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August 31, 2005

Dentist Clinic Sex Story

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Doctor Walters came into the office early that Monday
morning knowing that he probably wouldn’t have too much
business today. medical Story of your choice: story_of_medical_practice Mostly everyone was out of town during the long
. Another Story: medical_exam_story holiday weekend, but he figured a few hours would be enough. More Texts Here erotic_medical_story He
could close early afterwards. More Pergnant Text for your funny_medical_story His secretary, Denise, was out today,
. More Pergnant Text for your amazing_medical_story a gift from Dr. medical Story of your choice: bill_medical_patient_story_success Walters for her great work. Other medical Stories: gyno_medical_story She was quiet and
reserved, and stayed out of his way while he worked.
He sat down at her desk and reached for a magazine I’ve
gotta get some new ones in here, he thought to himself as he
flipped through a ten year old copy of National Geographic He
took a sip of coffee and realized that he had left the morning paper
in his car He stood up and walked to the door Upon opening it, he
nearly ran over a blonde woman who was hold her cheek.
“I’m terribly sorry, are you okay?” he said helping her to her
“Uh-huh,” she said nodding a bit “Are you the dentist?”
“Yes I am, are you here for a checkup?” he said opening the
door and letting her in.
“I’m sorry to come in without an appointment, but I’m really
hurting I need to get this done right away I’m Cheryl Morgan”
Dr Walters smiled and showed her into his office He lead
her into the middle of the room and sat her down in the black
leather dentist chair She sat back and relaxed as best she could,
grimacing as she opened wide for him He gave her mouth a once
over and then proceeded to prepare for a more thorough check up,
washing his hands vigorously and disinfecting his equipment He
poked at her back molar with a scraping tool and Cheryl nearly
jumped out of the seat in pain.
“You’ve got a really bad tooth there Luckily you can still
feel it, you won’t need a root canal,” he said “But I will have to
work on it today.”
“Could you? I really appreciate it It’s been affecting my
work I haven’t even been able to smile”
“You smile for a living?”
Cheryl coyly nodded “I’m a model Or at least, an aspiring
one I’ve only been in LA a few months and just joined an agency
This is my first real break and I don’t want to blow it.”
Dr Walters smiled “We’ll fix you right up” He took his
thermometer and checked her temperature After deciding that she
would be okay, he spoke again.
“Cheryl, this may hurt you more than I you’d like, so I’m
going to administer some anesthesia for you You’ll probably feel
really sleepy and then fall asleep, but then I’ll be able to fix your
tooth much easier Okay?”
Cheryl nodded “Oh good, I won’t feel anything As you’ve
seen, I’ve got a low pain threshold.”
Dr Walters smiled and placed the mask over her nose and
mouth “Okay, deep breaths Cheryl, let the gas do it’s work” He
watched her chest rise and fall and looked into her eyes, they went
from bright and sparkled, to flat and glazed over He didn’t realize
at first that she had fallen asleep with her eyes slightly open It was
a little frightening at first, she looked like she had died But her
pulse rate and breathing were steady He removed the gas mask
and started working on her tooth…

