knees, securing her. Not tightly but just as a precaution in case she fell off. The restraint was not unwelcome, and added to Sue’s feeling subjugation. “Is that OK ….. good”

Louise renewed the attention to the sensitive clitoris. She brought her face up and inhaled the sweet, heady aroma. Sue shuddered again as a gob of thick white cream slithered out and Louise chased it down into the recess where the sample would be collected. With her little finger making the smallest, lightest rubbing movements against the hard bud, she leant and spoke softly.

“Oh, Sue you have the prettiest, loveliest cunt, such a beautiful pink gash, and your aroma is beautiful. You don’t mind I use words like “cunt” and “gash”? …. No you like gutter talk. And you’re so hot and wet there. I love to examine someone sweet and soft like you. It is all the more exciting because you are a mature lady, caring and responsible but inside a dirty slut. Did you enjoy having my finger in your arse, your shit hole? You leaked a lot of juice onto my apron, look it is all stained now with all the goo that dribbled out of your gash …. You wanted me to watch you piss and shit, didn’t you. It’s OK, Sue, show me how you cum, the way a little nympho cums …”

Sue was now jerking and bucking uncontrollably, her pelvis thrashing against Louise fingers. More juice flooded inside her and was now spurting out. Louise had never seen a woman so aroused, so wanton. Her breathing was hard, her chest and face were flushed, and her whole body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

“I said I was going to masturbate you, but you have to tell me how you want it. Shall I use my steel device, or would you like the feeling of my fingers inside you.

“Yes, Louise, please finger fuck me. I’m such a filthy slut, I want my cunt rammed. Stuff it full. Put them all in me, hard and deep. Fuck me good, do it to me, make me cum. Please Louise!”

Instead of reaming just then her she took her hand away and caressed Sue’s face, brushing her forehead to smooth away the matted locks of hair from over her eyes. Softly, she spoke, “My poor dear Sue, you’re so soft, so sweet. In a minute I’m going to make you wetter than you’ve ever been and you’ll be screaming your climax. But first I want you to put your hand under my apron ….” She took Sue’s hand and guided it between her thighs ….

“Yes, like that, you have nice hands, soft sensitive fingers ….. now move them over my mound, feel my hairy bush …. Now. Touch my sex ….. yes, feel it …. You can push a finger inside me if you like….. Yes, that’s nice. You have a lovely touch, lovely hands ….. Now make me wet”

So the two women masturbated each other until Louise took Sue’s hand away and made her sniff it.

“Is that nice? You like my pussy smell, don’t you. …… Yes, you do…… Would you like more?… Oh yes, you would.”

She moved round and stepped up, then placed her knees either side of Sue’s chest and lowered herself. Sue was almost enclosed by apron and thighs. Love juice dripped onto Sue’s face and the strong, scent, sweet and acrid at the same time engulfed her senses, making her feel light-headed.

“Breathe my aroma, Sue ….. now lick me, lap all the cream as it drips from my pussy. Taste it. You like that, don’t you, you love being a little cunt-lapping whore ….. yes, you dirty cunt-slut.”

Louise put both hands to Sue’s cunt and ran the edge of her little finger hard along the sopping furrow. It squelched and slurped as its wetness overran and down into the plastic recess. She looked deep inside. How many objects had travelled that exquisite path? She imagined Sue in bed, furiously wanking herself with her fingers or else one of the toys, or a bottle, or a vegetable. She was sure every object that Sue could get in there had done so. She inserted a finger then another, and another. Louise felt the warm slippery inner wall of Sue’s love-tube as she scissored her fingers inside. With her other hand clamped on Sue’s mound and one finger circling her clit, she forced a huge climax from her. Sue would have jumped off the table were it not for Louise holding her and the restraining straps. A torrent of fabulous nectar erupted from the depths of her vagina, inundating Louise’s hands and pouring into the container. It seemed almost as if she were pissing it out.

“Fuck! …. Shit!! …. Cunt!!….. Yes!… Yes now! …. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me up my cunt!!! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!”

It went on and on. Sue writhed and bucked, squirming and shuddering. She uttered all manner of oaths and obscenities, animal, gutteral sounds, as if exorcising herself of everything within. The explosion of passion and animal lust was finally spent. Her whole body was flushed and drenched in sweat. Exhausted by her efforts, her breath rasping and uneven.

Carefully, Louise got off the table. Leaning over and kissed Sue’s lips and tastes her own strong secretion. She unfastened the straps and gently stroked the woman’s exhausted body. She placed a large, fresh towel over her

“Relax for a few minutes and then you can take a shower.”

Louise showered and put her uniform back on, then led Sue to the shower. By then she had recovered her senses and was once again embarrassed about how she had behaved with the young nurse. Louise told her to clean up and dress and then see her in the office. Louise told her the specimens would be sent for analysis but she did not expect to find anything wrong. The exam showed everything was normal and perfect order. She would recommend HRT to combat the tension and flushes, but Sue’s libido was already very strong and this would increase her craving for sex even more.

Sue now felt guilty, about the deception and about the lewd exhibition she made of herself and tried to explain and apologise.

But Louise said she knew from the beginning about the ruse. “What you really wanted was to be examined, handled, probed, caressed, wasn’t it.”

“Yes. It was wrong of me but I wanted it so much, Louise. I’m not sorry I did it, even if I am going to be in trouble.”

Louise took Sue’s face in her hands and kissed her, tenderly.

“No, you needn’t fear. I will still treat this, formally, as a prescribed exam. And if you want another exam and treatment, just call me to arrange it. I’ll do more things to you, and make you do more things. You’d like that, wouldn’t you …….”

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