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August 31, 2005

Lingerie Fetish Sex Story

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April stopped off at a lingerie shop on the way home and bought
the most ultra-mini bikini they had. Another Story: medical_story It wasn’t something that
. Other erotic fiction on this topic medical_fetish_story could be worn in public. medical Story of your choice: story_of_medical_practice It was mostly string. medical Story of your choice: medical_exam_story The top consisted
. Another Story: erotic_medical_story of two, one-inch triangles. Another Story: medical_sex_story The bottom was an elongated triangle
. Other erotic fiction on this topic funny_medical_story with a one-inch base and strings coming from each corner It
. More Pergnant Text for your bill_medical_patient_story_success didn’t even cover the mound. Another Story: gyno_medical_story It was just a simple patch that
rested up against the pussy with one string that went up the ass
crack and two going up the front The strings attached to a simple
gold chain that went around the waist She had it gift wrapped

April prepared a big dinner and the family ate together–
something they usually did only on Sundays Terry was excited
because she made the state finals on her school swim team Charlie
was obviously feeling the strain of April’s demands He was unable
to look at Terry After dinner, April took him aside She said,
“Charlie, I’m letting you off the hook Forget what I said about
fingering Terry I’m giving up on you I’ll find someone with a
real dick to fuck her.”

Relief flooded over him He was so relieved, he did not
immediately register the second part A frown slowly formed He
said, “Oh, April How can you? She’s our daughter (more…)

Dentist Clinic Sex Story

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Doctor Walters came into the office early that Monday
morning knowing that he probably wouldn’t have too much
business today. medical Story of your choice: story_of_medical_practice Mostly everyone was out of town during the long
. Another Story: medical_exam_story holiday weekend, but he figured a few hours would be enough. More Texts Here erotic_medical_story He
could close early afterwards. More Pergnant Text for your funny_medical_story His secretary, Denise, was out today,
. More Pergnant Text for your amazing_medical_story a gift from Dr. medical Story of your choice: bill_medical_patient_story_success Walters for her great work. Other medical Stories: gyno_medical_story She was quiet and
reserved, and stayed out of his way while he worked.
He sat down at her desk and reached for a magazine I’ve
gotta get some new ones in here, he thought to himself as he
flipped through a ten year old copy of National Geographic He
took a sip of coffee and realized that he had left the morning paper
in his car He stood up and walked to the door Upon opening it, he
nearly ran over a blonde woman who was hold her cheek.
“I’m terribly sorry, are you okay?” he said helping her to her
“Uh-huh,” she said nodding a bit “Are you the dentist?”
“Yes I am, are you here for a checkup?” he said opening the
door and letting her in.
“I’m sorry to come in without an appointment, but I’m really
hurting I need to get this done right away I’m Cheryl Morgan”
Dr Walters smiled and showed her into his office He lead
her into the middle of the room and sat her down in the black
leather dentist chair She sat back and relaxed as best she could,
grimacing as she opened wide for him He gave her mouth a once
over and then proceeded to prepare for a more thorough check up,
washing his hands vigorously and disinfecting his equipment He
poked at her back molar with a scraping tool and Cheryl nearly
jumped out of the seat in pain.
“You’ve got a really bad tooth there Luckily you can still
feel it, you won’t need a root canal,” he said “But I will have to
work on it today.”
“Could you? I really appreciate it It’s been affecting my
work I haven’t even been able to smile”
“You smile for a living?”
Cheryl coyly nodded “I’m a model Or at least, an aspiring
one I’ve only been in LA a few months and just joined an agency
This is my first real break and I don’t want to blow it.”
Dr Walters smiled “We’ll fix you right up” He took his
thermometer and checked her temperature After deciding that she
would be okay, he spoke again.
“Cheryl, this may hurt you more than I you’d like, so I’m
going to administer some anesthesia for you You’ll probably feel
really sleepy and then fall asleep, but then I’ll be able to fix your
tooth much easier Okay?”
Cheryl nodded “Oh good, I won’t feel anything As you’ve
seen, I’ve got a low pain threshold.”
Dr Walters smiled and placed the mask over her nose and
mouth “Okay, deep breaths Cheryl, let the gas do it’s work” He
watched her chest rise and fall and looked into her eyes, they went
from bright and sparkled, to flat and glazed over He didn’t realize
at first that she had fallen asleep with her eyes slightly open It was
a little frightening at first, she looked like she had died But her
pulse rate and breathing were steady He removed the gas mask
and started working on her tooth…

An hour later, he began putting his things away and
washing up The procedure was much simpler than he first
thought He had given her enough anesthesia to put her out for at
least another four hours He stood up and looked at her face He
wasn’t surprised that she was a model Cheryl Morgan was a
stunning woman Her long blond hair flowed about her shoulders
Her lips were full and slightly pouty Her blue eyes were piercing
through him even at their glazed over state His age concerned her
She didn’t look a day over sixteen Her body still looked like it
hadn’t fully matured He checked her purse to see how old she
really was Her driver’s licence told him that she was 21 Odd, she
really looked like she still belonged in high school It was serious
He turned off the light so that the only light left was the
operating light which worked like a spotlight on Cheryl’s
unconscious form Her mouth lay gaping open and her eyes slightly
open Dr Walters took out his Polaroid camera and began
snapping away She was a model, so she had to be used to picture
being taken He wanted to add some to his collection Her white
cutoff shorts and black tank top were adding to his ever growing
erection He put the camera down and took off his clothes He was
going to have a little fun with young Cheryl.
First, he pulled off her white canvas shoes and socks He
nearly came in his pants as her pale toes came into view They
were unpainted and smooth, like a porcelain vase He leaned over
and put her foot right under his nose The scent was still fresh, her
toes must not have been in those shoes that long He took her right
big toe into his mouth and sucked on it Then he ran his tongue
down her sole There was no response for her It looked as if she
was watching him from those half closed lids, and that excited
him He was doing what he wanted with her body and she was
watching him do it!
He adjusted the seat and raised the chair back to a seated
position He moved it until the chair was more than perpendicular
to the ground which caused Cheryl to start to fall forward in the
seat Dr Walters caught her and slung her over his shoulder like a
sack of potatoes She wasn’t much heavier than one he thought as
he carried her over to the full length mirror on the other side of the
room Cheryl was a tall girl, maybe 5′10″ or so as he leaned her
against him so that they both faced the mirror.
He adjusted her legs so that they wouldn’t give and her
weight rested on them He let her head lay on his chest and let her
arms dangle to each side Her fingertips skimmed his bare buttocks
as they swung back and forth slightly He stared at the two images
in front of him in the mirror One of a beautiful and unconscious
blond woman, and one of him, naked as the day he was born He
reached around her and undid the button on her shorts One by one,
the buttonfly buttons fell to the sides, as gravity did the rest Her
shorts slid down her creamy legs and down to her feet revealing
her silky green panties He could see little blond pubic hairs
sticking out from the sides of the crotch He placed her arms above
her head and around his neck as he lifted the tanktop over her head
revealing the matching green bra He tossed the black tanktop to
the side and looked at the image of young Cheryl lying back on
him in a seductive pose He lifted her up slightly just so that he
could kick her shorts out of the way and let her arms fall back to
the sides
He reached up with both hands and gave her small breasts a
squeeze They fit right in the palms of his big hands He reached
around her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor
exposing her small but pert breasts Her nipples were small pink
little buttons on quarter sized aureole Dr Walters rubbed his
fingers across them, waiting for her to respond They did not
harden He looked at her face in the mirror, her eyes still slightly
open and her mouth gaping He could see the filling that he put in
her back molar Keeping his eyes on the mirror, he bent down and
began nibbling on her ear, flicking his tongue in and out, nibbling
on her earlobe While still nibbling, he reached down and put his
thumbs underneath the sides of her silky panties He pulled them
down slowly, reveling in seeing just the tops of her bushy crotch
and then the mound of hair as he pushed them down her hips and
let them fall to her ankles.
By now, his cock was begging for action as it rubbed
against her bare buttock He lifted her up letting the panties fall off
her ankles and onto the floor, then set her back down so that he
could get that action He pushed her legs apart, so that now she
was leaning on him He lowered himself so that his cock was right
near her cunt He reached down beneath her legs and probed inside
her with a finger She was a little wet, probably from a dream she
was having He began working his finger in and out, making her
wetter and wetter He felt her body twitch from the fingering She
must be having some dream, he thought to himself He pulled his
finger out and stuck in her mouth, letting her own juices mix in her
mouth She was set He held her by the hips and eased his cock
inside her He felt magnificent He let her fall forward so that
her body bent fully at the waist She was nearly folded in half, her
arms brushing against the floor All the while, Dr Walters kept
pounding away at Cheryl from behind Finally letting out a moan
when he came inside her He lost his grip on her sweaty waist and
she crumbled to the floor He scrambled to her and checked her
over, looking for any bruises She was fine
He saw that her mouth had opened wide during the fall He
could see her back molars He gave her a deep throated kiss,
running his tongue around the roof of her mouth Then he stuck his
still hard cock into her mouth, closing it slightly so that he could
slide in and out of her mouth Occasionally, he could feel her
tongue running along the sides of his cock She would even suck
slightly as if she were sucking a lollipop He gyrated his waist so
that he began fucking Cheryl’s mouth Her soft tongue and warm
mouth brought his already swelling cock to an almost unbearable
climax He felt his cock spasm three, four, then five times He
watched as the sides of her mouth leaked with his fluid He pulled
out quickly to make sure that she wouldn’t choke
Oddly enough, she didn’t choke She didn’t even gag Dr
Walters watched in amazement as Cheryl swallowed his entire
load, even licking her lips before going back to sleep Dr Walters
smiled and let out a laugh He decided that this was enough He
put his clothes on and carried the sleeping beauty back onto the
chair After taking a few more Polaroids of her wonderfully naked
body, he put her clothes back on and gassed her again, this time
waking her up.
“Rise and shine Cheryl.”
Her eyes fluttered slightly and she let out yawn “Am I
Dr Walters smiled “You were better than okay You were
She smiled and smacked her lips “God, my mouth is so
sticky I must’ve been drooling”

