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August 23, 2005

Clinic Sex Story

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As Ann and John drove home, she kept fingering the small package Dr.
Whetmore had given her. She really liked Dr. Whetmore, and hoped she could
help John with his problems.

It seemed a little “silly” to have her grown husband in diapers, but if
this was what he needed to get better, then so be it. Besides she’d always
like playing dolls and dressup when she was a little girl, and when she was
babysitting she had always liked looking at the little boys when she
changed their diapers.

She even remembered one boy who was 12 years old when she was just starting
to give up babysitting. She was 17 then, and had learned quite a bit about
boys and girls, and had even felt some of her boyfriends getting hard in
their pants when she rubbed them the right way. They seemed to like it when
she pressed gently on the front, but most of them just became helpless and
engrossed in what she was doing to them, until they came in their pants
like babies wetting their pants.

Ann had like playing with this 12 year old boy who still wore diapers
because he was a bedwetter, and watched him get all funny looking when she
changed his diapers and rubbed him with baby lotion. He seemed to go in his
diapers too, but he never got them sticky like her older boyfriends, and
usually peed his diaper right after he got soft again, so she’d have to
change him to put him back to sleep.

Now her husband of 8 years was wearing diapers, and was going to start
using his diaper just like the little babies Ann had babysat for so few
years ago.

They got in the house and Ann prepared dinner for she and John. They talked
animatedly about the revelations of this afternoon with the two doctors,
and both felt comfortable discussing John’s baby needs. After dinner, as
John pulled out the plug from the sink he wet his diaper.

Turning to Ann he said “Please, Annie can you change my diaper. I’m all
wet.” to which Ann replied “C’mon now John you can still change your own
diapers. You’re not a little baby yet !!”

Just yesterday these words would have seemed so strange to Ann, but already
she was beginning to accept the inevitable change in her and John’s

Reluctantly, John went to their room and changed his own diaper, returning
to the living room wearing a big blue disposeable diaper and Polo shirt.

As they sat looking thru the material Dr. Whetmore had given them, Ann was
amazed at how much their was for adult babies, as most of the infantilists
were called. An organization in California, called DPF had a regular
newsletter, and magazines and tons of stories for adult babies. They even
had special big cloth diapers and baby panties, and cute baby styled
clothing for big babies. The man who ran DPF, Tommy, was a big baby
himself, and sure looked cute in his rompers and diapers.

There were other magazines from Infantae Press in Seattle, Washington, and
a lady in California, named Florence, who ran Amber E. They all had lots of
letters from big babies who were so happy to be able to return to their
bottles, and diapers and panties and having found mommies or daddies to
take care of them when they needed some babying.

Ann particularly found an article entitled “The Mommy Solution” from DPF
helpful in understanding John’s needs. She almost felt like crying after
she read it, wishing she could be a mommy to all those babies in search of
a mommy.

As she put down the last article, she noticed it was almost 9:30. They’d
better get going if they were going to listen to their special tapes then
get to bed. She noticed John was wet, and said “Get you diaper bag for
mommy John. You need your didee changed.”

It felt strange, but natural, especially after reading the Mommy Solution.
Ann wanted to try and help John.

As John dutifully returned with his diaper bag, Ann told him to lie down,
stripped off his wet diaper, then powdered him, put on a fresh disposeable
diaper, then put his headphones on him, connected to his personal cassette
tape player and switched on the tape for him. Then she sat opposite him in
her easy chair and switched on her own cassette player.

In minutes, both had their eyes closed, looking to all like they were sound
asleep, while their subconscious minds absorbed Dr. Whetmores suggestions
for their new life, as baby Johnny and mommy. Their minds were like empty
sponges soaking up Dr. Whetmore’s suggestions and instructions.

Ann was “learning” to be a good, stern mommy and to keep baby Johnny in his
diapers and plastic panties as much as possible. Johnny was reliving the
pleasures of babyhood, the feelings and sensations of warm wet diapers, and
squish messy diapers. The feelings of helplessness and dependence as he wet
or messed his diapers uncontrollably or waiting for mommy to give him his

When they woke up, Ann viewed John in a new light. He seemed somehow
smaller, more defenseless, like a baby needing mommy’s protection. John too
felt differently about Ann. She was now the stronger, the one who would and
could give him what he craved and needed, if he was a good little boy and
did what she told him.

Ann looked at his sodden diaper, and jokingly but sternly said “Well, you
are quite a little pisser aren’t you. Get up to beddy bye and I’ll change
your diapers for bedtime. Looks like you’re going to need a nice, thick
diaper to get thru the nited aren’t you sweetie.”

John smiled then meekly said “Yes mama. I need thick diapers ‘cuz I wet a
lot at niteenites. Thank you mama.” and toddled off to their bedroom.

Ann giggled at the sight of her husband toddling up the stairs in his
sodden diaper. He actually looked like a toddler with a load in his diaper
the way he was walking.

