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December 23, 2005


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The judge slammed down the gavel making my sentence final. I had just been sentenced to 30 days in a medical holding facility. My friend and I had got caught joy riding around in a stolen car while we were high. As the bailiff escorted me out of the courtroom I was glad that my mom had not shown up today for the sentencing. My friend had already been sentenced to community service. His parents got a lawyer and blamed the whole thing on me to get him off easier so I had expected a harsher sentence. I had bought the drugs so I figured that was why I was going to the medical facility for therapy and drug detoxification. I was placed into a holding cell with a bunch of other guys all in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs the same as me. We all ranged from 14 to 17. I was 16 so at least I was not the smallest guy in there that made me feel better. The guy next to me had been sentenced to a boot camp program so I turned to him, "How long is that boot camp thing?"

He sat silent for a minute or so. I thought that maybe he does not want to talk.

"Oh it's only 2 months man. I am just glad I am not you. You're going to a damn med hold." He replied.

"Med hold you poor bastard." Some one on the other end of the bench said.

"What do you mean ? I got half the sentence that you got. So what I got to sit and listen to some therapy crap about say no to drugs. You are going get yelled at and those guys will be in your face." I replied.

"Ha , Ha you wish it was therapy, they may call it that but it is pure torture my buddy told me about it and man it is hell." The guy next to me said.

Just then the door in the hallway clicked open and we could hear someone in the hallway screaming, "Stop, Stop I am not going, I want to talk to the Judge, I will do the boot camp this is not fair I been through med hold before there is no way I am going back."

My stomach flipped as I heard this. The bailiffs were carrying this guy who was handcuffed behind his back and in shackles that were connected so he was hogtied. He was still wiggling and trying to break free of the four massive bailiffs even though there was obviously no escape. They continued the trip down the hallway out of out site through another door.

I sat quietly after hearing this. Then I got up the courage to ask the guy next to me, "What the hell do they do to you at that place?"

"Well, from what I heard…" He was caught short.

"DOUGLAS WHITMAN" One huge bailiff called at the door to the holding cell.

I stood up and he motioned for me to come to the door. There was another bailiff with a bundle of chains in his hands. They were for me apparently. I stepped out of the holding cell into the hallway and the door was locked behind me. The bailiff pushed me against the wall and the other one had attached the shackles to my feet and then ran the chain up to my waist and attached the belt on the chain to my waist. There was a pair of handcuffs attached to the front of the belt and they told me to turn around and they clamped the handcuffs to my wrists. Then the other bailiff unlocked the other pair of handcuffs from me. They told me, "Follow us to your ride."

The two giants had grabbed onto my arms and lead me down the hallway. It was hard to walk with the short chain between my feet and sandals that we had to wear. We went down the hallway out to the ambulance that was sitting outside. I was told to lie on the gurney that was sitting on the ground near the back of the ambulance. I could see that the guy that they had dragged down the hallway was strapped to another gurney that was already inside of the ambulance. I sat on the edge of the gurney and the massive bailiffs swung my legs onto the gurney and pushed my head down to the gurney so that I was lying down. Then they began to strap me to the gurney with wide leather straps. There was no way I could move around with the handcuffs, shackles and the straps holding me down. Then two guys in white uniforms walked up and looked at me he told the bailiffs. "We got another one for the trip, poor bastard we got him from here guys. "

The bailiffs left and the two guys grabbed some thing from the ambulance and placed it around my head so that I could not move my head and they attached it to the gurney. "At least he is quite, wonder what the hell he did to deserve this." one of the guys said.

"I could care less it's payday you can read about it on the way if you want, we got our load lets go." The other one replied.

They lifted the gurney and slid it into the ambulance. I tried to look over at the guy that was next to me but with that thing on my head all I could do is stare up at the ceiling. "Hey tell me about this place that they are taking us to?" I asked the guy that was strapped down next to me.

"Shut up back there or we will gag you too." One of the men up front replied.

"That genius stole a Judges car that is why he got this sentence. What a dumb ass well they both have Red ward seems like he pissed off the wrong Judge. We know the other guy is a repeat offender." They continued to talk to each other.

