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November 19, 2005

Menstruating Slit

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I was staying with some family friends in Hamburg, Germany, because I had taken an engineering apprenticeship at the Deutsche Polytechnik. It was a cold Saturday in January and the countryside was covered with heavy snow. The icy wind blow almost all that day, so Julia, my fathers friends' daughter, and I had stayed in to watch some television. My German wasn't that good as I had only been staying in Germany for about two weeks and the course that I had taken was in English, so understanding Julia could, at times, would be rather challenging. She had told me that she was going for a shower and that she was going to get something cooler on. With this she walked to the heating control on the wall and turned it to 24 degrees (the outside temperature was -2 degrees!). I too felt that a change of clothes was in order due to the sudden temperature increase!

I had just pulled of my pullover and top when she walked in the door, I was used to her not knocking so it came as no surprise. She walked in with her flannel, cream nightgown on and she was smiling from ear to ear. "Sven" she said while closing the door. "Have you seen my underwear anywhere here?". I looked around the room as if to look for the undergarment but found nothing-"No, why? Where did you leave them?" I began to see a change in her face, almost as if I had lit a huge fire inside her and the heat was leaving through her eyes. She started to walk towards me with her eyes transfixed on mine. "You know I have seen you watch me undress", me with a look of shame yet with a smile on my face replied with a laugh "Yeah, I guess I have done that once of twice!" .The look on her face didn't change, but her nipples began to stick firmly through her cream nightgown and I could see her light coloured areoles through the thin fabric! She lifted my hand up and placed it, with my fingers spread, on her firm ample breast. Her nipple dug into my palm as if it wanted my devoted attention. "I like you, you like me?" said with a thick German accent. "Yeah I like you Julia, you're a beautiful girl with a great personality!"- I was trying to ease the fury of the situation with some soppy speech but it wasn't working. She just stood there with my hand, now gripping slightly, on her beautiful breast. "You like my breasts, Sven?" she said with a hungry and devious look in her eye. "Hell yeah, l love them!" I was trying to keep it cool but the lust and desire for her was getting too much to control.

She took my hand slowly off her breast and began to walk to the door. I was awash with confusion and excitement. Julia turned and faced me and began to undo the lace ribbon which held her nightgown together! As it slid down her curvaceous body to expose the most beautiful firm breast I had ever imagined could exist not only see, as rather excited smile emerged on her face. They were about a c-cup and her nipples pointed directly at me. Her breasts were so firm that even though she was moving towards me quite quickly they didn't move an inch! I was mesmerized!

Her Pussy was covered in light blonde fuzz, which concealed her lovely labia. "You like to eat pussy Sven?" She said with a lustful tone. "Yeah, sure!". With that she lay next to me on the bed and spread her legs so that her feet were in each corner of the bed. I turned round and positioned myself between her knees and took a long look in admiration at her absolutely amazing pussy! The outer labia were the same colour as the rest of her skin and were covered in a light layer of blonde hair, the inner lips were just pushing through the outer ones and were much darker in colour. Just as I was about to pull her lips a bit more open to get a better look, I noticed a small white string protruding from her opening. "Are you having your period?" I asked with a curtain curiosity and slight wantonness. "Ja, you like want to taste?" - her words were like heaven to me! I couldn't believe this beautiful girl with the worlds nicest pussy wants me to lick her bleeding pussy clean! "Yeah!!" I said, and immediately parted her outer lips to expose more of her for examination. Then the smell hit me! "Ahh mmmm, that smells great" It was an intoxicating smell, it almost drew me to her lips. Before I knew it I had my tongue pushing her inner lips apart and her lovely juices running down into my mouth! "Ah! Ja, drink me Sven:Make me cum. Take out my tampon!" With that I trust my tongue deeper into her tight, juicy slit. I wiggled my tongue around inside her until I could taste some blood, I knew I had the back of the tampon! With one hand slowly pulling the string and my tongue as a guide I removed her blood soaked tampon. The smell was so intense that I had lost all control and began to suck hard on her pulsating clit and driving my finger deep into her now, uncontrollably bleeding cunt. The blood had become diluted with all her pussy juices and formed a steady river down her slit and over her tight ass onto the bed sheets. I was in heaven:.and so was she! I fingered and sucked her bloody fanny till she had countess thunderous orgasms. She tasted better than anything I had ever tasted-I could drink her juice for the rest of my life! Just after her third successive orgasm she slid one of her fingers down in front of my face and into her creamy slit. She then removed the finger covered in her red juices and plunged it into her tight puckering asshole! I had never imagined a girl would do shit like this! I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass, so I began to lick her ass opening while her finger ploughed away at her tight hole. I moved my other hand to her wet pussy and rubbed her stiff inflamed clit till she had another orgasm. This time it was more hectic than the last, she thrusted her finger faster and faster into her now red asshole making her pussy bounce up and down, making it difficult to lick. Thirty minutes had past and she was all spent! Julia just lay there while I licked her red asshole and cleaned the last of her slime from her bloody pussy.
I got up and found her blood soaked tampon on the carpet below the bed, "do you want it back Julia?" I asked. "No, you can keep it:" she seemed to want me to have it and I guess I actually wanted it, you know just incase later I wanted to taste some more of that great juice! I left the room and went to the television room still smelling the little white and red cotton ball.

She eventually went for her shower and joined me in the television room. We didn't speak of the incident but I knew it would happen again, but maybe this time I could fuck her bleeding vagina! But I guess that's another story:

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