August 23, 2005

Doctor Tushy Gyno Porn

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Joke of the day

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Two doctors and an HMO manager died and lined up at the pearly gates for
admission to heaven. St. Peter asked them to identify themselves. One doctor
stepped forward and said; “I was a pediatric spine surgeon and helped kids
overcome their deformities.” St. Peter said, “You can enter.” The second
doctor said; “I was a psychiatrist. I helped people rehabilitate themselves.”
St. Peter also invited him in. The third applicant stepped forward and said,
“I was an HMO manager. I helped people get cost-effective health care.” St.
Peter said, “You can come in too.” But as the HMO manager walked by, St.
Peter added, “You can stay three days. After that, you can go to hell.”

Clinic Sex Story

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As Ann and John drove home, she kept fingering the small package Dr.
Whetmore had given her. She really liked Dr. Whetmore, and hoped she could
help John with his problems.

It seemed a little “silly” to have her grown husband in diapers, but if
this was what he needed to get better, then so be it. Besides she’d always
like playing dolls and dressup when she was a little girl, and when she was
babysitting she had always liked looking at the little boys when she
changed their diapers.

She even remembered one boy who was 12 years old when she was just starting
to give up babysitting. She was 17 then, and had learned quite a bit about
boys and girls, and had even felt some of her boyfriends getting hard in
their pants when she rubbed them the right way. They seemed to like it when
she pressed gently on the front, but most of them just became helpless and
engrossed in what she was doing to them, until they came in their pants
like babies wetting their pants.

Ann had like playing with this 12 year old boy who still wore diapers
because he was a bedwetter, and watched him get all funny looking when she
changed his diapers and rubbed him with baby lotion. He seemed to go in his
diapers too, but he never got them sticky like her older boyfriends, and
usually peed his diaper right after he got soft again, so she’d have to
change him to put him back to sleep.

Now her husband of 8 years was wearing diapers, and was going to start
using his diaper just like the little babies Ann had babysat for so few
years ago.

They got in the house and Ann prepared dinner for she and John. They talked
animatedly about the revelations of this afternoon with the two doctors,
and both felt comfortable discussing John’s baby needs. After dinner, as
John pulled out the plug from the sink he wet his diaper.

Turning to Ann he said “Please, Annie can you change my diaper. I’m all
wet.” to which Ann replied “C’mon now John you can still change your own
diapers. You’re not a little baby yet !!”

Just yesterday these words would have seemed so strange to Ann, but already
she was beginning to accept the inevitable change in her and John’s

Reluctantly, John went to their room and changed his own diaper, returning
to the living room wearing a big blue disposeable diaper and Polo shirt.

As they sat looking thru the material Dr. Whetmore had given them, Ann was
amazed at how much their was for adult babies, as most of the infantilists
were called. An organization in California, called DPF had a regular
newsletter, and magazines and tons of stories for adult babies. They even
had special big cloth diapers and baby panties, and cute baby styled
clothing for big babies. The man who ran DPF, Tommy, was a big baby
himself, and sure looked cute in his rompers and diapers.

There were other magazines from Infantae Press in Seattle, Washington, and
a lady in California, named Florence, who ran Amber E. They all had lots of
letters from big babies who were so happy to be able to return to their
bottles, and diapers and panties and having found mommies or daddies to
take care of them when they needed some babying.

Ann particularly found an article entitled “The Mommy Solution” from DPF
helpful in understanding John’s needs. She almost felt like crying after
she read it, wishing she could be a mommy to all those babies in search of
a mommy.

As she put down the last article, she noticed it was almost 9:30. They’d
better get going if they were going to listen to their special tapes then
get to bed. She noticed John was wet, and said “Get you diaper bag for
mommy John. You need your didee changed.”

It felt strange, but natural, especially after reading the Mommy Solution.
Ann wanted to try and help John.

As John dutifully returned with his diaper bag, Ann told him to lie down,
stripped off his wet diaper, then powdered him, put on a fresh disposeable
diaper, then put his headphones on him, connected to his personal cassette
tape player and switched on the tape for him. Then she sat opposite him in
her easy chair and switched on her own cassette player.

In minutes, both had their eyes closed, looking to all like they were sound
asleep, while their subconscious minds absorbed Dr. Whetmores suggestions
for their new life, as baby Johnny and mommy. Their minds were like empty
sponges soaking up Dr. Whetmore’s suggestions and instructions.

Ann was “learning” to be a good, stern mommy and to keep baby Johnny in his
diapers and plastic panties as much as possible. Johnny was reliving the
pleasures of babyhood, the feelings and sensations of warm wet diapers, and
squish messy diapers. The feelings of helplessness and dependence as he wet
or messed his diapers uncontrollably or waiting for mommy to give him his

When they woke up, Ann viewed John in a new light. He seemed somehow
smaller, more defenseless, like a baby needing mommy’s protection. John too
felt differently about Ann. She was now the stronger, the one who would and
could give him what he craved and needed, if he was a good little boy and
did what she told him.

Ann looked at his sodden diaper, and jokingly but sternly said “Well, you
are quite a little pisser aren’t you. Get up to beddy bye and I’ll change
your diapers for bedtime. Looks like you’re going to need a nice, thick
diaper to get thru the nited aren’t you sweetie.”

John smiled then meekly said “Yes mama. I need thick diapers ‘cuz I wet a
lot at niteenites. Thank you mama.” and toddled off to their bedroom.

Ann giggled at the sight of her husband toddling up the stairs in his
sodden diaper. He actually looked like a toddler with a load in his diaper
the way he was walking.

Ann seemed to know there were a couple of “special” diapers in John’s
diaper bag, and as she took them out, was shocked at their size. They were
huge, but designed just like the ones she’d seen for little babies in the
department stores a couple of years ago. They were made with 8 layers of
thick cotton flannel, and then had another insert made of another 8 layers
of flannel sewn in at the top and bottom. That meant John would be wearing
16 layers of thick flannel in the diaper, which was kind of like quadruple
diapering a real baby. He probably wouldn’t be able to walk with that much
between his legs, but then where did he have to go. The bathroom was “out
of bounds” while he was diapered, and those special locking diaper pins she
found in his bag, would make sure of that.

She found it kind of “kinky” as she thought of trussing her husband up in
these super thick diapers, then locking them on with the heavy locking pins
and keeping him that way until morning. As an after thought, she took two
baby bottles she’d almost missed out of the bag, and filled them with warm
water and cranberry juice. Somehow she seemed to know this combination
would make him wet more heavily during the night, so he’d be sure to wake
up in very wet diapers the next morning.

Just as she hoped, John had put out his changing pad and mattress protector
on his side of the bed, and was lying there waiting to be changed. She
gingerly removed the wet diaper, thinking “The little bugger must have wet
again to be this wet.” then cleansed him off with a big baby wipes. Next
she liberally spread vaseline all over his bottom and took extra pains with
his weewee and front noticing the effect her gentle massage was having on
his penis. Just before it looked like he’d “erupt” she pulled the thick
diaper up between his legs, leaving him with a stiff hard on tucked safely
in 16 layers of diaper flannel. The pins snapped in place in a flash and
then on went the plastic panties.

All this fooling around was making her horny, but with John all trussed up
in his diaper, what was she to do. Then an idea struck her. Babies were
supposed to be very oral, so let’s see how oral baby Johnny was.

“Johnny, mommy got you all ready for niteenites, but mommy wants some
lovings from her baby. Can you make mommy happy too ??”

John said “Sure hon, just let me get these off then I’ll really show you
some lovings, then you can get me ready for beddy bye again. Huh…. What
the heck ??”

“Oh no Johnny. Once mommy puts your didees on for nitee nites they have to
stay on until mommy changes you in the morning. Besides, babies who have to
wear diapers shouldn’t have their little weewee outside their didees and
panties, or they might have a nasty accident and peepee all over the bed or

I think you know another way baby can make mommy very happy !!” and Ann
gently but firmly pulled John’s head to her chest then put her nipple just
inches from his mouth.

John didn’t need another hint, and soon was sucking and tonguing her
nipples, arousing her to new heights of pleasure. As Ann gently pushed his
searching mouth downward, he found a new “nipple” to suck on and with Ann’s
urging soon learned to use his lips, tongue and mouth to bring her time and
again to the heights of ecstacy.

John felt a new calm, peacefulness and a sense of helpless dependence on
this strong woman who was his mommy now, and as he felt her quiver for the
5th time, felt his bladder emptying hotly, uncontrollably into his diapers
and felt like he too was reaching the heights of orgasm, except his little
weewee was softly, limply being bathed in his peepee as he helplessly wet
his diapers uncontrollably while pleasing his mommy.

