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August 23, 2005

Medical Exam

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“Why don’t you sit down, April. More Texts Here medical_story Lie down, if you wish. More Texts Here medical_fetish_story ”
. Other medical Stories: story_of_medical_practice
April eyed the traditional shrink’s couch but chose, instead,
the matching chair beside it She sat demurely, modestly tugging
. More Texts Here erotic_medical_story her short skirt as she sat. Other erotic fiction on this topic medical_sex_story “I don’t know why I’m even here,
. Other medical Stories: funny_medical_story Doctor.”

“It’s free. medical Story of your choice: amazing_medical_story It’s a break from work. medical Story of your choice: bill_medical_patient_story_success I’m a fun guy to talk to
. Other erotic fiction on this topic gyno_medical_story if that’s all you want to do.”

April smiled her perfect white smile “I shouldn’t even be here
wasting your time This was Monica’s idea”

“I see quite a bit of Monica She’s mentioned you”

“I never knew Monica was that messed up.”

“You don’t have to be messed up to see a therapist, April
Actually, Monica is quite fine.”

April detected a double connotation Monica was right, she
thought, he was a hunk

He was a sexual predator with deep-blue bedroom eyes and a soft
voice She felt like prey In a way, she envied her younger
co-worker Monica had few moral convictions and no sexual hangups
Monica was the only woman she ever knew that notched her bedpost
She had a deep notch for Doctor Wayne April heard so many
intimate tales about the handsome doctor She took the available
appointment just to satisfy her curiosity The way his eyes
wandered her body, April knew he was curious about her too.

Steve Wayne pulled up a chair and sat facing April with a few
inches between their knees He jotted her answers to basic
information on a short tablet While he wrote, April took the
opportunity to look around

The office was much as she’d pictured She saw the desk where
Monica sprawled naked The carpet that gave her a nasty rug burn
on her lower back To her left was the couch, and knowing where to
look, she saw the cuffs dangling over the end, partially hidden by
a bushy plant Seeing those cuffs sent a wicked chill down her
spine It gave Monica new credibility Lewd images flooded
April’s mind as she recalled some of Monica’s more bizarre
exploits Still, she could not quite accept that a medical
professional on contract with the state could do the things she
claimed he did And he certainly did not look the part of a
pervert–a Don Juan, a rogue, a Casanova, yes, but not a pervert.

April was startled from her fantasy as Dr Wayne said, “So,
April, talk to me.”

“Actually, there’s not much to talk about I just came here to
get Monica off my back I’m fine, really”

His eyes focused on the bare portion of April’s legs above the
knee, saying, “Yes, you are fine, April.” April shifted nervously
and placed her hands in her lap He said, “Why don’t you start by
telling me about your sexy teenage daughter.

April’s mouth fell open Her nails dug into her palms She
shouted, “Damn that Monica! She told you?”

Dr Wayne reached out and placed his hand reassuringly on her
right knee and said, “Relax, dear You know I can’t discuss
anything that goes on in here, but nothing says that patients
can’t Don’t be bashful What you are experiencing is quite
normal, quite common, in fact It will do you good to talk about

The doctor left his hand on her knee much longer than was
appropriate It left a hot impression when he finally did lift it
April took a deep breath and swore, “I’ll kill her I really can’t
talk about this It’s just a silly fantasy I never should have
told her My fantasy was the only thing I had that came close to
Monica’s reality I just told her that so she wouldn’t think I was
such a prude It was childish It’s not worth discussing”

“From what I hear, it’s more than a fantasy You’ve taken steps
to make it a reality, haven’t you?”

April buried her face in her hands and cried out, “Shit! She
told you everything, didn’t she?”

“Everything you told her Actually, I’ve been following this
for two months now Come on, April Talk to me I’m no moral
kingpin, believe me.”

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t.”

“It’s not every day that I get a beautiful woman in here who
wants to see her daughter fucked by her husband Look, I have done
much worse than that If I make a full confession to you, will you
open up to me.”

April looked with new interest, trying to imagine what could be
worse After a long silence, she timidly said, “Tell me, then I’ll

“Will you give me your solemn word never to tell a soul, not
even Monica.”

