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September 29, 2005

Dr Tushy

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dr tushy review
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September 28, 2005

Ultimate Medical Fetish Source

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Just check out this picture from Doctor Tushy:
gyno exam porn from Doctor Tushy

Cum Lovers

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Kate and Linda were sitting at Kate’s small dinette table one summer
morning, discussing the neighborhood gossip and local news. Their husbands
were out playing golf, and as was their wont, Kate and Linda got together to
chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was wearing short shorts and a light
blouse, as the summer weather was quite warm.

“I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud in bed sometimes.
I dress sexy for him and talk sexy, and all he wants to do is shove it in me,
jerk a few times, come, and roll over and fall asleep. I really do miss the
wild times I used to have when I was younger, you know?” said Linda as she
slowly sipped at the cup of coffee in her hands.

“Exactly. I mean, I love Roger dearly, and wouldn’t really want to spend
my life with any other man, but jeeezus, I do get HORNY once in a while.”
Kate responded. “What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done, Lin?” she asked
almost shyly.

Linda looked at her for a few minutes, gauging the depths of the other
woman’s sensitivities. She swallowed the sip of warm coffee in her mouth and
leaned forwards surreptitiously.

“When I was in college I got drunk accidentally on purpose at a
fraternity party. After it got real late, I ended up being the only girl
there. The guys all started talking about their sexual conquests, and they
all claimed to be the worlds’ greatest lovers, you know?” She stopped for a
second to take another sip of coffee. “I said that any woman worth her salt
could outlast ten guys, and they all laughed. I challenged them. I got up
real slowly, and stripped as sexily as I could, without falling on my face!
A couple of the guys hauled some mattresses out to the living room, and I lay
down right in the center of them. I started stroking my cunt and licking my
lips really sexy, and before you know it, there were 20 or 30 naked guys
dancing around. I laid back, crooked my finger at the nearest one, and
motioned him over.

“What’ll it be, smarty?” I asked. He said he wanted to fuck me but good,
so he got down there, jerked his cock until it was hard, and shoved it in.
Let me tell you, these guys were just drunk enough so that they couldn’t last
very long. This first one must have stroked about 10 times before he shot off
straight up my pussy. The next guy wanted a blow job, so I sat up, stuffed
his teeny cock in my mouth, and a few seconds later had a sperm chaser after
all the beer I’d had.”

Linda stopped for a moment to look at her friend. Kate’s cheeks had
tinged a slight red and her eyes sparkled a bit, and Linda thought she could
see Kate’s nipples beginning to harden and poke out from the light blouse she

“Oh God, that’s hot! So what else?” queried Kate with a breathless

“So, for about the next 2 hours, I fucked and sucked every guy in that
frat house until there wasn’t a drop of sperm left in any of them, and it was
all up my pussy or down my throat, or mostly, all over my tits and face and
in my hair. At one time, I counted six guys jerking off all over my head
while I fucked this black football player’s ass off, and wouldn’t you know
they all came all over my hair and face. I had to stop and get a towel to
wipe the shit off my face. I was drenched in it, I swear!” whispered the
young wife.

“I never saw so much cum in all my life, before or since. They
absolutely ruined the mattresses, and when I finally got up, I leaked a trail
of sperm all over the house looking for a shower to rinse off in. But they
all were pooped out, and I could have gone on for another couple of hours by
then. It was great. But, I had to transfer to another college, because the
word got out, and everybody thought I was some kind of tramp or something,
so I left and went to the State University instead. That’s where I met Hank,
and we’ve been together ever since. I haven’t even seen another cock except
his since then.”

“Even on TV or a magazine or anything?” asked an incredulous Kate.

“Oh, hell, they don’t count! I’m talking about in the flesh! Hey, what
about you, Katie, what’s the wildest slutty thing YOU’VE ever done?”
questioned the leering Linda, leaning forward and licking her lips

“Well, I NEVER balled thirty guys in one night, if that’s what you
mean!” she responded. “In fact, I’ve never made it with more than one guy at
a time, even. Ummm, I guess the nastiest thing I ever did was ask Roger to
cum in my mouth one time while I was sucking him off.”