Little Johnnie was learning his lessons well, and would find himself soon
conditioned to repeat his lessons over and over again.

As Ann came down from heights she’d never know possible she could faintly
smell the urine in John’s diapers and pulled him gently towards her breasts
again. As John suckled calmly, contentedly she began gently rubbing his
diaper at the front and soon felt the swell of his manhood. She kept saying
“Johnnie likes the feeling of his warm, wet diapers doesn’t he ?? It feels
so nice to be in wet diapers sucking mommy’s titties like a little baby
again doesn’t it ?? Mommy loves her baby Johnny. Good baby Johnny wants to
wet his diapers all the time so mommy can make him feel good too.”

John’s subconscious was clouded by the sensations in his mouth, his diaper
region and especially in his cock as Ann gently stroked his erection in his
warm, wet diapers. Soon he was oblivious to everything except the
sensations and her words, and he KNEW it sure felt good to wet his diapers
and to wear wet diapers like a baby.

As he came explosively, Ann kept saying “Good baby Johnny, you’re wetting
your diapers again. It feels so good to wet your diapers. Good baby.” and
John’s helpless subconsious made the indelible connection between the
pleasure of orgasm and wetting his diapers helplessly. He was hooked and
convinced wetting his diapers made him feel this good.

Ann, his wife of 6 years, was turning him into a helpless wetter and he
loved it.

As they drifted off to sleep, Ann turned on John’s headset, then her own,
and they both slept soundly, deeply, letting their subconscious minds
absorb the pleasures of their new roles.

Tomorrow would see another small phase in the growth of their relationship,
until Dr. Whetmore took them to the next platform.


A New Day Dawns

Ann was awakened to the warm wetness of John’s overflowing diapers. He’d
wet so heavily during the night he’d supersaturated the diapers, leaking at
the pantlegs and wetting the changing pad and the bed. His loud sucking had
also served to wake her, and she gently pulled his thumb from his mouth and
gave him the remainder of his bottle from last night.

Obviously he’d taken the one bottle and drained it himself during the
night, while she slept, and started the second before going to sleep again.
At any rate, he sure was wet. She’d try a little test and see how he felt
about it.

As John finished the bottle, he seemed to wake himself, and Ann said “Well
sleepy head, you sure slept soundly last night. How’s it feel to wake in
pissy diapers, like a little baby.”

To her surprise, John said “Mmmmm, it feels real nice. It’s so nice and
warm and make me feel peaceful. Thank you for helping me Ann. I know I can
be a good baby for you.”

Ann smiled, then said “Well pissy pants, time to get you up, changed and
then off to work. You’ve still got a job to do and you can’t stay in those
sopping diapers all day or you’ll get a horrible rash. Off you go to the

I’ll have to think of something different for tonite, so I don’t wind up
sleeping in a puddle too. One bedwetter in the family is bad enough,
especially one who wets as heavily as you do. Now off with you.”

John swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, then almost fell
down as quickly as he’d gotten up. “Jeez, these diapers must have a couple
gallons of pee in them. They weigh a ton. Can’t you change me here, then
we’ll figure what to do ?”

“No way. You’re too wet to be changed here. Besides you’re still a grown
man, even if you do need diapers, so you get into the shower any way you
can. Crawl if you have to, but move it !!”

Obediently John tried again, but found there was no way he could walk with
the sodden mass between his legs. Crawl he did. Just like a little baby,
only with the heavy sodden diapers he even had trouble crawling.

Ann laughed at the sight of her 33 year old husband crawling to the shower,
in soaking, sodden diapers and then remembered the locking pins. As she
heard John get into the tub enclosure, then yell “I can’t get these off.
Can you help me please Ann ??” she started to laugh, kind of sneeringly and
said “That’s no way for a good baby to talk. Ask me nicely in a sweet baby
voice to please change your pissy diapers, and I’ll consider it.”

Reluctantly John started asking and eventually satisfied Ann by saying
“Pweez momma change pissy baby Johnny’s pissy baby diapers. Pweez momma.”
and Ann laughingly released the diaper pins letting the sodden diaper fall
to John’s feet.

After his shower, John came out to get ready for work. Instead of his
regular briefs, Ann had laid out a pair of thick, terry cloth pants, kind
of like trainer soakers toddlers wear while being toilet trained. John
yelled down to Ann “Hon these aren’t what I wear to work, what gives ???”

His baby personna was receding as he got ready for a day at the office, and
the idea of wearing baby training panties was repulsive. Sure he needed
diapers at night time, since he was such a heavy bedwetter, but training
pants during the day, no way.

Ann shouted up sternly, “Ok Mr. Pissy pants. You may think you’re all grown
up, but the evidence against you is in the washer now, or did you already
forget the condition of your diapers half an hour ago. Now I want you in
those trainers, and dressed and down here for breakfast in five minutes or
else !!”

Meekly John put the trainers on. They felt strange, yet somehow comforting.
Maybe they wouldn’t be so bad after all. They felt kind of like diapers,
but not quite so bulky.

As they had breakfast, Ann explained “I know you haven’t had any daytime
accidents for quite a while, but we don’t want to take chances. You’ve been
wetting quite heavily at night again, just like you did when you were a
baby in diapers all the time, so the training panties are a precaution. If
you have a “little” accident, it shouldn’t be so bad you get your trousers
all wet. Just be careful and pay attention and go potty when you first feel
the need.

Remember now, if you wet your pants at all, it’s back into diapers for you
during the daytime, too !!”

John hung his head and said “Yes ma’m. I’ll keep dry. Sorry I yelled
earlier, it’s just that I’m not a baby anymore. I don’t need baby pants at

Ann just smiled, handed him his bag with two spare pair of pants, and said
“We’ll see about that.”

Ann started her walkman with the music cassette and went about her
housework. As she proceeded she made a list of things she’d need. Enough
flannel for a dozen diapers, 4 more pair of plastic panties, two of the
large bottles she’d read about and one of the neighbours had said she could
get at the local pharmacy in the back of the store.

Then she looked at the DPF magazine again, and the Carloyn’s Kids catalog
and ordered a dozen of the special extra thick diapers in print patterns,
and the print nursery styled panties. She ordered 3 shortalls, two rompers,
6 pairs of sleepers and two large soothers as well.

When she was done, she figured this would be a good layette to start with,
and with her sewing talents she could make more cute baby outfits for

Finally, she phoned the store Dr. Rotman had told her about. She was
surprised they would deliver this afternoon, no trouble, and set everything
up for her.

By the time John was due home, Ann had transformed the den into a passable
nursery. A large padded table served as changing table, with shelves of
diapers, panties and necessary pins, powder and lotions. A toy box held
large stuffed toys, some big hard rubber balls, and a cute large Roly Poly.

But the piece de resistance was the special bed. It looked now like a
regular child’s bed, with low mattress, two pull out drawers underneath,
and a head and foot board. The beauty was it could easily be converted into
a full size crib, big enough for the biggest baby, complete with locking
side rails, large musical mobile to attach to the headboard and if needed a
locking top.

Ann felt the extra touch of a private stereo system with speakers at each
end and both sides of the bed would be a nice touch, and make it easier for
Johnny to listen to his special tapes in the nights and weeks to come.

This was going to be fun having a new big baby at home. She wondered how
Johnny was making out.

Medical Exam

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“Why don’t you sit down, April. More Texts Here medical_story Lie down, if you wish. More Texts Here medical_fetish_story ”
. Other medical Stories: story_of_medical_practice
April eyed the traditional shrink’s couch but chose, instead,
the matching chair beside it She sat demurely, modestly tugging
. More Texts Here erotic_medical_story her short skirt as she sat. Other erotic fiction on this topic medical_sex_story “I don’t know why I’m even here,
. Other medical Stories: funny_medical_story Doctor.”

“It’s free. medical Story of your choice: amazing_medical_story It’s a break from work. medical Story of your choice: bill_medical_patient_story_success I’m a fun guy to talk to
. Other erotic fiction on this topic gyno_medical_story if that’s all you want to do.”

April smiled her perfect white smile “I shouldn’t even be here
wasting your time This was Monica’s idea”

“I see quite a bit of Monica She’s mentioned you”

“I never knew Monica was that messed up.”

“You don’t have to be messed up to see a therapist, April
Actually, Monica is quite fine.”

April detected a double connotation Monica was right, she
thought, he was a hunk

He was a sexual predator with deep-blue bedroom eyes and a soft
voice She felt like prey In a way, she envied her younger
co-worker Monica had few moral convictions and no sexual hangups
Monica was the only woman she ever knew that notched her bedpost
She had a deep notch for Doctor Wayne April heard so many
intimate tales about the handsome doctor She took the available
appointment just to satisfy her curiosity The way his eyes
wandered her body, April knew he was curious about her too.

Steve Wayne pulled up a chair and sat facing April with a few
inches between their knees He jotted her answers to basic
information on a short tablet While he wrote, April took the
opportunity to look around

The office was much as she’d pictured She saw the desk where
Monica sprawled naked The carpet that gave her a nasty rug burn
on her lower back To her left was the couch, and knowing where to
look, she saw the cuffs dangling over the end, partially hidden by
a bushy plant Seeing those cuffs sent a wicked chill down her
spine It gave Monica new credibility Lewd images flooded
April’s mind as she recalled some of Monica’s more bizarre
exploits Still, she could not quite accept that a medical
professional on contract with the state could do the things she
claimed he did And he certainly did not look the part of a
pervert–a Don Juan, a rogue, a Casanova, yes, but not a pervert.