An hour later, he began putting his things away and
washing up The procedure was much simpler than he first
thought He had given her enough anesthesia to put her out for at
least another four hours He stood up and looked at her face He
wasn’t surprised that she was a model Cheryl Morgan was a
stunning woman Her long blond hair flowed about her shoulders
Her lips were full and slightly pouty Her blue eyes were piercing
through him even at their glazed over state His age concerned her
She didn’t look a day over sixteen Her body still looked like it
hadn’t fully matured He checked her purse to see how old she
really was Her driver’s licence told him that she was 21 Odd, she
really looked like she still belonged in high school It was serious
He turned off the light so that the only light left was the
operating light which worked like a spotlight on Cheryl’s
unconscious form Her mouth lay gaping open and her eyes slightly
open Dr Walters took out his Polaroid camera and began
snapping away She was a model, so she had to be used to picture
being taken He wanted to add some to his collection Her white
cutoff shorts and black tank top were adding to his ever growing
erection He put the camera down and took off his clothes He was
going to have a little fun with young Cheryl.
First, he pulled off her white canvas shoes and socks He
nearly came in his pants as her pale toes came into view They
were unpainted and smooth, like a porcelain vase He leaned over
and put her foot right under his nose The scent was still fresh, her
toes must not have been in those shoes that long He took her right
big toe into his mouth and sucked on it Then he ran his tongue
down her sole There was no response for her It looked as if she
was watching him from those half closed lids, and that excited
him He was doing what he wanted with her body and she was
watching him do it!
He adjusted the seat and raised the chair back to a seated
position He moved it until the chair was more than perpendicular
to the ground which caused Cheryl to start to fall forward in the
seat Dr Walters caught her and slung her over his shoulder like a
sack of potatoes She wasn’t much heavier than one he thought as
he carried her over to the full length mirror on the other side of the
room Cheryl was a tall girl, maybe 5′10″ or so as he leaned her
against him so that they both faced the mirror.
He adjusted her legs so that they wouldn’t give and her
weight rested on them He let her head lay on his chest and let her
arms dangle to each side Her fingertips skimmed his bare buttocks
as they swung back and forth slightly He stared at the two images
in front of him in the mirror One of a beautiful and unconscious
blond woman, and one of him, naked as the day he was born He
reached around her and undid the button on her shorts One by one,
the buttonfly buttons fell to the sides, as gravity did the rest Her
shorts slid down her creamy legs and down to her feet revealing
her silky green panties He could see little blond pubic hairs
sticking out from the sides of the crotch He placed her arms above
her head and around his neck as he lifted the tanktop over her head
revealing the matching green bra He tossed the black tanktop to
the side and looked at the image of young Cheryl lying back on
him in a seductive pose He lifted her up slightly just so that he
could kick her shorts out of the way and let her arms fall back to
the sides
He reached up with both hands and gave her small breasts a
squeeze They fit right in the palms of his big hands He reached
around her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor
exposing her small but pert breasts Her nipples were small pink
little buttons on quarter sized aureole Dr Walters rubbed his
fingers across them, waiting for her to respond They did not
harden He looked at her face in the mirror, her eyes still slightly
open and her mouth gaping He could see the filling that he put in
her back molar Keeping his eyes on the mirror, he bent down and
began nibbling on her ear, flicking his tongue in and out, nibbling
on her earlobe While still nibbling, he reached down and put his
thumbs underneath the sides of her silky panties He pulled them
down slowly, reveling in seeing just the tops of her bushy crotch
and then the mound of hair as he pushed them down her hips and
let them fall to her ankles.
By now, his cock was begging for action as it rubbed
against her bare buttock He lifted her up letting the panties fall off
her ankles and onto the floor, then set her back down so that he
could get that action He pushed her legs apart, so that now she
was leaning on him He lowered himself so that his cock was right
near her cunt He reached down beneath her legs and probed inside
her with a finger She was a little wet, probably from a dream she
was having He began working his finger in and out, making her
wetter and wetter He felt her body twitch from the fingering She
must be having some dream, he thought to himself He pulled his
finger out and stuck in her mouth, letting her own juices mix in her
mouth She was set He held her by the hips and eased his cock
inside her He felt magnificent He let her fall forward so that
her body bent fully at the waist She was nearly folded in half, her
arms brushing against the floor All the while, Dr Walters kept
pounding away at Cheryl from behind Finally letting out a moan
when he came inside her He lost his grip on her sweaty waist and
she crumbled to the floor He scrambled to her and checked her
over, looking for any bruises She was fine
He saw that her mouth had opened wide during the fall He
could see her back molars He gave her a deep throated kiss,
running his tongue around the roof of her mouth Then he stuck his
still hard cock into her mouth, closing it slightly so that he could
slide in and out of her mouth Occasionally, he could feel her
tongue running along the sides of his cock She would even suck
slightly as if she were sucking a lollipop He gyrated his waist so
that he began fucking Cheryl’s mouth Her soft tongue and warm
mouth brought his already swelling cock to an almost unbearable
climax He felt his cock spasm three, four, then five times He
watched as the sides of her mouth leaked with his fluid He pulled
out quickly to make sure that she wouldn’t choke
Oddly enough, she didn’t choke She didn’t even gag Dr
Walters watched in amazement as Cheryl swallowed his entire
load, even licking her lips before going back to sleep Dr Walters
smiled and let out a laugh He decided that this was enough He
put his clothes on and carried the sleeping beauty back onto the
chair After taking a few more Polaroids of her wonderfully naked
body, he put her clothes back on and gassed her again, this time
waking her up.
“Rise and shine Cheryl.”
Her eyes fluttered slightly and she let out yawn “Am I
Dr Walters smiled “You were better than okay You were
She smiled and smacked her lips “God, my mouth is so
sticky I must’ve been drooling”

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