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October 31, 2005

Riding Naked

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It was one night late in the summer. I was feeling restless and decided to go for a bike ride.

After about 20 minutes of riding around, I came to a public park and decided to stop for a smoke. It was a big park and only the main pathway was lit up. I was stopped at one of the darker path entrances of the park. The area was mostly grass with a few large trees and a nearby duck pond. I leaned my bike against one of the trees and paced around a bit having my smoke. All of a sudden I started feeling really frisky and daring.

The park seemed deserted. And when I was biking through the back streets, to get to the park, the town seemed to be asleep. I started thinking what a rush it would be to ride through the park naked. How cool would that feel? Hmmm…On the one hand, I sometimes have exhibitionist fantasies, but on the other hand I definitely don’t want to get caught naked.

I considered it a bit more and tried to talk myself into it. I was just wearing loose fitting shorts which would be easy to pull off and on. I finished my smoke and then I waited a couple minutes more expecting someone to come walking down the path. Nobody did, so I pulled down my shorts and took them off over my shoes. There I stood completely naked at the end of this park. My heart was speeding up and my dick started to harden a bit. This was a weird new feeling.

My plan was to ride over to the paved path, cross the bridge over the river and then cut off the main path on to the another gravel path that leads off along the other side of the river. The paved path is where all the lights are, so I didn’t want to be on there more than I had to. One last survey to make sure I was alone and I got on my bike and started riding, holding my shorts in my hand.

It felt amazing riding accross the field with the night air touching my entire body and rushing past my dick.

I was a short ride to get to the paved path. I approached it at a 90 degree angle and had to turn around a thicket of trees and brush to head towards the bridge. Now on the path I was totally in the open and had the street lamps on me as I rode for safety of the gravel path on the other side of the river. My heart was pounding. I was completely naked riding my bike through a public park! I felt a combination of fear and exhiliration and arousal… this was awesome!

I was almost to the bridge when I noticed a small group of girls and guys walking towards me on the path on the other side of the bridge. Holy shit! Where did they come from? I slowed down a bit thinking I’d turn around, but I was in the lights and there was a lot more path the way I came than where I wanted to go. Then I heard one of the girls say “Yeah, he is!” and she was looking right at me. Spotted and Identified.

I don’t know if it was a decision or if I froze, but I just kept going towards them. I crossed the bridge and on the other side, this group of people moved over to let me pass. Because of the bridge and the width of the path I had to ride within a couple feet of them. So I tried to smile and just said “hi”. One of them gave a wolf whistle as I went by… So now we can add embarassment to that list of feelings.

My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. As soon as I got past them I pedalled as hard as I could to get to the gravel path just 30 feet from the bridge.

As I turned onto the gravel my front tire dug in hard, and I almost wiped out. I had to put my foot down to right myself. I felt something brush against my leg, but I was too concerned with getting some distance between me and these people to pay any attention. I could hear those girls giggle a bit. Apparently they were watching me ride away. So I kept going. But a few seconds later I heard one of the girls yelling out “Hey! You dropped something! Hey!” “Hey don’t you want these?hahaha.” Which is when I realized I was no longer holding my shorts in my hand.

The gravel path was surrounded by trees and was really dark so I finally stopped and looked back. I could see where the gravel met the pavement, but there was nobody there…and no shorts! They took them! Now I was standing there completely naked and stranded.

My brain went nuts. I snapped immediately to problem solving mode… How do I get my shorts back? What if I can’t? How do I get home? Is there any way to get some shorts without being seen?

On foot I moved back closer to the other path, then through the bushes I could see them on the opposite side of the river. They looked like they were heading for the playground. I could hear them talking and laughing about what just happened as they went. I didn’t think I would want to go up to a group of people like that, completely naked, dick in plain view, to ask for my shorts back.

I grabbed my smokes out of my seat pouch, lit one up and decided to walk along the gravel path to see where it goes. After about ten minutes I came to a fork in the path. To one side; another brige to cross the river and head back into the park, the other way was the end of the path which led up a bit of a hill to a major road. Even at this time of night I could hear a lot of traffic up there.

I finally decided I was stuck. I’d either have to wait it out and hope those people leave without my shorts and leave my shorts somewhere I could find them, or put on my game face and go ask for them back. Either way, I had to head back to the playground area on the other side of the river. So I started riding back there.
Riding along the path I ran into three guys walking towards me, they started laughing as soon as they saw me. “Hey! It’s naked guy again.” These were obviously the same guys that were walking with those girls earlier. “Hey man, aren’t you cold?”…
I just smiled and kept going.
“Hey those chicks have your shorts if you want ‘em!” one of them yelled as I was riding away.
Yeah…If I want em. Hopefully the girls were still around the playground. At least they all seemed to have a good sense of humour about this. I shouldn’t have to worry about cops, just being totally exposed.
“Thanks!” I shouted back, and picked up the pace to the playground.

Sure enough the girls were sitting up on a platform on the wooden jungle-gym-playground thing.
“How’s the weather?” one of them shouted as I rode up and got off my bike.
“Not bad… warm night…” I answered back. “I wouldn’t mind having my shorts though.” I added as I walked closer to their perch, covering myself with my hands.
“Finders keepers!” The other girl laughed.
“Come on, please? I’m begging you…” I pleaded.

Standing there looking up at them I could that one was blonde and the other had darker - maybe red - hair and both looked like they were in their early twenties. They were obviously having fun with this situation and as I felt my dick hardening under my hands, I realized I was starting to enjoy this situation myself. The blonde one was standing near the edge of the platform. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight t-shirt that showed off her tits.
“What’s your name?” the red head asked.
“Jeff” I lied.
“Well Jeff you can have them back, but you have-ta climb up here to get them.”

I hesitated. Sounds like she wants a good close up view. I was still feeling a little nervous, but my dick was now rock hard.
“Ok. Thanks.” I smiled and started to move over to the ladder.
“No no!” The blonde one chided, “Not the ladder Jeff…She said ‘climb’. Use the rope here.”

The knotted rope hung from a crossbeam right in front of the platform these two were on. I moved over to the rope, and had to uncover my now raging hard on to grab the rope. Both the girls were at the edge of the platform looking down at me.

“Looks like you really like climbing!” The red head giggled.
“Nice.” the blonde added.

I got up the rope in a few seconds, but the girls wouldn’t move back from the edge to let me on. I reached my foot over and stepped on the platform between them, but I was still hanging on to the the rope. I was completely exposed to them.
“Here, let me help.” The blonde said as she grabbed hold of my cock and gave it a few gentle tugs.
The red head was laughing her ass off, and stepped back enough for me to step over. The blonde one never let go of my dick. She just kept tugging on it or squeezing it.
“So you really want your shorts?” she asked.
“Yeah I need them.” I said. She was still playing with my dick and I was about to cum.
“Well, this is just a thanks for topping off our night…” she gave a few more tugs and I blew my load on her hand.
“…and you’ll find your shorts on the bench down there.” she added with a wicked grin.

I thanked them for making my night too, and went down to grab my shorts. I ended up walking them back to their car an I ended up getting Nicole’s…the blonde one’s number. She’s into some kinky shit herself. But that’s another story.

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