Ann seemed to know there were a couple of “special” diapers in John’s
diaper bag, and as she took them out, was shocked at their size. They were
huge, but designed just like the ones she’d seen for little babies in the
department stores a couple of years ago. They were made with 8 layers of
thick cotton flannel, and then had another insert made of another 8 layers
of flannel sewn in at the top and bottom. That meant John would be wearing
16 layers of thick flannel in the diaper, which was kind of like quadruple
diapering a real baby. He probably wouldn’t be able to walk with that much
between his legs, but then where did he have to go. The bathroom was “out
of bounds” while he was diapered, and those special locking diaper pins she
found in his bag, would make sure of that.

She found it kind of “kinky” as she thought of trussing her husband up in
these super thick diapers, then locking them on with the heavy locking pins
and keeping him that way until morning. As an after thought, she took two
baby bottles she’d almost missed out of the bag, and filled them with warm
water and cranberry juice. Somehow she seemed to know this combination
would make him wet more heavily during the night, so he’d be sure to wake
up in very wet diapers the next morning.

Just as she hoped, John had put out his changing pad and mattress protector
on his side of the bed, and was lying there waiting to be changed. She
gingerly removed the wet diaper, thinking “The little bugger must have wet
again to be this wet.” then cleansed him off with a big baby wipes. Next
she liberally spread vaseline all over his bottom and took extra pains with
his weewee and front noticing the effect her gentle massage was having on
his penis. Just before it looked like he’d “erupt” she pulled the thick
diaper up between his legs, leaving him with a stiff hard on tucked safely
in 16 layers of diaper flannel. The pins snapped in place in a flash and
then on went the plastic panties.

All this fooling around was making her horny, but with John all trussed up
in his diaper, what was she to do. Then an idea struck her. Babies were
supposed to be very oral, so let’s see how oral baby Johnny was.

“Johnny, mommy got you all ready for niteenites, but mommy wants some
lovings from her baby. Can you make mommy happy too ??”

John said “Sure hon, just let me get these off then I’ll really show you
some lovings, then you can get me ready for beddy bye again. Huh…. What
the heck ??”

“Oh no Johnny. Once mommy puts your didees on for nitee nites they have to
stay on until mommy changes you in the morning. Besides, babies who have to
wear diapers shouldn’t have their little weewee outside their didees and
panties, or they might have a nasty accident and peepee all over the bed or

I think you know another way baby can make mommy very happy !!” and Ann
gently but firmly pulled John’s head to her chest then put her nipple just
inches from his mouth.

John didn’t need another hint, and soon was sucking and tonguing her
nipples, arousing her to new heights of pleasure. As Ann gently pushed his
searching mouth downward, he found a new “nipple” to suck on and with Ann’s
urging soon learned to use his lips, tongue and mouth to bring her time and
again to the heights of ecstacy.

John felt a new calm, peacefulness and a sense of helpless dependence on
this strong woman who was his mommy now, and as he felt her quiver for the
5th time, felt his bladder emptying hotly, uncontrollably into his diapers
and felt like he too was reaching the heights of orgasm, except his little
weewee was softly, limply being bathed in his peepee as he helplessly wet
his diapers uncontrollably while pleasing his mommy.

Little Johnnie was learning his lessons well, and would find himself soon
conditioned to repeat his lessons over and over again.

As Ann came down from heights she’d never know possible she could faintly
smell the urine in John’s diapers and pulled him gently towards her breasts
again. As John suckled calmly, contentedly she began gently rubbing his
diaper at the front and soon felt the swell of his manhood. She kept saying
“Johnnie likes the feeling of his warm, wet diapers doesn’t he ?? It feels
so nice to be in wet diapers sucking mommy’s titties like a little baby
again doesn’t it ?? Mommy loves her baby Johnny. Good baby Johnny wants to
wet his diapers all the time so mommy can make him feel good too.”

John’s subconscious was clouded by the sensations in his mouth, his diaper
region and especially in his cock as Ann gently stroked his erection in his
warm, wet diapers. Soon he was oblivious to everything except the
sensations and her words, and he KNEW it sure felt good to wet his diapers
and to wear wet diapers like a baby.

As he came explosively, Ann kept saying “Good baby Johnny, you’re wetting
your diapers again. It feels so good to wet your diapers. Good baby.” and
John’s helpless subconsious made the indelible connection between the
pleasure of orgasm and wetting his diapers helplessly. He was hooked and
convinced wetting his diapers made him feel this good.

Ann, his wife of 6 years, was turning him into a helpless wetter and he
loved it.

As they drifted off to sleep, Ann turned on John’s headset, then her own,
and they both slept soundly, deeply, letting their subconscious minds
absorb the pleasures of their new roles.

Tomorrow would see another small phase in the growth of their relationship,
until Dr. Whetmore took them to the next platform.


A New Day Dawns

Ann was awakened to the warm wetness of John’s overflowing diapers. He’d
wet so heavily during the night he’d supersaturated the diapers, leaking at
the pantlegs and wetting the changing pad and the bed. His loud sucking had
also served to wake her, and she gently pulled his thumb from his mouth and
gave him the remainder of his bottle from last night.

Obviously he’d taken the one bottle and drained it himself during the
night, while she slept, and started the second before going to sleep again.
At any rate, he sure was wet. She’d try a little test and see how he felt
about it.