Damn that is why I got this sentence, oh hell I hope my friend has fun picking up trash for his community service I thought. Glad his parents were well off and got a lawyer. The ambulance continued a long drive, I started to fall asleep being unable to move around it was hard to stay awake. Finally we stopped and I heard some open the back door to the ambulance and then slam it shut. "Ok you're clear both these guys are expected at reception, I will open the gate." Someone outside shouted.

We stopped again and this time the doors opened and I was pulled out of the back and wheeled into some type of building. All I could see was the ceiling as I was wheeled around. Finally we stopped in a room with some bright lights. "Ok this one was trying to plan an escape with his buddy on the ride over so you guys better watch him close." One of the drivers told who ever else was in the room.

I thought are they talking about me cause I asked that guy a question. Damn I better just keep my mouth shut this place is crazy already.

The straps were removed from the gurney and then the head thing lifted off. I could see that I was in a medical type room everything was clean and white. There were 4 large guys in the room all dressed in the same white uniforms. They stood me up and the driver removed my handcuffs and shackles. Then he told me to take off the orange jumpsuit and place it on the gurney. I took off the jumpsuit and stood there in my tee shirt and underwear. I wished I had worn some boxers to have some extra coverage at this point. "Get that stuff off too" one of the guys told me.

Being out numbered at this point I took off my socks and underwear and placed it on the gurney. The driver pushed the gurney out the door and it was locked behind him. The three guys that were left in the room told me to turn around and spread my butt checks and cough. Then two of the guards grabbed my arms as one guard opened a door off to the side of the room. I was lead into the room and there was a doctor's exam table with a rubber covered top and some weird things attached to it. "Have a seat and we will get you a bit more comfortable before the nurse comes in to examine you." One of the guys told me.

I sat on the exam table and was immediately pushed back and my hands were attached to some heavy rubber cuffs to the edge of the table. Then my legs were lifted and placed into some type of holding device and my thighs and ankles were attached with rubber cuffs. Then my waist and chest were also strapped down with some type of rubber strap. Now I was completely naked and lying there with my legs held up and open wide. Two of the guards left and then a lady walked into the room. She was a young red head about 30 years old, she was definitely a very attractive woman. She was wearing a white nurse's uniform. I would have liked to meet her under other circumstances. She looked at the guard that was sitting in the corner of the room. "Did he give you guys any problems?" She asked him.

"Naw, I think he is scared to death it is his first time. I guess he tried to escape during transport so make sure you do not give him any slack. He gets the full treatment I guess his pissed off the judge today." The guard replied as he left the room.

The nurse went over to a cabinet and put on latex gloves and ensured they were firmly over here hands and pulled them over each finger. The she put a second pair of gloves over the latex gloves they were some green gloves that seemed to be of a heavier material. These gloves went far up to her elbows and then she snuggled those gloves into place. Then she pulled a yellow rain suit on the full pants and jacket like a fisherman would wear.

Then she put on a rubber apron something you would see in a factory or something. Then she put on another pair of latex gloves. She took her time make sure her fingers were all the way into the gloves. She wheeled a cart over to the edge of the table that I was strapped to. Then she picked up a clipboard and said, "Let's get the paperwork down so I can get to work. You are Douglas Whitman?"

"Yes" I mumbled out.

"Ok first lesson you will address any employee here as Ma'am or Sir, but you will not have to many chances to talk to anyone while you're in the red ward here. Do you have or have ever had aids, hepatitis, diabetes, venereal disease, heart problems, or any breathing problems such as asthma?" She said.

"No Ma'am." I replied.

"Good." She placed her gloved fingers on my neck feeling for my pulse I Assumed. Then she wrote something on the clipboard. "Take a deep breath", she said as she put a stethoscope on my chest. "Again, Again, Again." As she moved it around.

She wrote more things down then she grabbed this Popsicle stick thing and she said, "Open your mouth and do not do anything stupid, I am just doing my job and I could care less what you did to get here."