“ONE time! Are you telling me that you don’t sip the sperm cocktail,
young lady?” asked Linda in a mock stentorian tone.


“You don’t swallow cum? You don’t let that gorgeous Roger shoot off in
your mouth?” Linda asked again.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t like him to, or that he hasn’t , a couple
of times. But he usually just wants to use my pussy instead, so we don’t do
a lot of oral sex or anything kinky. He doesn’t even like to lick me down
there either.”

“Oh shit honey, we’ve got to get you fucked and sucked up right one of
these days!” exclaimed the amazed Linda. “But anyway, tell me all about the
one time you let little Rog there blast off over your teeth. I wanna hear all
about it!”

“Well, it’s not as sexy a story as yours. Roger and I were making love,
and I was getting a little sore down there, you know, from all the pounding,
and I finally had to tell him to stop if he didn’t have an orgasm quickly.
He pulled out, and crawled up over me. His dick was all wet and red and
bouncing up and down right in front of my face. He grabbed the base of it and
waved it right in my face. I was fascinated with it, I tell you. He told me
to suck him off then, if I couldn’t bear to have him in my pussy. I started
to say that it was just that he was getting a bit rough, and before I could,
he poked me in the mouth with his cock. There must have been something about
it, I don’t know, but the moment that cock hit my lips, I just kinda quivered
all over and wanted to suck the guts out of him so badly, I didn’t know what
I was doing. I normally didn’t go for that deep throat stuff, but I grabbed
Roger’s ass and pulled him right into my mouth, as deep as I could. I think
it scared the shit out of him!”

“I can imagine!” answered Linda breathlessly. She had felt her own pussy
get a little wet as they talked, and now dropped one hand to her lap

“So anyway, I pushed and pulled him in and out, actually fucking myself
with his cock in my mouth. Then, I don’t know what came over me, no pun
intended, I pulled his dick out of my mouth with one hand and looked up at
him. He was looking down at me like I was some kind of angel or something,
this totally incredible look on his face. I knew, deep down in my soul, then,
that I could have this amazing power over him, or any man, for that matter.
I knew what he wanted. We’d watched enough porno movies for me to see that
he always liked it when a guy spermed on a girl’s face or in her mouth. So
I looked him straight in the eye, and in the nastiest voice I could, I said
‘I want you to come right in my mouth, lover. I want to taste your sperm.’
I poured it on in the sluttiest way I could think of - you know, telling him
I wanted him to shoot his stuff all over my face and in my mouth and all that
really gross stuff we used to giggle about in high school. So I’m jerking him
a little bit, and then he just kind of grunted once and BAMMO! - right on
the kisser, he lets fly with that cock of his. I was so shocked I opened my
mouth in reflex and BAMMO! again, another spurt, this time right in my mouth.
I’m going crazy now, loving the feel of the stuff, and I jerk him some more,
and he shoots his stuff all over my face and in my mouth. It was in my hair,
and all down over my neck and tits and just all over the place!”

Kate finished breathlessly. Linda just looked at her and said “Wow.”,
arching her eyebrows knowingly. “So now you like eating cum, eh?”

“Well, I suppose so. But I don’t very often, ’cause in the last few
months, Roger’s gotten so busy with his job and all, that I’m lucky if we
even make love once or twice a month, much less have time for all kinds of
other fun stuff. But yeah, it was kinda neat, I really liked the feel of his
sperm spraying on me, and for some reason, I LOVED the taste of it - you
know, kinda bitter and salty, but interesting?”

“Katie darling, you don’t have to tell me. I’ve swallowed enough sperm
to float a battleship. It’s still my favorite drink!” she giggled. “It’s
amazing how icky and gross we would have thought this was a few years ago,
but God, now that I’ve done it, I just gotta say I love it! Hey! I’ve got an

“What now?” Kate knew her friend had some deliciously wicked thought
that she was about to hear. “I know this is gonna involve sex and fucking,
so you might as well spit it out!”

