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August 31, 2005

Lingerie Fetish Sex Story

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April stopped off at a lingerie shop on the way home and bought
the most ultra-mini bikini they had. Another Story: medical_story It wasn’t something that
. Other erotic fiction on this topic medical_fetish_story could be worn in public. medical Story of your choice: story_of_medical_practice It was mostly string. medical Story of your choice: medical_exam_story The top consisted
. Another Story: erotic_medical_story of two, one-inch triangles. Another Story: medical_sex_story The bottom was an elongated triangle
. Other erotic fiction on this topic funny_medical_story with a one-inch base and strings coming from each corner It
. More Pergnant Text for your bill_medical_patient_story_success didn’t even cover the mound. Another Story: gyno_medical_story It was just a simple patch that
rested up against the pussy with one string that went up the ass
crack and two going up the front The strings attached to a simple
gold chain that went around the waist She had it gift wrapped

April prepared a big dinner and the family ate together–
something they usually did only on Sundays Terry was excited
because she made the state finals on her school swim team Charlie
was obviously feeling the strain of April’s demands He was unable
to look at Terry After dinner, April took him aside She said,
“Charlie, I’m letting you off the hook Forget what I said about
fingering Terry I’m giving up on you I’ll find someone with a
real dick to fuck her.”

Relief flooded over him He was so relieved, he did not
immediately register the second part A frown slowly formed He
said, “Oh, April How can you? She’s our daughter Can’t you
just forget this?”

“No, I can’t Set your mind to it, Charlie She’s my daughter,
and I want her to be a whore like me.”

“Like you!”

“Yes, like me Put you finger in my cunt, Charlie”

Charlie reached a tentative hand between her legs April
widened her stance and placed her hands on her hips like Wonder
Woman His finger went in easily She said, “What you feel is
sperm, a real man’s sperm Get used to the feel Oh, and this
doesn’t mean you have pussy rights again I may throw you a quick
fuck if the mood strikes me, but don’t count on it You can fuck
Terry all you want, but you’ll have to wait for her to come to you
That shouldn’t take long If you are smart, you’ll wish me luck”

“April, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”

“Believe it, Charlie And take your finger out of my cunt, if
you don’t mind.” Charlie quickly removed his finger and wiped it
on his pants April laughed mockingly and added, “A couple of male
friends of mine will be having dinner with us on Friday night I
expect you to be a perfect gentleman no matter what happens.”

“April, you wouldn’t do anything with Terry here, would you?”

“Why not, it’s my house.” April noticed a strange look in
Charlie’s eyes It wasn’t hurt or anger or humiliation It was
arousal She glanced to his fly and saw the bulge She wasn’t
sure she was on firm ground until then Steve was right-on about
Charlie She added, “It is my house, isn’t it, Charlie” He
meekly nodded She taunted, “And this is my cunt?” Again he
nodded She chucked him under the chin and said, “Stick around
I’m going to shave Terry’s pussy a little later I bought her a
bikini to wear at my dinner party Unfortunately, it doesn’t hide
a thing I want to give these two guys a preview of what they’ll
be getting later in the week if all goes well.”

“She’ll curl up and die, April Terry’s no whore; you know

“She will be She’s in training, and the training begins right
now.” April picked up the small present and went in search of

She found her in her room, studying April walked in and sat on
her bed Terry turned, smiled warmly, and said, “Hi, Mom What’s

“Several things, sweetheart First, I’ll be picking you up from
school tomorrow You have an appointment with my therapist”

“You have a therapist? Why am I going? What’s up?”

“I don’t know He just wants to talk to you for some reason
Don’t worry I’m sure it’s nothing Look, I got some great news
today, and you got a present.”

“I did! From who?”

“You don’t know him He is a close friend of your
grandfather’s–a war buddy He saved Grandpa’s life in the war
On Grandpa’s deathbed, he made me promise that if this guy ever
needed anything, I should give freely Well, turns out he lives
and works right here in Greenville I ran into him the other day
He’s coming to dinner Friday and bringing a friend He gave me
this and asked that you wear it as a favor to him Isn’t that
sweet, Dear?”

Terry beamed and took the small present, shaking it She said,
“I’ll bet it’s a necklace Is he rich?”

