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October 7, 2005

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just tryinng to test how more (more…)

New topic

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Good Day, zaq1.

Id like to know what kind of medical fetish you would like to see
here..please put your comments
Thanks in advance


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Id like to know what kind of medical fetish you would like to see
here..please put your comments
Thanks in advance

Dentist Sex Story

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Doctor Walters came into the office early that Monday
morning knowing that he probably wouldn’t have too much
business today. medical Story of your choice: story_of_medical_practice Mostly everyone was out of town during the long
. Another Story: medical_exam_story holiday weekend, but he figured a few hours would be enough. More Texts Here erotic_medical_story He
could close early afterwards. More Pergnant Text for your funny_medical_story His secretary, Denise, was out today,
. More Pergnant Text for your amazing_medical_story a gift from Dr. medical Story of your choice: bill_medical_patient_story_success Walters for her great work. Other medical Stories: gyno_medical_story She was quiet and reserved, and stayed out of his way while he worked.
He sat down at her desk and reached for a magazine I’ve gotta get some new ones in here, he thought to himself as he flipped through a ten year old copy of National Geographic He took a sip of coffee and realized that he had left the morning paper in his car He stood up and walked to the door Upon opening it, he
nearly ran over a blonde woman who was hold her cheek. “I’m terribly sorry, are you okay?” he said helping her to her feet. “Uh-huh,” she said nodding a bit “Are you the dentist?”
“Yes I am, are you here for a checkup?” he said opening the door and letting her in. “I’m sorry to come in without an appointment, but I’m really hurting I need to get this done right away I’m Cheryl Morgan”
Dr Walters smiled and showed her into his office He lead her into the middle of the room and sat her down in the black leather dentist chair She sat back and relaxed as best she could,
grimacing as she opened wide for him He gave her mouth a once over and then proceeded to prepare for a more thorough check up, washing his hands vigorously and disinfecting his equipment He
poked at her back molar with a scraping tool and Cheryl nearly jumped out of the seat in pain.
“You’ve got a really bad tooth there Luckily you can still feel it, you won’t need a root canal,” he said “But I will have to work on it today.” (more…)

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