“I swear.”

“All right, but be prepared to be shocked I stripped and
shackled a thirteen-year-old girl and took her virginity right
there on that couch.”

April’s eyes went wide She said, “No, I don’t believe you!”

“It’s true That’s not all Her mother sat in that same chair
where you are sitting and watched the whole thing.”

A warm flush swept over April Her heart pounded A gnawing
ache grew between her legs “That’s not possible”

Dr Wayne stood and crossed to a wall safe hidden behind a
picture of the governor He returned with a stack of black and
white photos and dropped them in April’s lap, saying, “Look for
yourself, then ask yourself, who took the pictures.”

April went through the set with eyes riveted The first few
showed an adorable, naked, frightened young girl bound to the couch
in the most obscene and vulnerable pose a girl can be put into
The next eight showed closeups of a beautifully-formed, very
well-hung penis taking possession of that girl’s helplessly splayed
vagina The last four were taken of the girl’s crotch afterwards,
her gaping cunt covered in pink tainted semen.

Dr Wayne let April absorb the pictures She went back through
the set several times, pausing the longest at the shots of the
penis joined to the stretched vagina Her favorite was the one
showing eight inches of the doctor’s shaft with only the head
buried and an adult female hand gripping the base of his shaft
Her breathing betrayed her rising passion She said, “Her mother
took these pictures?”

“Yes, even that one.”

“What did you have on her?”

“Have on her? Why nothing I was doing her a favor She
masturbated throughout this whole session.”

“You are blowing my mind, Doctor.”

“Please, call me Steve I should think you’d be sympathetic
with her You see, like I said, you are not alone She’s been
fantasizing this scene for years I merely convinced her that
holding it in was harmful to her mental health, and that her
daughter would adjust, even be happy to help her.”

“Help her, how?”

“By relieving her mother of her suffering By being her
mother’s whore By fucking men to entertain her mother so she
wouldn’t go crazy and possibly kill herself That little girl
thinks she is sacrificing herself to save her mommy.”

“She’s still doing that?”

“Last I heard, mother and daughter were as happy as hookers at
a Shriner convention The girl has developed a real fondness for
the big ones She’s fourteen now, and nicely developed As a
matter of fact, I had her again last month.”

“This is unbelievable.”

“Yes, now, let’s hear your story, April.”

April studied his pleasant face and his warm boyish smile She
said, “You’re very clever, Steve It worked I don’t feel at all
inhibited around you now If I’m sick, you’re sicker”

He laughed and said, “I’ll drink to that Now, give me the
juicy details Tell me about this little vixen you’ve given birth

“All right, but you won’t be strapping her to your couch, I
assure you.”

“That’s not my style I want you to do that after you strip

April studied the serious look on his face She smiled, crossed
her legs, reclined casually, and allowed her short skirt to ride
up She said, “You’re very sure of yourself I like that in a

He reached for the foot dangling from her right knee, brought it
to his lap, slipped off her shoe, and began massaging her foot
She offered no resistance He said, “What you like in a man is the
appendage that dangles from his groin.”

“Score another point for Dr Wayne That feels wonderful Tell
me honestly Do you really think I will sacrifice my daughter’s
virginity on your appendage.”

Steve brought her foot to his lips and sucked her big toe into
his mouth, staring her hard in the eyes April felt like her
entire nervous system was being sucked out through her toe Her
ass slid forward on the seat as he sat back, bringing her foot with
him April’s skirt stayed put When she came to rest on the
forward edge of the chair, her panties were in the open Slumped
in the chair with a glazed look in her eyes, April made no move to
adjust her immodest display Steve eased off her toe, smiled, and
said, “April, not only will I fuck your little girl, but you are
going to guide my cock into her cunt and hold my balls while I pump
her full of sperm.”

His shocking words stole her breath away She knew she was
falling under his provocative spell She wondered if that other
mother heard those same words after getting her toe sucked She
said, “Five minutes ago, I would have said you were nuts.”

He lifted her other foot to his lap and tossed that shoe off
He separated her legs by placing her left foot on one armrest and
her right on the other He looked at her crotch and said, “I see
your pussy likes the idea.”