“Kate, I NEVER spit it out!” Linda laughed. “No, what I thought was
this. We go around and see in how many different ways we can drink sperm. You
know, there’s gotta be other ways than straight from the tap, so to speak!”

“LINDA! What do you mean? Are you actually proposing that we suck other
guys off and swallow their cum? Are you crazy!”

“No, no, listen, it’s perfect. We turn the tables on the guys - you
know, wham bam thank ya ma’am? Well, we’ll make it wham bam thank ya mister!
They don’t have to know our names or anything (more…)

September 18, 2005

Review of medical fetish sites

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Stay tuned..soon I’ll begin to post reviews and links to da best medical fetish or just fetish sites. meanwhile please visit Porn Reviews to get reviews of some of em.

September 10, 2005

Fucking Dentist

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“Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, High”
It was nearly ten o’clock as Dr. More Pergnant Text for your medical_exam_story Walters started to open up
. More Texts Here erotic_medical_story his shop. medical Story of your choice: medical_sex_story Yesterday had been fairly busy, a few businessmen came
. Other medical Stories: funny_medical_story in for cleanings and an older woman came in to adjust her
dentures. Another Story: amazing_medical_story He was tired and a little disappointed since there were no
“fun” customers all day. Other erotic fiction on this topic gyno_medical_story Denise, his secretary was still out of town
and wouldn’t be back for a while He started to think that he might
be needing a temporary secretary and picked up his phone to place
and ad in the paper.
As he picked up the phone, there was a soft knock on the
door He put the phone down and sighed God, no more cleanings,
he thought to himself He opened the door and saw a quite a sight
The woman wore a wool green sweater over a short red velvet
dress that ended just above her kness, gray cotton leggins, and a
pair of heavy black boots Dr Walters recognized it as the “grunge
“Courtney Love I presume?” he said with a smile.
“Um….what?” the girl said.
Dr Walters shook his head “Never mind, can I help you
with something?”
The girl walked inside and Dr Walters got a whiff of
cigarette smoke coming from her mussed red hair It was a dye job
for sure Not a natural red But it did accent her green eyes
“My tooth hurts,” she said.
“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” the doctor said.
“What’s your name?”
“Heidi Heidi McClendon So, you gonna help me or not?”
Dr Walters was taken a bit aback by her She was crass
and undefined, but like a diamond in the rough She was beautiful
underneath the garish makeup job and the ratted clothes “Sure, he
said Have a seat”
He lead her into the room and had her sit in the black chair.
He started washing his hands and preparing his equipment when
Heidi got out of the chair and walked over to him.
“Is this gonna hurt or something? Because you know, I can’t
handle the pain.”
“Well, let me take a look at you and I’ll let you know what I
have to do.”
She sat back down on the chair and let her belongings
down beside her Dr Walters examined her teeth thoroughly,
checking her molars, bicuspids Her mouth smelled of cigarette
smoke so Dr Walters put on his mask
“Let me give you a cleaning first and then I’ll start working
on your cavity, okay?”
“Will it hurt?”
“It might,” he said “But I can give you something for the
pain, but it may keep you here much longer I’ll have to wait for the
anesthesia to wear off completely.”
Heidi sighed “It’s okay I don’t have anywhere to be later”
Dr Walters smiled underneath his mask “Okay, just sit
back and relax
Heidi relaxed a bit as Dr Walters put the gas mask over her
nose and mouth She took a few deep breaths and her eyes began
to droop
“H..Hey, I….I don’t….know a….about this…” she said
“This is supposed to put you to sleep, Heidi Don’t worry”
“O….okay…” she said as her mascara dolloped eyes
continued to droop and finally closed.
Dr Walters removed the gas mask and began working on
Heidi’s teeth.

