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August 3, 2005

Naughty Dentist

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Hey guys look what a pretty nice story I managed to dig out
“The doctor will see you now Miss Delgado.”
Anita got up out of her chair and placed the ten year old
copy of TIME face down on the coffee table in front of her. More Pergnant Text for your funny_medical_story Trips
. More Texts Here amazing_medical_story to the dentist always seemed to frighten her. medical Story of your choice: bill_medical_patient_story_success But the pain in her
. Other medical Stories: gyno_medical_story mouth was almost too much to bear She and her boyfriend
Michael hadn’t even been able to kiss without her mouth throbbing
with pain It had been a few years since her last check up Los
Angeles dentists were often too expensive for her She had found
the ad for Doctor Walters office one day while leafing through the
newspaper A checkup was only going to set her back $5000 She
wondered if there was going to be anything more the initial
She opened the door and immediately got a whiff of the
cleanliness that most dentist office’s had It was a mixture of
bleach and perfume In other words, it smelled like it could be
painful Doctor Walters stood in front of a sink scrubbing his
“Come in and have a seat, Anita.” he said motioning with
his head to the black dentist’s chair in the middle of the room.
She was nervous enough as it was, but the sight of the chair
made her even more nervous The light beside the chair was still
on and worked like a spotlight The room was dark in comparison
and it made her feel as if she was about to go on stage for a play
she didn’t know, to recite lines that she couldn’t remember.
“H-Hello Doctor Walters,” she said with a little tremor in
her voice.
Doctor Walters smiled as he dried his hands “Don’t be
nervous Anita I know that it looks scary, but I’ll try to make this as
painless as possible Go ahead and sit down”
She sat on the chair The heat from the lamp had warmed
the seat a bit, making her feel a little better She placed her purse
beside her on the seat and squinted as Dr Walters adjusted it into
her face.
“What seems to be the problem?” he asked her.
“I’m having this pain in my mouth whenever I eat
anything.” she said.
“Well, let’s take a look shall we? Why don’t you open up
wide for me?”
Anita opened her mouth and he probed inside with his
fingers very gently She could smell his cologne as his head moved
from side to side looking inside It made her feel more at ease, he
wore the same scent as her boyfriend.
“I see what the problem is,” he said sitting back “You’ve
got a pretty nasty cavity back there Does it hurt when you talk?”
“Sometimes Is there something that you can do?”
“I could do something It’s actually pretty simple It might
take a little bit of time though You’re not double parked or
anything are you?”
Anita gave him a little smile “No But I am concerned
about the cost.”
“Don’t worry I won’t charge you for this one I know that it
probably hurts a lot I’ll fix you right up”
She let out a sigh “Thanks Dr Walters” Then she
straightened up in her seat “Is it going to hurt?”
“It could hurt a little bit.”
“Could you give me something to dull the pain?”
Dr Walters sat back “Well, I could put you under
anesthesia Let me check your records to see if you’re okay to
receive it” He stood up and leafed through her chart “You did fill
this out properly, right?”
“I think so.”
“Well, then, you’ll be okay Let me get you ready” He
walked back to her and draped a sheet over her chest area He then
put on his gloves and got his equipment sterilized After this, he
walked behind her and placed a mask over her nose and mouth.
“Okay, Anita I want you to take a few deep breaths You
may feel a little funny at first, but then you’ll go right to sleep I
won’t go to work until you are asleep so you won’t feel any pain,
Anita nodded and followed the doctor’s orders, taking long
deep breaths The room dimmed for her and the doctor’s words of
encouragement began to sound farther and farther away Finally,
after one more breath, the room went black….