April was startled from her fantasy as Dr Wayne said, “So,
April, talk to me.”

“Actually, there’s not much to talk about I just came here to
get Monica off my back I’m fine, really”

His eyes focused on the bare portion of April’s legs above the
knee, saying, “Yes, you are fine, April.” April shifted nervously
and placed her hands in her lap He said, “Why don’t you start by
telling me about your sexy teenage daughter.

April’s mouth fell open Her nails dug into her palms She
shouted, “Damn that Monica! She told you?”

Dr Wayne reached out and placed his hand reassuringly on her
right knee and said, “Relax, dear You know I can’t discuss
anything that goes on in here, but nothing says that patients
can’t Don’t be bashful What you are experiencing is quite
normal, quite common, in fact It will do you good to talk about

The doctor left his hand on her knee much longer than was
appropriate It left a hot impression when he finally did lift it
April took a deep breath and swore, “I’ll kill her I really can’t
talk about this It’s just a silly fantasy I never should have
told her My fantasy was the only thing I had that came close to
Monica’s reality I just told her that so she wouldn’t think I was
such a prude It was childish It’s not worth discussing”

“From what I hear, it’s more than a fantasy You’ve taken steps
to make it a reality, haven’t you?”

April buried her face in her hands and cried out, “Shit! She
told you everything, didn’t she?”

“Everything you told her Actually, I’ve been following this
for two months now Come on, April Talk to me I’m no moral
kingpin, believe me.”

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t.”

“It’s not every day that I get a beautiful woman in here who
wants to see her daughter fucked by her husband Look, I have done
much worse than that If I make a full confession to you, will you
open up to me.”

April looked with new interest, trying to imagine what could be
worse After a long silence, she timidly said, “Tell me, then I’ll

“Will you give me your solemn word never to tell a soul, not
even Monica.”

“I swear.”

“All right, but be prepared to be shocked I stripped and
shackled a thirteen-year-old girl and took her virginity right
there on that couch.”

April’s eyes went wide She said, “No, I don’t believe you!”

“It’s true That’s not all Her mother sat in that same chair
where you are sitting and watched the whole thing.”

A warm flush swept over April Her heart pounded A gnawing
ache grew between her legs “That’s not possible”

Dr Wayne stood and crossed to a wall safe hidden behind a
picture of the governor He returned with a stack of black and
white photos and dropped them in April’s lap, saying, “Look for
yourself, then ask yourself, who took the pictures.”

April went through the set with eyes riveted The first few
showed an adorable, naked, frightened young girl bound to the couch
in the most obscene and vulnerable pose a girl can be put into
The next eight showed closeups of a beautifully-formed, very
well-hung penis taking possession of that girl’s helplessly splayed
vagina The last four were taken of the girl’s crotch afterwards,
her gaping cunt covered in pink tainted semen.

Dr Wayne let April absorb the pictures She went back through
the set several times, pausing the longest at the shots of the
penis joined to the stretched vagina Her favorite was the one
showing eight inches of the doctor’s shaft with only the head
buried and an adult female hand gripping the base of his shaft
Her breathing betrayed her rising passion She said, “Her mother
took these pictures?”

“Yes, even that one.”

“What did you have on her?”

“Have on her? Why nothing I was doing her a favor She
masturbated throughout this whole session.”

“You are blowing my mind, Doctor.”

“Please, call me Steve I should think you’d be sympathetic
with her You see, like I said, you are not alone She’s been
fantasizing this scene for years I merely convinced her that
holding it in was harmful to her mental health, and that her
daughter would adjust, even be happy to help her.”

“Help her, how?”

“By relieving her mother of her suffering By being her
mother’s whore By fucking men to entertain her mother so she
wouldn’t go crazy and possibly kill herself That little girl
thinks she is sacrificing herself to save her mommy.”

“She’s still doing that?”

“Last I heard, mother and daughter were as happy as hookers at
a Shriner convention The girl has developed a real fondness for
the big ones She’s fourteen now, and nicely developed As a
matter of fact, I had her again last month.”

“This is unbelievable.”

“Yes, now, let’s hear your story, April.”

April studied his pleasant face and his warm boyish smile She
said, “You’re very clever, Steve It worked I don’t feel at all
inhibited around you now If I’m sick, you’re sicker”

He laughed and said, “I’ll drink to that Now, give me the
juicy details Tell me about this little vixen you’ve given birth

“All right, but you won’t be strapping her to your couch, I
assure you.”

“That’s not my style I want you to do that after you strip

April studied the serious look on his face She smiled, crossed
her legs, reclined casually, and allowed her short skirt to ride
up She said, “You’re very sure of yourself I like that in a

He reached for the foot dangling from her right knee, brought it
to his lap, slipped off her shoe, and began massaging her foot
She offered no resistance He said, “What you like in a man is the
appendage that dangles from his groin.”

“Score another point for Dr Wayne That feels wonderful Tell
me honestly Do you really think I will sacrifice my daughter’s
virginity on your appendage.”

Steve brought her foot to his lips and sucked her big toe into
his mouth, staring her hard in the eyes April felt like her
entire nervous system was being sucked out through her toe Her
ass slid forward on the seat as he sat back, bringing her foot with
him April’s skirt stayed put When she came to rest on the
forward edge of the chair, her panties were in the open Slumped
in the chair with a glazed look in her eyes, April made no move to
adjust her immodest display Steve eased off her toe, smiled, and
said, “April, not only will I fuck your little girl, but you are
going to guide my cock into her cunt and hold my balls while I pump
her full of sperm.”

His shocking words stole her breath away She knew she was
falling under his provocative spell She wondered if that other
mother heard those same words after getting her toe sucked She
said, “Five minutes ago, I would have said you were nuts.”

He lifted her other foot to his lap and tossed that shoe off
He separated her legs by placing her left foot on one armrest and
her right on the other He looked at her crotch and said, “I see
your pussy likes the idea.”

April could feel the cool wet spot he referred to She said,
“My pussy is a dumb cunt It likes lots of things that aren’t
nice Unfortunately, my dumb cunt seems to be in charge at the
moment If my daughter were here right know, I can see myself
stripping her for you.”

“When the time comes, and it will come soon, your daughter will
place herself at your disposal, knowing that she’ll get fucked
You leave that to me.”

“Okay, you’ve peaked my interest.”

Steve cast her a knowing grin He casually said, “Remove your

“Wow, not even a please I like that” April brought her feet
down and lifted her ass She skimmed the thin material down her
legs and off With a gleam in her eyes, she replaced her feet on
the armrests She pulled her skirt up past her waist and said, “Is
that better?”

“You have a lovely pussy, April.”

“Thank you You have a lovely cock I want you to know that
I’ve never been unfaithful in seventeen years of marriage.”

“I’m impressed That’s going to change You know that, don’t

April brought her hands to her crotch and playfully stroked her
wet slit, saying, “I do now I’ve also never shown my pussy to a
man that I didn’t fuck.”

“And how many would that be?”

“Three Actually, two were teenage boys, not men Don’t you
want to see my tits?”

“By all means.”

April unbuttoned her blouse and opened her bra She pulled the
material free and rubbed her fleshy mounds Her nipples were
puckered and arching up She held them in offering and said, “Do
you like them?”

“I like everything on you, April You are an exceptionally sexy
woman I know you’d like me to put you out of your misery right
now, but I want you horny while you tell me about your daughter.”

“Yes, the daughter you are going to fuck I’m liking this idea
more and more You don’t mind if I play with myself while I tell
you about her, do you?”

“As long as you don’t cum.”

“I would like to see that magnificent cock while I do this
Would you mind?”

Steve smiled and freed his rigid cock He posed it for her
hungry eyes and gently stroked it April said, “Oh, that’s the
most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Monica was right You are a
stud Okay, about Terry She just turned sixteen She is an
absolute dream–a wet dream She’s a few inches shorter than me,
but we both wear the same bra She has long wavy, light-brown hair
and green eyes She’s a swimmer There’s not an ounce of fat on
her body Her legs are sleek and muscular, yet feminine She
knows she’s hot and likes wearing sexy clothes.”

“Have you seen her naked recently?”

“Yes Her tits look just like mine only more solid They
actually vibrate Her pussy hair is very light, almost invisible
The lips of her pussy are a little fuller than mine, but then mine
were like that at her age I got a good look at her clit once I
had a shower massage installed–the hand-held type It doesn’t
take a girl long to figure out the utility of those things They
should be marketed as liquid pussy massagers.

Anyway, she stepped from the shower I was poised for the view,
pretending to mop a spill She almost stepped on me getting out

I looked up and there it was, pink and shiny and poking out an
inch I embarrassed her by staring at it I didn’t care I just
stayed put, forcing her to squeeze past me Her cunt crept past my
face and I looked right at it the whole time.”

“You should have kissed it.”

“Don’t think I didn’t want to She was so cute As she tried
to squeeze past me without rubbing her cunt across my face, she
whined, “Mom! Your making this difficult You’re embarrassing

I simply said, “You’re the one waving your naked beaver in my
face You could have waited If you’re going to shove it in my
face, I’m going to look.”