April could feel the cool wet spot he referred to She said,
“My pussy is a dumb cunt It likes lots of things that aren’t
nice Unfortunately, my dumb cunt seems to be in charge at the
moment If my daughter were here right know, I can see myself
stripping her for you.”

“When the time comes, and it will come soon, your daughter will
place herself at your disposal, knowing that she’ll get fucked
You leave that to me.”

“Okay, you’ve peaked my interest.”

Steve cast her a knowing grin He casually said, “Remove your

“Wow, not even a please I like that” April brought her feet
down and lifted her ass She skimmed the thin material down her
legs and off With a gleam in her eyes, she replaced her feet on
the armrests She pulled her skirt up past her waist and said, “Is
that better?”

“You have a lovely pussy, April.”

“Thank you You have a lovely cock I want you to know that
I’ve never been unfaithful in seventeen years of marriage.”

“I’m impressed That’s going to change You know that, don’t

April brought her hands to her crotch and playfully stroked her
wet slit, saying, “I do now I’ve also never shown my pussy to a
man that I didn’t fuck.”

“And how many would that be?”

“Three Actually, two were teenage boys, not men Don’t you
want to see my tits?”

“By all means.”

April unbuttoned her blouse and opened her bra She pulled the
material free and rubbed her fleshy mounds Her nipples were
puckered and arching up She held them in offering and said, “Do
you like them?”

“I like everything on you, April You are an exceptionally sexy
woman I know you’d like me to put you out of your misery right
now, but I want you horny while you tell me about your daughter.”

“Yes, the daughter you are going to fuck I’m liking this idea
more and more You don’t mind if I play with myself while I tell
you about her, do you?”

“As long as you don’t cum.”

“I would like to see that magnificent cock while I do this
Would you mind?”

Steve smiled and freed his rigid cock He posed it for her
hungry eyes and gently stroked it April said, “Oh, that’s the
most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Monica was right You are a
stud Okay, about Terry She just turned sixteen She is an
absolute dream–a wet dream She’s a few inches shorter than me,
but we both wear the same bra She has long wavy, light-brown hair
and green eyes She’s a swimmer There’s not an ounce of fat on
her body Her legs are sleek and muscular, yet feminine She
knows she’s hot and likes wearing sexy clothes.”

“Have you seen her naked recently?”

“Yes Her tits look just like mine only more solid They
actually vibrate Her pussy hair is very light, almost invisible
The lips of her pussy are a little fuller than mine, but then mine
were like that at her age I got a good look at her clit once I
had a shower massage installed–the hand-held type It doesn’t
take a girl long to figure out the utility of those things They
should be marketed as liquid pussy massagers.

Anyway, she stepped from the shower I was poised for the view,
pretending to mop a spill She almost stepped on me getting out

I looked up and there it was, pink and shiny and poking out an
inch I embarrassed her by staring at it I didn’t care I just
stayed put, forcing her to squeeze past me Her cunt crept past my
face and I looked right at it the whole time.”

“You should have kissed it.”

“Don’t think I didn’t want to She was so cute As she tried
to squeeze past me without rubbing her cunt across my face, she
whined, “Mom! Your making this difficult You’re embarrassing

I simply said, “You’re the one waving your naked beaver in my
face You could have waited If you’re going to shove it in my
face, I’m going to look.”

She said, “I didn’t see you until it was too late I wasn’t
waving it in your face Gosh Mom! I’d never do that”

“You handled that beautifully, April She knows you’re
interested in her sexually I can use that”

“Do you think so?”

“She’d have to be a fool not to I’m sure she has replayed that
scene over and over When did this happen?”

“Oh, about a month ago.”

“How has she acted since?”

“Well, since then, she has been much more free about being naked
in my presence Of course, I’m always hovering nearby when I know
she’s naked.”

“That’s good I’m sure she’s noticed that too”

“I think she has I haven’t been very subtle lately”

“How so.”

