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January 10, 2006

Enema Fetish Story

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I was a first semester freshman living in an all male upperclassman dorm. My brother was a student advisor and wanted me to stay in the same dorm. I had a car and we could save on parking fees. We all had a roommate and 2 suite mates living in each of the dorm suites. My roommate was from Colombia originally and because of all the noise in the dorm he studied at the library across the street. We were in a first floor room with suite mates that had a room that opened out to the common area. And yes at times it did get noisy.

Needless to say they were fun loving upperclassmen with lots of friends. It seemed like their room was always filled with lots guys coming and going.

Late one night after everybody was out of their night classes and the usual group of guys had collected. There were probably 6 or 7 guys sitting around talking. They were telling jokes and comparing notes on different professors, when one of the other few freshmen in or dorm got up to leave. He said that he wasn’t feeling to well and that he was going to take a hot shower and hit the sack.

One of the guys said why don’t you go to the infirmary next door and get the nurse to give you something. That got a big laugh. One of my suite mates said, if you go to the nurse they will either give you 2 aspirin or give you and enema. Yes, that’s what the nurse will prescribe for you regardless of what’s wrong with you. Break a leg…get and enema…need surgery, get an enema. If you have a high fever get an ice water enema. Ha! Ha!

There were lot’s a laughs and this diagnosis was confirmed by several of the other guys. I kept my mouth shut, but I had a flashback to my earliest memory of my mother.

I was probably 3 or 4 when I remember myself laid across my mothers lap getting an enema with a little red bulb. I felt weird and wonderful all at the same time. I tried to remember later when I was older what had prompted my mother to give an enema when I was a child. I never did figured it out, but I never forgot it either. It sure felt good when she rubbed the Vaseline on my rectum and then shoved the tube up my ass. I felt so good after several bulbs full and then she let me expel. I got maybe 4 or 5 enemas while I was growing up, but I never forgot how much I enjoyed the experience. It seemed like there was always an enema bag hanging in the bathroom.

Now here I was sitting around with a bunch of guys getting excited thinking about my early childhood. I though hey!…I could walk across the parking lot to the infirmary and get an enema. All I had to do was go next door and pretend I was sick and they would prescribe an enema. I figured hey, all the could do was send me home with a couple of aspirin. This I had to try.

I slipped out of the room and went back to my room. My roommate had just returned from the library, it closed at 10:00 PM. I asked my roommate if he had ever been to the infirmary next door. He chuckled and said No…rumor has it that you don’t go to the infirmary unless you want to get an enema. I laughed and climbed in to bed.

My roommate said that he had to get up early for his 8:00 am class and rolled over and went to sleep. I tried to go to sleep, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about getting a real live enema from one of the nurses next door.

After about 10 minuets I was up and dressed again. I quietly slipped out the door and walked around the building so as not to run into anybody.

I just couldn’t stand it any more, I had to go check out the infirmary. Two minuets later I was sitting in the front room of what looked like an old fashioned Hospital. It was a long one storied bldg. with a big wide hallway that ran from either end of the bldg., with rooms on either side.

The nurse that greeted me when I came in was very nice. She looked like what you would call a grandmother type, short blond hair pulled back in a bun, with very little makeup. She had very kind eyes and a big smile that made you feel very relaxed.

I was telling her that I didn’t feel good, my stomach was upset and I felt all bloated since I hadn’t pooped in two days. I didn’t want to make it sound to bad, when all of sudden a buzzer went off. She stood up and stuck a thermometer in my mouth. “Here” she said “hold that under your tongue and I’ll be right back.”

She started down the hallway to the back door. She turned and said “that’s the graveyard nurse.” “My shift is over, but sit right there we will be glad to fix you right up.”

I looked down the hallway from my chair at the nurses station, feeling a little nervous. My nervousness was quickly replaced with incredible excitement when I saw the nurses coming back down the hallway. The graveyard nurse was absolutely beautiful, that’s the only way to describe her. Taller than me with a tiny waist and big boobs. She had a crisp white nurses uniform dress with a cute little white nurses cap. She looked like she just stepped out of central casting if you had called for a nurse that looked like a giant Barbie doll, wow…”Nurse Barbie” I thought, to myself.

They stopped at the nurses station and the grandmother nurse was telling Nurse Barbie all about who was in the infirmary that night. Room 4 has a football player with a swollen knee…we are keeping it elevated till this weekend, when he is going to the hospital for surgery. Room 7 has a young lady with the chicken pox…we are keeping her isolated from her roommates…and as they stepped back into the front room and introduced me… “and this young man is not feeling well, I think he needs a ‘3 H’ enema.”

My heart skipped a beat and I almost bit the thermometer in half when she said what she did. “Hi my name is Ms Shirley,” as she reached for the thermometer that had been in my mouth for about five minutes. She rolled the thermometer in her hand and said “98.6 …no fever!”. “Here is a gown, strip down in that room and put this on, we’ll have you feeling better in no time.”

She walked ‘grandmother nurse’ back down the hall chatting as they went. I could hear them saying goodnight. Ms Shirley locked the back door, and came back to check on me. I had to hurry and get undressed because I was listening at the door when they walked off. I could hear her shoes squeak as she came back up the hall into the exam room where she put me.

She said, as she turned the corner, “You can leave your socks on,” as she reached around my neck and tied the silly gown in the back. I could smell the faint odor of bath soap and a wonderful perfume as I leaned forward to make it easy for her to tie the gown. It was kind of dark in the room since the only light was coming from a small light in the wall. I was glad it was dark…I had an erection and it’s not easy to hide it in a hospital gown.