“No, I don’t think so Open it”

Terry tore open the gift, reached in and drew out the strings
and chain She turned it several ways, separating the components,
still not sure what to make of it April feigned surprise and
said, “Oh, it’s a bikini I told him you were a swimmer My but
that’s brief Let’s try it on Get out of those things,

Terry studied the ridiculous garment with alarm and said, “Mom,
I can’t wear this There’s nothing to wear”

“Sure there is You’ll see Come on, stand up Off with those
clothes.” April pulled Terry to her feet and started right in
undoing buttons Terry watched her hands work with a feverish
intensity, puzzled by her mother’s strange behavior and calm
acceptance of the lewd gift Terry lifted her feet, one by one, as
her mother knelt to remove the last of her clothes from her legs.

She then stood and took the bikini top from Terry She got
behind the bewildered girl and set the two triangles on Terry’s
nipples, telling her to hold them while she made the tie After
tying the top, April walked to her front and looked at the effect
Terry’s nipples were hardly concealed at all The tan outline from
her one-piece swimsuit made her look even more naked, even with the
top on April said, “Oh my, that is revealing, isn’t it”

“Mom, it’s ridiculous.”

“Here, lets try the bottoms I guess we have to attach this
chain belt first There, that was easy” April made the two ties
in front, one over each hip bone, adjusting the crotch pad so low
that Terry, looking down her front, couldn’t see it April drew
the tail end up the crack of Terry’s ass, making Terry squeal She
tied it loosely She knelt in front of Terry and fingered the
crotch pad, excessively touching Terry’s sex She was determined
to let Terry know by her actions that she was purposefully using
the excuse to feel her pussy Her hands kept pressing harder and
getting wetter, waiting for Terry to voice some protest April
pressed two knuckles into the fleshy center of Terry’s pussy
Terry stood in shocked disbelief When her mother dragged those
same knuckles through her slit to her clit and rubbed it, Terry
cried out, “Mother! What are you doing?”

April kept her eyes glued to Terry’s crotch and moved her
knuckles back and forth in her slick slit, saying, “I’m just making
sure this is adjusted right It’ll just be a minute”

April was enjoying herself immensely On impulse, she reached
up and untied the two front ties, dropping the bottoms so they hung
like a tail from the back tie She said, “I have to start over
Terry, move your feet apart, dear I can’t see what I’m doing”
Terry reluctantly stepped out shoulder width, then by a full yard
under further prompting April said, “Thrust out your pelvis,
dear Oh, that’s perfect
Terry had to place her hands on her lower back as a counter
balance, feeling ludicrous, watching her mother settle back on her
heels and scooting up close, her face even with her vagina April
boldly used her index finger, teasingly running it through her
slit When Terry didn’t react or complain, she entered her
daughter’s hole She eased in to the second knuckle as Terry’s
legs stiffened and a groan escaped her lips April used the
fingers of her other hand to freely rub her daughter’s clit Terry
bit her lower lip as a second finger joined the first and the two
began a steady finger-fucking of her cunt Despite her anxiety,
her mother’s lewd action soon had Terry on the verge of a climax–a
climax she tried desperately to stave off by counting backwards
from one-hundred.

April had decided that she’d stop when Terry voiced another
protest When none came, she stepped up her assault by introducing
a third finger and vigorously rubbing the clit, abandoning all
pretense of doing anything other than masturbating her daughter
April pressed in so hard with the three fingers that she lifted
Terry to her toes Terry was forced to lean into the hand rubbing
her clit to keep from falling over backwards, giving the impression
that she was welcoming the assault Seconds later, Terry’s orgasm
broke over her and she cried out and shuddered, humping her cunt in
time to her mother’s working fingers April expertly eased off as
Terry’s climax abated, leaving her with a few gentle strokes She
then brought the front ties up and quickly made the tie She made
a final adjustment to the crotch, stood, and said, “There, that
should do it.”

Terry, still trying to regain her composure, stared at her
mother with glazed eyes, unable to believe that she could pretend
nothing happened She watched April stand back and study her form
April, with a serious expression and cupping her sopping wet
fingers to her chin, twirled her other hand in the air, saying,
“Turn around, dear Let’s see the back Okay, back facing front
Well, I must say this for Bud, he has exotic tastes.”

“Mom, you act like I’m actually going to wear this.”

“Honey, we have to He asked as a favor Remember Grandpa’s
dying words?”

“Mom! You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“We have no choice You see that, don’t you?”

“Mother, this thing is obscene I’d rather be naked”

“Yes, so would I, but he didn’t ask to see you naked He asked
to see you in this.”

