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December 31, 2005

Sexy Exam Story

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About two months ago I had to make an appointment for my yearly doctor’s checkup, so I called the hospital. The receptionist informed me that my regular doctor was on vacation, but I needed to get the appointment out of the way so I asked if another doctor was available.

She told me that the only doctor available at the moment, Dr. Baumer, was a woman, but I figured this shouldn’t be such a big deal. It might be a little weird to be examined by a woman, but since I didn’t have any male-specific problems that needed to be discussed, or any problems at all, I figured the appointment would go quickly and smoothly.

I arrived at the hospital on the day of the appointment and sat in the waiting room, rummaging through the wrinkled magazines on the table. A nurse in green scrubs soon called my name and led me from the waiting room, down a hall, and into the examination room. The nurse was in her mid-30s, African, and a little bit chubby, but with nice smooth skin.

I wasn’t particularly attracted to her, although she was ok-looking. The examination room was a fairly typical one, containing the doctor’s desk, supply cabinets, an examination table, and some pictures on the wall. The nurse weighed me on the scale, wrote down the result, then told me to change into a gown and said the doctor would be with me in a few minutes.

It wasn’t until I started changing that I first worried about being able to control myself in front of a woman doctor. I reasoned it wouldn’t be a big deal, though, since it was only a doctor’s checkup and I was mature enough to deal with it. I had graduated college and my teenage years of uncontrollable and embarrassing erections were behind me. I put the gown on, sat down on the paper-covered examination table, and waited for the doctor. She entered the room a few minutes later, dressed in white hospital clothes, wearing glasses, and carrying a clipboard. She was in her early thirties and had a decent figure. She had brownish blonde hair which was pinned back, and her face looked like she spent a lot time reading books, although it had hints of attractiveness. I could tell she would start looking really good after I’d had a beer or two, but I immediately pushed all such thoughts out of my head and put myself in the proper frame of mind.

She introduced herself as Dr. Baumer, we made some small talk to get to know each other, and she started taking down my medical history. Before she began the examination, she stopped and asked me in a sincere and professional manner if I had any issues at all with being examined by a woman, since it would possible for me to come back in two weeks to see my regular doctor. I said no thanks, I just wanted to get it over with. She started to go through the usual physical examination routine (ears, eyes, throat, etc), being close to me as she did all this, although I tried not to focus on her. She maintained a completely professional manner and tone of voice.

The moment I had been a little concerned about finally arrived when she told me to lie down on the table. She said “I’m going to examine your testicles”, but she said it in such a tone of voice, as if she were looking at slides in a lab, that it didn’t phase me. I tried to blank out my mind and disassociate my consciousness from what was happening. She lifted the gown and began feeling my testicles with her fingers. It wasn’t a big deal, and it didn’t feel much different from when my regular doctor did it. Men tend to have a greater sexual response to visual stimulation, so I was safe so long as I stared up at the ceiling and kept my mind off certain topics.

She placed two fingers between my ball sack and my leg and matter-of-factly instructed me to cough, once on each side. She performed the entire procedure with medical speed and efficiency. I figured it would be over at that point, but instead of telling me to get up, she continued examining me, looking at my genitals with great interest, as far as I could guess, since she wasn’t handling them too much. My stomach dropped as I realized that the longer this woman went on examining my genitals, the less likely I would be able to control impure thoughts from entering my head. My mind was starting to race and I wondered if I would be able to hold out. Just when I was staring to freak out she covered me back up with the gown and said, “Ok you can sit up now.”

I was relieved at having made it through, and it hadn’t been that bad. I was ready for her to conclude the examination, when the next words she said hit me like a bomb: “I’m going to give you a rectal examination.” I couldn’t believe the words that had come out of her mouth. I’d never had a rectal exam before, nor had I ever had anything inserted in my anus, so this surprised me completely. My stomach started sinking, but Dr. Baumer, knowing from experience that patients are apprehensive about such a procedure, started to explain it in a reassuring manner. She told me it would only take 10 or 15 seconds and instructed me to get on my side and curl up in a fetal position. I was facing the wall with my naked bum facing her. Not being able to see her, I felt very exposed, but I tried to calm my mind and relax. She put a glove on, lubed it up, and said, “OK, this is going to feel a little bit like you have to go to bathroom.”

