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October 19, 2005

Doctor Funny Saings

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Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a bell? Take these and if it doesn’t help give me a ring! ————————– Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a cat? How long has this been going on? Oh, since I was a kitten I guess! Doctor, Doctor I’ve got insomnia Just sit on the edge of the bed. You’ll soon drop off! ————————– Doctor, Doctor Is there anything wrong with my heart? After a thorough examination I can confidently say it will last as long as you do!! ————————– Doctor, Doctor I’ve got wind! Can you give me something? Yes - here’s a kite! ————————– Doctor Doctor I’m not well - can you give me something to make me better? Take 2 teaspoons of this after every meal? But Doctor, I’ve only got one teaspoon?

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