She said, “I didn’t see you until it was too late I wasn’t
waving it in your face Gosh Mom! I’d never do that”

“You handled that beautifully, April She knows you’re
interested in her sexually I can use that”

“Do you think so?”

“She’d have to be a fool not to I’m sure she has replayed that
scene over and over When did this happen?”

“Oh, about a month ago.”

“How has she acted since?”

“Well, since then, she has been much more free about being naked
in my presence Of course, I’m always hovering nearby when I know
she’s naked.”

“That’s good I’m sure she’s noticed that too”

“I think she has I haven’t been very subtle lately”

“How so.”

“Well, like last week, I bought her a few sexy outfits I
insisted I help her on with them I was dressing and undressing
her for almost an hour, keeping her naked between changes Three
days ago, I bought her sexy bras and panties We went through the
same routine, only I got to spend a great deal of time kneeling
before her and fitting her panties.”

“Did you touch her cunt?”

“Well, I didn’t shove a finger up her, but yes, I did manage
quite a few indelicate strokes through her crotch I felt her

“How did she take that?”

“She was silent the whole time I may have freaked her out”

“Is it possible that she thinks you are fascinated with her

“I think she might think I’m fascinated with her pussy, yes.
That is the case, and it has been the focal point of my looking and

“Perfect, absolutely perfect Keep that up, only much more

“I don’t know I feel like I’ve pushed too hard as it is”

“No, shock her Do something that will blow her away Tell her
she has a beautiful pussy, worship it, fawn over it, drool over it,
make her uncomfortable When she comes here, what I have to tell
her about your problem will seem believable.”

“My problem?”

“Yes, you have a very serious condition that only Terry can save
you from.”

“Don’t tell me She has to be my sex slave, right?”

“Something like that.”

“You know, you might have something there She’d do anything
for me We really are close Oh God, you have to fuck me now,
Steve I can’t take anymore I’ll do anything you tell me to do
I won’t question your judgment Make her my sex slave, and Terry
will be at your beck and call twenty-four hours a day if you want
I’ll even deliver her You can take all the pictures you want and
share her with your friends I don’t care, just please get that
cock in me.”

Steve got up and took April, driving her to a babbling climax in
less than a minute After pounding her pussy for five minutes,
April was delirious She came four times before Steve flooded her

She gazed up at him, panting While he remained imbedded,
looking down on her, she said, “God! So that’s what real fucking
feels like I feel like slapping my husband for wasting seventeen
of my best years.”

Steve chuckled and withdrew He wiped his dick on her thigh and
took his seat April remained sprawled, exhausted He said, “Tell
me about your husband Is he aware of your plans?”

“Charlie, aware? That’s an oxymoron Actually, he’s a sweet
innocent man, and I do love him He’s very simple sexually He
knows one position and you can set clocks by his love making–five
minutes and thirty seconds I do have one strong advantage over
him, though He needs pussy on a regular basis He won’t cheat
and he has never masturbated He’s a case for you, Doc His mom
caught him playing with himself and traumatized him The poor guy
can’t give himself an erection.”

“I can understand that Sounds to me like that puts you in the
catbird seat.”

“Yes, and I’ve just recently realized how to exercise my control
over him I believe they call it pussy-whipping Anyway, all I
have to do to get my way is cut him off Just the threat is
enough, now.”

“Great I’m sure you’ve been using that to advance your goal
How’s it going?”

“Slow but sure Most of my efforts have been directed at
Charlie He knows I want him to seduce Terry I’ve come right out
and told him He thinks I’m crazy, but he humors me He has to or
he gets no pussy If he were a normal man, Terry would not be a
virgin He’s terrified of making a move on her despite my

“Coaching in what way?”

“Well, I figured it would be best to start by getting him to
steal peaks at her body I made him stare at her body and get
caught doing it That took a month without pussy to accomplish
The next step was to get him to cop feels He learned his lesson,
but it killed him to do it Terry was quite shocked at his unusual
behavior She tells me every time he grabs her ass or tits I
calm her by telling her that men can’t help themselves and that it
is torture to share a house with such a sexy female I told her I
didn’t have the heart to stop him Still, she wants me to know
what she’s having to endure

We are at a critical impasse at the moment My last challenge
to Charlie was to get his finger in her snatch, even if he had to
hold her down to do it He has been without pussy for over a week
He knows he won’t get any until he presents his wet finger to me
and Terry confirms the assault.”

“You might accomplish your goal without my help.”

“Possibly, but I like your way better Besides, Charlie doesn’t
deserve her cherry Sloppy seconds is more suited for him I
should also add that I’ve been mentally conditioning him for the
act For the past six months, he hasn’t screwed me, it’s been
Terry I make him go through an elaborate seduction, often while
I’m wearing one of her outfits We look alike anyway, and I
started wearing my hair in her style I’m very good at imitating
her speech and mannerisms.”

“Role playing is very effective Go on”

“I resist but always weaken I call him Daddy throughout, and
if he ever calls me anything but Terry, he loses He gets no pussy
that day It is the best sex I’ve had with Charlie when everything
goes right.”

“April, you will get your wish Okay, here’s the plan Make an
appointment for Terry to see me alone as soon as possible I’ll
introduce her to your problem and get her to start calling me about
everything that happens to her I’ll also be in close contact with
you You perform one step, by the letter, then get back to me”

“I see, working both ends, brilliant.”

“I’ve been called worse In the meantime, start worshiping
Terry’s cunt and don’t worry about how she’ll take it What ever
you do will play right into our first meeting I want something
stronger than a pat on the pussy, though Push yourself Think of
the rewards.”

“Believe me, I have.”

“Let me give you some professional advice Ease off on Charlie
You are playing with fire in his case.”

“I don’t understand.”

“If you force Charlie, he might break Anything could happen
As a general rule, never force anyone to do anything Apply
pressure, but always leave them the ‘no’ option Make them choose
It’s like in wrestling, you have to be able to cry ‘Uncle’ If you
take that away by applying too much force, you can hurt someone
very badly I know you don’t want to hurt anyone”

“I don’t What you say makes sense, but how do I get my way”

“Use cunning, deception, offer choices between two evils, but
always respect a no You see, April When we make a free choice,
and something bad results, we rationalize and defend the choice we
made If someone forces a bad choice on us, anger and resentment
grows and festers This anger is sometimes vented on innocent
third parties, sometimes inward, and sometimes, at the person
responsible Trust me, it’s all in the doctor books”

“Yes, that makes sense So you’re saying I should let Charlie
off the hook.”

“Forget about Charlie Put him on a shelf until we get Terry
under control by her choice After that, If you want to see
Charlie fuck her, just order her to go fuck her father Charlie is
a dyed-in-the-wool submissive, April You should take a lover and
rub his face in it He’d likely get off on it Bring some stud
home and fuck him in your bed with Charlie in it.

This would serve a dual purpose if Terry knows what’s going on
It will reinforce the fact that you have a serious problem, and
make her take pitty on her poor daddy Play it right, and she’ll
give him a mercy fuck Charlie will probably accept it too”

April adjusted herself and stood shakily Steve took her in an
embrace, kissing her forehead She looked into his eyes and said,
” I’ve been going about this all wrong Now I see that you used
this method on me You screwed me, but I feel like it was all my
choice I feel like I took something from you”

“You did, about a billion sperm cells.”

April looked at her legs and said, “I have that many running
down my legs.” Looking back to his face, she said, “I can’t wait
to see you with her, Steve You will fall in love with Terry, and
I know she’ll fall in love with you.”

“In my business, they call it transference, but I’ve learned to
live with it.”

April laughed and said, “I’ll bet you have Is that
transference as in transferring semen from your balls to their

“That or their stomach.”

April bit her lower lip with a sexy moan and said, “I could use
a little transference My womb is full, but my stomach is empty
I’ve never sucked a cock before.”

Steve turned her to face the door He playfully swatted her
ass, and said, “That’s all for you today I have other patients
waiting You run along and do what I told you Get with my
receptionist about Terry’s appointment.”

“Steve, I need a towel or something I’ve got cum running into
my shoes.”

“See Marsha about that She gets a charge out of my conquests
It’s one of her fringe benefits.”

“Steve, I can’t go out there like this There’s people out

“There’s just an old couple that I know will get a big kick out
of seeing it Go on, and leave those panties here Oh, and April
Be prepared to wipe yourself in the waiting room Marsha won’t let
you in the restroom until you put on a good show for her.” April
started to protest, but Steve ushered her out and shut the door
behind her.

April found herself standing before an elderly couple sitting on
the couch to her left, and Marsha, peering over the low counter in
front On her right, in a straight-backed chair, was a young man
she recognized from the department mailroom All were ogling her
semen-streaked legs With a face as red as a fire truck, and with
the damage done, April screwed up her courage and approached
Marsha’s counter She leaned over and whispered, “Please, I need
a towel And please let me into the restroom”

April felt sure the woman would comply, since the young man was
in the room The broad devilish smile weakened her belief While
Marsh took her time finding the hand towel, April stood nervously
feeling the cum drying on her legs and the warmth of three pairs of
eyes heating the backs of her thighs Marsha returned and held the
towel up but out of reach, saying, “The washroom is closed You’ll
have to step away from the counter if you are not conducting
official business.”

April fixed her with a look of total shock She leaned in and
softly pleaded, “Please, I just…”

“Ma’am, you’ll have to step away from the counter I’m sorry,
but those are the rules.”