Doctor Walters finished filling Anita’s tooth and put his
equipment table aside He pulled his mask down and took his
gloves off Anita was still under the effects of the anesthesia He
had given her a dose that would put her out for at least another
three hours The procedure had taken him a little less than an hour
He looked at Anita’s peaceful face Her mouth still hung open from
his having worked on her But she was a beautiful girl Her skin
was soft and fair, a contrast to her dark hair and eyes She was
nicely defined too Maybe not the typical model figure, but those
kinds of bodies were often the result of anorexia and bulimia He
removed the sheet from her chest and threw it aside with his gloves
and mask He took her purse and opened it, looking to see who this
woman was He found out from her driver’s licence that she was
twenty five and her UCLA student ID He also found a picture of
her and a guy that he guessed was her boyfriend He also guessed
that from the condoms he found in her purse that they were pretty
happy with each other He looked up and down her body admiring
her taste in clothes as well She had on a white button up shirt and
a black leather vest with light blue jeans and quarter top boots If
he didn’t know better, she looked like she was ready to ride a bull
at a rodeo But he had a different kind of ride in mind
He checked the clock against the wall It was after five so
he knew that the anesthesia would last at least another hour and he
also knew that his secretary was gone for the day and that the
office was closed But just to be safe, he locked the door and
pulled down the shades on the windows He turned on the lights
and moved the operating lamp out of the way Using the control
panel, he lowered the back of the seat so that Anita was lying back
on the chair parallel to the ground And then he raised the chair so
that she lay about four feet off the ground He stepped up to the
chair and straddled it so that was sitting on her legs He put her
purse aside and began unsnapping the buttons on her vest and
parted the sides He then undid the buttons one by one on her
blouse, revealing the shiny white bra she had on underneath He
slipped the blouse and the vest down her arms and placed them on
the ground beside the chair His breaths were coming in short pants
now as he looked at her magnificently round breasts sitting in a
tight fitting bra He slipped his fingers under the shoulder straps
and pulled the bra down exposing her beautiful breasts They were
round and firm, little brown nipples topping a perfectly dome
shaped softness He ran his fingers across the nipples watching her
face for any kind of reaction There was none
He turned around and pulled her boots and socks off, taking
a moment to admire her unpainted and naturally beautiful toes.
The second toe was just slightly longer than the big toe which gave
her feet shape He undid the buckle of her belt and pulled it off
Then he unsnapped the button and pulled the zipper down This
was going to be a little more difficult of a maneuver, so he pulled
her jeans down her hips first, getting a look at her silky white
panties And then got up and moved to the foot of the chair so that
he could pull her jeans all the way off her legs.
He could feel the sweat beading on his forehead as he
stared at her nearly unclad body He could see a dark patch
between her legs underneath the silky material of her panties He
reached into his cabinet for the Polaroid camera that he kept for
these occasions and snapped away from every conceivable angle.
He took close ups of her breasts, legs, feet, and her face with her
mouth still slack and laying wide open He pulled her panties down
and took picture of her crotch and then her legs with her panties
around her ankles Then he took the panties off her and spread her
legs as wide as the chair legs would allow him to go He snapped
off a total of 30 pictures and put them aside The bulge in his pants
was paining him for a release He took all of his clothes off and
adjusted the chair so that Anita was lying in a half sitting position.
He closed the leg spreaders and put on a condom from her purse
on his throbbing prick.
Dr Walters smiled as he rested Anita’s legs on his
shoulders and moved in as he entered her She was not that wet,
but the gas had relaxed her so that there was little resistance The
lubrication from the condom was enough He nearly folded her in
half as he pounded away at her unconscious form Her legs pointed
limply toward the ceiling, bending slightly at the knees He
watched as her breasts jiggled and her mouth opened and closed
with each pounding stroke He stopped momentarily to put her
arms around his neck just to make him feel more like a woman
like her would actually be with him like this He continued to fuck
her with abandon, letting out a grunt and moan as he entered her.
She began to moan as well, but not loudly enough to concern him
that she could be awakening She was like a paper doll for him,
flexible Her knees were nearly touching the back of the chair near
her head He felt her heels touching his back as he pounded stroke
after stroke He could feel his climax coming
Dr Walters stopped and lifted Anita’s limp form off the
chair and placed her face down near the middle of the chair Her
legs dangled off the end of the chair and her arms lay across the
headrest He adjusted the chair again, raising it off the floor until
Anita’s toes were just barely grazing the floor But now her
perfectly round ass was at his waist level He spread apart her ass
cheeks and squirted a bit of lubricant he used for teeth cleaning
into the hole He entered her slowly, hoping that it wouldn’t
awaken her Just as it was for her crotch, her ass was relaxed and
offered just the right amount of resistance.
“God, this is tight,” Dr Walters muttered as her slid all
seven inches of his cock into her ass, gradually picking up speed as
the lubricant began to give him the smoothness he wanted He
pounded away at her watching her body move upward against the
chair He grabbed a hold of her wrists and pulled her upward so
that her upper torso was off the chair Her head still hung limply
downward, her chin near her chest He used the chair and the
center of gravity so that he wouldn’t pull them both down to the
ground Each stroke now rippled through her body He could see in
the mirror in front of the them as her head bobbed up and down A
long trail of saliva dripped from her still gaping mouth He could
see her breasts swinging forward and back Finally, he let out a
yelp as he came, letting Anita’s wrists go so that he lay on her back
while he rode out the remaining spasms of his cock.
He lay there for just a few moments, finally pulling his
softening cock out of her ass and peeling off the condom It was
getting closer to six and she would be awakening soon He cleaned
himself off and got dressed Then he took a wet cloth and cleaned
Anita up, paying special attention to her crotch, ass, and mouth He
wanted to make sure there was no sign of his violation He lay her
back down on the chair just as she had been before, and put her
clothes back on He left her barefoot just for the moment so that he
could suck on her toes for just a moment before he slipped her
socks and shoes back on He adjusted his equipment and lamp just
as he had them, and gave her a deep kiss on the lips….

Anita’s eyes fluttered open She squinted at first at the light
above her and then moved her head to the side to a smiling Dr.
“You’re all done Anita How do you feel?”
She licked her lips and swallowed “I’m a little groggy”
“Well, that’s to be expected You were under for a few
hours I’ll call a cab for you so that you don’t have to drive home
You can pick up your car tomorrow.”
Anita smiled and realized that it didn’t hurt when she did it.
“My mouth doesn’t hurt anymore, Doctor.”
He smiled “Of course not! I said I’d take care of it, didn’t
She smiled “Thank you, Dr Walters”
He nodded “No, thank you”

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