“Mom, you would actually let me be seen by two total strangers,
not to mention Daddy.”

“Of course I’d be proud to show you off in this You have a
great body, sweetheart, a fantastic body I love this bikini It
shows off your body better than anything I could imagine I want
you to wear it proudly.”

Terry, in exasperation, looked to her crotch and said, “Look, it
doesn’t even hide my pubic hair.”

“Yes, you’re right We’ll have to fix that; we’ll just shave
all the hair off.”


“That’s why the suit looks obscene Remove the hair, and it
will look super.”

“I don’t believe this Is this a joke, Mother?”

“No, it’s no joke I wouldn’t joke about a thing like this
Take the bottoms off I’ll go get the soap and razor”

“No! Mother, I can’t do this I just can’t I’m sorry”

April came up and moved them to the bed They sat side by side
April placed her arm around Terry’s shoulder and said, “Sweetheart,
you know I’d never ask you to do this if it wasn’t very very
important to me I can’t disobey my father’s dying wish, and I
can’t force you to help me All I can do is ask, no beg I’m
begging you, Terry Please wear the suit for me”

Tears welled in Terry’s eyes She softly said, “Mom, I want to
help, but you’re asking too much I just couldn’t do it”

“All right I didn’t want to put it to you this way, but you
leave me no choice If you want me to sign that paper so that you
can attend the state finals, then you’ll have to do this for me
You decide I’ll honor your decision”

Terry defiantly squared her shoulders and said, “If this means
so much that you’d stoop to blackmail, then I’ll do it Go ahead
Get the razor I’ll wear the damn thing”

April cupped Terry’s face in her wet hands and kissed her full
on the lips, saying, “Oh, thank you I knew you’d come through
Okay, get those off; in fact, get naked; we’ll do this in the
shower I’ll have your dad place my butcher block table in there
and you can lie down on it.”

“Mom, I can do this myself.”

“I won’t hear of it You could hurt yourself I want to do
this for you It’s the least I can do I’ll be very careful and
take my time.”

Terry gave her a look that said, “I’ll just bet you will,” but
said, “If you insist.”

At the door, April turned and said, “Oh, and slip on a pair of
panty hose I’ll explain in a moment”

April told Charlie to set up the table She returned to find
Terry putting on the hose She said, “That’s enough Don’t pull
them up past your knees I’ll show you a trick hookers use to do
this It’s very clever Okay now just lie back on the bed”

Terry eased back onto the bed and watched with curious interest
as her mother pushed her onto her back She bunched the crotch of
the panty hose then reached between the gap of her thighs with her
other hand, reaching all the way up to the back of her head She
pushed back on the crotch, forcing Terry’s legs up and back towards
her head At the same time, she pulled hard on her head With a
great effort and a lot of grunts and groans, April managed to force
the crotch material up and over her head, hooking it on the back of
Terry’s neck When Terry realized what had happened, she found
herself doubled in two with her chin pressed hard against her
chest, her knees past her ears, and staring into her own beaver
just a few inches away Though strained, the pantyhose allowed her
to relax and adjust to the strange position She could see how a
girl could easily attend to her own pussy with ease, and it did
splay her vaginal plane effectively She had to roll her eyes up
to see her mother looking down on her handy work April said,
“There, that will work Now, I’ll just get Charlie to carry you to
the shower, and we’ll get started.”

Terry cried, “Mother, no! Don’t let Daddy see me like this.
I’ll die.”

“Oh, don’t be silly I’ll be right back Don’t go away”

April walked down the hall with Terry’s pleading cries echoing
in her ears, smiling at her own success She went up to Charlie,
setting the heavy wooden, two-foot square table in the shower
stall, and said, “Go get Terry Just place her on the table I’ll
do the rest.”

He gave her a queer look, but got up and went to Terry’s room
The sight that greeted him sent a jolt through his system It took
a moment to realize what it was holding her in that obscene
position Terry moaned and covered her face with her hands as
Charlie stepped closer He let his eyes focus on her cunt,
marveling at it’s beauty After a few moments, he stooped to
gather her in his arms, saying, “I’m sorry, Terry.”

He picked her up and carefully made his way towards the
bathroom Terry said in anguish, “Dad, I think Mom’s lost her
mind This is insane Do you know what she has planned?”