April stared at Marsha’s amused grin, realized the futility of
further pleading She debated exiting the office and seeking
services elsewhere in the building Rather than risk exposure to
many, she opted for those already exposed to her infidelity She
stepped back and said, “Is this better?”

“Back more, please.”

Seeing the game, April stepped to the center of the room The
old couple were directly behind her The young man sat four feet
in front and to the right Marsha threw the towel April missed
catching it It landed at her feet With a groan, April stooped
to pick it up A wild rush passed through her body as she realized
how exposed she was Holding the towel, she stood She took a
deep breath and debated the best way to accomplish her goal The
look of lustful admiration on the handsome young man’s face made
her re-think her plan of a quick swipe and dash The look of
hopeful expectation on Marsha’s face demanded a show, her
entitlement April wanted to befriend Marsha A good performance
would insure that April smiled at Marsha, then slowly stepped out
with her left foot She bent from the waist, keeping her knees
straight, and dabbed at the cum trails She slowly moved up both
legs She peered back between her legs and saw the old couple
gawking at her rear The old man leaned out so far that he had to
support himself with one hand on the floor She knew he had a good
view of her wet pussy She remained in that pose to wipe through
her ass then stood erect, looking at Marsha Marsha was all
smiles April lifted her skirt above her waist and began dabbing
her inner thighs and cunt The young man almost fell out of his
seat, straining his eyes.

April finished, stood tall, squared her shoulders, and dropped
her skirt She sauntered over with a sexy sway and offered Marsha
the towel, saying, “There, my private business is over Now I need
to make an appointment for my daughter.”

Marsha raised her eyebrows and said, “You have a daughter, how
nice How old is she?”


“Oh, lovely I hope she takes after her mother”

“So does Dr Wayne”

“I’m sure Fill this out”

April filled out the standard questionnaire, looked up to Marsha
and said loud enough for all to hear, “You’d better stock up on
fresh towels.”

Marsha said, “I was thinking the same thing Bring the victim,
I mean, your darling daughter by tomorrow at four.”

“I’ll have her here with bells on.”

“Is that all?”

April smiled, winked, and sauntered out Back at her work
station, she had to endure a grilling from Monica Monica’s first
words were, “Well, did you get laid?”

April looked around then quickly flipped up the front of her
skirt, exposing her raw pussy They both broke up laughing April
told Monica everything that happened, word for word, but kept her
oath about his confession Monica had lots of ideas that stayed
within the doctor’s guidelines April said, “Monica, do you know
a guy that would get off on screwing me in front of Charlie and
Terry Some old, big, burly, biker type I want to really blow
them away.”

“Why not take two I know two that would be perfect They run
the garage that works on my car They’re both in their fourties,
big, nasty-looking, and bold as all get out They’d fuck you at
your mother’s funeral And honey, those guys can fuck They’re
dumb as stumps, but hung like fuckin’ horses The only problem
will be keeping them off of Terry.”

“They sound perfect My twat is salivating Can you set it

“I’m sure I can.”

“Invite them for dinner Friday night One thing, though I’m
saving Terry for Steve Make it clear that they keep their cocks
out of her I want all the attention Tell them that if they
cooperate, I’ll personally deliver Terry to their garage and they
can fuck her on the grease rack if they want.”

“They will hold you to that, April I’ll tell them if you’re

“Tell them I’m sure Steve can make it happen”

“You’re right, she’s as good as screwed April, I’m so happy
for you.”

Clit Licking Sex Story

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“they’re going to shave me, you know.”

“why don’t you let me do it for you?”

she’d said she would do anything for him. More Pergnant Text for your medical_story but this made her
. More Texts Here medical_fetish_story pauseexplain or control–had always been private. Another Story: medical_exam_story her body, nature’s
. Other erotic fiction on this topic erotic_medical_story design of woman, had kept her needs and involuntary responses
shielded, nested away until she was ready to be caressed, revealed.

he knew nothing of what was going through her. Other medical Stories: medical_sex_story he was there
. medical Story of your choice: funny_medical_story before her, smiling, mischeivous, excited, with shaving gel and a
razor. More Pergnant Text for your amazing_medical_story he felt like he was 10 and going to see a bare-naked girl,
. Other erotic fiction on this topic bill_medical_patient_story_success going to see “everything” for the first time.

the first touch of cool gel turned quickly to warm soft cream,
as he pressed it gently with fingertips, soaking into her curls,
soaking into the roots, where the cloaked skin was pigmented, a
permanently rouged mouth.

the blade felt good. More Texts Here gyno_medical_story it hugged the skin so tightly, the first
stroke was all friction and harvesting the rich growth, the second
stroke to each small area was all shock, sensation, air, and blood
pushing up to inflate the surface of the skin

it had started already he would be able to see it happening
from now on.

when he drew the blade around her clit, her face reddened she
was in an ecstacy of humiliation and arousal he could see what
was happening and began to make soft appreciative remarks to
reassure her, of course; but secretly, to increase her
vulnerability “mmm, darling, your clit looks so big, nowknow that it doesn’t fit between your lips at all? it won’t lie
down at all, wants to see everything…” he playfully pressed her
lips up around it to hide it for a moment, then let go it was
getting a lovely little curve to its upper surface thickening
firming deepening

once her mound and lips were fully bare, he gave them one last
pass with the blade then a warm wash-cloth and some baby lotion
she was still composed, but realized that the effort was now a lie,
was futile she’dlet him do it it was done she could try to
stay concealed by underwear, but the little humped button would
show through everything she owned

the realization threw open a door somewhere her eyelids fell,
hiding what she had learned: that now she must integrate her
desire–her inconcealable desire–into her pride, her sensuality,
her style, her aggression, her life it was finally revealed

without a word, she looked at him then she looked down
pressed her pelvis forward to she how she was presenting herself
then looked back at him.

a brand new expression was on her face soft-mouth, wide-eyed,
all innocence and questioningevery day, so you’ll always know when i’m a hot little baby, so you
can always see my clit all puffy and sitting out pouting and
waiting for you, waiting like a nipple to be suckled, waiting like
a tongue to be deeply kissed….” “Yes” he inhaled “i will.” he
exhaled She smiled with melting sweetness

Over the next while, her actions came under the control of her
exposure She’d contrive to let him see her as she left the shower,
her pussy magnificently distorted and swollen, the outer lips
ballooned, the inner lips standing up as thick ridges, her clit
large and meaty and red with the force of the water that she’d
turned on herself over and over again until she couldn’t bear to be

Each day, after he shaved her, she’d let him lick the brand new
skin She called it her baby lotion he’d lick and she’d say,
“it’s a little sore at the top” and he’d gently wet the new skin
around the base of her clit and watch her clit stand and harden
before he’d suck it, and she’d watch it disappearing between his
lips again and again He’d lift her ass from the bed she lay on,
and hold her up and curl her forward so that her pelvis was almost
in front of her face and she could see his every warm sliding
caress and she’d watch her wet flesh pulsing, as though it was a
movie She fantasized that it was her own mouth on her clit and
thought about what she would doas his mouth retreated during her orgasm, as he played only with
the tip of her clit, as he stroked her with flat-tongued dog-laps
only to her inside-out cunt, so they could both see her clit swell
and turn deep red before he fell to sucking on it desperately,
while the screams tore from her and the cum tore from him as his
hand worked furiously at his cock.

she’d walk by him, wordlessly, and dress she cut small circles
out ofher panties, so her clit would be caressed by her clothing
she’d coat her inner thighs heavily with vaseline and sit across
from him with her legs crossed, squeezing and releasing until her
face reddened and she stared him down in her blinding glow.

One evening, they were dressing to go out he walked into
their room She had asked for a second shave that day, one more
before the evening out with him She was standing with one leg up
on the stool of her dressing table A tube of red lipstick was in
her hand She was carefully stroking the creamy bloodstain onto
her clit, into the rose-petal texture and tiny folds of the hood
and onto the smooth shiny head, and down her cuntlips then
slowly, softly, smoothing the pigment into the skin….looking at
the effect in her mirror and rouging a little more He stopped
breathing She looked up at him “come here” He walked to her,
naked from the shower she kissed him, and as she did, she wrapped
a leg around the back of his thigh and pressed against him On the
front of his thigh, was the mark of her, the print and shape of
her a long red oval like a brand

one day, in his mail at work, he opened a card to see that same
print with his name written above it and her name written
beneath it He walked, quickly, head down, breath coming hard, to
the men’s room, the card in his pocket, walked into a stall, took
out the card, and held it in front of his face he began pumping
his cock through his fist obsessively he could see how aroused
she had been when she made the print how she had tried to redden
the insides of her cuntlips, but the wetness had not led the
lipstick hold the thought of going home and shaving her was
dizzying him he could feel his lips around her sweet baby clit as
his cock hardened under his stroking he moved the card down,
held it under his cock, and came violently onto her cunt-print the
warm semen lay in pools over the red artwork in his trembling hand,
an image that burned him with desire.

Since he’d shaved her, she hadn’t let him fuck her once.

August 19, 2005

Medical fetish news

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Id like to make my blog a real thing.. soon I will post reviews on great gyno sitez and desribe whats going on there..

August 8, 2005

Gyno Clinic Story

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This story is taken at Filthy Letters.