I nervously asked “Ms. Shirley… What is a 3 H enema?” She kind of chuckled and said “oh, that’s hospital talk.” “When a doctor writes an order for a patient or a charge nurse gives an order they write it like a short hand.” She smiled and said “a 3-H means, High, Hot and a Hell of a lot.” “Just like ‘E till clear’ means you give several enemas till only clear water is expelled.” “That’s what most people get when the are going to have surgery.” “But, you don’t need that.”

She smiled again and said “I’ll talk you thru the whole procedure to make sure you understand everything.” “Is this going to be your first enema?”. I nervously said “my mother gave me an enema when I was a child, but that was a long time ago.”

Ms Shirley said “hop up on the table and just relax for a few minutes.” “I’ll be right back.”

She turned and left the room walking briskly down the hall. I could hear metal clanging and sounds of running water in the next room. I laid down on my left side like she had instructed me to do before she left the room. I thought as I lay there what in the heck had I got myself into. I was sweating like I had run a 5k and thinking is this really going to happen.

In just a few minuets my dream nurse returned caring a large stainless steel canister with a latex hose extending from it. I could see in the reflection of the cabinets on the opposite wall. The latex hose was attached to a long red tube with a hose clamp just above it. She reached for an IV stand and rolled it over to the side of the exam table. She raised the canister up to the metal pole and hung it up.

She said “This is what’s called an enema can, it holds about 2 1/2 quarts of water.” “I have mixed about 2 quarts of warm water with 2 oz. of Castile soap. It will clean you out good.” She held this 2 foot long red tube out in front of me and said, “This is called a colon tube French #34, it makes taking a large volume enema a lot easier.”

I was literally shaking with anticipation. She could see how nervous I was and said “relax, this will make you feel better in no time.” She said some people really enjoy a nice hot soapy enema. She patted my bottom in a motherly way and said “I want you to take long deep breaths.”

I tried to make my body go limp but my penis was hard as a rock. She pulled the gown aside exposing my butt. “Pull your right leg up as far as you can. I’m going to lubricate your rectum so the tube will slide in nicely.” She took her left hand and pulled my butt cheeks apart and put a glob of KY lubricant on my ass hole. She rubbed it for just a second and said “I’m going insert my finger in your bottom so I know the right place for the tube.” Then she slide her finger into me as far as it would go.

I hate the expression but I almost shot my wad when she did that. I was starting to really enjoy the experience, when she said “OK, now the colon tube.”

Again she pulled my cheeks apart an inserted the tube in my rectum. She pushed it in as far as it would go about 6 or 7 inches and said “ready for your enema?” like I knew how to get ready. I heard the click from the clamp and felt this incredible rush of warm water up my ass. She pushed the tube in some more and said “are you OK? I’m sliding the colon tube in farther, it will take the pressure off your rectum.” She twisted it and pushed some more. It felt like it was going all the way up to my stomach. I said “I think I’ve had all I can take…she said ‘I want you to take deep breaths and if it starts to hurt, pant like a puppy.” “You have only taken about a quart” and I swear she was giggling to herself.

“Now, take deep breaths”, she said, “just little bit more and your all done.” I told her I don’t think I can hold anymore. She used her left hand to hold my butt cheeks together. Then I heard a sucking sound from the enema can, signaling that it was empty.

“That’s a good boy, all done.” She said “you took it all.” “Now lay there real still for a few minutes to let it work for you.” With that said she reached out and held my butt again and slid the colon tube out of me, about 2 feet. Boy did that feel good.

“You go expel in the toilet, and I’ll get ready for your rinse enema.” I though oh, my gosh, we’re going to do that again.

I dashed into the bathroom, not caring the gown was open all the way down the back. I snatched the big tube of KY lubricant off the counter as I went. I had a huge erection and I needed to jack-off. I had only to grab my penis and make a few strokes when I ejaculated into the sink. I sat down on the toilet and started pooping big time.

The water gushed out of me with lots of force. It really felt good when the cramping stopped and I felt empty. I cleaned up and stepped out of the bathroom holding the gown in the back. Ms. Shirley was filling the enema can from a large plastic pitcher.

She turned to me and asked “how do you feel?”

“I feel great and really empty”. “I don’t think I need another enema”. She smiled at me and said, “Don’t be silly we have to rinse you out.” “Trust me the next one will go much easier.” “Hop up on the table and let’s get started.” “This is what’s called a baking soda and salt enema.” “It won’t give you cramps like soap and will really clean you out.”

I laid down on the table and rolled over on my left side. She was very quick to pull the gown back and stick the tube into me. I didn’t even know when she started the water. She was an expert at inserting that colon tube, she held my hip with her left hand and pushed the tube in with her right. It didn’t take long before I heard the sucking sound as the can went empty. She said “Good, you took the whole 2 1/2 quarts.” “Now, go potty.”

I jumped down off the table and dashed into the bathroom. I just barely made it to the toilet when all the water started gushing out of me. It seemed like it all came out in one long stream, but it really felt good.

I cleaned up and got dressed. I stepped out into the hallway and Ms Shirley was sitting at the reception desk. “Feel better?” she said with a big smile. “I bet you sleep good tonight.” “I think everybody needs a good enema from time to time.” “You come back over whenever you need another one.”

I stepped outside and thought to myself as I walked back to my dorm, “Gosh that was an experience of a lifetime…yes, I will have to go back for another one.” I had just become a true enema enthusiast.

The following week, I was sitting in the Library studding for a test when Nurse Barbie sat down at the same table. I said “hi, Ms Shirley.” She said “it’s Nora Shirley.” “Please call me Nora.” I said “I’d be more than happy to, Nora.” “Are you a student?”

“I thought you were already thru with school” She said “yes, I’m going to medical school next year, I still need a biology and a chemistry course.” “I’m what’s called a ‘LVN’ it’s a great way to work your way thru college.”

I said “would you like to get a cup of coffee?” She said “sure I don’t go to work till 11.”

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