I opened my mouth and she shoved the stick in my mouth moving it all around. "Stick your tongue out." She told me as she was pulling at my checks with the stick. As soon as I did she grabbed it with her latex covered hand and pulled it up and pushed the stick under my tongue. Then she reached up and pulled down this thing that looked like a big shower nozzle that you see in a restaurant kitchen to wash dishes with. I also noticed that there were all kinds of other things hooked into a console on the ceiling. She triggered the nozzle and it opened up with a powerful blast of warm water into my mouth. I closed my mouth and the blast continued onto my face. She stopped the water and said, "I did not tell you to do that, the last thing you were told was to open your mouth."

I opened my mouth and she blasted more water into my mouth. Then she stopped and walked behind me and I heard something buzzing. Next thing I felt was my hair being shaved off. She moved my head around to shave all the hair from my head. Then she shaved off my eyebrows. She then sprayed all the hair off of me and I now knew why she had put on the PVC rain suit, water was splashing all over the place. "It's a good look for you," she chuckled. It was funny since I was thinking the same thing about the PVC suit on her.

Then she pulled out this thing from the tray and I still had my mouth open in fear of getting yelled at again. "Good at least your learning to follow orders now," she said as the item in her hand came closer and closer to my mouth. It was almost like the mouth guards we wore for football, except there was a very uncomfortable part that pushed against my tongue and it covered the top and bottom rows of teeth. As I closed my mouth there was a tube that stuck out the center and I could breath through it. She pressed against my jaw with the device inserted in my mouth. "I know that mouthpiece is very uncomfortable but it is part of the red ward treatment so just bite down for me." She said as she pushed around my jaw. Then she placed some item on my chin and ran straps over my mouth and chin then some head harness thing ran up over my head. She tightens the straps and it clamped my mouth shut and there was no way I could get this uncomfortable thing out of my mouth now. Then she attached some tube to the hole in the center of that mouthpiece. She placed a funnel on a stand next to the table and attached the tube to it. Then she got out a gallon jug of this yellow fluid. "Take a deep breath" she told me as she poured the fluid into the funnel. She filled the funnel and set the jug down. Then she opened a valve and the fluid gushed into my mouth. There was no way to stop the fluid gushing into my mouth all I could do is gulp down the nasty stuff that tasted like some spoiled mountain dew. Finally the last of the fluid flowed down my throat and I gasped for air as much as I could through that tube.

Then she closed the clamp and refilled the funnel and it started all over again. It took a few times of that before she had emptied the jug and I was so full of that stuff I was feeling sick. She unhooked the hose from the tube that protruded from my mouth.

"While that takes effect I will get you all shaved up for the rest of the preparations." She said as she picked up a regular razor.

Damn, I thought. I had already shaved this morning and this thing was attached to my face holding this damn mouthpiece in. Then she stood between my legs and I soon realized she did not mean a regular shave. She applied shaving cream between my legs and over my thighs and my stomach. She took a firm grasp on my penis and started to shave my pubic hair off. She took her time and removed all of the hair from my nuts. Then she continued to remover the hair form my legs then she removed the hair from my butt. I was totally humiliated being strapped to a table and totally shaved by this lady. At least she was very professional about the whole thing.

When she had finished she blasted me with the nozzle to remover the hairs and shaving cream that remained. Then she unhooked my left arm from the table and pulled a sliding platform form the edge of the table and attached my arm to it. Then she shaved the hair from under my arms. She did the other arm and then she sprayed something all over my arms and legs and my head. It smelled like peppermint and it stung. She left it on me for a while and then she sprayed me down with the nozzle. Apparently the spray had taken off the rest of the hair that was on my arms and body. My stomach was hurting more and more as she continued the process. It felt like I was about to explode I needed to relieve myself really bad. I tried to mumble something out but there was no way I could with that thing in my mouth. "I bet you need to release your bowels and bladder. The citrus magnesium works rather well, we use way too much but it makes it work much faster." She told me.

"We can take care of that bladder for you first." She grabbed something off the tray and stood in between my legs then I felt her take hold of my penis again. Then I realized that she was pushing a tube into my penis. It hurt like hell and she just continued to push that thing into me. Then something inside of me pinched hard against the tube and she pushed it in hard and it really hurt. Then something was growing inside of me and it made my bladder feel fuller. Finally I could feel my bladder drain. Then she ran some type of tray under my butt and told me to go ahead. I was happy to release my bowels but I was totally humiliated to be doing this in front of someone. I was glad to have that out of my system and she removed the tray. And blasted my butt with the nozzle.