As John finished the bottle, he seemed to wake himself, and Ann said “Well
sleepy head, you sure slept soundly last night. How’s it feel to wake in
pissy diapers, like a little baby.”

To her surprise, John said “Mmmmm, it feels real nice. It’s so nice and
warm and make me feel peaceful. Thank you for helping me Ann. I know I can
be a good baby for you.”

Ann smiled, then said “Well pissy pants, time to get you up, changed and
then off to work. You’ve still got a job to do and you can’t stay in those
sopping diapers all day or you’ll get a horrible rash. Off you go to the

I’ll have to think of something different for tonite, so I don’t wind up
sleeping in a puddle too. One bedwetter in the family is bad enough,
especially one who wets as heavily as you do. Now off with you.”

John swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, then almost fell
down as quickly as he’d gotten up. “Jeez, these diapers must have a couple
gallons of pee in them. They weigh a ton. Can’t you change me here, then
we’ll figure what to do ?”

“No way. You’re too wet to be changed here. Besides you’re still a grown
man, even if you do need diapers, so you get into the shower any way you
can. Crawl if you have to, but move it !!”

Obediently John tried again, but found there was no way he could walk with
the sodden mass between his legs. Crawl he did. Just like a little baby,
only with the heavy sodden diapers he even had trouble crawling.

Ann laughed at the sight of her 33 year old husband crawling to the shower,
in soaking, sodden diapers and then remembered the locking pins. As she
heard John get into the tub enclosure, then yell “I can’t get these off.
Can you help me please Ann ??” she started to laugh, kind of sneeringly and
said “That’s no way for a good baby to talk. Ask me nicely in a sweet baby
voice to please change your pissy diapers, and I’ll consider it.”

Reluctantly John started asking and eventually satisfied Ann by saying
“Pweez momma change pissy baby Johnny’s pissy baby diapers. Pweez momma.”
and Ann laughingly released the diaper pins letting the sodden diaper fall
to John’s feet.

After his shower, John came out to get ready for work. Instead of his
regular briefs, Ann had laid out a pair of thick, terry cloth pants, kind
of like trainer soakers toddlers wear while being toilet trained. John
yelled down to Ann “Hon these aren’t what I wear to work, what gives ???”

His baby personna was receding as he got ready for a day at the office, and
the idea of wearing baby training panties was repulsive. Sure he needed
diapers at night time, since he was such a heavy bedwetter, but training
pants during the day, no way.

Ann shouted up sternly, “Ok Mr. Pissy pants. You may think you’re all grown
up, but the evidence against you is in the washer now, or did you already
forget the condition of your diapers half an hour ago. Now I want you in
those trainers, and dressed and down here for breakfast in five minutes or
else !!”

Meekly John put the trainers on. They felt strange, yet somehow comforting.
Maybe they wouldn’t be so bad after all. They felt kind of like diapers,
but not quite so bulky.

As they had breakfast, Ann explained “I know you haven’t had any daytime
accidents for quite a while, but we don’t want to take chances. You’ve been
wetting quite heavily at night again, just like you did when you were a
baby in diapers all the time, so the training panties are a precaution. If
you have a “little” accident, it shouldn’t be so bad you get your trousers
all wet. Just be careful and pay attention and go potty when you first feel
the need.

Remember now, if you wet your pants at all, it’s back into diapers for you
during the daytime, too !!”

John hung his head and said “Yes ma’m. I’ll keep dry. Sorry I yelled
earlier, it’s just that I’m not a baby anymore. I don’t need baby pants at

Ann just smiled, handed him his bag with two spare pair of pants, and said
“We’ll see about that.”

Ann started her walkman with the music cassette and went about her
housework. As she proceeded she made a list of things she’d need. Enough
flannel for a dozen diapers, 4 more pair of plastic panties, two of the
large bottles she’d read about and one of the neighbours had said she could
get at the local pharmacy in the back of the store.

Then she looked at the DPF magazine again, and the Carloyn’s Kids catalog
and ordered a dozen of the special extra thick diapers in print patterns,
and the print nursery styled panties. She ordered 3 shortalls, two rompers,
6 pairs of sleepers and two large soothers as well.

When she was done, she figured this would be a good layette to start with,
and with her sewing talents she could make more cute baby outfits for

Finally, she phoned the store Dr. Rotman had told her about. She was
surprised they would deliver this afternoon, no trouble, and set everything
up for her.

By the time John was due home, Ann had transformed the den into a passable
nursery. A large padded table served as changing table, with shelves of
diapers, panties and necessary pins, powder and lotions. A toy box held
large stuffed toys, some big hard rubber balls, and a cute large Roly Poly.

But the piece de resistance was the special bed. It looked now like a
regular child’s bed, with low mattress, two pull out drawers underneath,
and a head and foot board. The beauty was it could easily be converted into
a full size crib, big enough for the biggest baby, complete with locking
side rails, large musical mobile to attach to the headboard and if needed a
locking top.

Ann felt the extra touch of a private stereo system with speakers at each
end and both sides of the bed would be a nice touch, and make it easier for
Johnny to listen to his special tapes in the nights and weeks to come.

This was going to be fun having a new big baby at home. She wondered how
Johnny was making out.

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