I thought I was a freak. You see, I am a girl and I like wearing
diapers. When I say diapers I mean diapers and rubber pants. I
was glad to learn that other people, especially women, wore diapers

It started when I was sixteen. I had a friend take me to get my
drivers license. I was taking the written examination when I
noticed the girl across the counter from me was dancing around.
She was hopping from one foot to the other. I thought she was so
nervous she would never pass the driving test even If she passed
the written test. Just as I finished the written test I heard her
sigh with relief and I thought she must have finished too. I soon
found out what she had finished. She had just finished peeing.
She had been dancing around trying to hold it in but had finally
let go. It was not obvious that was what had happened. But, as
she came up to turn in her test I heard a woman say “You wet your
diaper, didn’t you?” The girl said “Yes momma, I tried to hold it
but could not wait any longer.” I made It a point to look but
could see no sign that she was wearing a diaper, let alone a wet
one. Her mom must have noticed her dancing around and knew when
the girl quit what had happened.

I was told it would be about an hour before I could take my driving
test so I decided to use the ladies room while I waited. As I came
out of the stall in the ladies room I saw the same girl. She was
laying on the floor with her skirt around her waist. She was
wearing a wet diaper which her mother was removing. I washed my
hands real slow as I watched in the mirror over the sink. When the
diaper was off her, her mother washed her up, put another diaper
under her and pinned it In place. She handed the girl a pair of
rubber pants. The girl stood up, pulled the rubber pants up, let
her skirt down and they left the room. By the time I got out of
the ladies room they were calling my name to take my driving test.

I do not remember taking the driving test but I passed It and got
my license. All during the test all I thought about was seeing the
girl get her diapers changed. On the way home I told my friend
about It. I do not remember telling him about it either. He told
me later that I had told him. I guess I was to preoccupied to know
what was happening at the time.

Jerry often walked me to school as he lived down the block from me.
Shortly after I got my license he was walking me to school and
asked If I had thought about what we talked about. I said I had no
Idea what he was referring to. He said “About the diapers.” I
said “What diapers?” He then told me I had told him about seeing
the girl wearing diapers and getting them changed and he had asked
me If I wanted to wear diapers. I told him I did not recall any
such conversation and I had no Intention of wearing diapers.
“And,” I said, “even If I did want to wear diapers I would not be
about to tell you.” Jerry said if I changed my mind, he would like
to see me In them. I slapped him and walked faster.

On the way home that afternoon Jerry caught up with me and said he
was sorry, he did not mean to upset me. I told him I accepted his
apology. He asked If I minded If we talked about what I had seen.
I asked why. He said he diapered his sister at night and sometimes
he diapered her during the day too. He was just wondering if other
girls wore diapers. I said none that I knew of. He said that he
was trying to be honest with me when he said if I wore diapers he
would like to see me In them. In fact, he said, he would like to
change them for me. I slapped him again and walked home alone.

About a week later Jerry caught up with me as I was walking home
from school. He said he had a surprise for me. He gave me a
nicely wrapped package. Jerry said I was not to open it until I
was alone. That night I opened the package In my room. It
contained two diapers, pins, baby powder and rubber pants. I was
mad and if he had been there I would have slapped him again. I do
not know why, but I did not throw them out. I put the package in
the back of my closet. Every few days I would get them out and
look at them.

Jerry was right, I did want to try on the diapers. I just did not
want to admit it. Before long, I was not just looking at the
diapers, I was taking them out and feeling them. Finally, I tried
them on. They did not feel as good as I had Imagined. Later It
dawned on me, I had not used the powder Jerry had given me. The
next time I tried the diapers, I powdered myself first. The
diapers felt better then, but they still did not feel right. I had
no idea what was missing though.

Just before school was out for the summer, I wore the diapers to
school. As usual, Jerry caught up and walked with me. We were
almost at school when he said I smelled good, like baby powder.
Then he said “You are wearing the diapers aren’t you?” I said I
was not but he did not believe me. He asked If I was going to let
him see them. I denied having them on and slapped him for asking.
I made sure he missed me going home that afternoon.

A couple of days after school was out Jerry and his sister came
over. They were going to get an ice cream and wanted to know if I
wanted to go with them. On the way back Jerry asked if I wanted to
stop at his house and play Monopoly. When we got to his house I
found out his mom was not home. I was not supposed to have boys
visit unless my mom was home but was not sure if I could visit his
house. Since his sister was there, I decided it would probably be

While we were playing Monopoly, in the living room, Jenny got up
and wet towards the bathroom. I assumed she had to go until she
came back carrying diapers, washcloth, and powder. Jerry said we
would continue the game as soon as he changed Jenny. With that she
pulled her skirt up around her waist and laid on the floor. Just
like the girl I had seen before, she was wearing rubber pants over
a wet diaper.

Jerry pulled down her rubber pants, took off her wet diaper, and
wiped her with the washcloth. Jerry pulled a dry diaper under her,
powdered her, pinned the diaper in place and pulled her rubber
pants back up. After she had been changed we continued our game.

Jenny asked if I wore diapers too. I started to deny it but
Instead admitted I did. She asked if Jerry changed me when I wet.
I told her of course not and she wanted to know who did change me
when I wet. I said I never wet the diapers and I put them on
myself. She said that was no fun. Half the fun was wetting the
diapers and the other half was getting them changed. She asked If
I was wearing diapers then and I said no. Jenny said Jerry would
probably diaper me if I wanted and she would loan me hers.

Jerry said he would be glad to diaper me and Jenny could watch. I
was reluctant and at the same time I wanted to say yes. Jenny ran
Into the other room and came back with diapers, pins, and rubber
pants. By then I had decided that as long as Jenny was in the room
Jerry would not try to take advantage of me. I pulled my skirt up
like she had done and laid on the floor. Jerry took my panties
down, pulled a diaper under me, powdered me, and pinned the diaper
In place. He tried putting the rubber pants on me but they were
too small so I pulled my skirt down and we continued our game.
Jenny was right about one thing, having Jerry diaper me was a lot
better than diapering myself.

Jenny said I was as hairy down there as Jerry. I asked if she had
seen him getting his diapers changed. She called me silly saying
boys did not wear diapers, only girls. I asked how she knew he was
hairy down there and she said she had seen him in the shower. She
said it as If I was asking silly questions. What I was hoping was
that he wore diapers so I could diaper him like he had just
diapered me.

We had just finished the game when Jerry’s mom came home. I had
planned on leaving before she got there so we would not get in
trouble. She did not seem to mind that I was there when no adults
were present. Then I realized I was in a diaper and my panties
were on the floor behind me where she might see them. She did too,
she picked them up and asked If they were mine. What could I do?
I said they were. She simply said that be naked under my skirt was
not acceptable behavior. Jenny said I was not naked, Jerry had
diapered me. I thought we were really in for it then. Jerry’s mom
said that was okay then, as long as I was not naked. She then
asked if I wanted to stay for supper.

After supper we played another game of Monopoly. When the game was
over I had to go to the bathroom. Jenny had wet her diaper and
Jerry had changed her while I watched again. When I said I had to
go to the bathroom Jerry’s mom said I should wet my diaper and
after Jerry changed me I should be getting home before It got dark.

I said I did not think wetting the diaper was a good Idea as I did
not have any rubber pants and my skirt would get wet. She said if
I pulled up the skirt It would not get wet.

I did not want to wet while they watched but I seemed to be in a
position where I had no choice so I did as she said. Even though
she was in the room, she paid no attention as Jerry changed me. He
took down my wet diaper, washed me, powdered me, put a dry diaper
on me and I went home wearing the diaper. Again, Jenny was right,
wetting the diaper and having Jerry change It was fun. I went home
wearing the diaper. I never did see those panties again.

I knew that my mom would not have the same attitude as Jerry’s mom
about my wearing diapers, let alone having Jerry put them on me and
change them when I wet. I intended to wear them and wet them
whenever Jerry wanted. Because of this, I spent as much of the
summer as I could at Jerry’s house. He did not diaper me all the
time but I let him know I would let him diaper me whenever he
wanted. His mom even bought rubber pants that fit me so I could
wet my diapers without having to worry about getting my skirts wet.

The first time Jerry changed me when his dad was in the room I was
so nervous I started to pee again once he had my diaper down.
Jerry calmly held another diaper over me while I wet. He then
continued to diaper me as If nothing had happened. His dad was
reading the paper and I do not think he even noticed that I was
getting my wet diaper changed, let alone that I peed while my
diaper was down.

Jerry continued to diaper me for the next two years. After high
school he went away to college. I went to a different college. I
took diapers and rubber pants with me but It was just not the same.

I have not seen Jerry since we went away to college. I have not
met anyone who I would like to diaper me so I do not wear them
often anymore. Maybe some day I will meet Jerry again, or at least
someone who I would feel comfortable telling my secret to.