Before my mind could wrap itself around that strange sentence, I felt her push inside me, and it did indeed feel like I had to go to the bathroom, except backwards. I was entirely consumed by the sensation of this lady having her finger up in my anus, which was quite intense. Then, as soon as it had started, it was over.

I felt a little funny because it’s not every day that a stranger springs a surprise rectal examination on you. Jeez, only five minutes ago I’d met this woman, and now she’d shoved her finger up my ass. I felt weird and would feel a lot more comfortable the sooner I could get out of that office. But instead of hearing the words I’d expected to hear (”Ok, that about wraps it up”), she told me, “We’re going to have to follow that up with one more procedure.” She adjusted the table so that half of it was inclined, and told me to lay on my back with my head on the incline. She went to the end of the table where my feet were, and in her professional manner said, “I’m going to need you to put your legs like this,” as she placed my feet flat on the table with my legs spread apart.

My gown rolled up into my lap, my genitals hung down between my legs, and I was almost in the position women take at the gynecologist, except without stirrups. From this position I couldn’t stare at the ceiling, and was looking straight at her - a view framed by my own knees and thighs. I thought this was a little strange, but I played along, because aside from being so unexpected, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The embarrassing events until this point had made me a little more willing to cooperate with anything just so long as I could hurry up and get out of there.

She took out a new glove and lubed it up. It might have been better for me to stare at the ceiling, but instead I couldn’t help focusing on Dr. Baumer. I was strangely fascinated by the scene that was framed between my thighs as she began the procedure. I felt her press her finger against my anus, without inserting it, which set off quite a sensation in my body. I was watching her face, though, and she seemed to be intently concentrating on what she was doing in a professional manner. She began to slowly slide her finger inside my anus and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I’d never had such an experience before. She put her finger in up to the third knuckle and then left it there.

At this point I made a big mistake. I had forgotten myself and the situation I was in and had accidentally started to admire her feminine facial features, which were within view of my naked genitals. The scene started to set me off, and I thought “now you’ve done it!” Here I was, completely exposed to this woman doctor, with her finger up my ass, and I was starting to become aroused. I tried looking at the ceiling, blanking my mind, thinking of math examples, thinking of disturbing things to make it go away, but I could feel it coming on. The more I fought it the more it came, until I could feel my penis swelling faster than I could even think to control it. It went “schwing!”

I began to panic and tried to squirm back away from her - while her finger was still in my anus - but was not able to go anywhere since my back was pressed against the inclined part of the table. I frantically looked around the room, and then at her, in fear. I expected her to look up at me in disgust and reproach me for inappropriate behavior, but instead she kept focusing on what she was doing. She put her free hand on my knee and said in a steady manner, “Easy, I’m almost done.” I froze, my face burning. Meanwhile, my cock was fully erect and was starting to throb from all the excitement. I could feel precum dripping down it, which set off another round of panic and made me want to die even more. The doctor just kept her finger there, still focused on what she was doing, as I sat there completely humiliated, wanting to flee that hospital and never come back.

Dr. Baumer then looked up at me and said, “Well, this shows that you’re not impotent.” I thought I detected a slight smirk, but her professional facade was quickly back in place and I didn’t know what to say.

She continued, “Don’t worry, it’s not common, but not otherwise unknown for a patient to have this kind of reaction during the procedure.”

I had to say something, so I nervously replied, “Yeah, sorry, I guess it’s my first time having this done.” I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with this woman while her finger was up my ass and I had an erection bobbing around. She looked at me and teasingly said, “I could press charges against you for this, you know.”

I started to smile, relieved by her humor, when suddenly her finger began wiggling in my ass, giving me a feeling of absolute ecstasy. It only lasted a couple of seconds, and I wasn’t sure if it was intended to have that effect or not. She then removed her finger and I was left there on the table with my legs still apart and my cock fully erect, bewildered and a little exhilarated at what had just happened. It was over.

I sat up and tried to compose myself as Dr. Baumer walked across the room with her back to me as she removed her glove and began to speak. “I completely understand what this has been like for you, since you are, after all, a young man.”