“Well, like last week, I bought her a few sexy outfits I
insisted I help her on with them I was dressing and undressing
her for almost an hour, keeping her naked between changes Three
days ago, I bought her sexy bras and panties We went through the
same routine, only I got to spend a great deal of time kneeling
before her and fitting her panties.”

“Did you touch her cunt?”

“Well, I didn’t shove a finger up her, but yes, I did manage
quite a few indelicate strokes through her crotch I felt her

“How did she take that?”

“She was silent the whole time I may have freaked her out”

“Is it possible that she thinks you are fascinated with her

“I think she might think I’m fascinated with her pussy, yes.
That is the case, and it has been the focal point of my looking and

“Perfect, absolutely perfect Keep that up, only much more

“I don’t know I feel like I’ve pushed too hard as it is”

“No, shock her Do something that will blow her away Tell her
she has a beautiful pussy, worship it, fawn over it, drool over it,
make her uncomfortable When she comes here, what I have to tell
her about your problem will seem believable.”

“My problem?”

“Yes, you have a very serious condition that only Terry can save
you from.”

“Don’t tell me She has to be my sex slave, right?”

“Something like that.”

“You know, you might have something there She’d do anything
for me We really are close Oh God, you have to fuck me now,
Steve I can’t take anymore I’ll do anything you tell me to do
I won’t question your judgment Make her my sex slave, and Terry
will be at your beck and call twenty-four hours a day if you want
I’ll even deliver her You can take all the pictures you want and
share her with your friends I don’t care, just please get that
cock in me.”

Steve got up and took April, driving her to a babbling climax in
less than a minute After pounding her pussy for five minutes,
April was delirious She came four times before Steve flooded her

She gazed up at him, panting While he remained imbedded,
looking down on her, she said, “God! So that’s what real fucking
feels like I feel like slapping my husband for wasting seventeen
of my best years.”

Steve chuckled and withdrew He wiped his dick on her thigh and
took his seat April remained sprawled, exhausted He said, “Tell
me about your husband Is he aware of your plans?”

“Charlie, aware? That’s an oxymoron Actually, he’s a sweet
innocent man, and I do love him He’s very simple sexually He
knows one position and you can set clocks by his love making–five
minutes and thirty seconds I do have one strong advantage over
him, though He needs pussy on a regular basis He won’t cheat
and he has never masturbated He’s a case for you, Doc His mom
caught him playing with himself and traumatized him The poor guy
can’t give himself an erection.”

“I can understand that Sounds to me like that puts you in the
catbird seat.”

“Yes, and I’ve just recently realized how to exercise my control
over him I believe they call it pussy-whipping Anyway, all I
have to do to get my way is cut him off Just the threat is
enough, now.”

“Great I’m sure you’ve been using that to advance your goal
How’s it going?”

“Slow but sure Most of my efforts have been directed at
Charlie He knows I want him to seduce Terry I’ve come right out
and told him He thinks I’m crazy, but he humors me He has to or
he gets no pussy If he were a normal man, Terry would not be a
virgin He’s terrified of making a move on her despite my

“Coaching in what way?”

“Well, I figured it would be best to start by getting him to
steal peaks at her body I made him stare at her body and get
caught doing it That took a month without pussy to accomplish
The next step was to get him to cop feels He learned his lesson,
but it killed him to do it Terry was quite shocked at his unusual
behavior She tells me every time he grabs her ass or tits I
calm her by telling her that men can’t help themselves and that it
is torture to share a house with such a sexy female I told her I
didn’t have the heart to stop him Still, she wants me to know
what she’s having to endure

We are at a critical impasse at the moment My last challenge
to Charlie was to get his finger in her snatch, even if he had to
hold her down to do it He has been without pussy for over a week
He knows he won’t get any until he presents his wet finger to me
and Terry confirms the assault.”

“You might accomplish your goal without my help.”

“Possibly, but I like your way better Besides, Charlie doesn’t
deserve her cherry Sloppy seconds is more suited for him I
should also add that I’ve been mentally conditioning him for the
act For the past six months, he hasn’t screwed me, it’s been
Terry I make him go through an elaborate seduction, often while
I’m wearing one of her outfits We look alike anyway, and I
started wearing my hair in her style I’m very good at imitating
her speech and mannerisms.”