August 3, 2005

Naughty Dentist

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Hey guys look what a pretty nice story I managed to dig out
“The doctor will see you now Miss Delgado.”
Anita got up out of her chair and placed the ten year old
copy of TIME face down on the coffee table in front of her. More Pergnant Text for your funny_medical_story Trips
. More Texts Here amazing_medical_story to the dentist always seemed to frighten her. medical Story of your choice: bill_medical_patient_story_success But the pain in her
. Other medical Stories: gyno_medical_story mouth was almost too much to bear She and her boyfriend
Michael hadn’t even been able to kiss without her mouth throbbing
with pain It had been a few years since her last check up Los
Angeles dentists were often too expensive for her She had found
the ad for Doctor Walters office one day while leafing through the
newspaper A checkup was only going to set her back $5000 She
wondered if there was going to be anything more the initial
She opened the door and immediately got a whiff of the
cleanliness that most dentist office’s had It was a mixture of
bleach and perfume In other words, it smelled like it could be
painful Doctor Walters stood in front of a sink scrubbing his
“Come in and have a seat, Anita.” he said motioning with
his head to the black dentist’s chair in the middle of the room.
She was nervous enough as it was, but the sight of the chair
made her even more nervous The light beside the chair was still
on and worked like a spotlight The room was dark in comparison
and it made her feel as if she was about to go on stage for a play
she didn’t know, to recite lines that she couldn’t remember.
“H-Hello Doctor Walters,” she said with a little tremor in
her voice.
Doctor Walters smiled as he dried his hands “Don’t be
nervous Anita I know that it looks scary, but I’ll try to make this as
painless as possible Go ahead and sit down”
She sat on the chair The heat from the lamp had warmed
the seat a bit, making her feel a little better She placed her purse
beside her on the seat and squinted as Dr Walters adjusted it into
her face.
“What seems to be the problem?” he asked her.
“I’m having this pain in my mouth whenever I eat
anything.” she said.
“Well, let’s take a look shall we? Why don’t you open up
wide for me?”
Anita opened her mouth and he probed inside with his
fingers very gently She could smell his cologne as his head moved
from side to side looking inside It made her feel more at ease, he
wore the same scent as her boyfriend.
“I see what the problem is,” he said sitting back “You’ve
got a pretty nasty cavity back there Does it hurt when you talk?”
“Sometimes Is there something that you can do?”
“I could do something It’s actually pretty simple It might
take a little bit of time though You’re not double parked or
anything are you?”
Anita gave him a little smile “No But I am concerned
about the cost.”
“Don’t worry I won’t charge you for this one I know that it
probably hurts a lot I’ll fix you right up”
She let out a sigh “Thanks Dr Walters” Then she
straightened up in her seat “Is it going to hurt?”
“It could hurt a little bit.”
“Could you give me something to dull the pain?”
Dr Walters sat back “Well, I could put you under
anesthesia Let me check your records to see if you’re okay to
receive it” He stood up and leafed through her chart “You did fill
this out properly, right?”
“I think so.”
“Well, then, you’ll be okay Let me get you ready” He
walked back to her and draped a sheet over her chest area He then
put on his gloves and got his equipment sterilized After this, he
walked behind her and placed a mask over her nose and mouth.
“Okay, Anita I want you to take a few deep breaths You
may feel a little funny at first, but then you’ll go right to sleep I
won’t go to work until you are asleep so you won’t feel any pain,
Anita nodded and followed the doctor’s orders, taking long
deep breaths The room dimmed for her and the doctor’s words of
encouragement began to sound farther and farther away Finally,
after one more breath, the room went black….

Doctor Walters finished filling Anita’s tooth and put his
equipment table aside He pulled his mask down and took his
gloves off Anita was still under the effects of the anesthesia He
had given her a dose that would put her out for at least another
three hours The procedure had taken him a little less than an hour
He looked at Anita’s peaceful face Her mouth still hung open from
his having worked on her But she was a beautiful girl Her skin
was soft and fair, a contrast to her dark hair and eyes She was
nicely defined too Maybe not the typical model figure, but those
kinds of bodies were often the result of anorexia and bulimia He
removed the sheet from her chest and threw it aside with his gloves
and mask He took her purse and opened it, looking to see who this
woman was He found out from her driver’s licence that she was
twenty five and her UCLA student ID He also found a picture of
her and a guy that he guessed was her boyfriend He also guessed
that from the condoms he found in her purse that they were pretty
happy with each other He looked up and down her body admiring
her taste in clothes as well She had on a white button up shirt and
a black leather vest with light blue jeans and quarter top boots If
he didn’t know better, she looked like she was ready to ride a bull
at a rodeo But he had a different kind of ride in mind
He checked the clock against the wall It was after five so
he knew that the anesthesia would last at least another hour and he
also knew that his secretary was gone for the day and that the
office was closed But just to be safe, he locked the door and
pulled down the shades on the windows He turned on the lights
and moved the operating lamp out of the way Using the control
panel, he lowered the back of the seat so that Anita was lying back
on the chair parallel to the ground And then he raised the chair so
that she lay about four feet off the ground He stepped up to the
chair and straddled it so that was sitting on her legs He put her
purse aside and began unsnapping the buttons on her vest and
parted the sides He then undid the buttons one by one on her
blouse, revealing the shiny white bra she had on underneath He
slipped the blouse and the vest down her arms and placed them on
the ground beside the chair His breaths were coming in short pants
now as he looked at her magnificently round breasts sitting in a
tight fitting bra He slipped his fingers under the shoulder straps
and pulled the bra down exposing her beautiful breasts They were
round and firm, little brown nipples topping a perfectly dome
shaped softness He ran his fingers across the nipples watching her
face for any kind of reaction There was none
He turned around and pulled her boots and socks off, taking
a moment to admire her unpainted and naturally beautiful toes.
The second toe was just slightly longer than the big toe which gave
her feet shape He undid the buckle of her belt and pulled it off
Then he unsnapped the button and pulled the zipper down This
was going to be a little more difficult of a maneuver, so he pulled
her jeans down her hips first, getting a look at her silky white
panties And then got up and moved to the foot of the chair so that
he could pull her jeans all the way off her legs.
He could feel the sweat beading on his forehead as he
stared at her nearly unclad body He could see a dark patch
between her legs underneath the silky material of her panties He
reached into his cabinet for the Polaroid camera that he kept for
these occasions and snapped away from every conceivable angle.
He took close ups of her breasts, legs, feet, and her face with her
mouth still slack and laying wide open He pulled her panties down
and took picture of her crotch and then her legs with her panties
around her ankles Then he took the panties off her and spread her
legs as wide as the chair legs would allow him to go He snapped
off a total of 30 pictures and put them aside The bulge in his pants
was paining him for a release He took all of his clothes off and
adjusted the chair so that Anita was lying in a half sitting position.
He closed the leg spreaders and put on a condom from her purse
on his throbbing prick.
Dr Walters smiled as he rested Anita’s legs on his
shoulders and moved in as he entered her She was not that wet,
but the gas had relaxed her so that there was little resistance The
lubrication from the condom was enough He nearly folded her in
half as he pounded away at her unconscious form Her legs pointed
limply toward the ceiling, bending slightly at the knees He
watched as her breasts jiggled and her mouth opened and closed
with each pounding stroke He stopped momentarily to put her
arms around his neck just to make him feel more like a woman
like her would actually be with him like this He continued to fuck
her with abandon, letting out a grunt and moan as he entered her.
She began to moan as well, but not loudly enough to concern him
that she could be awakening She was like a paper doll for him,
flexible Her knees were nearly touching the back of the chair near
her head He felt her heels touching his back as he pounded stroke
after stroke He could feel his climax coming
Dr Walters stopped and lifted Anita’s limp form off the
chair and placed her face down near the middle of the chair Her
legs dangled off the end of the chair and her arms lay across the
headrest He adjusted the chair again, raising it off the floor until
Anita’s toes were just barely grazing the floor But now her
perfectly round ass was at his waist level He spread apart her ass
cheeks and squirted a bit of lubricant he used for teeth cleaning
into the hole He entered her slowly, hoping that it wouldn’t
awaken her Just as it was for her crotch, her ass was relaxed and
offered just the right amount of resistance.
“God, this is tight,” Dr Walters muttered as her slid all
seven inches of his cock into her ass, gradually picking up speed as
the lubricant began to give him the smoothness he wanted He
pounded away at her watching her body move upward against the
chair He grabbed a hold of her wrists and pulled her upward so
that her upper torso was off the chair Her head still hung limply
downward, her chin near her chest He used the chair and the
center of gravity so that he wouldn’t pull them both down to the
ground Each stroke now rippled through her body He could see in
the mirror in front of the them as her head bobbed up and down A
long trail of saliva dripped from her still gaping mouth He could
see her breasts swinging forward and back Finally, he let out a
yelp as he came, letting Anita’s wrists go so that he lay on her back
while he rode out the remaining spasms of his cock.
He lay there for just a few moments, finally pulling his
softening cock out of her ass and peeling off the condom It was
getting closer to six and she would be awakening soon He cleaned
himself off and got dressed Then he took a wet cloth and cleaned
Anita up, paying special attention to her crotch, ass, and mouth He
wanted to make sure there was no sign of his violation He lay her
back down on the chair just as she had been before, and put her
clothes back on He left her barefoot just for the moment so that he
could suck on her toes for just a moment before he slipped her
socks and shoes back on He adjusted his equipment and lamp just
as he had them, and gave her a deep kiss on the lips….

Anita’s eyes fluttered open She squinted at first at the light
above her and then moved her head to the side to a smiling Dr.
“You’re all done Anita How do you feel?”
She licked her lips and swallowed “I’m a little groggy”
“Well, that’s to be expected You were under for a few
hours I’ll call a cab for you so that you don’t have to drive home
You can pick up your car tomorrow.”
Anita smiled and realized that it didn’t hurt when she did it.
“My mouth doesn’t hurt anymore, Doctor.”
He smiled “Of course not! I said I’d take care of it, didn’t
She smiled “Thank you, Dr Walters”
He nodded “No, thank you”

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