I didn’t know what to make of this comment. She turned toward me and continued, “It’s not your fault, it’s simply a part of your physiology.” I was still unsure where this was going and scared to even hear her talking about it. “Instead of sending you out of the office like this, I’m going to recommend we take a sperm sample in order to do a sperm count. That will at least relieve the pressure for you.” She sympathetically added, “You’ll feel a lot better.”

I sat there in silence as she produced a sample container from a drawer. I was so incredibly aroused by this point and I needed to get it out of my system so badly that I agreed. Besides, she had justified it from what seemed to be a medical standpoint.

I was sitting on the table with my gown covering me. My erection stuck up and made a little tent that I was self-conscious of. She handed me the container, and surprised me as she deftly moved to undo the ties on the gown, and to my complete alarm removed it. She explained, “We don’t want this getting in your way.”

I was completely naked with my erection sticking out. It was so stiff that I thought it would explode, and it needed to rubbed against something or I was going to go crazy.

She stepped away from me and disposed the gown as she said, “OK, just begin whenever you’re ready,” as casually as if she were taking my temperature.

My eyes almost popped out of my head and I exclaimed, “Are you going to stay in the room with me?!”

“Yes,” she replied, “I’m required to stay in the room with you until the examination is over. Besides, when I leave the nurse will automatically come into the room to prep it for the next patient, and you don’t want her to open the door while you’re giving the sample.” She added, “Don’t worry, this is a routine procedure.”

I wasn’t sure what sense this made, but I agreed. I wanted to get out of there so badly, but I was also desperate to get my rocks off. Without looking at her I began stroking. Although my cock is only average sized, at that moment it felt like a huge thick sausage in my hand. I spread the ample precum around and began working it, which made loud, slippery noises. It felt incredible and I came within a minute. The orgasm convulsed me as I made ridiculous noises like “ohhh, ohhhh, oooooohhhh!” My eyes rolled back in my head and I tried to catch it all in the container as best I could.

When the orgasm subsided I looked up and saw Dr. Baumer openly smirking at me. I now realized what had really been going on behind that professional manner of hers and angrily said, “You bitch!”

She started laughing and put her hand over her mouth, then said, “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad. Don’t tell me you didn’t have a good time!”

I was pissed now that the truth about her phony “rectal exam” had come out, but I had to admit it had been a new experience. She picked up her beeper and punched it. A few seconds later the African nurse who had brought me from the reception area entered the room. I was standing there butt naked with my penis still engorged but not erect, with cum all over and my hands and cock. I began to freak out a little, but the nurse gave me a knowing look and I realized that there wasn’t anything she didn’t know. The doctor gave me some Kleenex’s and said, “Here, get yourself cleaned up.”

As she left the room she added with a wry smile, “Other than a little problem with self- control, I would say you’re in perfect health.”

The nurse smiled as she started prepping the room for next patient but otherwise ignored me. This was fine because I wasn’t interested in conversation. I proceeded to clean myself up and was still naked when she suddenly said, “I can’t believe you let her get away with that!” and looked at me with a big smile. She mockingly added, “‘Routine procedure,’ huh?” and started laughing.

“Very funny” I murmured as I began pulling on my underwear and clothes. She was still chuckling to herself when I left the room.

I tired to compose myself as I walked out of the examination room, down the hallway, and to the receptionist’s desk. I knew that the hospital staff I passed in the hall had no way of knowing what had just happened, but I felt completely self-conscious nonetheless. I got to the receptionist’s desk and gave my name so I could arrange for insurance to pay my bill. One of the receptionists was young and hot, with a low cut shirt and ample natural breasts. The other one was older, in her late 40s, the type you would be interested in if she were just 20 years younger. They were broadly smiling at me and the younger one said, “Just sign this form here.” They laughed to each other, making it obvious that they had a good idea of what had gone on in the examination room.

I quickly scribbled my signature and made a b-line for the exit, when Dr. Baumer suddenly emerged from a door. I wanted to avoid her but she stepped directly in front of me and made eye contact. With a slight smile she said, “We’ll call you next week with the results of your test.” She held up the sperm sample in its container. “You’ll have to make another appointment to come back and discuss the results, or else I’m afraid your insurance won’t pay for today’s procedure.”

She then stepped past me and continued down the hall, while I heard the receptionists behind me break out into laughter.

That was the beginning of my strange relationship with Dr. Baum.

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