Then she wheeled a stand over to the table and it had a bag hanging from it with a long tube out of the bottom of it. She quickly shoved this massive nozzle into my butt and clicked open something on the bag. Suddenly I could feel water gushing into me. It was ice cold and it hurt like hell. I bit down into the thing in my mouth as hard as I could as the icy water continued to invade me. I tried to push the nozzle out of me to stop this torture but it would not move. "I know it is a bit uncomfortable but it is part of the red ward treatment." The nurse said as she checked the bag.

The ice water continued to work its way inside of me. I shook against my straps and tried to get free of the torture. There was no escape. Finally the flow was stopped and I looked up to see the bag hanging limp form the stand empty. Then to my horror the nurse hung a second bag on the stand.

She unhooked the tube from the first bag and allowed it to hang to the floor and the ice water drained out of me. Then without delay the second bag was hooked up and it started over. After four bags of ice water had been cycled through me she finally removed the nozzle. Now you have to take a ride she told me. I thought she meant I was going to be moved to a different room.

She held up a metal pole that was over a foot long and had a handle on the end. She globed this gel stuff over the pole thing. Then the thing was shoved inside of my butt. It was ice cold metal and she continued to push it deep inside of me. She wiggled that probe as it went farther and farther into me. I wanted to scream but the gag in mouth prevented it. I tried to move away from the intruder but the straps held me still for the invasion.

The intrusion went on forever. She would shove the probe in farther and wiggle it around. Finally she began to remove the probe. I felt so relieved when she took that thing out. Then she shoved her finger up there and pressed around. Then another metal thing was shoved up into me. She pushed it around and then stopped and left it in place. Then she did something and wham I felt the thing inside of me stinging me. It was electrocuting me from inside. Then I soon realized I had an erection and was about to cum with this thing zapping me from inside. I shook against the restraints as I came. The device continued to zap me and I came again and again till I was exhausted. Finally it was turned off and the nurse yanked the tube from my penis. Then she held up this long metal thing. It looked like a very big needle. She grabbed my penis firmly and shoved this thing down into it. It was ice cold and hurt like hell. She wiggled it around as it was pushed in. Then she hooked it to something and activated it and it began to zap me from inside and the device in my butt was turned back on. It was as if I was cumming continuously.

I shook as the devices continued to zap me. The nurse hooked various pads on my body and hooked the wires to some control box and then it was turned on and it zapped me it felt as if my whole body was being electrocuted my muscles spassmed and I was wore out in a mater of minutes. Everything on my body was sore. The torture continued for what seemed like hours. Then the nurse shut off the devices and she removed the tube from my penis and it was replaced with the tube again.

"Well I think we got you all ready for your first day of treatment, I will go get the guards. I do not think your going anywhere." She chuckled and tapped on the door.

One of the guards opened the door; " I got him all set up for you guys let me get out of this suit I am burning up in this thing." She told the guard.

The four guards reentered the room and the nurse left and another woman in a white uniform came in with a hospital bed. The door was locked behind her. The nurse wheeled the bed next to the table I was strapped to. "Guys lets get him transferred I bet he will not be a problem at all after Jenny took care of him." She said.

The guys laughed as they undid the straps that were holding me down. It felt good to be out of that exam table. I was so weak I could not even move. The guards lifted my legs from the holders. Then I was told to slide over onto the bed. I could not move, it felt as if my body was no longer connected to my brain.

The guards pulled me over onto the bed. Then the nurse attached my arms into the leather straps that were on the bed. My wrists and ankles and chest and waist were all strapped to the bed. Then she moved the wires around and tugged on the muzzle that ensured the gag stayed in my mouth. I still had the metal thing in my butt and in my penis. At least the devices were no longer electrocuting me. "Well he made thought the welcome ward, wonder if he will make through red ward." The nurse laughed as I was pushed out of the room and down the hallway.

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  1. This Story is so great please tell me there is more parts to it like what about Red Ward? Oh man this is all i ever really have been looking for in a story please tell me there is more!

    Comment by Robert — January 28, 2006 @ 8:48 pm

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