“Yes, but there’s nothing I can do I’m sorry, Terry Try to
be strong, baby.”

They entered the bathroom and April directed her placement
Charlie deftly placed her in position The shower stall had a
glass door that swung out There wasn’t room to close it He
eased out and April took his place She dismissed him, took the
shower massage unit down from its cradle, adjusted the water to
Luke warm, and told Terry to hold it for her April proceeded with
methodical efficiency She lathered her entire cuntal plane, using
her fingers liberally She lathered and rinsed several times, and
tormented Terry with the pulse stream aimed at her clit She
brought Terry to the brink only to stop and re-lather After four
such routines, Terry wanted to scream

The hair removal was rather uneventful by contrast Terry
watched her mother’s meticulous effort with intense interest She
also noticed the reverent way her mother touched her vagina The
look on her face betrayed her true motives, but Terry cared little
about her mother’s motives at that point.

With the hair gone, and lather rinsed away, Terry watched her
mother gently pat her crotch dry She held a mirror up for Terry’s
benefit, saying, “How do you like it?”

Terry marveled at the view of her own pussy, details she’d never
seen before She liked it much better A smile formed for the
first time in over an hour Terry said, “I like it I’ll bet this
will shave two one-hundredths off my time.”

“Exactly, no more pussy drag.”

Terry teased, “Mother! Your language.”

April smiled, stroked her nails teasingly through her daughter’s
crotch and said, “What’s wrong with my fucking language?”

April took Terry’s clit between thumb and forefinger, rolling it
while looking right at Terry Terry said, “Mom, you’ve changed”

April smiled a devilish grin She used both hands to peel back
the tight labia lips of Terry’s pussy Terry’s wide eyes watched
as her mother’s face came nearer and nearer to her spread pussy
She drew in a deep breath just before her mother’s lips contacted
her nether lips, then exhaled it in one long moan of ecstasy when
April sealed her face tight to her cunt and began wallowing in it,
smearing her entire face After a few hard sucks and a tiny bite
to the clit, April moved her face right up to Terry’s face, getting
nose to nose She smiled and said, “What makes you say that,

Terry was too shocked and excited to speak, but the look on her
face spoke volumes April taunted, “I see you like the new me,
don’t you?” Terry nodded meekly “You like having Mommy’s face
between your legs, licking, sucking, and nibbling on your cute
little pussy wussy, don’t you?”

Terry found the words wildly exciting–intoxicating, though the
act was incomprehensible She could smell her cunt on her mother’s
face and liked the smell Her mother’s pretty, smiling face looked
nasty in a sexy way, covered with her vaginal wetness She
pondered the situation, realizing that her mother was going through
a change, a crises Latent lesbian tendencies were blossoming and
Terry began to see exciting possibilities for herself
Impulsively, in a soft sultry voice, Terry said, “I dare you to do
that again.”

“Ask me in a nice and nasty way Tell Mommy what you want”

With difficulty, Terry said, “Lick my pussy, Mommy Please!”

April scooted back to her daughter’s spread and licked a long
broad swath up her vaginal channel from anus to clit She repeated
this under Terry’s close approving scrutiny Terry said, “Suck on
my clitty.”

April sucked the hard, pink nub into her mouth, tongue-flicked
and nibbled it Terry moaned and placed her hands on her mother’s
head, pulling her tighter, saying, “Oh yes! Oh God!”

April brought Terry to a powerful climax then eased off
gradually as Terry calmed Terry looked lovingly into her mother’s
face as she lapped the rich spend pouring from her hole,
occasionally thrusting her stiffened tongue far up inside, hungry
for her juicy reward With her mouth sealed tightly to Terry’s
hole, only her eyes were visible above the bald mound They locked
eyes while April sucked and swallowed Terry said, “You really
like eating my cum, don’t you?” April nodded her head vigorously,
rubbing her nose on the clit Terry giggled and said “I could
tell I cum a lot, don’t I?”

Again, she received a thorough nose rubbing Inspired, Terry
began asking a series of yes and no questions just to feel the
answers This resulted in another climax and more juice for April
Finally drained, exhausted, and cramped from her lewd position,
Terry said, “Can we stop now I’m cramping”

April raised up and said, “I’ll get your father.”

Terry smiled and said, “Okay I’ll wait here”

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  1. This is a great story…. Keep it cumming…:-)

    Comment by Bob Morris — September 30, 2005 @ 4:56 am

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