“Role playing is very effective Go on”

“I resist but always weaken I call him Daddy throughout, and
if he ever calls me anything but Terry, he loses He gets no pussy
that day It is the best sex I’ve had with Charlie when everything
goes right.”

“April, you will get your wish Okay, here’s the plan Make an
appointment for Terry to see me alone as soon as possible I’ll
introduce her to your problem and get her to start calling me about
everything that happens to her I’ll also be in close contact with
you You perform one step, by the letter, then get back to me”

“I see, working both ends, brilliant.”

“I’ve been called worse In the meantime, start worshiping
Terry’s cunt and don’t worry about how she’ll take it What ever
you do will play right into our first meeting I want something
stronger than a pat on the pussy, though Push yourself Think of
the rewards.”

“Believe me, I have.”

“Let me give you some professional advice Ease off on Charlie
You are playing with fire in his case.”

“I don’t understand.”

“If you force Charlie, he might break Anything could happen
As a general rule, never force anyone to do anything Apply
pressure, but always leave them the ‘no’ option Make them choose
It’s like in wrestling, you have to be able to cry ‘Uncle’ If you
take that away by applying too much force, you can hurt someone
very badly I know you don’t want to hurt anyone”

“I don’t What you say makes sense, but how do I get my way”

“Use cunning, deception, offer choices between two evils, but
always respect a no You see, April When we make a free choice,
and something bad results, we rationalize and defend the choice we
made If someone forces a bad choice on us, anger and resentment
grows and festers This anger is sometimes vented on innocent
third parties, sometimes inward, and sometimes, at the person
responsible Trust me, it’s all in the doctor books”

“Yes, that makes sense So you’re saying I should let Charlie
off the hook.”

“Forget about Charlie Put him on a shelf until we get Terry
under control by her choice After that, If you want to see
Charlie fuck her, just order her to go fuck her father Charlie is
a dyed-in-the-wool submissive, April You should take a lover and
rub his face in it He’d likely get off on it Bring some stud
home and fuck him in your bed with Charlie in it.

This would serve a dual purpose if Terry knows what’s going on
It will reinforce the fact that you have a serious problem, and
make her take pitty on her poor daddy Play it right, and she’ll
give him a mercy fuck Charlie will probably accept it too”

April adjusted herself and stood shakily Steve took her in an
embrace, kissing her forehead She looked into his eyes and said,
” I’ve been going about this all wrong Now I see that you used
this method on me You screwed me, but I feel like it was all my
choice I feel like I took something from you”

“You did, about a billion sperm cells.”

April looked at her legs and said, “I have that many running
down my legs.” Looking back to his face, she said, “I can’t wait
to see you with her, Steve You will fall in love with Terry, and
I know she’ll fall in love with you.”

“In my business, they call it transference, but I’ve learned to
live with it.”

April laughed and said, “I’ll bet you have Is that
transference as in transferring semen from your balls to their

“That or their stomach.”

April bit her lower lip with a sexy moan and said, “I could use
a little transference My womb is full, but my stomach is empty
I’ve never sucked a cock before.”

Steve turned her to face the door He playfully swatted her
ass, and said, “That’s all for you today I have other patients
waiting You run along and do what I told you Get with my
receptionist about Terry’s appointment.”

“Steve, I need a towel or something I’ve got cum running into
my shoes.”

“See Marsha about that She gets a charge out of my conquests
It’s one of her fringe benefits.”

“Steve, I can’t go out there like this There’s people out

“There’s just an old couple that I know will get a big kick out
of seeing it Go on, and leave those panties here Oh, and April
Be prepared to wipe yourself in the waiting room Marsha won’t let
you in the restroom until you put on a good show for her.” April
started to protest, but Steve ushered her out and shut the door
behind her.