He cleaned her teeth throughly after fixing her cavity The
stench of her breath nearly leveled him He recognized the smell of
marijuana on her breath from his college days I guess it’s back in,
he thought to himself I wonder if she has any? He cleaned her
teeth until they shined The yellow stain now gone
He removed his mask and reached for her bag I could use a
puff, he thought He found a small plastic bag with a few joints in
it He opened it, snuck two into his lab coat, and put the others
back inside
Dr Walters stood up to stretch He looked down on his
sleeping young patient and noticed how beautiful she really was.
Her makeup was a little heavy around the eyes, but otherwise she
was lovely Her skin was smooth and free from any blemishes Her
lips were red and full He leaned over and gave Heidi a small kiss
on the lips, tasting the lipstick on his lips as he drew back He
suddenly had an idea He was going to create a new Heidi, just for
He took photographs of her unconcious from from every
angle so that he would have a reference to go to when it was time
to awaken her He finished the Polaroid cartridge and got out his
bag of goodies It was a mixed bag of women’s clothing, makeup
and hair kits he had taken from his female patients throughout the
years Denise had a closet full of clothes in the outside closet
Something she did because she spent most of her day at work and
didn’t want to have to go home to change.
Dr Walters prepared a syringe for Heidi that would insure
her unconciousness for at least another eight hours He injected it
into her arm Heidi stirred slightly, but slipped back quietly into
unconciousness He brought out a few clothes from Denise’s closet,
some causal, some dressy, some elegant He turned off the lights in
the outer office, locked the door, and put the CLOSED sign in the
window He did not want to be disturbed
He went back inside and checked Heidi’s breathing and
pulse rate They were both a bit shallow, but not enough to warrant
any concern Dr Walters lifted Heidi off the dentist’s chair and lay
her down on the bed on the opposite side of the room, letting her
legs dangle off the end He spread her arms apart and removed her
green sweater He then moved down to her huge black boots and
began the task of unlacing them When they were loose enough, he
pulled them off and got a whiff of her feet They had a slightly
sweaty smell to them He reached under her dress for the tops of
the leggings and worked them down her thighs, past her knees, and
finally off her feet, exposing them They were pale under the
lights, but smooth as porcelain Her toes were painted with a light
pink color, they were almost unnoticable Dr Walters felt that
familiar urge stirring in his cock as her pulled the strapps of Heidi’s
dress down her arms, past her braless chest, and finally down her
legs until she was left lying on the bed with only a pair of white
skimpy panties covering her Heidi’s body was as lovely as he
thought it might be Her breasts were the size of grapefruits with
15 inch wide aurolae atop them Her nipples were soft and
unerected She was outcold
Dr Walters could hardly contain himself as he stared up
and down her pale but magnificent body! He toyed with her gaping
mouth, letting his finger linger inside and then licking his finger
clean, tasting the saliva of a mouth he had just given his best
cleaning He ran his fingers up and down her chest, grasping each
of her breasts and giving them a squeeze He ran his thumbs across
her nipples, seeing if they would respond They didn’t The drugs
were doing their job He moved his hands down her sides to her
waist where he slid his fingers underneath the waistline and slowly
peeled her panties down her legs and finally off her completely.
A small triangle of brown was all there was of her pubic
hair Heidi had obviously shaped it for bikini purposes Dr Walters
removed all his clothing and strapped on a condom He wanted a
release of all his excitement and tension before he began playing
with her He took hold of Heidi’s pale ankles and rested her legs on
his shoulders, giving him easier access to her He slid his
lubricated cock inside of her slowly at first to see if there was
going to be any immediate resistance When there wasn’t, he began
thrusting himself forward.
He looked down at Heidi’s peaceful face, watching her
head nod up and down with every stroke Her mouth gaping and
closing, gaping and closing He looked down at her grapefruit
sized breasts rippled as he pounded harder and harder, faster and
faster Heidi’s body was moving so far up and down that her head
started to hit the wall in back of the bed He lessened his thrust, but
not his speed as he pulled out, ripped the condom off and shot his
load all over her Some of it landing in her gaping mouth, but most
of it left a trail on her belly and breasts He would have to clean
her up, but then he could begin his fun…

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