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July 22, 2005

Gyno Exam Story

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It didn’t take long after my second visit to Lady Ashley, the Nurse
Mistress, for me to figure out what was going to happen during my next,
and third, visit to see her During the time until my next 90-day
. Other medical Stories: medical_fetish_story appointment, I would get things straight in my mind, write them down,
and send them to her. medical Story of your choice: story_of_medical_practice For this next appointment, I wanted her to meet
. More Pergnant Text for your medical_exam_story me at the door, already dressed as the Nurse, and our “session” would
begin immediately. More Pergnant Text for your erotic_medical_story On the other two prior visits, we sat and talked
. Another Story: medical_sex_story about what was going to occur - then she changed into her uniform and we
got started. Other medical Stories: funny_medical_story The scenario for the third visit was going to be that I
. More Texts Here amazing_medical_story had been referred to her for diagnosis and treatment due to my extreme
obsession with the medical environment. More Pergnant Text for your bill_medical_patient_story_success I prepared a history for her to
. More Pergnant Text for your gyno_medical_story read, a transmittal from the “Sexual Dysfunction Center” and a Physical
Examination Form that she would complete while performing her
examination She was also directed to take photographs during certain
parts of the procedures.
I called Lady Ashley several days prior and scheduled the appointment
for a 5+ hour session; she agreed to be ready to go when she answered
the door.
* * *
I showed up at precisely 4:00 PM and was greeted by the Nurse - Nurse
Ashley She directed me to come into her office and I handed her the
file She looks good in her short white uniform and thigh-high
stockings, exposing bare thigh and her white panties when she bends
over She sat down in her chair, and I sat down on the couch, as she
reviewed the file and asked me questions: Tell her about previous
medical experiences, how did I masturbate, what are my fantasies, had I
ever played doctor with other men, etc Her questions lasted about an
hour and I was required to reveal to her my innermost desires and
experiences It was good to tell this to somebody and I also enjoyed
looking at her in the chair, showing me some thigh - but she is sharp
and was very careful to keep her legs tightly crossed so as not to flash
me any crotch shots - just enough of a tease with her stockinged legs
and a bit of bare thigh Then she told me it was time to go downstairs
(from previous experiences I know that this is her examining room, but
for this scenario, it was all new to me).
When I got to the bottom of the steps, I looked with amazement at her
examining room She asked me if this is what I liked to see, and I told
her “yes” - so she told me to go ahead and look around while she took
care of some things She left me alone in the room to run my hand over
the stirrups, to see the speculums in the drawer, the enema bag hanging
to the side of the exam table, the thermometers in their cases I just
loved being in this room.
Nurse Ashley came back downstairs with the file and told me to stand in
front of the exam table for the first picture to be taken Then she had
me sit on the exam table and she put a thermometer in my mouth There
was even something stimulating about sitting at the foot of the exam
table with the thermometer in my mouth with the Nurse in the room.
While the thermometer registered, she took my pulse (holding my arm
against her body) and then she unbuttoned my shirt so she could listen
to my chest with the stethoscope She took off my shirt, too By this
time, the thermometer had registered and she took the reading - putting
the information on the form: 100 degrees - I must have been excited,
because I certainly didn’t feel feverish.
She asked me to stand up and take off my pants I took them off, with
my shoes and my socks, and stood before her in my underpants This
wasn’t acceptable and Nurse Ashley required me to also remove my
underpants Now that I was completely naked, Nurse Ashley had to take
the second photograph of me standing naked in front of the exam table.
She then had me sit on the exam table while I answered some more
questions and, talking about my fantasy and experiences and watching
Nurse Ashley walk around the examining room, made me hard Now she
wanted to collect a urine sample! She took my erect penis and guided it
into the collector - it was hard to urinate sitting on the table with a
hard-on I stood up and Nurse Ashley held my penis in the collector -
she stroked my balls and ass which provided the stimulation that was
required for me to urinate As I was doing it, she took the third
photograph, a picture which showed my penis in the collector And, when
I was finished, she answered the questions on the form noting that I was
very erect during and after collecting the sample Of course, I am also
now standing, completely naked and with a hard-on, in front of her She
told me to sit on the exam table She gave a large glass of water to
Now she wanted to witness me masturbate and provide her with a sperm
sample! I sat on the edge of the exam table and began to stroke my cock
- not wanting to “appear” to be stimulated, but I soon was becoming
aroused Nurse Ashley took the fourth photograph - me sitting on the
exam table with my semi-erect penis in my hand It was becoming more
difficult to jerk-off sitting up, so I asked Nurse Ashley if I could lie
backjerk-off with one hand and stroke my belly and chest with the other
hand As I was becoming more [noticeably] aroused, Nurse Ashley had me
put my legs in the stirrups and slide to the end of the table - this
exposed position was great! Then she put a condom on my penis to
collect the sperm when it was time It was a different feeling, but I
think there was also something stimulating about the tightness of the
condom at the base of my penis and the rubber around it I asked Nurse
Ashley for some lubricant and she squirted some on the head of my penis.
While I jerked-off, Nurse Ashley had me continue to talk about my
fantasies and she also stroked my balls or pinched my nipples, noting