April found herself standing before an elderly couple sitting on
the couch to her left, and Marsha, peering over the low counter in
front On her right, in a straight-backed chair, was a young man
she recognized from the department mailroom All were ogling her
semen-streaked legs With a face as red as a fire truck, and with
the damage done, April screwed up her courage and approached
Marsha’s counter She leaned over and whispered, “Please, I need
a towel And please let me into the restroom”

April felt sure the woman would comply, since the young man was
in the room The broad devilish smile weakened her belief While
Marsh took her time finding the hand towel, April stood nervously
feeling the cum drying on her legs and the warmth of three pairs of
eyes heating the backs of her thighs Marsha returned and held the
towel up but out of reach, saying, “The washroom is closed You’ll
have to step away from the counter if you are not conducting
official business.”

April fixed her with a look of total shock She leaned in and
softly pleaded, “Please, I just…”

“Ma’am, you’ll have to step away from the counter I’m sorry,
but those are the rules.”

April stared at Marsha’s amused grin, realized the futility of
further pleading She debated exiting the office and seeking
services elsewhere in the building Rather than risk exposure to
many, she opted for those already exposed to her infidelity She
stepped back and said, “Is this better?”

“Back more, please.”

Seeing the game, April stepped to the center of the room The
old couple were directly behind her The young man sat four feet
in front and to the right Marsha threw the towel April missed
catching it It landed at her feet With a groan, April stooped
to pick it up A wild rush passed through her body as she realized
how exposed she was Holding the towel, she stood She took a
deep breath and debated the best way to accomplish her goal The
look of lustful admiration on the handsome young man’s face made
her re-think her plan of a quick swipe and dash The look of
hopeful expectation on Marsha’s face demanded a show, her
entitlement April wanted to befriend Marsha A good performance
would insure that April smiled at Marsha, then slowly stepped out
with her left foot She bent from the waist, keeping her knees
straight, and dabbed at the cum trails She slowly moved up both
legs She peered back between her legs and saw the old couple
gawking at her rear The old man leaned out so far that he had to
support himself with one hand on the floor She knew he had a good
view of her wet pussy She remained in that pose to wipe through
her ass then stood erect, looking at Marsha Marsha was all
smiles April lifted her skirt above her waist and began dabbing
her inner thighs and cunt The young man almost fell out of his
seat, straining his eyes.

April finished, stood tall, squared her shoulders, and dropped
her skirt She sauntered over with a sexy sway and offered Marsha
the towel, saying, “There, my private business is over Now I need
to make an appointment for my daughter.”

Marsha raised her eyebrows and said, “You have a daughter, how
nice How old is she?”


“Oh, lovely I hope she takes after her mother”

“So does Dr Wayne”

“I’m sure Fill this out”

April filled out the standard questionnaire, looked up to Marsha
and said loud enough for all to hear, “You’d better stock up on
fresh towels.”

Marsha said, “I was thinking the same thing Bring the victim,
I mean, your darling daughter by tomorrow at four.”

“I’ll have her here with bells on.”

“Is that all?”

April smiled, winked, and sauntered out Back at her work
station, she had to endure a grilling from Monica Monica’s first
words were, “Well, did you get laid?”

April looked around then quickly flipped up the front of her
skirt, exposing her raw pussy They both broke up laughing April
told Monica everything that happened, word for word, but kept her
oath about his confession Monica had lots of ideas that stayed
within the doctor’s guidelines April said, “Monica, do you know
a guy that would get off on screwing me in front of Charlie and
Terry Some old, big, burly, biker type I want to really blow
them away.”

“Why not take two I know two that would be perfect They run
the garage that works on my car They’re both in their fourties,
big, nasty-looking, and bold as all get out They’d fuck you at
your mother’s funeral And honey, those guys can fuck They’re
dumb as stumps, but hung like fuckin’ horses The only problem
will be keeping them off of Terry.”

“They sound perfect My twat is salivating Can you set it

“I’m sure I can.”

“Invite them for dinner Friday night One thing, though I’m
saving Terry for Steve Make it clear that they keep their cocks
out of her I want all the attention Tell them that if they
cooperate, I’ll personally deliver Terry to their garage and they
can fuck her on the grease rack if they want.”

“They will hold you to that, April I’ll tell them if you’re

“Tell them I’m sure Steve can make it happen”

“You’re right, she’s as good as screwed April, I’m so happy
for you.”

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