the sensitivity on the form I was telling her how much I’d like to see
her panties, or how much I’d like to see her bent over the exam table or
in the stirrups - but she knows what she’s doing and there was no way
that she was going to afford me this pleasure I was going to have to
conjure up this view in my mind and use that to my satisfaction I was
right on the edge of cumming but I wanted to hold off to give Nurse
Ashley a good sample She came around to the end of the exam table and
began stroking my balls - providing extra stimulation so that I would
cum Then I felt her finger move down to my ass and I could feel her
pushing in against my asshole She told me that she was going to insert
the thermometer THAT WOULD DO IT - just the mere thought of it almost
caused me to squirt! I felt the tip of the thermometer pushing past my
asshole and sliding inside - and then, Nurse Ashley was twirling it
around between her fingers and moving it in and out She kept this up
for a while and then it was time for the fifth photograph - taken from
the end of the exam table to show my legs in the stirrups, my hand
around my very erect penis, and the thermometer in my ass When Nurse
Ashley resumed moving the thermometer around in my ass, it wasn’t long
before I was cumming I could feel my sperm filling the condom as I
jerked on my penis and Nurse Ashley kept up her motions with the
thermometer When I was finished cumming, I felt Nurse Ashley slide the
thermometer from my ass, as I lay there with a sperm-filled condom and
my penis in my hand As I calmed down, she told me to remove the
condom, being careful not to spill anything, and hand it to her It was
even somewhat sensual to take it off, except I did have to be careful
because it was pulling hair as I rolled it off of my penis.
It was time for the “post orgasm temperature check” Okay - but Nurse
Ashley wanted me to roll over on the exam table and lie on my stomach.
I did as she told me and she reached between my legs to spread them I
felt a lubricated finger going between my asscheeks and she was poking
at my asshole and then sliding her finger into my ass She told me that
this was supposed to be a rectal temperature She slid her finger out
of my ass and I felt it being replaced by the rectal thermometer Even
though I had just cum, I felt the stirring in my groin as the
thermometer slid inside - I pressed forward on the exam table and moved
side-to-side to stimulate my penis while she continued to ask me more
questions from my past Nurse Ashley lightly stroked my asscheeks and
my thighs while the thermometer registered and then she stepped back to
take the fifth photograph - showing my asscheeks with the thermometer
poking out from between them She stood to the side of the exam table
so I could look directly at her thighs and occasionally get a glimpse of
her panties through her uniform When the time was up, Nurse Ashley
slid the thermometer from my ass and noted the reading on the form:
100.2 degrees (perhaps slightly elevated because of the rectal
I was then told to turn over so that I was lying on my back and to put
my legs in the stirrups In this position, Nurse Ashley ran her fingers
over my chest and nipples to determine their sensitivity, she ran her
hands lower down my stomach - asking questions and making notations on
the form and paying particular attention to whether I had gotten hard
again - which I had! She rubbed her fingers along my legs and feet and
up my thighs to my asscheeks - this was getting me very aroused, and she
was making the notations on the form, too This part of the examination
required that she examine my penis and my balls, as she wrapped her hand
around my penis and looked it over - then she cupped my balls and
examined them, too I felt her squeezing my balls and she wanted to
know when it hurt She noted that I didn’t tell her to stop until she
was squeezing very firmly With this part of the examination concluded
I hear her reading aloud “anus, rectum prostate” and she told me to get
on my hands and knees on the table - my butt in the air.
Nurse Ashley was always wearing exam gloves, but for this part of the
procedure, I guess I was especially sensitive to the fact that she was
putting on a new pair of gloves She stood to the side of the exam
table so I could watch her put the gloves on and again get a good view
of her in her uniform She moved out of view and I felt her presence
behind me before I felt her hands part my asscheeks I felt the cool
air between my asscheeks, and I could occasionally feel her warm breath
as she conducted a visual inspection of my ass When I felt her finger
press against my asshole I knew that she was checking my sensitivity as
she moved her finger across my asshole, then slowly inserted and
withdrew it - each time going a little further When her finger was
fully inserted, I felt her twisting it around and then I felt her
fingertip touch my prostate I moved forward and then back against her
fingertip She started moving her finger in and out of my asshole,
making sure that she touched my prostate each time It wasn’t long
before she had that area very stimulated and I was literally screaming
with intense pleasure as she, in essence, was “finger-fucking” my
asshole She kept this up until it got to a point where I could stand
no more - it was just too intense, and at that point she slowly removed
her finger I could only remain in position with my ass in the air and
a feeling that my asshole was hanging wide open for the world to see.
But this didn’t last long, as Nurse Ashley was again sliding the rectal
thermometer in my asshole to measure my temperature well after an orgasm
had occurred (yeah, but didn’t this most recent stimulation change
it????) I continued to kneel on the exam table while the thermometer
stuck out of my asshole I hear Nurse Ashley in the back room running
water and when she comes out I notice that she is carrying a very large,
clear, enema bag! She hangs it on a stand at the side of the exam table
and then removes the thermometer from my asshole and…records the
temperature on the form: 100.8 degrees - Why is the temperature
increasing? Nurse Ashley told me that the basic examination was
complete; that it was now time for the therapy to begin.

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